HostMantis review – 6 months

Good morning all,

I'm here to share my experience with HostMantis after 6 months.
I have the shared plan "Entrance" with them, but to be honest, Entrance is just the name.

Warning: I will not enter the war of cPanel price increases.

My background: As an IT worker, I know how to manage things and have many years of "Internet". I'm not a system administrator, but I know how difficult things can be (yes, I have some with me and I know the pain). I can also understand some of the changes that companies need to make to be profitable and provide good service. Btw, sorry for my bad english because it is not my main language.


Never noticed a downtime. For recordings, I use Uptime Robot which would not be the most accurate availability monitor available, but for my needs, this is sufficient. Since I started monitoring the website, in over 4000 hours, Uptime Robot has returned 2 false positives and 3 minutes of shutdown. For me, it's amazing considering the price I pay for the accommodation package.


In addition, I have almost used up all my available SSD space, I have never been hurt by the critical CPU / RAM available for my package. I get a decent amount of visits and my website has never run out of resources. I have some traffic spikes, but this "giant mantis" can handle it very well.


I have an American plan and I live far away. My speeds are incredible given that I have a WordPress based website. (I also did my homework of course )
I have never noticed a slowdown on my website, even with traffic spikes.

Customer Support:

There were only 2 tickets for customer support. One for sales and other media. It may be the lack of business. Do not mistake yourself. They were quick and direct in answering all questions. But I feel the lack of "human interaction". Their direct responses to the point leave human interaction behind. Does not make the customer "unique" and does not create a relationship. Keep in mind that this is my personal opinion. There are customers who like this type of response. I prefer the creation of a customer relationship. Response times were also very good.

Just to clarify, the support ticket was due to a backup file that I couldn't delete myself. The support contacted who explained to me that it is an automatic backup which automatically deletes his departure every 24 hours and since I am not the administrator, I could not delete it . That I knew, the problem is that the backup was more than 2 months old … Nothing special or critical that could not wait.

L & # 39; s future:

Since HostMantis can continue to provide this level of service, I will keep them. I am very satisfied with the overall quality of service. I am planning to start other projects and maybe switch to a reseller, while waiting for HostMantis to launch a good promo code for cPanel

Overall satisfaction: Comparing prices and features / quality level served by HostMantis, is an easy 9/10. The quality clearly exceeded my expectations.

If you want, feel free to ask anything I can answer.
I felt the need to do this review. These days it is so easy to get a bad review and so difficult to get a good review.

HostMantis Review | Talk Web Hosting

I bought a reseller account at HostMantis about 7 months ago because they were organizing a great promotion and I thought to myself, "Okay, I'll have it as a cheap backup for sites who do not interest me ". I've set up a few sites, then two more, then two more. I've noticed that during all this time, the server load was much lower and much faster than some of my other more expensive hosting accounts.

Then the CPanel fiasco and the price change occurred. I've been crazy for about 10 seconds, then I thought that the accommodation I've had so far has been great and has completely exceeded my expectations. I realized that I had a lot and still to date.

Today, I decided to search for another hosting account for one of my sites, which I wanted to obtain from a different hosting account (in my account). the hope of a better speed). I paid, they migrated my site on … all the answers very quickly. A few minutes after the migration, they told me that my site was not appropriate for this hosting plan (due to the resources required to run the site). It was more appropriate for a different level of account. "No problem, can you please cancel this account?" In a few minutes, I had a refund. This is for me an excellent customer service. Yes, I lost time for both of us but they did not hesitate to tell me the truth and pay me back quickly.

My experience with them has been great so far. I have not noticed any downtime and the sites I have with them have always been very fast.

Hostmantis SG25 server down

its been down for 6 hours apparently their disk is full,

I hope that they are aware of the problem and that they are working on it. Someone else … | Read the rest of

Good job HostMantis | Talk Web Hosting

Good job HostMantis

Yesterday, I received this email from HostMantis (because I have a reseller plan with them):

Hello …. …..,

We now offer the FREE Blesta billing app with all reseller plans !!!

Blesta is a customer management, billing and support system for web hosting providers. It is now included FREE with any active HostMantis reseller plan!
HostMantis resellers with an active account can order a free license here:

https: // … (redacted)

Once your account / dealer plan has been verified, your license will be sent to you!

Still have questions? Contact us!

I am happy that they have proposed an alternative to the WHMCS. Honestly, I would be happy even if it was not free, but let's say at a reduced price, as with WHMCS when purchased with their biggest reseller plan. Of course, nothing wrong, good alternative to WHMCS and free. What more could you ask for?

P.S. Brief review of 3 years with HostMantis: Awesome.

– I often come to the conclusion that my brain has too many open tabs. –
Failed to desktop publishing and graphic design since 1994
Soon we can expect hosting companies offering "unlimited double"
"unlimited unlimited limitless".

HostMantis Reseller Hosting – My Experience

Here is my experience with HostMantis reseller hosting – as well as a comparison with other providers that I've used recently.

Been with them for a relatively short time (since May), so it will update the review in case of change.

German, British and American reseller hosting servers used (3 accounts).

They offer reseller accounts in many different areas, not something that all reseller hosting providers do. In case the location of the server is important. I mostly rented OVH servers.

Stability / availability:

The American server has been a problem for almost a month. After contacting technical support, I was told that they were transferring clients from this server because it had "network connection issues". Was 100% solid after that (fast motion and pain free).

British and German servers worked well (100% availability on the UK server).


A little faster than the dealer Veerotech, to my surprise, slightly slower than Gnu Host.

A very short test using a client's website – hosted on MDDhosting – shared Cloud2 and ran into problems when editing in the backend (website very poorly optimized and the client not wishing to take the time to make it work with MDDhosting, I would take it with a grain of salt, but it's like that) – worked fine with HostMantis – again, to my surprise (but after that I went over to the account of personalized reseller of Gnu Host with even higher resource limits – at the insistence of the customer, despite my suggestions for it to work with MDDhosting – which are reputable and reliable for all I know – not that Gnu Host has been anything but a higher class up to now).


No problem so far. Whenever I tried to do something that would look like an attack, my IP would be blocked. Yet, since I am not an expert, take this with a grain of salt. No hacking or viruses with any website at the moment.

Technical support:

Solve a problem, close the ticket.
I prefer Veerotech to take the time to explain the causes and solutions and, generally, be willing to do things that I believe go beyond their job description, but the HostMantis technology. the support does their job well. I can not complain
Similar comparison with Gnu Host and MDDhosting – where even owners get involved – showing a hands-on approach to make sure everything is fine for customers (which I do not usually expect, but a positive IMO).
However, as I said: they do their job – quickly for urgent orders, slower than other suppliers mentioned for "regular" requests, but far from "slow". Here too, we must consider the price – for the price, it is surprisingly good, I would say.
In short: very good technical support, but no "grip".


Dirt cheap. I did not expect anything good at this price. Before cPanel's price evolution, it was $ 0.5 per month for a 3-year reseller hosting account (paid $ 20 for 3 years!?!?).
After the changes, many cPanel accounts are limited to less than $ 3 per month ($ 100 for 3 years for the "Starter" reseller, $ 50 for "Entry").

Need a cheap account for testing, used the 80% discount and thought – unless they go bankrupt, everything will be fine for the intended use. But it turned out to be surprisingly good. Not "good for the price", but "good, period" – at least until now.


Very good, deserves to be tested, especially if one is on a budget.
If they remain strong until the end of the year, I will also consider hosting client websites with HostMantis.
For now, I am hosting all my websites with HostMantis and I use UK and US reseller accounts for development and testing.


For full disclosure, think it's fair to post this as well: do whatever you want with it.

They changed the renewal price from what was a "recurring discount" from 80% to 50% (from $ 20 for 3 years to $ 50 for 3 years). After rising cPanel prices. They also cut the max. allowed the number of cPanel accounts to 10 from 50.

On the other hand, they were willing to "merge" a DE server account with a UK account, "upgrading" the account on the UK server to Starter (from Entry), thus allowing a total of 30 cPanel accounts and 50 GB of storage, without I have to pay anything in advance, and the renewal price being the modified 50% discount (so $ 100 per 3 years instead of $ 40). Think it's very fair and more than I expected (although I asked, in case they would agree – and they have it made).

I think it was a "forced" decision because of the new situation – the alternative being probably bankruptcy, but I also understand that not everyone is happy with a such a policy.
I would prefer that they stay in business and continue to offer good quality accommodation (as has been the case until now), rather than insisting on prices that obviously result in losses.

Really disappointed by HostMantis and its price change on special offers used

When I subscribed to my 9 services, the recurring price agreed by HostMantis was exceeded (of an absurd amount, not even close to Cpanel's price increase).
If they want to transfer my service to DirectAdmin as do other web hosting companies, that's ok, but I do not accept such price changes.

"Unfortunately, all promotional codes used prior to this change will only be honored until the end of their current billing cycle, at the rate in effect.At the end of the current billing cycle of your accounts, the rate recurring will be 25% off. "

So, if you get a 70% discount on Black Friday or something, it goes up to 25% at 20 cents a month (apart from also limiting the number of accounts for resellers, which is understandable, but in this way, it is a double dip).
No, offers the option to migrate to DirectAdmin, no price increase without option.

Is Hostmantis good and stable?

Quote Originally posted by web online
See the article
Hello, I tried to order an accommodation but the order was reported and it was asked me to contact the sales support, what I did and I put it in priority. Although I know, there could be a lot of tickets in front of me, but it's almost 3 o'clock and I have not received an answer. I am reconsidering my hosting because if the support lasted a long time, I think that if I have problems after the purchase, I should wait so much time?

And something else, is Host Mantis stable?

Absolutely stable and very good.
I have been at HostMantis for a number of years now and have had almost no problem (and the very few misfires I've known have all been solved in no time). They are good and, most importantly, they are constant.

If they have not responded yet, it's probably because their sales office is closed since the weekend. Sales and billing departments do not run 24 hours a day, but only support (this concerns the vast majority of hosts, not just HostMantis). ) Once they reopen on Monday, I'm sure your problem will be solved.

I would like an honest advice about hostmantis

I would like an honest advice about hostmantis | Talk Web Hosting

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  1. I would like an honest advice about hostmantis

    I signed with hostmantis but today, I discovered that they had a lot of bad reviews on the net.
    Now, before I start creating the accounts of my clients on their account, I would like to know if any of you had a bad experience in which your account was suspended without warning.
    Even in the event that your website has been hacked or that one of your customers had on his computer a malware that was sending spam.
    Bad experiences with hostmantis members here?

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