– SDTT does not show that the first & # 39; hotel & # 39; in @graph

I have created Hotel schema, but want to include 3 as a list. The individual hotel scheme works but uses @graphic and trying to include a list does not do it.

I can not see what's wrong. The test tool only shows the first Hotel and not the second.

Regularly used hotel apps present a strange glut of thanksgiving that did not exist before on iPad pro MRT

When you install an application, it usually activates all notifications and banners or requests and then activates them all.

I would like to go to the app settings on iOS (the Apple Settings App) and select the notifications. I like everything off – all applications, none receive notification until I use the application and decide that I really want to see the notifications.

In your case, you can make a list of all applications for hotels and travel, and check them one by one.

toiletries – What happens to open unfinished soaps in hotel bathrooms?

Inspired by what I thought (and many others) about this question:

What happens to all half-used (or more likely 5%) soaps in hotel bathrooms?

You check in a hotel. You open a soap big enough to last a fortnight. But you only stay two nights. What happens when you leave?

Is it just locked up? Do the maids (and other staff?) Bring him home and never buy their own soap? Or is it recycled, blended with all the remaining ones and used to create new ones? ("Fondue" is almost certainly the wrong word, but "dissolved" sounds boring, and I do not make soap, so I do not know if any word is correct.) L & # 39; Does the International Union of Housekeepers keep them secretly with the plan of a day dropping them in the tiled corridors of hotels and dragging all the guests?

(I'm pretty sure they're being thrown in. But it's less fun than alternatives.) – Can I use the Accommodation or Hotel Schema markup if guests can not book it

We sell ferry trips, and we want to capture customers sailing holidays to destinations to educate them about the ferry crossing.

On this page, we mention the different types of holiday homes that you can book on the islands and give 3 examples of each. 3 hotels, 3 resorts / holiday parks and 3 apartments.

Can we use the markup of accommodation, or if we do not mention the price and you can not book, would that be useless?

Thank you!

Hotel reservation for a couple, Schengen visa

I book hotels / hostels in Europe via Soon, I will apply for a Schengen visa. The problem is that all third-party sites such as booking, agoda, expedia only show my name as a guest. Should not the confirmation e-mail also include my wife's name? If not, how will he prove his reservation of accommodation at the Embassy?

Shopping – Travel, SideBar Hotel Links Required


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need help reg. Hotel through?

Please indicate the name and reference of the forum / forums so that they raise the problem of erroneous fees collected by the Hotel Booking Portal / (Agregator)

Can I cancel a hotel reservation after receiving my visa from Dubai?

I booked a hotel and I talked about it in my visa application. I now wish to live with one of my friends. Is it safe to cancel the reservation now? Or should I cancel it after immigration. I can not find life in a youth hostel safe anymore.

travel agents – How Expedia manages to sell a room significantly cheaper than the hotel itself?

I recently booked the Hyatt Ziva All Inclusive in Puerto Vallarta booked directly on the Hyatt website. The price of the room was approx. $ 650 per night.

Tonight, I was casually browsing through Expedia and finding the same room, same room type and same dates available for $ 300 a night, plus.

Expedia indicated that the room had a 55% discount as of tonight.

This is a significant discount … How does Expedia manage to provide the same room at this price?

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