regulations – are hotels allowed to indicate the number of my room to other people?

I stayed in a hotel and the staff directed a person to my room. I was served some papers. But how is it legal for them to direct them? This person could have been anyone: a separated husband, a stalker! I could have been killed! Where is the privacy between the hotel and its guests?

They should not tell anyone at the reception where I am. You can not do this at a workplace, so how come they only publish information? I understand that if it's a policeman, and they showed a badge, but that's not what the paper server did.

There should be some kind of privacy law to protect me and prevent it from giving information as if I were there or not and in which room I am. It is not cool.

What can I do about it now that it has happened?

transit – Choose apartments instead of hotels in Delhi

Why should you choose Serviced Apartments rather than hotels during your trip to Delhi?

An apartment with hotel services, also called apartment with hotel services or apartment for extended stays, is a fully furnished apartment offering all the amenities of the hotel, such as a room service, a service of cleaning, laundry service, etc. at an affordable price. for a short or long stay.

Serviced apartments in Delhi are a cost effective option with all the basic amenities of a hotel. It also costs 30% less than any hotel with similar amenities and the same size.

Olive offers serviced apartments in Delhi and its serviced apartments in Delhi are located in all major places of the city

1.Furnished apartment with fully equipped private kitchen
2. King / Queen beds with en-suite bathrooms
3. Housekeeping and maintenance services
4. Extended accessories include Wi-Fi, TV, laundry facilities, power backup and security
5. Separate arena for living room and dining room.
6.A laundry service including an iron and ironing boards, as well as fully automatic washing and drying machines.

Where can I find bakery equipment manufacturers for hotels?

I want to buy bakery equipment for my hotel business. So everyone knows the bakery equipment manufacturers, let me know.

Booking companies for hotels, flights, etc.

Honestly, I do not see the difference in them! I mean, they offer you all huge discounts on getting that long motel vacation for the holidays. O.K., what is the best deal you have booked? Which company do you recommend?

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hotels – Fairmont Banff Springs vs Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

I plan to travel in the Canadian Rockies this summer. I called the hotels, but their responses were too official and diplomatic.

  1. Courtney Brown writes that they are separated by "forty minutes drive northwest of Banff". Why did Fairmont build two hotels so close? I know that Lake Louise ("LL") overlooks the lake of the same name.

  2. What are their differences?

Enjoy Banff says that for Banff Springs

The inconvenients: Although the rooms can be quite small, the property is huge.

and for LL

The inconvenients: The location is slightly distant and there is not much "town" in Lake Louise compared to Banff. Once you are there, there is not much to do, except for the beautiful scenery nearby

joan1 says

I would choose the Banff Springs, the service is better

Jasper2009 says

  • the standard rooms at Lake Louse are tiny (the size of a closet) and are not thrilling, really not up to the rest of the Fairmont Hotels

anti_ice says

My vote is for the BSH. The hotel is better in my humble opinion and in a different league in terms of character and there is a lot more to do in Banff when you are not hiking.

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Elements to consider in the fire protection of motels and hotels

For hotels and motels, the issue of fire prevention and control allows investors to manage their anxiety establishments. In this article, An Phat will share some fire protection conditions in the accommodation sector so that the investor can be assured of the commissioning of the hotel, hotel / motel.
According to the decree 79/2014 / ND-CP

For hotels / vacations with a height of 5 storeys or above or with a volume of 5000 m3 or more but not exceeding 9 storeys or 25 m:

– Have regulations, rules, prohibition boards, signs, diagrams or instructions on fire prevention, fire fighting and exits in accordance with the characteristics and nature of the operations hotels / motels.
– Have regulations and assign responsibilities and tasks of fire prevention and fight in hotels / motels.
– Electrical system, lightning protection, antistatic; electrical equipment, fire, heat generation; The use of fire sources and heat sources must ensure fire prevention and safety.
– There are technical fire prevention and prevention procedures that comply with the operating conditions of hotels and motels.

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– There is a firefighting and prevention force for hotels / motels, specialized areas trained in fire prevention and firefighting operations, and fire-fighting organizations to meet the requirements for combating fires. fires on the site.
– Have a fire and evacuation plan already approved by a competent authority under the provisions of Article 21 of this decree.
– With transportation systems, water supply, communication means for firefighting, fire alarm, fire prevention, fire prevention and firefighting, ways to save populations in accordance with the nature and characteristics Hotel / Motels points are assured in terms of quantity, quality and functioning in accordance with the technical standards and regulations relating to fire prevention and fire fighting or the regulations of the Ministry of Public Security.
– Have records of management and monitoring of fire prevention and firefighting activities in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Public Security.

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Fire protection of motels / hotels

For hotels / motels with a height of less than 5 storeys or a volume of less than 5 000 m3
Provide fire prevention and fire safety conditions in accordance with the above-mentioned regulations, depending on the scale of operations and the nature of these hotels / motels and in accordance with technical standards and regulations for prevention and firefighting.

For hotels / motels greater than 09 stories or 25 meters or more
In addition to meeting the fire and fire safety requirements set out above, the following conditions must also be ensured:
– The construction structure of a house must have a fire resistance limit adapted to the use and height of the house, in accordance with the norms and technical regulations in the field of prevention and fight against fires .
– Walls, partitions and suspended ceilings of emergency exits, emergency exits, emergency exit rooms and overcrowded common rooms are not permitted to use interior decoration materials, building materials 39, soundproofing and insulation. Flammable materials.

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Hotels – Help on – Travel Stack Exchange

I recently booked a hotel with my friends card via She will not be going to the hotel at check-in time and I know that does not charge your card immediately. They say it's just a way to secure your room.

Can I use my own debit card at check-in to pay the full amount? If this is the case, will still bill his card while his card is registered with

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