Where can you find Default Values for Cursor Hotspots?

GUI toolkits like fltk allow you set a custom cursor for your app. When setting a custom cursor image, they also ask for a “hotspot”:

void Fl_Window::cursor(const Fl_RGB_Image *image,int hotx, int hoty)    

Changes the cursor for this window.

This always calls the system, if you are changing the cursor a lot you
may want to keep track of how you set it in a static variable and call
this only if the new cursor is different.

The default cursor will be used if the provided image cannot be used as a cursor.

Does anyone know where you can find the typical hot spot values for OS cursors?

What is the default channel for Android Hotspots?

I have seen the other threads talking about you not being able to change the default channel, and that is fine as I can configure my router. Can anyone just confirm which one it uses though, or does it vary by manufacturer? If so would you know for Xiaomi and Samsung? Thanks =]

switzerland – Are there any power outlets and Wi-Fi hotspots on the Zurich-Milan train?

Trains from Zurich to Milan are serviced by a number of companies.

For routes that start with InterCity trains, Wi-Fi is offered in 1st class. Source

Routes using InterRegio have free Wi-Fi, RegioExpress trains may also have Wi-Fi, please confirm. Source

I don’t know about EuroCity trains.

trains – List or map of publicly available wifi hotspots in Europe

Are there lists or map websites that show all widely known, publicly-provided wi-fi hotspots in continental Europe with free log in? By public, I mean non-civilian/private, such as state-endorsed (train stations) or heavily commercial (McDonalds hotspots). Country or city-specific maps would be a start too

info visualization – focuses on the hotspots in a data visualization

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network – dhclient will not update the IP address when roaming between Wi-Fi hotspots

I am new here, but I want some advice, so I write now.

I have a laptop
Running: Ubuntu 19.04
On: Panasonic Let's note the CF-SZ6
With: 02: 00.0 Network Controller: Intel Corporation Wireless 8265/8275 (rev 78)
Connects to: Cisco 802.11ac AP / WLC in my office

What happens: When I connect to the company's Wi-Fi network, it is connected and can communicate for several minutes,
but something happens, only IPv6 traffic is active,
and any other traffic, including IPv4 traffic, becomes "Destination Host Unreachable".

I asked the network administrator of my company and I said this:
"Your computer does not repeat DHCPv4 when it moves between APs.
it could be a bug on dclclient or wpa-supplicant, find a bug and fix it "

In fact, when I manually run "sudo dhclient -q wlp2s0" when I've lost IPv4 connectivity,
it returns the connection, so what he said seems to be correct.

What can I do to solve this problem? All questions are welcome of course!

when do I hide onboarding mobile hotspots

We have placed some hotspots in our mobile application. When you click on them, they provide explanations about the integration of a component.

If the user clicks on it, they will disappear,
but he's not doing it? Is there good practice for how long can I keep them on screen?

And if the hot spot was created to explain an interaction and the user ran it without touching the access point, can I keep the access point?

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