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provide 80k bulk editable t shirt Designs in 24 hour for all pod platform

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Hour Defi Limited –

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dnd 5e – Do you still need to concentrate on spell that has a duration of 1 hour or longer?

dnd 5e – Do you still need to concentrate on spell that has a duration of 1 hour or longer? – Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

Nicehash – how does the 4 hour payout work

In the Nicehash FAQ it is stated that the payout is every 4 hours (8 hours if the client is disconnected).

Does this mean that all earnings which are below the threshold are reset every 4 hours? Or are hash calculations sum up until the threshold has been reached?


mining theory – Why can the block production rate be as low as two per hour?

The time to produce the next block is completely unaffected by the number of unconfirmed transactions.

The time is generally expected to follow a Poisson distribution as explained in answers to a related question.

I’m no statistician so what follows may be nonsense:

A Poisson distribution with a lambda of 6 shown as a probability mass looks like this

enter image description here

So in a thousand hours I might expect to see

  • 160 hours where 6 blocks were produced
  • 45 hours where 2 blocks were produced

Either that or something odd has happened, like a couple of large mining pools going offline.

It would be interesting to gather some of these sort of stats from the blockchain record but I expect this has already been done somewhere.

internal storage – How much space would it take to record a 1 hour video?

I have like literally 1 GB of space on my tablet, and I want to record a 1 hour video in 1080p HD quality. Now, I know that these kind of things vary from app to app, but on average, how much space does it take? I also have an SD card with 27 GB of space on it. Is there a way to make the video go straight to the SD card while recording, without needing it to go onto internal storage first? Because I really don’t want to delete any more apps. Please help me.

sound ‘puntpuntpunt’ a couple of times per hour on Motorola G8. Punt is Dutch for point or dot

Since the update to Android 11 on my Motorola G8 every now and then the phone says ‘puntpuntpunt’
I noticed the way screenshots are made have changed, instead of using the powerbutton now I need the volume (down) and powerbutton together. I have a feeling it is related to talkback. No solution yet.

Will a transit visa be needed for a 15 hour overnight layover in the Narita airport for July 2021?

A friend is traveling from Taiwan to the USA & has a 15 hour overnight layover in the Narita airport in Japan. Date of travel will be July 2021. Will he need to have a transit visa?

Virtual Assistant for an hour

How many times a day do you say – “I don’t have enough time”?

Lack of time is a common issue every business owner like you has to deal with. To be in a position where you must deal with more than you can handle. That’s no small task when time is so tight. Rather than dealing with the massive work, it would be a good idea for you to take some rest and allow me to help you achieve your goals and dreams – yes, you’ve read it right – ME.

That being said, here are the skills I can help you with:

Virtual/Administrative Assistance

✨ Data Entry
✨ Web Research
✨ Data Collection
✨ Retyping Scanned Document
✨ PDF to Word/Excel
✨ Project Management
✨ Email Management
✨ Calendar Management
✨ File Management
✨ Social Media Management

Design & Creatives

✨ Graphic Design
✨ Social Media Posts/Ads Design

Do you want to work with me?

Please let me know, and let’s discuss more over chat or you can order from my gig on fiverr ›


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