No link for 3 hours GSA works

Start old projects, set up new projects, new emails whatever is appropriate for everyone. BUT!!! Run, run a few hours and no link. What tools are these? What am I doing wrong? Before – even the powers of attorney were public, the publication was satisfied. Please give me advice on who knows how to fix the GSA workbook!

Google says "duplicate store codes" when updating the hours of operation of hundreds of shopping sites via CSV

I am trying to change the hours of our pitches (206 pitches). The hours will all change the same for all stores. I have uploaded our locations to CSV, made the changes, but when I try to upload them, it indicates that it has duplicate store codes. Has anyone ever done this? I read on Google documents that bulk editing was available.

Does anyone have a step by step for this process?

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Design of a database for a SELECT query sorted in the last X hours

I'm building a database (I thought an RDS like mysql would be fine for that, but the entry here would be great here too) that has a table where the data from that table will be (I think) queried through SELECT * FROM TABLE WHERE date_created >= now() - INTERVAL 1 DAY;. Is there a smart way to structure the database or columns to optimize queries like this?

One thought: a "temporary" table that has all the messages for the past 24 hours. All the inserts are added to the "temporary" table. A script runs every minute to remove all posts from the "temporary" table that are more than 24 hours old.

Alternatively, have two time columns (date_created which is just a DATETIME, one hour_created INTEGER column which is index). Then you can search for lines where hour_created is> = the entire representation of 24 hours ago.

Any suggestions on the two solutions suggested above? Does the "optimal" solution change with the number of lines? Let's say for 1,000, 100,000 and 10,000,000?

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The Date / Time variable in the workflow is deactivated by 4 hours

I am using SharePoint Designer 2013 to write a workflow on SharePoint 2010.

My time zone is UTC-05: 00 and it is the time zone in the regional settings of my site. I have a list that has a search from a calendar list. My workflow sends an email reminder regarding the calendar item. When I set a workflow variable to the value of this current item, it stores a UTC-09: 00

Set Variable: TrainingDay to Current Item:Appointment:Start Time
Log Calendar Current item: (%Current Item... to the workflow history list
Log Variable: TrainingDay to the workflow history list

Produces this output in the log and also in an email generated later in the workflow:

Calendar Current article: 2020-04-01 09: 30: 00

4/1/2020 5: 30: 00 AM

Four hours rest in UTC-09: 00 time zone. Our servers are not in this time zone.

The TrainingDay variable is a date / time and I defined it in the return field of the Current Element field as "Search value (date / time)"

usa – Are airline tickets to or from the United States purchased via Vayama refundable for free within 24 hours (the ticket was purchased> 1 week before)?

Are airline tickets to or from the United States refundable for free within 24 hours via Vayama, assuming the ticket was purchased at least 1 week before the flight? (this link was found on on the ticket ordering page:; Travix manages Vayama's website according to https: //en.wikipedia .org / wiki / Travix_International_B.V.) says:

If you decide to modify or cancel a confirmed reservation for an air travel, and such changes or cancellations are
authorized, Vayama will charge you a fee of up to $ 100 per person. Note that Vayama will charge you these fees
even if you cancel within 24 hours of receiving your booking confirmation.

However, the ticket conditions stipulate:


Ticket conditions can be found on the order page:

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So I am confused.

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