dnd 5e – If the target of a Scrying spell succeeds on the saving throw against the spell, who is prevented from using the spell on them for the next 24 hours?

The description of the scrying spell states in part that:

On a successful save, the target isn’t affected, and you can’t use
this spell against it again for 24 hours.

However, this seems a bit ambiguous. Is only that character unable to use the spell on that target for 24 hours? Or can no one in the party use it on the target during that time? Does the source of the scrying matter?

For instance, consider a party that has a scrying eye homebrew magic item. A scrying eye is an item that allows a person to cast the scrying spell for up to ten minutes with a spell save DC of 15. It can only be used once per day, and then cannot be used again until the next dawn.

My homebrew scrying eye item is based off the official crystal ball magic item:

The typical crystal ball, a very rare item, is about 6 inches in diameter. While touching it, you can cast the scrying spell (save DC 15) with it.

I have lowered the spell save DC from the original to account for my item not requiring attunement.

The party has 2 spellcasters who both know the scrying spell.

If player A uses the scrying eye and fails, can they then cast scrying themselves again, as it is in effect the item that cast the spell and not the player? Can player B also attempt to cast scrying?

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