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TMD hosting. Dedicated server down every week for 12 hours

TMD hosting. Dedicated server down every week for 12 hours | Web Hosting Talk

var sidebar_align = ‘right’;
var content_container_margin = parseInt(‘350px’);
var sidebar_width = parseInt(‘330px’);

  1. TMD hosting. Dedicated server down every week for 12 hours

    It looks like I made mistake switching to TMD hosting. The sales chat was sweet and they transferred me within 24 hours. But then… server goes down it takes them 6 hours to push the reboot button. Same month, server down again, needs to be rebooted. It has been now 14 hours and all emails are answered with the same canned reply.

    PHP Code:

    The case is investigated by our system administrators and they will update you as soon as more information is available.


    have in mind that updating constantly one ticket or submitting multiple tickets will not speed up our working process so I kindly ask you to be patient. Considering the above we will now close this ticket

    Is that even a real company or got scammed and it’s just one dude running chat bots from his parent’s basement?

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health – Is there any drugstore that is open 24 hours in Bangkok?

Interesting answer from Vovicon on https://redd.it/hh3hij, pointing out one can look at street view/pictures to try to spot a 24 hour open sign (and hope that the opening hours are still accurate: calling the business, if their phone number is disclosed somewhere, might be a good idea to confirm):

(…) businesses here are still very bad at updating their listings on Google maps (on more generally online). (…)There’s a franchise called”Bangkok Drugstores” which has many branches and seem to maintain their Google listings better. You can see for example this one is listed as 24h and just checking street view/pictures you can see it says “24h” on their main signage: https://maps.app.goo.gl/E7HrPGsGom4BR58T7

We can indeed sign a 24 red sign on the entrance door:

enter image description here

Another example of a drugstore that is open 24 hours in Bangkok?: JC Pharma:

enter image description here

It’d still be more convenient to have a centralized, up-to-date list of drugstores with their business hours/days instead of having to manually spot “24” on the images (or Google or others could help by deploying some text detection algorithms to automatically extract business hours).

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postgresql – Postgres 12 create table as simple select + hash join takes 8+ hours for 100GB?

I’m using a “create table as select …” statement to create a copy of a subset of the columns in a ~100GB table (400 million records). I am also performing a hash join with another table which is only 36 records. It takes 8-9 hours to perform this copy. Does that seem reasonable, or is it indicative of a problem?

The server should have plenty of disk space, 128 GB of RAM, and 16 cores.

Ec261 compensation : European Flight of less than 3000km, delayed by 9 hours. Is compensation limited to €400?

My flight from Tenerife south to Gatwick had to make an emergency landing due to technical issues in Porto Santo. We were delayed getting back to Gatwick by 9 hours (finally landing at 00:30, thereby incurring an £80 taxi fare home) whilst waiting on a replacement plane to collect us. The airline initially tried to deny me compensation erroneously claiming I was “a member of staff”.

Now they are saying as the flight is less than 3500 km I can only receive €400 regardless of the 9 hour time delay. Is this correct or should I receive €600?

I will Remove 15 Images Background Within 24 Hours for $5

I will Remove 15 Images Background Within 24 Hours

I will Remove 15 Images Background Within 24 Hours

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