dnd 5th – How to manage Death House for 3 new players without a healer?

This answer contains annotations for the House of Death and is based on my personal experience of playing it as well as on the Curse of Strahd source itself.

First of all, a "dedicated healer" is something that is rarely seen or used in DnD 5e. The game provides insufficient support for characters who intend to heal other characters with most of their time, and the spell healing ability is usually derisory compared to the amount of damage dealt per turn. The best way to keep your friends alive is, in most cases, to help defeat their enemies quickly instead of trying to repair the damage they have suffered on the fly.

That said, healing magic or other powers like the healer feat are very helpful in saving characters from zero hp – even a single life point is enough to give them all of their actions and to prevent them from having to save death.

But Death House is not quite your average adventure. Another reminder: the ahoy spoilers.

The House of Death is extremely lethal, assuming your players make the wrong choices – yet quite reasonable -. Fighting, which is usually the most dangerous part, is actually not the worst thing: rooms filled with poisonous fog and doors transformed into blades of fake rotation will quickly carry a part at the end of their resources, unless you're extremely lucky with their Rolls. Loss of health is not easily preventable even with conservative gameplay, and rescuing unconscious characters quickly becomes a handicap without quick healing in home conditions.

To illustrate our point: our party has come in with all the resources. We had a Paladin to heal, and my monk had the healer feat and a healer kit with me. We went out with all the slots used, the complete healer kit used, with two characters at zero PV, the other two at a single VP, and that was with me and the Paladin to shoot everything we could on our respective healing resources so many would consider to hunt. Death House is mortal.

Suggestions for mitigating death

The house is not at all dangerous if your players choose the right choices. As I've already warned you about spoilers, I'll say it in advance: to prevent the house from turning against the PCs, a creature must die in the basement sanctuary. Being open about the death of adventure can push your players to make the right choice and accept the consequence of losing one of theirs. Although it is not obvious, the sacrifice does not have to be humanoid in nature: every creature will do the business. If you feel particularly merciful, give them a NPC henchman to sacrifice, after which the party can leave the house unimpeded or an animal that they can capture for this purpose.

For a less lenient alternative, you can slightly change the rules of the house. My curse of Strahd, GM, suggested that the house be appeased when a PC dies, not even in the sanctuary. This will preserve the feeling of death, but politely avoid your players the disreputable decision to sacrifice and allow them to let everyone alive. You can of course also extend players' abilities to a certain extent by giving them health potions, but this is a slightly capricious alternative: it can happen that the PC carrying the potions turns into a single point d & # 39; Failure whose unconscious condemns the whole party.

As a general rule, it is up to you and your party to decide whether this type of violence and its extent is desirable. The best you can do is warn them in advance, really, that it will not be their average heroic madness, but rather a nightmarish situation where their characters will have the chance to survive and that some PC deaths are the expected result. If you or your players prefer this heroic adventure, I suggest not to play Death House with them.

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house rules – Are there balance disadvantages to ignore physical, social or mental limits?

I ran games with the limit there and I ran games with the offside limit. I can not give you an objective answer, but I can certainly tell you about my experience.

The addition of limits is sometimes helpful because it helps to avoid (or at least increase the cost of obtaining) a dice package for a specific task and to overwhelm overwhelmingly any other nobody in this task, usually a fight. Those who have a very large pool will still win, but they will not win enough, so maybe they can not hit the troll in one shot and it will take two instead. This can moderate particularly unexpected roles and standardize particularly specialized characters so that they fit into the same kind of possibility space as other more generalized characters.

If you do not have people like that, then this is not a huge benefit because in my experience, it takes a lot of optimization and specialization of the characters to reach the limits, and it there are things you can do or can do. them slightly – people who make this kind of character also tend to choose these options to increase their limits, and so their limit ends up being higher than that of other peoples and comes into play in much the same way considering of their respective basins.

Using the limits is also complicated and limits the enjoyment of incredibly lucky players who are told that they can not hit the troll at once, even if they have recorded all the successes. on all the dice of their group. An extra step to check at each throw also slightly slows down the game (but it adds a lot in situations with a lot of throws, like fighting), and it's easy to forget. Even when people have big pools, it does not come all this often, and the above points mean that when this happens, the general sound at the table is usually "Oh, but … limit."

Given the above, I would not respect the limits when I play Shadowrun in the future, although I would pay more attention to anyone who specializes in something. On the one hand, they really want to succeed in this area, so leave them if you can, but on the other hand, Shadowrun is pretty easy to use, it will be a balancing factor, so it will depend on the group.

From my experience, no one has complained yet when they are not there.


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mmo – MMORPG – Primary keys of auction house and bank

Let's move on to the next … So I wondered how to improve the protection of my database tables for the future, especially with regard to auction houses, stocks and banks.

Q: Is it really necessary to have a primary key value in a house / bank table? I already have a link leading to the ID of the characters as well as to the ID of the object.

The reason I ask this question is that if I use a primary key value of type int or long, what will happen if there are too many entries for the type int or long to manage? I plan to delete the database entry as soon as the article will be sold, but "auto incrementing" would not it continue from the last username value used ?

In short, what would be the disadvantage of not using primary keys in these tables?

Database design


BlackHatKings: Proxy Lists
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