Should a camera have a contiguous housing?

The group of lenses on this image would have its own protective tubes, like that of a camera, but one for each group of lenses. What problem would there be a gap between the lens group and the flare if it was used at night?

enter the description of the image here contiguous

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[ Politics ] Open Question: Why does Kamala Harris think the government should give blacks only $ 100 billion in housing subsidies?

Is not it racist to grant race-based benefits?


What to ask?

You will have with a number of different condo for rent in Ho Chi Minh City, causing you to have a lot of questions, the first of them being "what requests should I ask?". Therefore, here are some suggestions:

Are utilities (electricity, gas, water) included in the monthly price?

Is there internet and cable or should I register myself?


Is it furnished?

How long will the lease be signed? One year? 6 months?

Scooter parking – is it available? If yes where? Do I want to pay extra?

When do I recover my obligations?

What is the penalty if I have to cancel the contract?


You probably said no:

Unfortunately, we HCMC housing also do not know. again, you're probably being ripped off

You are charged more than two months deposit

The owner / lady can not produce any contract written in English for you

We do not know how utilities will be charged

Ridiculous extras, such as search fees, furniture rentals, Internet installation fees, are billed to you

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Are there newer models that will always fit my Canon XTi underwater housing?

I want to upgrade my Canon XTi with a newer Canon model that will fit perfectly into my DX400D Sea and Sea underwater housing.

I would like a "newer" Canon model that …

  1. Has the same layout of the buttons at the back and the top must be identical to that of the XTi
  2. A "live preview" so that I can frame the image with LCD instead of the little researcher.
  3. At the video recording
  4. Allows me to continue using my old CANON EFS 18-55 lens and a TOKINA 10-17 DX AT-X lens.

sea ​​and DX400D underwater housing

Sale – From 1 USD protected housing

To integrate



Link of the image:

How to regain control of the missing housing company?

Two websites hosted on Needa dot com have recently disappeared and we can no longer access them via Cpanel.

Is there a way to control our DNS records and websites?

Cost of Housing for Wife and Yarn – Standard British Visitor Visa

I am in the UK with an ICT visa (3 years). I am applying for a standard 6 month visitor visa for my wife and son (visiting for 6 weeks). Now that I already have a home and that my wife and my son can stay with me. How to fill:

1) The cost of your accommodation? (I already have it, so should I put 0 here?)

2) Does anyone else pay you for all or part of your trip?
If I put No here and most of the amount of our joint accounts has been credited recently (about 1 month). Will my wife's bank statements be required here?

Thank you in advance.

nt.number theory – What is the best website for rental housing in Illinois, USA?

Spoter is one of the best rental platforms in Illinois, Chicago. Are you on vacation or looking for a house to rent like 1bhk, 2bhk, apartments in Illinois. Get access to spots where you can find thousands of single family homes, # of duplexes for rent, # of vacation homes, # 4 Houses for rent in Illinois.

Is North Korea a better place to live than Canada, because under a communist government, food, education, housing and employment?

North Korea is also sentenced to death by almost the entire planet, while Canada is free to trade with anyone. It does not matter the quality of your economic system if sanctions strangle you to death. The only reason the United States is wealthy is because they have so much control over foreign markets. In the United States, most of the products you buy have been made from a long production process spread all over the world, from forced labor in Africa to sweatshops in Asia. The United States would not be an economic giant if it was isolating itself from foreign trade.

North Korea is even worse than most countries. In the United States, for example, the country is so vast that, if they adopted isolationism in their own right, they might not be wealthy, but could manage decently enough with the sole sources of their own country. It was the same in the USSR, where the world tried to condemn them to death, like North Korea, but their landmass was so huge that they managed to strengthen their forces productive and have become the second largest economy in the world. own.

You can not really do that in North Korea. Most of the land is mountainous and it is almost impossible to produce food. Stable development is impossible if people are starving. So they spent most of their development finding ways to feed them. The fact that the United States constantly plays war games on their border has not helped, which forces them to spend a lot of the little money they have on the money. The army as a deterrent.

It is not disputable that these conditions result directly from sanctions, with North Korea experiencing economic growth as fast as South Korea. The United States punished them for a long time, but the usual sanctions did not matter because they could simply trade with the USSR. After the dissolution of the USSR, they found themselves isolated in a sea of ​​capitalist countries that did not want to trade with them. Their economy suffered a considerable slowdown and was immediately hit by horrible weather conditions, which also resulted in a massive famine.

Even Russia and China have joined these sanctions now. North Korea is forced to build a fully self-sustaining economy from scratch on land that is difficult to exploit. It's amazing that they have managed to accomplish anything.


Where to find good housing?

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