html – A logical use of title tags and SEO

I have a dynamic school website (feeds from a database), and I have structured it with different sections, for example.

  • Sports
  • Academic life
  • Our students

At first glance, it is quite obvious that I could name the "Sports" section with a good nice h1 tag with the word "Sports".

But since it is powered by articles by ID, something like articles.php? = 134 (don't worry about the rewrite mode for now) the same Title 1 tag repeats over and over, and I could be penalized.

Now it is more obvious to use the actual title of the article as h1, for example, "Team 1 won Team 2 on the event of event ;summer"

But now I have a new problem. The word "sport" is no longer used, and it is a waste because we have several articles on sport. I want to use the word Sports, like the "good old paper journals" used to identify sections.

enter description of image here

What would be good practice for sections like this, given the SEO and really identifying the section? A simple meaningless div, just for aesthetic purposes? A title of lower rank? Are you sticking to an h1 tag?

Image from

How to send HTML email using rules?

Anyone know how to send HTML emails using rules? It was a fairly common task in D7 and I think the rule was included with the mimemail module. The D8 version of mimemail does not seem to support the rules.

reactjs – reacts by analyzing html code not displayed in the Chrome browser

I am using reactJS to render an email response, for the email templates that I have dangerously tried with SetInnerHtml ReactHtmlParser, the problem is still in Chrome, Firefox always displays the HTML template complete but in Chrome the html to analyze is incomplete even when I show it in the console with console.log

Still in Chrome with dangerouslySetInnerHtml or ReactHtmlParser, the chain is incomplete, but in Firefox is complete and everything works fine.

Here is the code to display the email:

Where str is the decoded HTML code to render

This is a raw str output in Chrome which lacks all the amounts and images:

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And this is "part" of the same output from the same email but in Firefox it renders perfectly in the browser: