html – How to integrate Bootswatch / Bootstrap into React?

I am a tutorial and I simply put the Bootswatch link in the index.html file of the public folder, it would work: (not for the interactive elements, but as they will not be used, it has not been used. ;importance)

    Q & App

However, nothing seems to me, nothing has changed on the page.
I've also tried installing Bootswatch with NPM and it does not work either. Can someone guide me what is missing?

Here is the index.html:

    React App

And index.js

import React to 'react';
import ReactDOM from & # 39; react-sun & # 39 ;;
import {BrowserRouter} from & # 39; react-router-sun & # 39 ;;
import & # 39; ./ index.css & # 39 ;;
import the application from "./ App & # 39;
import * as a serviceWorker from "./ serviceWorker";

ReactDOM.render (
  , document.getElementById ('root'));

serviceWorker.unregister ();

And if app.js

import React, {Component} of reacting & # 39 ;;

The App class extends the {
render () {
back (

Work in progress

I code live with React bitch

) } } default export App;

html – The web server redirects to the root URL, causing problems in analysis.

Creation of some UTM utm campaigns with Google. Here is an example:

but every time I click on the URL, it goes to the appropriate website, but on the root URL It seems that everything is deleted after the .com, which prevents Google Analytics from not tracking when the user clicks on the URL.

Does this have anything to do with the server settings or something in the htacces file that makes it change the url?

No suggestion?

Thank you. This is a wordpress site from elsewhere.



html – Does every page of a site have to have a totally unique H1?

I agree that each page of a site must have a unique TITLE and that each page must have one and only one element H1, but must the text of each H1 also be totally unique?

Instinctively, one might think so, but in many cases the mind (in my humble opinion) does not make sense, and that could hurt the user experience and the layout of the page – for example, when the pages are part of a closely related site. cluster, for example a process / tool / wizard in several steps.

Certainly, the name of the process should be in the H1 file (for example, "Pregnancy Planner") and the current step should be marked as H2 (for example, "Step 1 – Trying a baby"), rather than to move up a gear. only one H1 together (for example, "Pregnancy Planner – Step 1 – Trying to Become Baby")?

Not only does this make the H1 quite long and may have an impact on the layout of the page, but I would say that by combining the two into one, you also lose the semantic goodness, because the page is surely semantically more rich in retaining the parent (process) and the child (step). ) as separate and nested items?

In addition, the current proposal I read is that on the first page, the H1 should be the name of the process and the first step was an H2, but on the following pages, the same text should not be at all an H1 (the text is styled in exactly the same way). as an H1) and the current step should become H1 instead. For me, this introduces useless complexity into the page creation / production process and an inconsistency in the semantic structure of the pages in the step process.

Everything comes back to the basic assertion that each H1 must be completely unique, which I question. Can you convince me that this should be so and that the cost / complexity of its implementation (especially in situations like the one described above) is worth it?

Your thoughts please …

How to remove the LastPass HTML (?) From my entries?

Hi everybody,
In my application laravel 5.7 / blade / jQuery v3.3.1 / Bootstrap v4.1.2, I see additives
html code on my entries:

LastPass is installed on my browser in my Google Chrome browser (version 71.0.3578.98 (official version) (64 bits)).
And I guess LastPass adds code, which is very annoying. Especially if some features related to this entry do not work properly …
Are there any tags to add / LastPass options / additive plugins to exclude this LastPass additive code?

Thank you

javascript – Static site, set the default HTML markup for all pages

In a static site, you must create each page individually. If you want the same pages, just copy the HTML and make the necessary changes. You can also set the css and javascript of all pages with a file /files.css and /file.jsbut with the marking HTML is different.

I was looking for solutions to make everything a little more dynamic, I decided to create a file. js which carries the marking inside the body So, if I change the markup of a page, it would change in all with the same script. However, with this script, it is difficult to change the big codes because the line break is created with not and ends up making everything confusing and difficult to change.

Is there a simpler way to do this?

Code sample:

window.onload = function load () {
document.getElementById ("b"). innerHTML = "
notText" }

What is the use of the Figcaption tag in HTML 5?

What is the use of the figcaption tag in HTML 5?

I want to request all possible HTML meta / links or any other tag / s to influence the default appearance of the browser window.

[This is my first question. I have no good skills to ask it in a better way. So don’t mind]

I want to ask you if there is a HTML meta / link to customize the default browser appearance. This does not mean to influence the documents but the appearance of the browsers themselves. I know some of them who work on Chrome Mobile to change color. For example:


This will move the top of the browser's head to red. Similarly, I found other iOS and Windows tags from another issue. But they only concern the version of the mobile phone and only change color. I would like to be able to find other similar tags to improve the performance of the website, as well as some desktop versions. I do not want to know about these CSS and JavaScript styles that change scroll bar, and so on.

html – Problem with sqrt () in PHP

I have a problem with the function sqrt () from PHP, the result returns it to me in the following way.


In this way, he returns the result:

enter the description of the image here

Now the question is: how could it be or is it possible to have it just show the the number and no float ()?

How to convert an HTML website containing hundreds of articles to WordPress article website?

I have an HTML website with about 750 articles. I want to convert them to WordPress, because it has features that I want to use with existing articles and new articles to come. My hosting provider says that I can do it manually. I have too many items for that. What should I do to convert hundreds of articles from my website to WordPress?

This is not the fantasy or complex of a site, and I have few pictures. Articles are mainly text with hyperlinks and italics. Most fonts are the same everywhere. There are categories associated with each article. I could potentially write a program to list the categories associated with each title. Linking categories to each article should not be too difficult manually. I have my website in a .zip file.

I have these options (other than paying a business $ 2,000 or more):


Does anyone have a recommendation among those mentioned above or anything not listed for my site to become a WordPress site?

html – Techniques for managing the opening of a new tab and ensuring web accessibility with WCAG 3.2

WCAG 3.2 indicates that the content must be provided in a predictable format and that, when a new tab is opened in one click, the user is informed.

I have a web page with a list of many links that open in a new tab. The W3C recommends that this be indicated in the link text or that an indicator be provided in overflight / focus. However, because of the large number of links on the same page that need them, providing these options would greatly disrupt the design / user interface.

Are there other ways that are less visually intrusive to achieve this compliance without providing contextual warnings or text for each link?

In addition, are there any other accessibility issues related to opening new windows / tabs?