Run a Python script on HTML

I have a python script that produces a figure (with matplotlib) with data from .txt files.

My goal is to run the python script from an HTML code and print the figure on a website. In this way, I could simply update the .txt files on the website and get an always up-to-date number with the data.

I've seen Flask and Django doing apps, but I already have my HTML code, so I just want a way to just include a "python script" somewhere in my HTML code. I've seen or CGI Python programming, but I'm not sure I can do what I want.

Is there another way to get it from a Python package or should I really start a Django / Flask application? Should I have another approach?

How to print HTML in the HTML tag of all MediaWiki web pages?

How to print HTML in the HTML tag of all MediaWiki web pages?

In /skins/mySkin/includes/mySkinTemplate.php I did not find anything to do with .

I have not found any global template file and I prefer not to use a hook for this.

Is there another way?

Commerce Order confirmation e-mail in HTML

I use Drupal 8.7.3 with Commerce 2.

When the order process is complete, the confirmation email is sent, but the HTML tags are deleted.

The email has "content-type text / html; charset = UTF-8;".

Key value
8-bit content transfer coding
content type text / html; character set = UTF-8;
date Tue, 18 Jun 2019 23:39:22 +0000
of "Linux user" 
mime-version 1.0
received by localhost (sSMTP sendmail emulation); Tue, 18 Jun 2019 23:39:22 +0000
confirmed order # 2
x-mailer Drupal

HTML 5 Semantic markup

Hi everybody,

There are very good tutorials on the web that teach basic / advanced HTML / HTML 5. However, most of these tutorials only teach you that tags are very basic.

I have not found a resource that teaches you how to tag content with semantic meaning. I know it is not rocket science, but I do not know how to balance semantic markup by keeping the SEO principles in mind.

Does any one have good resources to share / a website or perhaps could he develop some examples below and share your impressions? Thanks in advance!

Would this example be semantically correct? If not why and how does unrelated content fit into the picture?

Matthew West

Matthew Joseph West[1] (born April 25, 1977) is a contemporary American Christian musician, singer-songwriter and actor. He has published five studio albums and is known for his songs, "More", "You Are Everything" and "The Motions". He was nominated for five Dove Awards in 2005, including two for his first album, Happy. West wins the 2013 American Music Award for Best Contemporary Inspiring Artist.[2]

An independent musician in the late 1990s, he released three independent albums before signing with Universal South Records. With the release of his first Dove award-winning album, Happy, released in 2003, his first single radio, "More," remained at the top of the adult Christian charts for nine weeks and received two Dove Award nominations. . His second album, History, was followed by the re-release in 2006 of the independent album, Sellout.

In addition to his main solo career, West has been a singer-songwriter for many Christian musicians and bands such as Point of Grace, Mandisa, Natalie Grant and Casting Crowns, as well as most country bands, Rascal Flatts, Billy Ray Cyrus and Vince Gill.


Matthew West was born on April 25, 1977 in Downers Grove, Illinois.[5][6] As a kid, he was a fan of his hometown baseball team, the Chicago Cubs, and eventually wanted to make a career in baseball.

West wrote most of his first songs in his father's church sanctuary while he was home during the university breaks.[7] According to a statement by West at the 2013 Winter Jam (March 23, 2013): at a Steven Curtis Chapman concert in 1997 at Champaign's Assembly Hall, Urbana, West stated that he was crying profusely, forcing his friends to ask him what was going on. false.

Just before graduating from Millikin University in 1999, a college member recommended West to attend the GMA Music in the Rockies event aimed at aspiring musicians. Although West was not interested at first, he attended after hearing that other people had registered him and were paying his entrance fees.

Musical career

On July 26, 2002,[8] Barely a week or two before signing a contract with Universal South Records, West injured his left arm, threatening his musical career and playing guitar. He said, "I locked myself outside my house. But I had already done it and I had the means to break through a window. But this time, I had a lot of trouble opening the window.

I started pushing hard on the window and my hand went through the glass. The blood began to vomit all over my left arm and I ran into my street screaming for help. After seeing so much blood, I went into shock and fainted in the middle of the street.


html – Add a contact form to MediaWiki

There are some contact form extensions for MediaWiki that can be downloaded and installed, but I do not want to use extensions (or change the PHP code) if there is another solution in HTML-Javascript.

Is there an HTML-JavaScript module that I could use?

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posts – How to prevent WordPress to add HTML tags to content in API replies?

I wish to request publications and pages from the WordPress API and return them in my own front-end server.

However, when I receive answers, the content is always filled with HTML tags. I know that there are plugins that can remove

but I want to make sure WordPress does not change the text at all.

Here is an example of what happens when I retrieve an "About Us" page that I created:

"content": {
"rendering": " n

t t t t t started in 2005. After years in the web hosting business, Site Builder has the user nin spirit. coding skills or design experience. T T T T T TENDERS TO START THEIR BUSINESS ONLINE. n t t t

n n n n

Today, we are proud to empower individuals and small business owners around the world. Everyone deserves a website. We can not wait to see what you are creating. N t t t

not ",
"protected": false

As you can see, WordPress tries to be smart and add a lot of tags and HTML codes, but this is not necessary for me when I just want to access this text and display it myself.

Custom HTML and CSS in SharePoint

The short answer is yes, you can customize the page template and the long answer will be, your question is very subjective and may have multiple answers depending on the design you are trying to achieve.

In classic SharePoint, we have the concept of Master pages and Layout to achieve the custom theme / branding. But in the case of modern pages SPO, from now on, the concept of SharePoint Lookbook, with which you can define the page, theme and presentation templates and pre-fill the page content. Learn more about SharePoint Lookbook.

Not recommended

This is not a recommended method, but if you want to hide all the chrome from SPO, you need to customize them with SPFx Application Customizer. You can use it to hide the SPO component in order to achieve your user interface and the SPFx Web Part to manage the content user interface. Learn more about the application customizer. The example of customization screen is as follows.

enter the description of the image here


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