javascript – HTML + AJAX + PHP – Contact form

Hi guys.
I am new to this area of ​​ajax and bootstrap, etc. I will learn from mistakes until it works.
Detail I recently created a site that was still working normally and I suddenly decided to change the domain of e-mial. Ok, I went there to correct all ALIAS tests, externally tested (ie send the email accounts they receive).

The problem occurred in the contact form of the same site. The site is realized on bootstrap onepage.
Where in index.html the contact form looks like this:

My sendemail.php who controls the sending:

    // $headers() = "Reply-To: <{$from}>";
    // $headers() = "Subject: {$subject}";
    // $headers() = "X-Mailer: PHP/".phpversion();

    // mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers);
    mail($to, $subject, $body, $from);


And my main.js doing a push commit function:

var form = $('#main-contact-form');
        var url = "sendemail.php";
        var form_status = $('
'); $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: url, //url: $(this).attr('action'), data: $(this).serialize(), beforeSend: function(){ form.prepend( form_status.html('

E-mail está sendo enviado...

').fadeIn() ); } }).done(function(data){ form_status.html('

Obrigado por entrar em contato, assim que possível responderemos seus questionamentos e informações!

').delay(3000).fadeOut(); }); $('#name').val(""); $('#email').val(""); $('#subject').val(""); $('#message').val(""); });

Issue: Each time I click Submit, the site responds with a load bullet, clears the form, and does not confirm that the email has been sent. I've debugged the site via Google Chrome and realized that it was giving an error in the .done feature line because there was no statement on (date), that's it that I understood.

I can not solve this problem and I did not want to lose the code to build a new one, because it was already working normally.
Could someone help me solve?

Quick preview of HTML files not working after upgrading from iOS 13 in iPad

After updating to iOS X 13, I can no longer use Quick Look on the HTML files available in the mail. I just get a blank preview window or turn on the javascript window. The problem persists after a reboot. But all other types of files work properly.

Is there a cache that I can dump or something else that I can try to run again?

seo – How many links per page can we have in an HTML sitemap?

In the XML sitemap, there is a limit of 50,000 per XML sitemap. Is there a link limit to be present on the HTML sitemap?

If I have more than 100,000 pages or posts, should I use them as a way to set up pagination for HTML sitemaps?

PS: The XML sitemap is different from the HTML-based sitemap.

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database – wordpress page title (html title tag)

First, I work on a website that uses flywheel for hosting. I develop the theme locally, then send the changes via sftp to the transfer server, then from production to production.
Recently, I had to make a backup to a live website and also reset the steering wheel preparation area.

Anyway, the title of my homepage has been replaced by 43. Now this title probably came up because the main website / staging was offline for a while , displaying a nginx error and that the title of the staging homepage is stuck at 43. I downloaded the database, imported locally and the title is still 43, so it must be somewhere in the database. Now, I'm afraid that if I apply changes to the production, the title remains the same … This only happens on the root / home page. An idea how to solve this problem? Thank you.

How to create nested lists to provide a modular interface for users using HTML and JavaScript?

I have a data list in dictionary form and I wish to provide a modular design to the user with the help of javascript and html, in which, when I click on the keys of dict, I get a list and when I click on a list of items I want to display. Here is the format of the image in which I want result example: here is the dictionary-

       var my dict = {
          'key1': (data1, data2)

       dict2 = {'data1': (data3, data4),'data2 ': (data5, data6)}
       data3 = showtable()
       data4 = showtable()
       data5 = showtable()
       data6 = showtable()

I have a dictionary in which the keys contain a list of data, a data list contains more data and when I click on the values ​​of this data, it displays a table. I first want to create an interface type in which, when I click on the keys, it displays the values ​​of the sub-list, that is data1, data2, when I click on the values ​​of the data1 and data2, it displays data3, data4, etc. in the nested list and when I click on data3, data4 etc., it shows the table.

I want to know how to use javascript and html, I am a novice of javascript. use div is appropriate or not?

html – How can I upload multiple images into a database?

Since I can upload images from my form into a phpmyadmin database, I want to upload multiple images simultaneously into a database to save the location and save the images to a folder, but I do not know if possible. And I do not know how to do it, could you help me?
My form would look like this:

My database is basically I have your username and the column where I want to save the location with the name of the downloads.

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javascript – Get the identifier of an HTML element

The code is simple, to all elements with the class A2 puts them in a array called test.

var test = document.querySelectorAll('.A2');

Can you know what the id elements inside test and that the alert to be something like this alert("El id del boto es " + test_id)? Thank you in advance.


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Hello, I would like one div to resize in another. I use templates and ready classes. The first picture is the page without zoom, the second picture is the page with zoom. I wanted the div to stay inside even zooming.
Without zoom

Zoom in

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