Networking – How can I get the http requests sent by Chrome, just like from the Network tab?

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Http proxy – How to test expect-ct header violations? AND Why are reports of expected violations not generated with the burpsuite certificate?

I wanted to test the expect-ct security header. So searched for sites and found linkedin at expect-ct header.

Expect-CT: max-age = 86400, report-uri = ""

I've set up my chrome with burpsuite and accessed the site. The certificate issued by portswigger burpsuite for linkedin is now issued, which is not recorded in the public CT logs. Since the expect-ct header has been served, the browser must query the CT logs. As it is saved in the CT logs, it must generate a report on But I have not observed any violation reports sent to

Is because PortSwigger burpsuite CA is configured to always trust the system.

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