How to enter TWRP / recover on Huawei P9 lite with keys?

I have a Huawei P9 Lite.
I can start twrp with this command

adb reboot recovery

But without advertising, I can not enter recovery mode.
If I grow volumedown+power go to the bootloader (I can see a green droid logo)
If I grow volumeup+power open the EMUI recovery.
How to get recovery mode with twrp? Is it possible with fastboot?

The Qwerty keyboard does not allow me to unlock my Huawei Y9

Suddenly since last night, my lock screen keyboard is replaced by qwerty instead of the keypad, which is why my phone does not accept the digital PIN …..

Huawei Y7 network number

it happened suddenly and I am sure nothing happened before. Now he does not read the SIM cards of the phone. Incoming calls, outgoing calls and even texts are blocked. He displays a small cross on the place where the bars were.

Any method to solve this problem?

Already tried to reset it. But the problem remains the same.

9.0 Pie – Are there any shortcuts to adjust the brightness unintentionally on a Huawei Nova 3i (Android 9)

I try to help a visually impaired older person with his phone. She found that when the automatic brightness setting is turned on, the screen is too dark for her to see.

Without the automatic brightness enabled, it somehow manages to reduce the brightness by mistake. I wonder if there is a shortcut that reduces the brightness.

Huawei Y9 Pro camera problems

I have recently had a Huawei Y9 Prime and I hope the videos will be of good quality. But unexpectedly, it is not very clear as I expected. I mean all videos have a wave effect. Is this a problem with the camera?
Any idea of ​​how to solve this problem?

Huawei P20 Lite does not recognize the external keyboard

I have this keyboard from China that has support for a phone, but a USB-micro cable.
My phone (Huawei P20 Lite) is equipped with a USB-C port, but that's not a problem because I had the usb-to-micro converter in usb-C. I tried to connect the keyboard via 3 usb-to-micro converters in different usb-c, but in any case, the keyboard did not work.

A friend of mine also tried Samsung S5 (usb-micro) and S9 (usb-c), using three other usb-micro usb-c converters. It worked well on S5 (usb-micro) but did not work anyway on S9 (usb-c).

I've also tried to download the Swift keyboard (just in case it would have features) and
go to Settings> Language> Default Keyboard> Input Settings, but there was no option.

I can not understand what could go wrong, while it works totally functional on all USB-micro devices and never on USB-C.

How to solve this problem, what to do about it?

enter the description of the image here

Huawei LYO-L02 Can not install additional applications

I have several applications already installed. Can not install more apps, even if I have a micro SD card of 518gb, why ????

Will flashing a custom ROM brick from my Huawei while the bootloader is locked?

I have a Huawei device (Huawei G Play mini). Since huawei has stopped providing BL unlock codes, I have never been able to unlock it. I flashed TWRP through flashify and it worked well with a locked BL, then flashed SuperSU images through TWRP without any problems. Now, I want to flash a custom rom and I was wondering if he could embroider the device?

Samsung S7 phone clone to Huawei P30 blocked?

I'm trying to upgrade a Samsung S7 to a Huawei P30 using the Phone Clone app on the P30.

This works by configuring a WiFi access point on the new device and then connecting it to the old one.

This fails every time, but when I look at the old S7, the hotspot was added to the list of restricted networks, probably because the new phone does not serve as a gateway to the Internet and that something stupid in the S7 decides not to do it. not a valid network because no internet.

How to make Phone Clone work?

How can I turn off anything in the Samsung phone deciding to block the WiFi access point because it's only local?

Malware installed on my phone is Huawei Y7 2018?

I have a problem with my phone.I have turned off my phone, but the black screen with the red color steps. When I format my phone at the end of Google's steps, it says your phone has been rooted.
Please answer me!