replication – Why do I see these mongodb 3.6.5 server log messages in huge quantities?

Can any one, please, shed light on these mongodb 3.6.5 server log messages on the main node of a 3-member replica set? rs.status () indicates that all nodes are operational but display a ton of informative logs.

2019-01-16T00: 07: 24.819 + 0000 I ACCESS [conn95] Not allowed: not
allowed on admin to execute the command {replSetGetStatus: "1", $ db:
"admin", $ clusterTime …

[ Politics ] Open Question: Why did Trump's parents create a huge POS for a child?

He exploded on his own chief of staff and rejected a plan by Lindsey Graham.

5th dnd – Is a huge animated object still being animated when it is enlarged in Gargantuan?

In this tweet, Crawford states that:

No longer being a valid target overrides the condition report.

So, if a gigantic animated object continues to be animated, depends on what a valid target is for the animate objects to spell. The relevant limitation is:

You can not animate any object bigger than huge.

However, animate objects fate also says that:

Each target animates and becomes a creature under your control until the end of the spell or until it is reduced to 0 life.

Moreover, as Slagmoth explains in this answer:

Nothing is considered as both an object and a creature.

As a result, enlarging a huge animated object does not make it an invalid target of the animate objects spell, because you have enlarged a creature, not an object.

In other words, make the target of animate objects Invalid spelling, you must enlarge the object. However, it is impossible to achieve because, for the duration of the animate objects spell, the target is a creature and not an object.

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Derma Joy is a huge influence in the

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development – Modifies vanitygen to generate a huge amount of given private key

I just used vanitygen recently and I find how to create an address from a given hexadecimal private key, that's my code.

while (! vcp-> vc_halt) {
if (++ npoints> = rekey_at) {
vg_exec_context_upgrade_lock (vxcp);
/ * Generate a new random private key * /
BIGNUM start;
BIGNUM * res;
BN_init (& start);
res = & start;
BN_hex2bn (& res, "3B1BCC5A67F38853810972B1DA8A67148FAD78C6CD6F22B2C823D141BE59C81C"); // Configure the hexadecimal private key
vg_set_privkey (res, pkey);
// EC_KEY_generate_key (pkey); default code
if (vcp-> vc_privkey_prefix_length> 0) {
BIGNUM * pkbn = BN_dup (EC_KEY_get0_private_key (pkey));
unsigned character pkey_arr[32];
assert (BN_bn2bin (pkbn, pkey_arr) < 33);
                memcpy((char *)pkey_arr, vcp->vc_privkey_prefix, vcp-> vc_privkey_prefix_length);
for (int i = 0; i < vcp->vc_privkey_prefix_length / 2; i ++) {
int k = pkey_arr[i];
pkey_arr[i] = pkey_arr[vcp->vc_privkey_prefix_length - 1 - i];
pkey_arr[vcp->vc_privkey_prefix_length - 1 - i] = k;
BN_bin2bn (pkey_arr, 32, pkbn);
EC_KEY_set_private_key (pkey, pkbn);

EC_POINT * origin = EC_POINT_new (pgroup);
EC_POINT_mul (pgroup, origin, pkbn, NULL, NULL, vxcp-> vxc_bnctx);
EC_KEY_set_public_key (pkey, origin);
npoints = 0;

/ * Determine the interval of new key * /
EC_GROUP_get_order (pgroup, vxcp-> vxc_bntmp,
vxcp-> vxc_bnctx);
BN_sub (vxcp-> vxc_bntmp2,
vxcp-> vxc_bntmp,
EC_KEY_get0_private_key (pkey));
rekey_at = BN_get_word (vxcp-> vxc_bntmp2);
if ((rekey_at == 0xffffffffL)) || (rekey_at> rekey_max))
rekey_at = rekey_max;
assert (rekey_at> 0);

EC_POINT_copy (ppnt[0], EC_KEY_get0_public_key (pkey));
vg_exec_context_downgrade_lock (vxcp);

npoints ++;
vxcp-> vxc_delta = 0;

if (vcp-> vc_pubkey_base)
EC_POINT_add (pgroup,
vcp-> vc_pubkey_base,
vxcp-> vxc_bnctx);

for (nbatch = 1;
(nbatch <ptarraysize) && (npoints < rekey_at);
                nbatch++, npoints++) {
                    ppnt[nbatch - 1],
                    pgen, vxcp->vxc_bnctx);

other {
/ *
* Common case
* EC_POINT_add () can ignore some multiplications if
* one or both entries are affine (Z_is_one).
* This is the case for each point of ppnt, as
* as well as pbatchinc.
* /
assert (nbatch == ptarraysize);
for (nbatch = 0;
(nbatch <ptarraysize) && (npoints < rekey_at);
                nbatch++, npoints++) {

/ *
* The most expensive operation performed in this
* loop is a modular inversion of ppnt-> Z. There is a
* algorithm implemented in OpenSSL to perform a batch inversion
* this is only a BN_mod_inverse (), and saves
* a lot of time.
* To profit from it, we gather some points,
* and give them EC_POINTs_make_affine () below.
* /

EC_POINTs_make_affine (pgroup, nbatch, ppnt, vxcp-> vxc_bnctx);

for (i = 0; i < nbatch; i++, vxcp->vxc_delta ++) {
/ * Hash the public key * /
len = EC_POINT_point2oct (pgroup, ppnt[i],
(vcp-> vc_compressed)? 33: 65
vxcp-> vxc_bnctx);
assert (len == 65 || len == 33);

SHA256 (hash_buf, hash_len, hash1);
RIPEMD160 (hash1, sizeof (hash1), & vxcp-> vxc_binres[1])

switch (test_func (vxcp)) {
case 1:
npoints = 0;
rekey_at = 0;
i = nbatch;
case 2:
get out;

c + = i;
if (c> = output_interval) {
output_interval = vg_output_timing (vcp, c, & tvstart);
if (output_interval> 250000)
output_interval = 250000;
c = 0;

vg_exec_context_yield (vxcp);

I'm trying to run the program and I'm expecting a result like this

Address: 14m54cDDgC96ptqTz66431PoD7f6CPmsHE

Private Key: 5JGKRxEqgMQU1SC86uJHt6Bp6hBZCyea6PHfWvPDpuMsYFiiQpE

Technically, it works when I generate a single address each time but when I use it -k to keep it generating a lot of random addresses not like I wanted

Address: 18b9xT21uxvmwU31whAcnW7ytag7Qdz5wH

Address: 1LKHy9Y8pMTsNdwfZXYexKegNvXc6UTm9C

Address: 16esSUcRDz1um1bBWhBynSvmJUqXZWTHd7


What I understand is to keep the multiplied value of my given key to create a new address and it takes a while to reach the loop in order to define a private key pkey again. Is there a way to pass this part and have it generate each time a new private key? I wanted to replace this by my own random key generator to recover my paper wallet, thank you

performance – Optimization of mysql 5.7.1 for a mostly write-intensive workload on huge partitioned innodb tables

I've recently been tasked with tuning MySQL for a mostly write-intensive workload on several innodb tables that are huge and partitioned.

About the application: This is the Nimsoft suite. SQL queries are not written by the developers and are provided later.

  • OS: Centos 7
  • MySQL Version: 5.7.20 Community Server
  • RAM: 120 GB
  • nuclei: 24

Looking at the exit of chat / sys / block / sda / queue / rotation and lsblk I suspect that hard drives are not SSDs, but I'm not sure because all I can see is a VMWare virtual disk from my operating system. So I will check with the storage team.

Observations up to now:

1) No processor pressure. About 10% of the CPU is used.

2) Watch the MySQL workload with show processlist, I can see that a wire is connected and runs continuously (processID is identical and never goes to sleep).

3) The connected thread only executes SQL


But I can see that loading the table is fast because immediately when I run show processlist again I can see that the loading is happening in a different table


Each of these tables is an InnoDB table created with hundreds of partitions.

4) I enabled the slow query log to capture long queries and I could not see any select requests appear in the slow log for an extended period. long_query_time value of 1s.

5) Looking at the iostat Exit, I do not see abnormal qsize or waitime for write operations.

6) innodb_buffer_pool is set to 40 GB but the top This command indicates that mysqld consistently consumes more than 90% of memory.

Since this is a sequel and we do not have much control over the running SQL, there is no slow selection process to identify and optimize.

What are the server level / mysql level settings that can be done in this case to improve overall performance?

All other information on this MySQL server, I downloaded in pastebin

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google docs – Huge green disk

When I open a Google Docs document anonymously from my desktop computer (Windows 7 + Firefox esr 52), I always get this huge green disk at the bottom right:

Big green disk
Clicking on it has no effect except for the smallest white "Explorer" button on the inside. By clicking this white "Explorer" button, the PivotTable tool opens.

How can I get rid of this disc so that it does not reappear when I browse Google Docs anonymously?

I guess it has something to do with the "Explorer" feature, but whoever thought it would be a good idea to have it take a sixth of my total screen had to be high at the time.


By "anonymously" I mean "not connected to my Google Account", not "using Firefox's private browsing feature".

Rubén's answer implies that this could be done by updating Firefox. So I should add that I do not want to update Firefox. Maybe cookies retain my preferences when I browse Google Docs without being connected to Google?