late notice – Huge result

I have a multi select mysql query that performs left inner joins. These UNION queries with two other tables. The result is huge (250k + lines). My client wants to expose this result to a web page. The infinite scrolling method used on the web page calls the above query with an offset limit of 50 lines per call. The time required to recover the dataset above is 7 seconds.
Can any one give advice on how to reduce this time?

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Why does Venezuela, a country with huge oil reserves, have people who eat their pets to stay alive? The country was so prosperous.

The prosperity of a nation is like a huge tank full of liquid. Capitalism continues to fill up and some of the content can be creamed to do good. Tankers profit financially from their actions, but some jealous still conclude that the rich are not doing enough because they are too rich.

When the nation converts to socialism, the partisans think that the tanks will continue. Then they start emptying the tank a lot of time to fund all their company projects. This implies giving everyone a living wage. They also remove the rewards to keep the tank full. So now no one is incited to work, so they do not do it.

The government is taking more and more control and spending money so quickly that the tank is dry – and they never know why. Whenever someone has tried socialism, the tank has emptied. All that remains is an incentive to maintain it, namely threats and coercion. Some governments have eliminated millions of people trying to encourage them to do the right thing.


dnd 5th – Can Polymorphic Monsters Spell Their Ability to Effectively Give themselves a Huge Health Pool?

Creature HP is not affected by shape change.

You have a wrong idea in this question. You assume that Couatl's HP changes when you use its shape change capability, but that's not true.

Note that the capacity says:

In a new form, the couatl retains its game statistics

After this quote, some exceptions are included, but not HP. This means that his HP remain the same. Changing the form or returning to its original form will not affect its current HP.

It's different from the fate polymorphous, which affects the creature's HP in the way that you describe, but most (if not all) creatures that have some form of transformational capability at will function in the same way as the Couatl with respect to their HP. . Take the example of Oni who was also interviewed here.

So yes, they can spam their Change Shape, but as this does not affect HP, it is not really a problem.

Huge data in the table in a responsive email

This looks like 2 separate problems.

  1. The boss does not understand the purpose of e-mail or the concept of user experience. See other questions and answers on this topic, for example How to persuade an organization to value UX

  2. Datatables sensitive. There are two main options: the layout as you describe it and the design of the user interface of the card, as Juan pointed out. (Scrolling overflow does not work on many email clients, and automatic column masking is based on JavaScript, which obviously does not work.)

Traditional datatable: no

Mobile emails can display up to 5 to 6 thin columns. So, your layout will not react unless you hide most columns from the email and you allow them to click to get more information (on a website, where you can use JavaScript solutions).

Card user interface design

Essentially, this completely extracts data from a table and opts for a "map" that allows you to use multiple rows for a single entry. Then you complete this with a graphical hierarchy to create a pleasing display that naturally responds to the width of the screen. There are tips to make it more accessible and sustainable, as I describe in my message: Responsive DataTables via Card UI Design for Email

You can end up with something like this, which simply uses simple tables (no media queries, no cache, totally and totally compatible with each email client). It reduces from 6 to 3 columns and groups the data that go together, which makes reading a lot easier:


Datatable traditional

Makeover of the UI card:

Several cards, one for each line and one total card

[ Politics ] Open question: Are the Liberals jealous of Donald Trump's huge IQ?

[ Politics ] Open question: Are the Liberals jealous of Donald Trump's huge IQ? . – Premium Domain in a huge industry

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numeric value – Legendre polynomials evaluated with a huge difference

I deal with Legendre polynomials, involving the first type, the second type, and the associates. However, I found this:

In[252]: = N[LegendreQ[30, 0, 3, Cosh[1]]]Outside[252]= -0.0681152


In[251]: = LegendreQ[30, 0, 3, N[Cosh[1]]]Outside[251]= 1,18183 * 10 ^ -14 + 0. I

I do not know why the results are so different.

I tried to draw the graph of $ LegendreQ[30,0,3,Cosh[x]]$ with $ x $ of $ {0,3} $, the graph m showed almost zero.

I do not know if it's a bug or what. Need help for! $ 19000 Estibot Huge keyword aged cheap price

The niche name of older women's clothing.

Hello, I am a huge nerd!

Hi everybody,

I would just like to appear and say the same day.

For a little bit of context, I am an Australian physiotherapist passionate about solving people's problems. It evolved as the great Liam Neeson said "a set of special skills". Really eager to see my unique perspective in the ether and look forward to browsing these rooms to help make this a reality!