BlackHatKings: Proxy Lists
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BlackHatKings: Proxy Lists
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BlackHatKings: Proxy Lists
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BlackHatKings: Proxy Lists
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Project Management – I write by hand an extremely huge web application and things get extremely chaotic. Are there good organization methods?

How do I know if I broke something

Do you have unit tests? Or automated tests of all kinds?

They are invaluable both to make sure that you have not broken everything to help you state what the software should do.

A test should say something about your website. Say "From the xyz page, I can watch the weather panel". If the test succeeds, you can probably see the weather panel on the xyz page. If that fails, something is wrong, it's time to take a look.

You can also test the negative properties "From the abc page, I can not see the weather panel".


Low fruits first.

  • Is there a code / html obviously duplicated? Try using includes / script files or a template engine to reduce copied / pasted sections.
  • Did you use a static code analysis tool? They can easily report duplicate code and other problems that you missed.
  • Keep the code in files based on common features. A calendar.js, profile.js, and b√Ętiment.js are much more significant than script.js. If necessary, use folders to help the code related to the group but different: building / layout.js, building / maintenance.js

Average fruit following:

  • Decompose complex functions
  • Let the functions speak at the same level of analysis
  • Apply principles such as SOLID (a useful principle to understand everything, but do not take it to the extreme).

Decompose complex functions

Most of your pains will eventually come from more than 200 line functions, from classes containing small planets and simple expressions that look more like hieroglyphs than anything else.

The only purpose of this is to take these complex things and simplify some of them. More simple is subjective, take a look at the code you wrote 2 months ago. If you can not read it easily, it is complex. If you can not understand what you just wrote 15 minutes ago, it's complex.

There are many strategies to simplify things. The most general strategy is to get things done. Find a piece of code that makes sense at a given moment, for example: 2 * Pi * r * h and push circumference (r) {return 2 * Pi * r; } and simplify for: circumference (r) * h.

You will usually find that what you are extracting is general and can be used elsewhere in your code.

Level of analysis

Try to keep the implementation of a function at the same level. Imagine that you were listening to a really boring teacher who is starting to talk about a subject, say of ancient Egypt. Then spend the next two hours talking about alluvial deposits, the speed of the water, the effects of erosion, then conclude with: "And that's why the Egyptian festivals are so interesting" … Wait what?

Let's try this again. "Ancient Egypt has a river that overflows every year or so, bringing new soil that can grow a lot of food on its shores.The abundance of food allows the civilization to have many artists who make Egyptian festivals so interesting. "

All alluvial deposits, water velocity and erosion are the details of annual floods.

The same applies to the code. If you can make the function read at the same level of detail, it is much more logical and less frightening.


It's a set of principles that keep the code clean, readable and not scary.

Read here

Principle of sole responsibility

Each piece of code must have one purpose, one reason you would like to read and change it. If it has multiple objectives, you risk forgetting a goal while modifying it and introducing a bug.

Open-closed principle

When you write a behavior / function / class, you do not want to change behavior every time you find a new use. It is best to let anyone who uses this behavior / function / class convey what is different between uses.

For example, the previous circumference function accepts the radius because it changes depending on the user. You can also pass functions or objects instead. You did it well if you can use the function / class / etc without having to edit the code it contains.

Principle of substitution of Liskov

This follows on from Open / Closed. If you want the user to pass into functions / objects / etc .., these functions / objects / etc must be well behaved. They must do what is expected of them and do nothing surprising.

A function that expects fruit would be satisfied: apples, pears or strawberries. But you should not go in the carrots. They could both be food, they could both support consumption, but a vegetable is surprising here.

Principle of segregation of interface

A large interface is usually difficult to use, and although it is well used, it is not easy to create. It is better to have smaller interfaces. This makes it more difficult to misuse, but also to provide implementations.

Some good questions to ask here:

  1. If I delete this function / property / argument, can I use it in multiple places?
  2. If I remove this function / property / argument, can I make a useful implementation that was impossible / difficult to do before?

Principle of dependency reversal

This follows on from Open / Closed. When the user is allowed to provide specific usage differences, it is important to depend on an interface and not to link it to a specific implementation.

Imagine a list of teachers. You can say that it has to be an array of a specific teacher type. But this means that wherever this behavior is used, you need to know: Tables and this type of specific teacher. And if they had a list, a set or another type of collection? What if they can not create teacher objects, if they have a different implementation of Teacher (let's say you created an OnlineTeacher later)?

If instead you make it accept, a sort of enumerable / itable collection interface. And inside this collection where the objects belong to a teacher interface, but not to a specific implementation of this interface. This would allow users with sets, lists, tables, and more. to retain the professors you have set up today and the online teachers you have set up later.

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