unreal 4 – How can I add these bones to my meta human? Or is there a way I can make virtual bones count when retargetting?

Paid for animations thinking they would be fine and they mostly are but… the hands are using these IK bones that I do not have. Is there a way I can add the bones to my meta skeleton within unreal? I tried creating virtual bones but they dont seem to come up in the retarget manager 🙁 Also, I can only seem to add one virtual bone to the root whereas both the foot and hand IK root bones are parented to the root bone here.

enter image description here

Any help would be massively appreciated!

The little Mermaid with Human Actors!

Btw, I’ll be watching this this afternoon after my afternoon tea and snacks today on Youtube Premium. Is it any good, anyone?

dnd 5e – Is this Human Rebuild balanced?

I gave this a quick check with Detect Balance, which usually gives a good estimation for these things.

Based on what you have, it’d probably be listed as “decently balanced, maybe a little weak”.

You get pretty good ability scores (worth at least 18 points, probably 1 or 2 more for getting to pick all of them) and an extra 5 points for the bonus skills. That puts you at 23 points. Then you can add Jack of All Trades as a 1-point ribbon, and you end up at 24-26 points. 25 is on par with many solid, but not overly powerful, PHB options for races.

So in terms of power I’d say this is fine. However, I do think that this is

A) very bland, because most of your power just comes from ability increases and skills, which aren’t that interesting

B) stepping on the toes of the Half-Elf, by mostly copying what they do

C) has only one unique ability, which is very underwhelming. What makes Jack of all Trades fun on a Bard is that they get to use it all the time. Having 2 uses per day is just… meh.

As such, I’d be very unlikely to play it, just because it doesn’t bring anything interesting to the table over just being a regular Human or regular Variant Human.

while a Feat is easy to abuse, it also gives your average Human something cool that the rest of the party can’t replicate. This one? Not so much.

If I wanted to play a rebuilt Human based on the idea of flexibility, I’d rather have something cool that really showcases it to show for it, and the idea of “picks up special training 3 levels early” does it better imho.

What additional processes and skills are involved in “Human Experience Design”?

It seems that the nature progression of the scope that is being covered by the HCI/UX design discipline has extended to “Human Experience Design”, which appears to be encompassing not just experiences for users of an application or customer of a company’s products and services but for all of humanity (as the term seems to imply).

The popularization of Service Design as a specialization involved broadening the lens of the UX scope from users interacting with an application to customers engaging with all of the company’s products and services. It also involves understanding the underlying support processes and systems and requires putting on the business analyst’s hat.

My guess is that Human Experience Design would involve investigating some of experiences that are not confined to the commercial or organisational environment, as suggested by some of the definitions provided.

Human experience looks beyond commercial needs to understand and meet
human desires such as freedom, identity and creation.


However, this does not feel like it would involve new skills or processes, but may require more focus on issues such as inclusiveness and diversity in design, accessibility, AI, IoT and other emergent technologies.

What are the skills and processes (and artifacts?) associated with Human Experience Design specifically and not found in SD, CX or UX design?

unity – Overlay the human model for virtual fit-on

I am doing a project based on virtual fit-on so, using o3n_male_female assets in unity. In the project first developing an avatar by using DNA controllers after that the 3D dress in the system have to overlay according to the body measurements and dress measurements. Ex: If user select a Medium size T-shirt if that user is an adult when he wear it that avatar should show that is tied. Any suggestions to develop it

dnd 5e – What human ethnicities exist in other settings besides the Forgotten Realms?

Those ethnicities are specific to Faerûn; other settings have their own ethnicities.

As you correctly surmise, the Player’s Handbook clearly defines the nine major ethnic groups as specific to Faerûn, that is to say the Forgotten Realms, while the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide contains further information specific to that same setting, given that the Sword Coast is a place specific to Faerûn. The Imaskari, for example, are descended from the people of the empire of Imaskar.

While officially no one setting is the “core” setting for D&D 5th edition, in practice, the Forgotten Realms is given focus in the Player’s Handbook, considering that its human ethnic groups are listed there.

However, other D&D settings have their own ethnicities.

For example, Greyhawk. The prevailing ethnic groups are the pale-skinned Suel, the golden-skinned Baklunish (who destroyed each other’s empires in an ancient magical cataclysm), the Flan (natives to the Flanaess, the primary continent of the World of Greyhawk setting), the Oeridians (founders of the Great Kingdom), the dark-skinned Olman, and the river-dwelling Rhenee. None of the Forgotten Realms ethnicities appear in Greyhawk, although someone can canonically travel between those two worlds.

In Eberron, humans have varying skin, eye and hair colour, but the setting glosses over the exact details, and does not name specific ethnic subgroups. According to a comment by Eberron creator Keith Baker:

This is a case where canon Eberron simply doesn’t make an effort to accurately model demographics in our world. The premise is that your human character can look like what you want it to look like, and we aren’t concretely mapping skin color to region; essentially we are looking at HUMANITY as a “race” and cosmetic variation within humanity as a player choice. It’s not realistic, and within your campaign you can certainly decide to do otherwise, but it’s not something that will be defined in canon.

Dragonlance has its own ethnic groups detailed here including the Abanasinians, Arktos, Cobar, Ergothians, Horselords, Ice People, Istarians, Kazar, Kharolish, Lemishite, Nerakan, Nomadic Humans, Nomads of Khur, Nordmen, Schallsea Folk, Solamnics, Tarmak, Tarsian, Thenolite, Uigan, and Wemitowuk.

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dnd 5e – Is there a spell or item that can detect Lycanthropes while they are in their human form?

Since purchasing the Troll Skull Tavern in Waterdeep, Ichabod the Inscrutable has run afoul of the Shard Shunner wererat gang. He believes their leader to be none other than the Fellowship of Innkeeper’s guildmaster, Mister Fairkettle.

Obviously, Ichabod can’t just run to the Watch, some of them are likely on Fairkettle’s payroll! What magical means are available to him that would help him identify and prove who the wererats are?

Ichabod has access to any published, core (non-UA) item or spell that is not an artifact or 9th level.

Is there a spell or item that can detect Lycanthropes while they are in their human form?

This question is purely hypothetical. Any resemblance to characters, living or dead, actual or fictional, is purely coincidental and is in no way intended to be a spoiler.

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