applications – Mirror actions on hundreds of Android emulators

I have several hundreds of Android emulations. I want an application that will allow me to reflect the actions I'm doing on one device, on all other devices. This means that if I click on an icon located on x, y of the screen of my main device, I want the same action to occur on all my emulations. I've reviewed several Android mirroring software, but none have met the requirements I've had. For example, most mirroring tools like APowerMirror of Vysor require either that the emulations be on the same wifi connection (which does not work for emulators), or that USB debugging is enabled for physically connected devices. (do not work for emulators either). ). In addition, most software does not support the number of devices I want to emulate.

I hoped that someone knew of a mirroring application not having the above constraints. I must think that there is a solution to this problem but I am stuck.

For reference, I use bluestacks as an emulator for all Android instances.

Obama has committed at least hundreds of impenetrable offenses. Why are not they the subject of an investigation?

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windows 10 – (Win10) How to alphabetically organize the parent folder and hundreds of subfolders by shooting date?

I have nearly a thousand folders, under Windows 10, for each image of my clients, each folder bearing the name of the client. All of these folders are under one parent folder.

I need this parent folder to be organized alphabetically and in list mode so that I can easily find thousands of clients by name.

But I need the contents of each of these thousands of folders to be sorted by shooting date and in a large miniature view.

Is there an automated way to solve this problem? Maybe a script or a batch file?

thank you so much

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Link of the image:

Health care for all = taxes go up, right? But do not you pay hundreds of dollars a month for health insurance, that would not allow you to save money?

In theory, yes, that's the way it's SITTED to work. However, the reality of the situation is that, thanks to "free health care", the government will have a hard time putting in place the necessary structure for everything to happen.

Look at the incredibly horrible state of "free health care" of our veterans … that is run by the government. They can not even take care of our vets, from where Wounded Warriors funds in the pockets of donors. If the United States can not even put in place a decent health care plan for their VETs, how will they put it in place to help 400 MILLION Americans and immigrants?

People will die while waiting for health care. The health care industry and the quality of care will go very low. It will be. Nobody thinks of this consequence.

Health insurance is a scam, it is. One day, my son had a hook stuck on his fingertip. I took him to the clinic without an appointment. The doctor put an ice cube on his finger and cut the hook into slices and put a bandage on it (without stitches). The frosting took longer than the doctor's time with my son. At the box office, I was handed $ 475. bill. I gasped and the clerk said, your insurance will cover it. I told him that it was the end of the year and that we had not even used our insurance and that we had a $ 500 deductible, so it would be a big expense for me. She said that she would come back and that she would come back with a new bill of $ 175 to cover the services. This only shows you that the bill has been padded with 300 dollars. The freaking insurance companies are a huge scam. Doctors only increase their prices to recover a fraction of the insurance, so that they end up having what they would normally charge in the first place. And, if I did not say something, I would have paid too much $ 300 for the doctor to have five minutes of time to slice and bandage.

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windows 7 – Hundreds of "run32.dl" processes make my processor and my computer 100% efficient

For two days, I have problems with run32.dll now.

In the beginning, when I started the applications, sometimes a run32.dll process started and did my CPU go up to 100%.

Today, I started the computer and I had hundreds of run32.dll process in my task manager, which put my CPU and my computer at 100%.

It was so fast that I could not even do anything to find information because my computer froze very fast.

I restarted in safe mode and all done for a clean boot, now the run32.dll are gone.

I downloaded Microsoft Safety Scanner ( and I left it s & # 39, run, but nothing has been found.

I've also checked the system with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and F-Secure is still running.

My system:

Windows 7 64-bit

CPU: FX-8350 (AMD)

GPU: NVidia GeForce GTX 770

RAM: 16 GB

Network – How can I delete hundreds of network printers added automatically?

It is very difficult for me to print because the printer dialog box contains hundreds of automatically added printers. I can not find the one I want to use (see the screenshot below).

Picture of the printer dialog showing a very long scroll bar

The printers come from my work network, where apparently many people (including students, I guess) "share" their home printers, which my laptop then automatically takes over. (Coincidentally, I sometimes disable the avahi daemon at work, simply because it uses a large amount of CPU).

When I go to http: // localhost: 631 / printers /, it is stated that there are 131 printers and that they all belong to Make and Model's "Raw Local Printer". With two exceptions: 1 is a network printer at work that I have manually configured. Another is a network printer at my parents' house, which has also been added automatically and I'm on the same network as now. But the rest are just rubbish that I would really like to avoid. Advice on how to proceed would be appreciated.

However, I will not return to my workplace for a while. I would like these printers (which would be 129/130 printers added automatically) to be removed. Is there a way to do that? I guess I could do it by clicking in the Cups web interface, but for 129 printers, that's a bit too much. So I'm looking for a single command or advice on how to achieve it with a script.

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gui design – What is the good way to organize hundreds of sortable items in a list

I have many pages of elements, each page containing m x n elements with the provisions of dimensions m and n editable by the user. I wish that the order of the elements of the page is modifiable. I've therefore thought of using the sortable jquery-ui connectable list presented here:

Where each page would be a list and items can be sorted according to their position in the grid, such as an array of connected lists. Is this a good approach or should I take a different direction?