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dnd 5th – Could this aspect of the environment in Out of the Abyss have this effect on someone close to the spell of The Little Hut in Leomund?

Probably not

I wrote this answer with spoilers because the original question included them. Spoilers possible (pun intended) for Out of The Abyss.

The Leomund Tiny Hut states that:

Spells and other magical effects can not extend through the dome or be thrown through

It seems that A is magic, or at least magical.

Faerzress is described as being "an unusual magical energy" and that it "was actually created by Elven High Magic" The Realden Realms Wiki

I would say that…

Depending on how the deputy minister wants to govern it, they could say that the Faerzress was already in the perimeter of the tiny Leomund Hut at the time of the casting. It could mean that they would be affected by madness.


if the faerzress was not already in the area where Leomund's tiny hut had been sunk, it is likely that the tiny hut would not be penetrated by the faerzress, so that the players do not suffer from craziness

This question asking Is a dragon's breath weapon able to pass through Leomund's Tiny Hut? also provides a similar answer, and a good point in that:

The hut aims to provide a rest area, where players can not be attacked from the outside. This decision makes no sense in this context and is, in my opinion, only the result of a poorly written spell.

Allowing A to enter Leomund's Tiny Hut would make it more difficult for players to find safe places to rest.

Could A B cause for a person inside Leomund's little hut?

We play in the "From the Abyss" campaign.

Could A B cause for a person inside Leomund's little hut?

5th dnd – Can the weapon of the breath of a dragon pass through the Tiny Hut of Leomund?

As I mentioned in the comments, Twitter tweets on Twitter are considered tips and not official decisions. However, according to the Send Advice Compendium:

The official rules for the interpretation of the rules are defined here in the Sage Advice Compendium by the game's main designer, Jeremy Crawford (@JeremyECrawford on Twitter).

The process is for people to ask JC for advice on Twitter. The development team then publishes all articles that it considers to be fair and accurate interpretations of the rules in the Sage Compendium.

A clarification that they brought is that the Dragon's breath do not magic, by the definition of what interacts with Leomund's Tiny Hut:

Is the weapon of the breath of a dragon magic?

If you launch antimagic fielddonation invulnerability armoror use another feature of the game that protects against magical or non-magical effects, you might ask yourself: "Will it protect me from the breath of a dragon?" The blast weapon of a typical dragon is not considered magic, so antimagic field will not help you but invulnerability armor will.

So, following this decision, JC's tweet is correct.

5th dnd – Is it possible that the little hut of Leomund be thrown?

I've tried to find creative ways to get around Leomund's Tiny Hut and another idea came to me recently. When I started, I looked for burrowing creatures that would enter the hut from below. There is, however, this subject that really makes sense with the hut having a floor in which they can not enter. Then I had another idea:

Could creatures that dig burrows lift the hut while digging in order to make sure that a Dexterity save throw stays inside the hut or is thrown to the hut? outside? The same goes for such a capacity as Stonewall / Force causing the hut to rise and tilt. How well is the cabin anchored and can this anchor be affected?

dnd 5th – Can any one break into the ethereal plane in a tiny Leomund hut?

No, the little hut of Leomund is made of a magical force that blocks the passage on the ethereal plane

In the description of the Etherial Border in DMG p. 48:

A traveler on the ethereal plane is invisible and completely silent for a person lying on the superimposed plane, and the solid objects lying on the superimposed plane do not hinder the movement of a creature in the Etherial frontier. Exceptions are some magic effects (including everything that is magical force) and living beings.

Thus, objects made of magic force block the passage on the ethereal plane as they do on the material plane.

Tiny Hut's description of Leomund (PHB, 255) states:

A 10-foot radius still dome of force springs up around you and above you and stays still for the duration.

So, since Leomund's little hut is a dome of magical strength, it should also protect your party from intrusions on the ethereal plane.

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