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Do you prefer Domino's or Pizza Hut?

stopped eating dominoes after changing their sauce in 2010 to make it sweeter.

so, I still love the pizzeria, even though the pan pizza is only the shadow of what she was when she came out for the first time.

for those who do not remember it, when the pizza in the pan came out for the first time, the crust was above the edge of the pan in which it is cooked, now it is an inch under the edge of the pan.

Daddy Johns still gets a vote

5th dnd – What happens when the spell Leomund's Tiny Hut cuts through solid objects, like the ends of a large wagon?

He will not enter the wagon.

Page 20 of the PHB speaks of areas of effect:

The effect of a spell grows in straight lines from the point of origin.
If no unblocked straight line extends from the point of origin to a
location in the area of ​​effect, this location is not included in
the area of ​​the spell.

The point of origin is yourself and it's a ten-foot hemisphere, so the area that becomes the hut is you, has a radius of ten feet, constrained by the walls of the wagon

What the spell does not specify is if this reduced area would also reduce the number of creatures you can hold. As it is magical and unspecified, I would think that it does not reduce the internal space. However, this is purely my opinion / interpretation. I would strongly suggest asking your DM to make a decision on this, as it is rather vague.

5th dnd – Can creatures located outside a tiny Leomund hut use ammunition that was pulled from inside the hut to attack creatures inside? from the hut?

The relevant part of the The little hut of Leomund (PHB, 255) Description of the spelling:

Creatures and items⁠ in the dome when you cast this spell can
to pass through it freely. All other creatures and objects⁠ are forbidden
to get through it.

On the basis of this description, to exit the dome, the arrows should have been inside the dome. If they were initially in the dome, it should also be possible to return them to the interior of the dome.

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dnd 5th – Could this aspect of the environment in Out of the Abyss have this effect on someone close to the spell of The Little Hut in Leomund?

Probably not

I wrote this answer with spoilers because the original question included them. Spoilers possible (pun intended) for Out of The Abyss.

The Leomund Tiny Hut states that:

Spells and other magical effects can not extend through the dome or be thrown through

It seems that A is magic, or at least magical.

Faerzress is described as being "an unusual magical energy" and that it "was actually created by Elven High Magic" The Realden Realms Wiki

I would say that…

Depending on how the deputy minister wants to govern it, they could say that the Faerzress was already in the perimeter of the tiny Leomund Hut at the time of the casting. It could mean that they would be affected by madness.


if the faerzress was not already in the area where Leomund's tiny hut had been sunk, it is likely that the tiny hut would not be penetrated by the faerzress, so that the players do not suffer from craziness

This question asking Is a dragon's breath weapon able to pass through Leomund's Tiny Hut? also provides a similar answer, and a good point in that:

The hut aims to provide a rest area, where players can not be attacked from the outside. This decision makes no sense in this context and is, in my opinion, only the result of a poorly written spell.

Allowing A to enter Leomund's Tiny Hut would make it more difficult for players to find safe places to rest.