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Was the Ice descriptor a typo in Frostburn?

In Frostburn, there is a spell called Ice and Snow Movement. This is a 6th rank transmutation spell with cold and ice descriptors. But he seems to be the only one to have the ice descriptor. And I do not find any reference to that elsewhere in the book or in other sources. So I was wondering if it was just a typo or not.

The consumption of ice cream, pizza and bacon increases the risk of heart disease. If you had to give up one forever, which one would you choose?

Being fat is what is unhealthy not eating fat. If you eat fat in reasonable amounts, you will not get fat (and there are actually some fat-soluble vitamins that you can only get when eating fat). These are all added sugar and nitrites that are bad for your health.

For example, if you eat a vegetarian pizza, it's not so bad for you, but if you fill it with canned meats (ie deli meats) and you do not do any activity physical, it can be unhealthy. These are not really specific foods that are unhealthy, but rather an excessive diet in general and a physical activity that is not.


[ Politics ] Open question: Is the expected ice age for 1975 over?

[ Politics ] Open question: Is the expected ice age for 1975 over? .

United States vs Canada 2019 ice hockey

ice hockey united states vs canada 2019 live
Watch Hare == >> https://bit.ly/2Qdb0tI

Watch Hare == >> https://bit.ly/2Qdb0tI

Watch Hare == >> https://bit.ly/2Qdb0tI

Canada (5-0-0-1) and the United States (4-1-0-1) meet on the final day of the round-robin play at the 2019 World Hockey Championship on Tuesday at 2:15 pm East in Slovakia.

The two powers enter respectively second and third in the group A day and at the top of the Finnish group, Finland. Canada and the United States will seek to illuminate the results table of the World Hockey Championship.

Odds provided by FanDuel Sportsbook; For today's sports betting odds, go to USA TODAY Sports.

Canada and the United States rank third and fifth respectively with 33 and 27 goals in the tournament. Canada has a differential of more than 22 goals while the United States scored 15 goals more than allowed.
Canada's Anthony Mantha leads all tournament players with seven goals and his team with 11 points in six games. Patrick Kane leads the Americans with 10 points in six games.
The United States had 217 shots on goal in the preliminaries and Canada ranks second in the tournament with 240 shots.

Ice Cream vs. Frozen Dairy Dessert | Promotion Forum

I do not know how many times you buy ice cream, but if you're like me, it's about every week. It is also likely that you have noticed that some jars of ice cream are labeled "ice cream", while others are labeled as "frozen dairy dessert".

Here is an article explaining, if you have not noticed it before: https://food.ndtv.com/food-drinks/ice-cream-vs-frozen-dessert-the-chilling-truth -694000

If you've ever noticed this, can you tell the difference between an ice cream and a frozen dairy dessert? Is the taste different for you?

pathfinder – Can Oracles use the CHA mod to cast Holy Ice javelins?

Ask your DM.

From the Paizo FAQ:

As written, these effects say "Wisdom" (because they were written before the idea of ​​the oracle class as a charismatic launcher), so an oracle must use his wisdom modifier.

However, the perfect house rule is to allow an oracle to use its charisma modifier (or bonus) for cleric spells that refer to the caster's wisdom modifier (or bonus).

So, officially, according to the written rules, no, oracles can not use their CHA mod instead of their WIS mod. However, Paizo did acknowledge this supervision and said that even if, for whatever reason, they could not be bothered to fix it, you are rather encouraged to let the oracles use their CHA mod.

Ice Lord Icetex is here | Promotion Forum

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dnd 5th – Does a concentrator wheel damaged by Ice Knife require 2 concentration checks?

Interesting question. I have not thought much about this, but I would say that 2 concentration checks are necessary, because if you pass the save throw against the dex, they do not suffer the damage caused by the cold. That being said, for this to happen, the caster must hit the target, and the target must fail the dex except that 2 concentration checks are needed. The cc for each is relative to half of the damage sustained (for scaling when the level increases), or to 10, whichever is greater.

Effect of ice transition particles

We are a small independent team that develops a casual mobile game.

We try to implement an effect such as the normal block-ice transition in Angry Birds 2:

Effect of ice particles

How can we implement such an effect in Unity?