security – Icons or Symbols for Asymmetric Encryption

I need a graphical representation of the elements of asymmetric cryptography (public key). I have not been able to find an established convention in this area and I find it difficult to find myself good candidates for:

  • Private key
  • Public key
  • asymmetrically encrypted content

These are technical concepts, but the target audience understands the distinctions and their explicit processing is integral to the purpose of the target application.

The padlock seems pretty well established for the encrypted content, so some variants might be candidates. But which turn would be sufficiently distinctive and, if possible, suggesting a difference from a usual one?

In the same way, how can I distinguish the two types of keys so as to indicate immediately that they are different and that it is also easy to deduce or at least to know which one is which, provided that you already understand the context.

Particularly grateful for successful uses in nature, but also for good ideas. Concepts must be able to be expressed at moderate sizes.

macos – The OSX Dock will not let me take off the icons

Suddenly since yesterday, my dock contains 3 applications / folders that I can not delete:

  • App Store (represented by the icon?)
  • System Preferences (represented by the icon?)
  • Applications folder

Neither let me remove it from the dock.

enter the description of the image here enter the description of the image here

I used High-Sierra and now Catalina – same thing. I have tried killall Dock / Finder but nothing has changed, I have deleted the dock.plist file and restarted, but nothing has happened too.

How can I solve this? Thank you.

ps: as far as the two applications are concerned, the two "normal" versions can be added and removed from the dock, I do not know where these two "ghosts" come from. Same for all folders (except applications).

google sheets – How to use svg icons in react-native?

With this article, you will be able to use SVG icons in responsive-native mobile apps with the help of reactive-vector-native icons.

We must follow certain steps to use the SVG font in the react-native application.

  1. Generate fonts from SVG icons
  2. Embed the font file in a native application
  3. Use the built-in font in react-native

Learn more: –

[cXF] Change Default FA Node Icons | NulledTeam UnderGround

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Web Application – Why Are Progressive Web Application Icons Circular vs. Their Application Peers?

Nowadays, the difference between web applications and native apps is pretty blurry … but regarding the question you asked about icons, I think it's hard to tell if the form of the icon is related to the mode of development of the application. .

In any case, the shape of the icon will probably be determined by the existing guidelines for the native application development platform (eg Windows, Android or Apple), and even those- they will evolve over time. You should therefore consult applications with a similar timeline. There will then be additional brand guidelines dictated by the company and its marketing teams, and you may even have to search the sub-brands.

It is absolutely necessary to differentiate between the web application and the native application, but I have not found any guidelines or standards defining the form of the icon associated with the technology used to develop them.

launcher – Can not add icons to the home screen

The problem may be that the launcher layout is locked. Try removing or replacing an existing icon in the launcher and if you can not do it, the layout is probably locked.
To disable this option, the methods differ from one launcher to another, try to get to the launcher settings and look for an option to lock the desktop layout or something similar and disable it.

html – Chronology with date icons

I have the following timeline.
enter the description of the image here

But I would like the bar of icons with the dates to appear at the top instead of at the bottom, I already checked the HTML and the CSS but that does not allow me to download them.
I hope you can help me.

Can I give my Samsung Note 10 exactly the same icons as Google Pixel?

Can any one help me find a way to make sure that my Samsung 10 note icons look exactly like those of a Google pixel?

I want to be exactly the same. I have tried some tricks, but I have not managed to make an exact copy of the icons.

If you know this thing and have tried it, can I ask you to share it?

I've tried to play this video here:

But I still do not think I'm exactly on the Google Pixel device icons.

thank you for your collaboration

Add Icons To Glass Launcher

Is it possible to add shortcuts to the glass launcher in Google Glass (Glass Enterprise Edition 2 in my case)? If so, how?

To be clear, I mean that I developed an application and I would like to add its icon to this screen (for now, the only way to start the application is manually, via adb):

enter the description of the image here