Add custom SVG icons to the Social Icon menu in Twenty Seventeen Child WordPress Theme

I have problems adding custom SVG icons to the social icons menu in WordPress Twentyseventeen Child Theme.The menu works fine with all the prepackaged SVGs included in the theme, but I can not add custom SVG to the child theme.

Here's what I've done so far to add the "Etsy" SVG in the social icons menu:

  • Copy the /assets/img/svg-icons.svg drop in the theme of the child
  • Stuck the way to the Etsy SVG in the svg-icons.svg file with all other icons

Screen capture adding SVG Etsy path to svg-icons.svg file in TwentySeventeen WordPress child theme

  • Copy the /inc/icon-functions.php drop in the theme of the child
  • Add & # 39; & # 39; to the range of social media sites

Adding to all registered social media sites with the function twentyseventeen_social_links_icons ()

  • Then I called "the /inc/icon-functions.php at the bottom of the child's theme functions.php

add icon-functions.php to file functions.php

It did not work. WordPress Core recommended to use the get_template_part function in the new WordPress functions and hook behaviors for WordPress4.7, but I've also tried:

  • get_theme_file_uri()

  • get_template_directory()

  • get_template_directory_uri()

  • get_stylesheet_directory()

  • get_stylesheet_directory_uri()

All in nothing.

I've also tried to use require instead of understand but this threw a 505 error and said "Site Down For Maintenance"

All caches erased. An idea of ​​what I'm doing wrong?

These articles refer to very similar problems, but none of them solves mine in particular:

How to change the background of the user icons on the gmail android app

So for the longest time, Colorful background behind the icons of the user

Now, it's like blue background

I do not know why or how it happened, but I want to change it.

notification bar – Term to decode symbols / icons

The top of the phone often has symbols to indicate features such as battery life, the signal strength of the cell tower, the strength of the Wi-Fi connection, and so on.

Is there a commonly accepted term for these symbols? There is usually a list of symbols and their meaning. This list must have a name: what is the name of this list?

The idea is that the end of this list can be found in the phone's manual, when trying to search for what an unknown symbol communicates.

start menu – All window icons are missing, for all users

We are using the Windows 2019 server for the remote desktop server, and suddenly all the icons are going like this.


and this happens to all users. Is there a way to fix this? There is no iconcache.db and a restart has not generated the iconcache.db file. Windows Update at the last one also did not solve the problem.

I've also tried creating a new user and logging in, but that has not changed.

branding – Social media icons on the website

Maybe a question already answered, but I doubt the correct addition of social media icons to a website.

I work for a company and at the bottom of our website we find social media icons (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram). When you review the company's branding guidelines, all of the rules in place are very specific for not changing the logos, but when you look online, everyone uses "different" logos. For example, Facebook f without the circle or the LinkedIn logo without the rounded square.

What is the exact rule about this? Even websites with articles about it seem to use the wrong logos.

Could someone clarify it?

menu – Based on what criteria do you add / not icons to labels in a toolbar?

Some toolbars have icons for each label and others have icons for no tags. There is enough discussion about it.

However, some toolbars will selectively associate icons with the label, and I can not find any kind of discussion about it. Here is an example of Intellij:

enter the description of the image here

The leftmost toolbar only attaches a few labels with icons, while the rightmost toolbar fixes almost all labels with icons.

The majority of the discussion focuses on the question of whether to rely solely on icons, only on labels or combine them. There is no discussion or research on the selective use of icons in the same toolbar.

Although it can be said that "save all", "print" and "open" are "iconified" because of the ubiquity of these actions with easy-to-link visualizations, the "project structure" does not satisfy this idea. There are also many other features such as "export" and "import" with easy visualizations that can be iconified.

I wonder if there is a practice that guides when to add an icon to a text label and the extent to which it is possible to add iconfs to labels before the image is cluttered (if there is such a limitation) .

usability – What are the best error message icons to use for each type of error in .NET? best practices

I am currently working on a project in .net … I have handled the error messages with user-friendly instructions, but I am trying to determine the best error message icons to use . Previously, I had left it blank, but I think the icons are more useful.

Depending on the severity of an error message, what is the recommended practice for displaying the MessageBox.Icon and in which situations should the following situations be applied?


For example. Of the options above, what would you use, in a message box where …

  • A file was not found
  • A critical failure occurred
  • A non-critical failure has occurred
  • An unexpected value was returned
  • Invalid value entered
  • failed to execute something
  • Or other common exceptions that users may encounter?

Some of them may seem obvious, but tell them anyway so that everyone benefits.

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