I want to recover my Gmail ID

I do not have a PW identity card.

I do not have any other choice, so how to get my PW GMAIL. No contact, no mention in my GMAIL.

javascript – CAML query ID of the last item in the list where Status = New

I have a SharePoint 2013 custom list and an obligation to load the last item in the list where Status = New. I first tried SPGetLastItemID with a CAML query filter. However, this method only returns the elements of the current user and I need the last element where Status = New for ALL items / users.

For some reason, I can not seem to work properly (no alert box):

var LastID;
function QueryLastNewStatusItem () {
var clientContext = new SP.ClientContext ();
var List = clientContext.get_web (). get_lists (). getByTitle (& # 39; Track & # 39;);
var query = new SP.CamlQuery ();
var textCaml = "
query.set_viewXml (textCaml);
var item = List.getItems (query);
context.load (item);
LastID = GetItemID (item);
alert (LastID);

I am a beginner with JavaScript and very new for CAML queries. I used internal names for the FieldRef names in the query and I made sure that the function is enabled.

8 – How can I load an Commerce Store by user ID?

I build a multi-vendor commerce site, where a user can register and sell their product. I need to display a menu link if the user is anonymous to "become a seller", where he is asked to log in and create a store creation form.

If the user is logged in, I wish to display a menu link stating "My Store" where he has previously created a store. To determine if they have a store, how can I load a store via their user ID?

I am unable to find an example where someone can load a user's store.

Touch ID to wake macbook pro 2018, only works sometimes

Sometimes I am able to wake up my Macbook from a completely black screen with just the touch ID. But sometimes, I have to press a key on the keyboard or move the mouse before using the touch ID to reactivate the Macbook. I do not seem to know the reason, does anybody know?

Is it a privacy problem that iOS persists private keys between application installations of the same ID set?

In iOS applications, Apple struggles to prevent applications from creating a stable identifier for a specific device. For example, in iOS> = 5, they no longer allow applications to get the UDID related to the hardware of UIDevice -uniqueIdentifier and instead exposes a value that changes between the installations of the application in UIDevice -identifierForVendor. They also seem to impose unwritten restrictions on advertising ID and allow the user to delete it by enabling the option "limited tracking of ads".

However, as I was working on an application that needed to identify the installation on our servers, I noticed that there is a fairly simple way to uniquely identify a device until a delete or a user changes manually his keychain.

When creating a private key based on SecureElement, this key is stored in the HSM, while the public part of the key is stored in the keychain. Keychain entries are associated with a specific batch ID and are not removed when the associated application is uninstalled. In addition, HSM policies can be applied when creating the key, which can link access to the key to the biometric identity of a specific user.

Whenever the application is reinstalled, it will have access to this hardware-related identity, which can be used to strongly identify the device. and l & # 39; user.

Why would Apple forget this, what would be the security and privacy implications and what could a user do to protect his privacy without having to manually manage the keychain?

Can I activate an iPhone without Apple ID?

I've received an iPhone and I can not use it without an Apple ID or whatever. I deeply despise Apple and the last thing I would do is create an account with them.

Can I activate my phone in another way?

8 – How to get the file ID using managed_file on a custom form?

In Drupal 8, I created a custom form using the form API in a custom module. I'm trying to download a file using the managed_file field. For some reason, I can not give myself the file ID, no matter what code I try. The file Is actually be downloaded and saved, but only as a temporary file.

Please see below the code I use. The value of the form field is always NULL.


public function buildForm ($ form array, FormStateInterface $ form_state, $ event = NULL) {
$ validators = array (
& # 39; file_validate_extensions & # 39; => array (& # 39; jpg jpeg png gif & # 39;),
$ form['event_image'] = table (
& # 39; # type & # 39; => & # 39; managed_file & # 39;
& # 39; # name & # 39; => & # 39; event_image & # 39;
& # 39; # title & # 39; => t (& # 39; Event Image & # 39;),
& # 39; # upload_validators & # 39; => $ validators,
& # 39; # upload_location & # 39; => Public: // event-images / # 39;

$ form['submit'] = table (
& # 39; # type & # 39; => & # 39;
& # 39; # value & # 39; => $ this-> t (& # 39; Save & # 39;),

return $ form;

submit the form:

public function submitForm (array & $ form, FormStateInterface $ form_state) {
$ event_image = $ form_state-> getValue (& # 39; event_image & # 39;);
if ($ event_image) {
$ file = File :: load (reset ($ event_image));
$ file-> setPermanent ();
drupal_set_message (& # 39; File name: & # 39;. $ file-> getFilename ());
ksm ($ event_image); // return an empty array ??

php – Location ID DB_HOST

The wp-config.php file lists DB_HOST as $ _SERVER[‘DB_HOST’] – how can I determine where $ _SERVER[‘DB_HOST’] points?

I do not have to stumble on the proper way to formulate this question because I have searched thoroughly without results.

I tried to create a simple php script to print $ _SERVER information, but DB_HOST was not included in the output:

Thank you for your advice because I am new to WordPress.

sharepoint online – Why can not I get the search column ID in the source stream list?

I have a question about Flow for Sharepoint List. I have 2 lists, and one of them has a search column at the other.
List 1: Currency List (Target List)
enter the description of the image here

List 2: Price Table (source list). I want to get a value of Ask Rate in the column ExRate (column of numbers) to use in Price (calculated column).
enter the description of the image here

My feed:
enter the description of the image here

Someone knows what's going on, help me please!

And another question: if I do not have ExRate, I want to use an expression to calculate in the Price column, give me the expression please?

security – Use the backend API in front-end without session ID

I need to create code that you can copy and paste into your website and that will track certain data such as clicks on a specific button. I have a backend RESTful API, but I do not know how to safely use it as the key to the API and any authentication will be public when people embed the code.

I've seen that you can create a temporary key that you can use up to 60 minutes for authentication via the API, for example. However, this does not work for me because this API must be run continuously on each client's website. Is there a library or API that I can use to securely access an API without using sessions?

I thought that every API call should not go to the API itself, but to a temporary call and then, after a while, transfer all the data. But I'm not sure how to implement this.

I'm using node.js for the backend. It will probably be hosted on Heroku or Firebase.