[ Politics ] Open question: Do you think that legalizing marijuana was a good idea or a bad idea?

[ Politics ] Open question: Do you think that legalizing marijuana was a good idea or a bad idea? .

Is it a good idea to replace icons with emoji?

I am polishing an application that I have built using fontawesome. Due to the huge imprint of fontawesome (almost 2 MB with the SVG + JS version more accessible), I'm thinking of using emoji instead. These are already present on each machine and users must be used to it.

I think this might be a good idea because using icons that users already associate with their meaning could allow them to quickly understand what a button does, even without reading the associated text. This would be particularly useful for illiterate, visually impaired or dyslexic users.

There is always text for screen reader users and the icons are surrounded by hidden elements.

The only caveat I can do is that Apple does not allow applications that use emoji in their interface sometimes. However, this application is internal to the company and will never appear on any app store, so I do not think that would be a problem.

As far as I know, all users have an operating system that supports emoji.

Is there anything I miss?

USA – Is it a bad idea to use a passport bearing an old name?

I thought maybe we could buy the tickets under her maiden name and use her passport that matches that name. Could this cause problems?

Anything can cause problems, but this is unlikely. With a passport and a ticket bearing her maiden name, how could one know that this is no longer her legal name? Surely nobody will care that your names do not match; it is not uncommon for a married couple to have names that do not match.

(Immigration officers sometimes even accept a passport bearing an old name associated with a document indicating the name change, such as a marriage certificate, but nowadays, the airlines are much less likely to do it.)

Bring the marriage certificate just in case. This will be particularly useful if she has to show her driver's license (or any other document with her new name) to anyone.

Runtime Analysis – Need for an additional idea to start with the complexity of time

I'm looking at a multi-threaded algorithm, and come to the conclusion:

Work: T_1 = 2 (T (n / 4)) + 6 (P (n / 4))

Scope: Tinfinity = 2 (T (n / 4)) + 4 (P (n / 4))


P is the proved subroutine with time complexity:

Work: Big-Oh (n ^ 3)

Span: Big-Oh (logn)

I want to take the temporal complexity of this multi-threaded algorithm further, but I do not know how.

Note to all: The master theorem can be used if it is applicable.

Make my own blog had the idea but I can not be motivated | NewProxyLists

First, you must both get 2 items or you will fail even before you have started:

1) There is not one as thin as "fast mode". Even in the past, Google favored original and quality content, but these two factors are now more relevant than any other element. Concentrate on writing quality content, research and write 1 article a day, then spend 7 days with 7 articles, then write 7 crap messages today.

Quality content = comments, recommendations, loyal users, better ranking and better chances of generating revenue.
Content of the publication shit = laugh and shame of the name in the comments, spam, bad ranking, no chance of obtaining a legal income.

Now, I'm not hard here, these are facts, so I was too basic to explain so you can get an idea.

2) And here is the "big" taboo that 90% of new bloggers can not understand: forget your earnings.

Yes, most people start doing these things, hoping they will become big, make a lot of money and become the boss. That's why 95% of them are disappointed to have nothing after 3 or 4 months.

This is not a fast system to get rich, in some extreme cases, people manage to go fast, but that accounts for 1% of them, if not as much.

You must understand that there are literally dozens, even hundreds of millions of blogs / sites / forums and that you do not even know how to start, you are new to this area, be realistic.

Write quality content, research topic, be original in type of writing and focus on that, not on revenue. Over time, the gains will come, maybe someday will go at first, but in the beginning, if you focus on earnings before you even start writing, you are doomed to fail and lose your motivation quickly .

No matter what people tell you or how Youtube videos can tell you otherwise there is no legal way to get rich in 1 day.

For example, I'm starting a new blog and the last 6 days I'm researching niches, competitions, a market I'm going to focus on, etc. For example, I know crap about medicine, so I can not talk about it but I am great in other niches. like IM, Tech, Construction, etc …

You have created a file containing everything that I need to start, step by step, and afterwards within the given timeframe (no quick schema).

Disclaimer: Everything I write above is related to NOT blogging to affiliate blogs, there is a huge difference between these two types of income and the type of income they focus on, so they can not to be bound except that they both need a quality writing. :Thumbs up:

Regarding the hosts streaming. Nobody thought about this idea? | NewProxyLists

Regarding the hosts streaming. Has anyone ever thought of it rather than the normal pop-up and these normal clutter of commercials. Why not use the display style of ads on youtube?

Do you like playing AD before the video starts and do you have the option for AD breaks like Facebook / YouTube ads?

It's much cleaner and can generate more revenue in my view among consumers and streaming hosts?

That's my only opinion.

Design patterns – Have an idea about why Youtube videos do not follow the natural reading sense with the title?

I write an essay on the design of the layout and on the search of the design pattern of the diagonal layout (the elements should be left aligned at the top and right at the bottom to correctly follow the reading instructions users). I've noticed that the Youtube player only follows the rule to a certain extent, and you can see pretty much any view of the player:

enter the description of the image here

As you can see, the player has the title in a rather difficult place to see, while maintaining the correct position of the feedback buttons and the subscription button.
Usually, as the online articles show, the header is always placed above the content and left aligned for the mentioned reading direction.

I wondered why Youtube would choose this approach. The first thing that comes to mind is that, youtube simply thinks you do not really need the title because you probably clicked on it to watch the video, but I do not really like to draw any conclusions.

Having found no good research on the subject, I ask the question here.

Sorry if it's a rather noob question. I am always a beginner to be honest.
Any help would be incredible ๐Ÿ™‚

an idea for a new company?

Hello guys and girls,
I am Mohammed from Saudi Arabia,
a new one on this forum.

Plus, I have a website and now
I do "Stream Live" for Saudi sport and sport bein …
but I am interested in making money online,
I have all my time at the counter, so talk about any business or activity to do, thanks for all.

Have a good day

java – I can not run application in intellij IDEA because 15 errors

Hi, I'm learning to do applications in Java using intellij IDEA and when I do not launch my application, I can not do it. I do not know what to do. I've tried to reinstall all the programs: Java, Java SDK and Intellij IDEA, but not helped. I send you a screenshot with all the errors. Thank you. enter the description of the image here

Forum Idea of โ€‹โ€‹art | Promotion Forum

Hey. Recently, I have this idea for a few weeks and it is for an art forum.

Like what he suggests, it's a forum dedicated to art. You know, you post a photo of your art and other people can criticize it, rate it, like it, etc.

Tell me what you think.