Is it a good idea to use a template/theme to build a react native app?

I’m about to start a project (react native app) and I was wondering if it’s a good idea to use a template/theme (like those on for example) ?
on github there are those under MIT licence, is it ok to use them for commercial use? is there any legal bound? in general I’d like to know if it’s a good idea or I’d better start from scratch, Thanks a lot!

Web 2.0 Still a Best Idea

I know it might a stupid question but eager to know Is still web 2.0 a good idea for strong backlink?

windows 10 – I moved the AppData folder, now the start menu and notifications menu isn’t working. I have no idea why

I moved my AppData folder to my second drive to save space, and the system icons on my taskbar, including the system menu and networking menu, won’t work anymore. I can’t right click on applications on the taskbar either.

I have a tiny SSD containing my windows installation, user, etc. The drive is only 118 gigabytes, and my AppData folder alone was 34.1 gigabytes. I obviously had to move it for my system to have space. I created a separate account with admin privileges, moved it to my second, much larger drive, and made a junction using the command prompt. Now, the system icons on my taskbar don’t work. I could just move the folder back, but then I would run out of space almost immediately.

microservices – Automatically extended database-based mutex lock – is it a good idea?

Since I am working in a multi-instance microservice environment, I came accross a problem with making some operations being performed at most by one of the running instances at once. The solution which we used for this up to now was to have a mutex lock stored in database, that would prevent other instances from doing the job when lock is acquired.

In most cases it was enough for us, but the problem with databse locks is that we need to assume some timeout in case when the lock issuer dies before releasing it. This seems to be working well if the operation can be finished within the timeout, but in case we don’t know how long the process will take, this causes the lock to be released too early.

I was thinking of adding some background job to each of the microservice instances, that would additionally monitor the locks acquired by the instance in-memory and execute the DB query to extend them every X seconds. Any problem occured while extending the lock (e.g. some edge case in which other instance was still able to acquire the lock) would make the long-running process be aborted.

Has anyone tried such approach? Was it successful?

Is it a good idea to go to Japan without a travel guide?

@Itai’s answer is great, but I just want to note that it does depend on where you go. Japan is not a country where many people can speak English; not that people don’t like foreign tourists (surely there’s quite a bit of xenophobic sentiment in Japan, but that’s not what I’m talking about here), but many people just can’t express themselves in English at all, an unfortunate consequence of the failure of English language education in the country.

If you just want to go to Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, etc., and all the touristy places, then you’ll do fine. You can count on at least one or two people who can speak basic English.

But if you want to go to the countryside, the “off the beaten path” destinations, I’m not sure if you can count on that anymore. While there are some solutions (e.g. Google Translate), you will run into a language barrier. So, when Japan reopens for tourism, I guess you’d want to try the most touristy destinations first. If you decide that you do like the country, you can return and explore the rest of the country, hopefully after having learned a bit of the language (just a bit will suffice).

P.S. Nowadays Wikivoyage is a great alternative for travel guides. It is free and easily accessible, but it still lacks in terms of details and depth. However, for me, it has worked pretty well, at least for Japan.

P.P.S. I have never heard of anyone having trouble with their phones when coming to Japan in the 4G age. Unlike 3G, for which competing standards were a huge pain when people moved across borders, there is virtually only one standard for 4G (LTE), so the vast majority of phones should be usable. Most devices can operate in most LTE bands, so that would hardly be a problem. Voice may not work if you don’t have VoLTE, but (1) most carriers support it nowadays and (2) there’s little chance you’d need to do traditional voice calls. 3G network will be shut down in Japan soon, so you’d better have 4G/LTE service!11

❕NEWS – Elon musk commented on DogeCoin again, claims Doge mining is a “Great Idea” | NewProxyLists

The crypto market has been down from the last 3 weeks. Despite some small jumps, the market mostly traded in red. The bearish trend continues. The doge also went down along with other cryptos and now trading near its pivot level which is 0.2950.

Meanwhile Elon Musk has again commented on Doge, Said the mining of Doge is a great idea. This came amidst the recent fall of Dogecoin. After the comment, the Doge responded and sharply gained from 0.2830 level to reach 0.3020 level but later again selling pressure increased and the price went south again.


Is it a good idea to go with no travel guide to Japan?

Im a resident from Puerto Rico which is very far from Japan, and im planning to go on a trip with a couple of friends to japan, we have never gone anywhere on a foreign country, and the budget is kinda tight, so i dont know if its a good idea to travel without a guide, we are planning the places we want to go before hand but the language barrier is a bit difficult. How hard it is to travel for the first time without a guide?

Idea for using user local installed program in web application ASP.NET

I have to choose what kind of framework in .NET I will use to build my application. I have to choose between ASP.NET Core vs WPF. The only problem which I have with web solution is fact that my application must have option to generate documents in overriding ERP system. One of the ERP systems which we use gives us dll with API and we add documents through that API. The problem is that this API requires installed instance of ERP system on the computer where API is running. So in web solution I would have to create web service on server where ERP is installed or use local resources on user disk. Unfortunately business doesn’t agree on web service because of some limitations. I try to find the way to get in ASP.NET app access to user disk e.g ERP system installed on his C disk and run API from that localization. Is there any posibillity to do it with ASP.NET or JS or something different? I will be grateful for all the hints .

Terrance Garden Tools – Do you have any idea ?

Hello Gardner!

Most of us are like flower, indoor plants & fruits grow up in our garden, terrace or in a pot.
if you are planning to grow flowers or any herbs, you must sure about gardening tools.

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