❓ASK – Selling ideas as a business, dumb thing or pure gold ? | NewProxyLists

If you are a lazy person, or just someone who doesn’t have the required things to start your own business, you’ll most likely have a lot of ideas that could generate gold for you, but you still can’t use them, do you think that there’s a chance to sell those ideas for a high amount of money ? especially when they are so unique

Budget Friendly Ideas For Marketing Your Business

Budget Friendly Ideas For Marketing Your Business

  • guest blogging
    • This is a quicker alternative to starting your own blog which can take a while to take off. the reason why this works is because of the win-win scenario for you and the blog owner – if you’re starting this new product, chances are, you have some unique insight into the problem that is likely to be very beneficial to your target customers -> write a blog about it!
  • online communities & review websites
    • BetaList – a place to share beta stage IT startup with the world and get early user feedback
    • InnMind – a directory for innovative startups: gives you wide promotion opportunities (they also can write a post about your startup) and access to the target investors
    • Crunch Base – a place to submit your startup profile and follow others
    • AngelList – a place to pitch for investors and to hire employees
    • Startup Beat – a pitchdesk for early stage startups
    • Killer Startups – an another pitch desk, but without stage limitations
    • The Startup Pitch – and one more platform to pitch your startup or application
    • SignUp First – a place to get early adopters in exchange of exclusive deals
    • Founderdating – a place to find co-founders, team members or like-minded professionals
    • Breakpoint – a place to share and receive feedback on your side projects and startups
    • YourStory – a platform to tell your startup story and promote it on the internet.
    • /Startups – a largest reddit community of startups, a good place to list your project, ask advice and find early adopters
    • I Am Wire – a place to submit the digital startup and share your story
    • F6S – a platform to submit your startup and apply for acceleration programs
    • Startup Blink – a global map of startups, where you can submit your startup and pin your location
    • Submit.co – a place to get press coverage for your startup
    • Transparent startups – a place to submit and discover startups with transparent revenue numbers
  • referral program
    • this is a no brainer. referral programs have shown time and time again to be extremely powerful. biggest benefit in my mind is that user referrals tend to run orthogonal to your traditional outreach/inbound channels: i.e. they’re able to drastically expand your reach beyond what your outreach channels can penetrate
  • social media
    • I’m not talking about Social Media Marketing, I’m talking about selling to your friends. Posting regularly on your social media, making your friends aware you are providing this service, is extremely powerful.


if you sell things online, and your customers use whatsapp, talk to me!

I love helping companies launch whatsapp marketing campaigns, and will share what I know about turning whatsapp into a sales channel.

https://calendly.com/ijan-1/15min?utm_source=web whatsapp: https://wa.me/15125882018


mobile application – Gifting flow for e-wallet app (moneytary gift) need ideas

My friends,

I’m a PO of an e-wallet app. I’m working on the project to optimize the current Gifting flow (monetary gifts for birthdays, weddings, lucky money) to be more delightful and clean. Do you guys have any ideas/suggestions/case studies from other products? As I tried searching around but so far couldn’t find anything interesting (in my view)

Thanks a bunch for helping out!!

networking – ServiceNow Integration Ideas

networking – ServiceNow Integration Ideas – Software Engineering Stack Exchange

Undergraduate publication topics -ideas in Number theory, combinatorics etc.

I am just about to start my second year as a mathematics undergraduate, and I would really like to start working on getting some research experience/publications. In the UK it is really hard to get REUs sadly, so I am focussing more on the latter point. Does anyone have any possible ‘publication titles/topics’ that I could have a go at, or maybe some already proved statements that could do with another solution?

user research – Aside from going into bootcamps, what’s another way to build case studies? I have a few ideas but I’m not sure how to build it without a main guide?

So as a context: I’ve already done a bootcamp last year but in that bootcamp, we didn’t make a lot of case studies. Just one. I need more but I’m not sure how I’m going to recruit participants into the research/usability testing and also the thought of not having any guidance throughout the entire process is kind of scaring me a bit.

❕NEWS – Looking for some ideas to earn free crypto | NewProxyLists

With quality posts and threads here , you can earn nicely here and also learn at the same time. Working in forums is good because you also share and gain info at the same time , so you can start here and end up getting sufficient capital for earning passive income. Other than BMF , I recommend Cointiply , a PTC site , its one of the highest paying bitcoin faucet along with PTC ads section and offerwalls which can boost up your earnings.

Trying to get my python program to run but I keep getting a variable assignment error. Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?

def main():
    name = ''.join(user_word.lower().split())
    name = name.replace('-','') # what?
    limit = len(name)
    phrase = True

    while running:
        temp_phrase = phrase.replace(' ', '')  
        if len(temp_phrase) < limit:
            print(f"length of anagram phrase = {len(temp_phrase)}")

            find_anagram(name, dict_file)
            print("Current anagram phrase =", end = " ")
            print(phrase, file=sys.stderr)

            choice, name = process_choice(name) 
            phrase += choice + ' '

        elif len(temp_phrase) == limit:
            print("Anagram of name", end = " ")
            print(phrase, file=sys.stderr)
            try_again = input("nnWant to try again? (Press Enter or else 'n' to quit)n")
            if try_again.lower() == 'n':
                running = False

after running my code I keep getting the error

UnboundLocalError: local variable 'running' referenced before assignment

so I tried making a variable named running in my main function’s argument but I got a different error so I just figure I would try to work out this first. Any clue as to how to fix it.

Side note: this problem is from the book impractical python projects (chapter 3 project 5), I copied almost every bit of code so I’m not sure how it isn’t working.

sony – I am shooting video at 200 ISO but the video is still really noisy. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Noise is not caused by a certain ISO setting. High ISO isn’t really what causes increased noise. The lower amount of light we usually allow into the camera when using higher ISO is what causes noise. If you limit the light to the same level at ISO 100 that you would use to properly expose for, say ISO 3200, and then try to boost those almost black shadows by five stops in post, you’ll see the same thing as using ISO 3200 with the same exposure time (Tv) and aperture (Av) when shooting.

For more, please see:

Why would using higher ISO and faster shutter speed yield more noise than using lower ISO and slower shutter speed?

Should higher ISOs really be preferred (all other things being equal)?

Regardless of whether you are shooting still images or video, if you want to decrease the amount of noise in a shot you need to increase the amount of light you’re letting into the camera. The options you have for doing this are:

  • Use a wider aperture
  • Use a longer exposure time
  • Add light to the scene

table – Choosing the elements from Matrix or any ideas for help

again me. I am finding a function that can help me choose the elements from the matrix as below:


As I know Table function, it only works with the matrix such as:

   F:= {{F0},{F1}....{Fk}}, Table(F(i+1,1),{i,1,k+1})

Please help me. Thanks in advance.

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