flask – Why am I still having an error, root can not locate the revision identified by "1cccee45d6e7"?

I'm trying to run my database for flask and a problem occurs when I type flask db migrate -m "users table". He continues to give me an error that says this:

FAULT [root] Error: Unable to locate the revision identified by & # 39; 1cccee45d6e7 & # 39;

I've tried doing some research on Google about it, but no one seems to have the same mistake as me. Instead, I found one with a different error, but a similar problem, and I tried to delete the migration file and then rerun the code to start the database in cmd:

(venv) $ flask db init 

** What worked well and created a new migration file in the vial application directory **

then I :

(venv) $ flask db migrate -m "user table"

and here is where I get the problem again:

(venv) C:  sitesfolder  microblog  app> flask db migrate
INFO  [alembic.runtime.migration] SQLiteImpl impl context.
INFO  [alembic.runtime.migration] Let's assume the non-transactional DDL.
FAULT [root] Error: Unable to locate the revision identified by & # 39; 1cccee45d6e7 & # 39;

I hope this database will be operational as shown in the tutorial I'm doing: https://blog.miguelgrinberg.com/post/the-flask-mega-tutorial-part-iv-database

I've done everything right up to now, but I can not go beyond this part.

P.S. Please, take it slowly for me. I am super new to the bottle and coding in general. I only learned about 5 months ago. I know beginner-intermediate python, html master, css master, intermediate js, intermediate php.
I just started in a balloon.
If I continue to have a problem after the answers and nothing works, should I just use Django where it contains the files and configured them?

Thank you

7 – Configure the interface strings by language, identified by the name of the machine

We build a complex layout where some labels should be not only translatable, but configurable by language, including English. The display logic is already custom code, so we are pretty free as to how these tags are stored.

Until now, we have examined these options:

  • Harcode the English version and then calls t ().
  • Create variables for the English version, then call t (). (*)
  • Create variables for labels and mark them as translatable. (*) This requires a dedicated administrator form in which the labels can be configured in any language.

(*) These two options require a dedicated administrator form in which the labels can be configured in English or in any language. It may be useful to save variables with the variable module.
Of course, when I say "variable", I mean those you manage with variable_set () / variable_get ().

The question: Is there an alternative to the variable system where such configurable strings can be stored? Ideally, something that already gives us an editing user interface ready for use, without having to create custom forms.

Forum Identified as Mal-Ware by WebRoot Antivirus | Promotion Forum


"or other security risks" – Some reasons being:

  • No website firewall detected.
  • Missing security header for XSS Protection.
  • Security header missing in Strict-Transport-Security.
  • HTTP cookie not secure
  • The directory list is enabled.

source and source

You can contact WebRoot with the help of this change request page and ask them to manually check the security rating of your website.

You can analyze your website with the help of a free or paid software to detect vulnerabilities that you can correct to improve your rating.

network – The Wi-Fi card is not identified in the Lenovo ThinkPad E570

Mandatory I am completely new to Ubuntu and Linux in general, and I have encountered the same problem as everyone at first boot: my WiFi does not work. I've tried to answer this question, which had already been asked for the same model of laptop: Wi-Fi does not work on the Lenovo ThinkPad E570 (Realtek RTL8821CE).

error: initialization from an incompatible pointer type [-Werror=incompatible-pointer-types]
.ndo_select_queue = rtw_select_queue,

And after trying to do the "sudo make install" function, I get:

install -p -m 644 8821ce.ko /lib/modules/4.15.0-43-generic/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/
install: impossible to stat 8821ce.ko: no file or directory of this type
Makefile: 1908: the recipe of the target 'install & # 39; has failed
make: *** [install] Error 1

I am using Ubuntu 18.04.1 and I have access to an ethernet cable. However, I would very much like my WiFi card to work. What can I do?

I should also mention that the hardware details (as seen from Windows) are:

Realtek 8822BE Wireless LAN 802.11ac

In fact, do we think about it now, is it the same driver as in the link I posted above? It was a 8821ce, but if this is supposed to be the same code, that explains why mine was not working. Should I download something else for a 8822BE?

public transportation – Why are some seats identified as priorities for those in need?

In addition to the excellent response of Johns-305, there is another good reason to designate certain seats as priority seats.

It allows operators to apply the rule "give up your seat to someone who needs it", without having to make it a formal universal rule or let the driver decide who to give up his seat. It may sound like "common sense" for people to give up their jobs to those who need them, but people do not always make common sense.

Imagine a situation where there is no designated seat, the bus is full and where someone needs a seat for real medical reasons. Nobody voluntarily gives up their seat. The person is standing (which may be literally impossible) or asks someone to leave their seat. It is possible that this person says "I do not want, ask that other person to give up his seat instead, they are younger / fit / carry less." This person may think that a third person is more apt to stand up. Now you have an argument and no way to solve it.

With a designated seat, it's easy. The person who needs the seat asks the person occupying the designated seat to abandon him. They may complain, but the sign is there, they knew that they might be forced to do it once seated. The driver can even apply it without appearing arbitrary.

7 disadvantages to avoid when developing your application

It is rather unfortunate that these seemingly small errors weigh heavily on the success of mobile apps. If you are part of the application developers who make mistakes, you can run your application on a dripping bucket. Without further ado, here are the mistakes you should avoid regarding killer apps.

Pre-launch market study poor or nonexistent

Before you start developing an application. You must choose the niche in which you want to go. Check out all the mobile apps being played in the space. Discover all the features of the application, from their names to the concepts and strategies of market entry.

You must know what users like and what they do not like too much. All this will help you improve their great qualities and correct the bad qualities as well. Unfortunately, most app developers do not do enough research before launching their apps.

Of course, the success rate of mobile applications is less than 1%, but many people think that the low success rate is due to the fact that the space of development of applications is saturated . Nothing can be further from the truth than that. With technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality, the area of ​​application development can never be saturated.

One of the reasons for the failure of the application is what has been discussed above. Many application developers simply enter a niche and expect to outperform existing applications within the niche and most of them fail. So you have to invest a lot in research before you start developing applications.

Little or no ongoing research

You must have seen or heard of several mobile apps that have met millions of downloads but currently have no more than half a million active users. There are two main reasons for this. The first is that people are carried away by the euphoria of the success of their application and the complacency that surrounds it. They fail to continue to involve users of their apps. In fact, some of them do not have an application retention plan.

The second major reason is that a new player with better information on this application development niche emerges and manages other applications outside the market by building its application on the disadvantages of others. It could also be from an existing application that would be updated to become the market leader in the niche.

To avoid this, you must continue to research new and existing competitors. But most application developers do not pursue their research on their new and existing competitors. Do not forget that it is difficult to access the top of the market, but it is even more difficult to maintain this position because all eyes will be on your application.

Copy all the qualities of a successful application

The fact that an application is very successful does not mean that all its features, concepts and strategies are excellent. Unfortunately, developers tend to copy all the qualities of a successful application. For example, a few years ago, the Facebook application had no offline functionality. You could not even launch your Facebook app without an Internet connection.

Several application developers have followed suit. Later, Facebook understood the benefit of offering offline features and this was implemented on the application. At the moment, you do not need an internet connection to launch your Facebook application. However, there is a limit to what you can do on the app without an Internet connection.

Try to please everyone

Yes, the development of applications is a numbers game. The number of active users of an application determines the success of the application. So, in order to gather as many users as possible, some app developers have decided to satisfy everyone with their apps and they have failed. Most of them ended up not satisfying anyone.

You can not just develop an app for everyone – all demographics, genders and even ages. Instead, choose the group of people you really want to meet and go out for them.

Bad marketing time

Many developers usually wait for the last step of their app development before engaging their marketing team. This is not such a good idea. You should start advertising your application one year before the release date. Put people in suspense, they will be eager to see your application.

Regularly post video trailers on your app as a teaser and you will amaze potential users throughout the year. When you finally release your application, most of them will download it out of curiosity. And if they like what they see, they will continue to use it.

Bad monitoring

Each app has analytics, but some developers do not check daily analytics reports. These numbers should alert you to the existence of a problem. For example, if the number of daily downloads of your application begins to decrease, it is a sign of problems. If the average time of use of your application also decreases, it is also a sign of problems. More importantly, if daily active users of your application start to shrink, there is a big problem on your hand.

Some developers do not monitor daily reports on the performance of their applications, they would have lost too many users before realizing the problem. At that point, the damage will be irremediable. They say that an identified problem is already half solved. That is if it is identified early enough. Whatever the success of your application, you must continue to monitor its performance daily so you can jump to action as soon as you notice a disturbing trend.

Incorrect description of the update

When an application update is released, some application developers simply describe it as "bug fixes" or "a new update." Do you really think that such a description can get an active user to download the update, not to mention have it downloaded by new users?

A good description of the update should motivate users to download the application, attract new users and encourage old users to download it again. Several mobile application development companies follow the guidelines. You should mention the particular bugs that have been fixed. You must mention the new features you added and also include features that have been upgraded.

Finally, these are some of the common pitfalls that application developers constantly encounter. Avoid them and the number of users of your application will increase dramatically.