Does using a VPS hides the client identity in the web?

I know that a VPS provider can track the client connected to a VPS (This Q/A) using RDP(Remote desktop protocol). But my question is about websites accessed from the VPS using a browser. Can they know anything about the main client (IP/Location/Local Time etc.) behind the RDP through the browser http (or https or any) protocols?

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security – How would somebody compromise my identity if I generate new receive address in Bitcoin Core?

Identity leaks usually happen in two places.

Off Chain Leaks

Here, the address is somehow linked to you off chain – this could be because you shared it from an account or network that can be traced to you (it’s largely impossible to avoid being tagged online if a well funded and skilled group, such as nation states, is targeting you).

Alternatively, if you have sent funds to an address from an exchange or other wallet that has some link to your identity, off chain requests by law enforcement or other such authorities for your transaction data could link you to it quite trivially.

On Chain Leaks

Although modern wallets, especially Bitcoin Core, take steps to avoid this, there are scenarios where when spending funds from one address, you also include inputs sent to other addresses. If all your addresses do not have an equal level of privacy in how you shared them and received funds to them, transactions which spend from multiple addresses can create links that on chain monitoring tools use to identify clusters of addresses controlled by a single entity.

Thereafter, if any one address in the cluster is deanonymized, the entire cluster can be tagged to you retroactively.

trains – Fix Super Sparpreis ticket identity

I am French and ordered a “Super Sparpreis” ticket online for my child, this is a special child price since he is less than 14 years old. The ticket price is around 45 Euros. This is the first time I used The Deutsche Bahn website. The interface was not that clear and I ended confirming the reservation without changing the traveler name. So I have a ticket with my name instead of my child’s name.

Is there any way to fix the ticket invalid identity?

The response from deutschebahn by e-mail seems to be some standard answer, not acknowledging that the ticket identity is just wrong, this is not a traveler change:

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change date, time, train or identity of the person travelling on a Super Sparpreis ticket once it has been purchased.

What are the risks if my child is traveling with this child ticket having his father’s name instead of his name? Would the worst case scenario just be some small fine? How much would it be? Am I just out of luck and need to buy another ticket?

Protect USB from reading by using PC identity

Is there any way (software or hardware solution) to create a usb drive that can make its contents readable only on specific PCs using their hardware serial numbers?

identity management – What is multi-party federation?

I am asked to prepare a write up on Identity Federation. I have nearly completed the write up. There is a term multi-party federation which I am confuesed at. Does it simply mean alloting multiple parties to carry out federation? Or is it a term that requires more research?

I couldn’t see much articles in Google. A Google search for multi party federation returned only one valid result. Rest were regarding politics. Could you enlighten me regarding the topics with some introduction.

fourier analysis – Parseval-Plancherel identity involving absolute value

Let $hat{f}$ be the fourier transform of $f$.

By Parseval-Plancherel identity, for suitable $f,g$, we have
$$left|hat{f}*hat{h}right|_{L^2_{xi}}^2=left|fcdot hright|_{L^2_{x}}^2.$$

Let $f,g$ be good enough functions. I want to know if for some universal constant $C>0$,
$$left||hat{f}|*|hat{h}| right|_{L^2_{xi}}^2leq Cleft||f|cdot|h|right|_{L^2_{x}}^2.$$

Or is there a counterexample?

Thanks a lot!

identity – Users and People

As a general rule, would you prefer to bundle your users’ basic biographical data (things like DOB and gender, but maybe even just forename and surname too) into your Users login data table, or is it better to have a separate Person table linked to the logins to hold all this information.

I’m using ASP.Net Identity but I suppose the principal would apply to any framework. In this case it’s tempting to extend IdentityUser in order to get ‘instant’ access to some of these details via the claims principal. However, in my next project it feels somehow cleaner to just have an Applicant (as it would be) as it own entity, independent of the notion of an application user, with all their necessary biographical data encapsulated within.

Is there a strong case to favour either strategy? I suppose also that one Person could end up with two (or more) Users if one adopted social logins etc (although ideally they would be all linked to the same Person), but you wouldn’t expect one login to apply to two people.

In my application I would like people to register initially, then go on to fill out their application form in detail at their convenience. Ideally I’d like to say ‘welcome back, Mike’ rather than use their email address in the greet, but I suppose that that’s where the trade-off comes if I want to have a slim-line User table. Unless anyone has any nice ideas in that respect?

linear algebra – Proof of an Identity using Bilinear Maps

I am attempting to prove the following statement: if $phi$ is a bilinear map which takes $V_1 times V_2$ to $W$ where $V_1$ and $V_2$ are vector spaces of dimension $l_1$ and $l_2$ respectively and $phi(v_1,v_2) in W$ is non-zero for every $v_1 in V_1$ and $v_2 in V_2$, then the image of $phi$ spans a subspace of $W$ with dimension greater than $l_1 – l_2 -1$.

My idea to prove this is to consider that tensors of rank $1$ ${ v_1 otimes v_2 }$ form a subvariety of dimension $l_1 + l_2 – 1$ in $V_1 otimes V_2$, and then the kernel of $phi: V_1 otimes V_2 rightarrow W$ only intersects this subvariety at $0$.

sharepoint server – powershell script to replace a user Identity with a different identity

I’m having SharePoint 2016 On-premise environment, now we have a requirement as follows.

we have nearly 100 SharePoint Groups, where we had already have many user’s identity added as DOMAINusername ,now we want to add their full Email ID to connect the site with Azure AD. In other words, in each group we need to take a list of existing user IDs (DOMAINusername)and add a new Identity( )for each user in the same group.

Initially we started adding the IDs manually, but its time taking process.

can anyone please suggest a power shell script to complete this activity easily.

usa – If a US citizen shows up at the US border with no US passport, are immigration officials obligated to help them prove their identity?

(Note: this is US-specific but if other countries have similar laws it would be interesting to hear the analogous situations as well)

I know that the law states that US citizens have the right to enter the US based on their status as a citizen alone, not on on their possession of a passport; that is, it is illegal to deny entry to a US citizen simply because they don’t have their passport.

So for example, if an American shows up to a US border without their passport but with a driver’s license or some other form of ID, it might be a more laborious process, but they will be let in once their identity can be proved.

However, what if hypothetically, someone who claims to be a US citizen shows up with nothing at all? Are immigration officials obligated to do everything they possibly can (e.g. going to that person’s house to get their ID, summoning their acquaintances for interview; I’m honestly not sure what else …) to help the person prove their identity, or in that case are they allowed to turn them away?