design – What is the best way to validate a "set" semantic input JSON array parameter in a blog site, to ignore it silently, or report an error?

I develop a blog site, for each article, it has a list of tags, just like stackoverflow.

There is no doubt that on the server side I will expose an API like blog/edit client side, and the request parameter like:

class BlogEditParam{
    private List tags;

I must therefore definitively validate the tags on the server side, as if to check if the name of the tag exists or not, there is no doubt.

However, the tags field has "defined" semantics, there can be no duplication. for example, a publication cannot have a list of tags such as:
c++, java, c++

What should I do if there is a possible duplication of the input parameter? It seems to me that I have two strategies:

  1. ignore it silently. For the example I showed above, I remove all server-side duplication and accept this request (of course, the c++ and java the tag must pass the existing validation)
  2. report an error to the client when looking for such duplication

What is the best way in this blog application scenario?

I use Spring Boot as the server side framework. It uses jackson to deserialize the request body, I know I could write the input parameter like:

class BlogEditParam{
    private Set tags;

But in fact, it simply ignores duplication during deserialization, just like the first strategy I mentioned above.

How to choose a single lish object that contains data and ignore the rest

Hi guys,
It's me again. I check if the objects contain value with Object.keys as below:


Code (markup):

It would return the list like this:


Code (markup):

The list is not ordered and the number of items is variable depending on the amount of items checked. It would be generated automatically. So how can I choose the one that has data and ignore the rest.
I make the switch and it doesn't work.

var flag;
switch (Object.keys(obj).length) {
    case 3:
        flag = true;
        break; // => it does not break
    case 0:
        flag = false;
        flag = false;
console.log(flag); // still => false, false, false, true, false, false

Code (markup):

Doing this doesn't work either:

var flag;
if(obj !== 'undefined') {
    flag = true;
} else {
    flag = false;
console.log(flag); // false, false, true, false, false, false

Code (markup):

thank you,

dnd 5e – Is my internal rule of use of my grapple / net use balanced? (i.e. these attacks ignore armor / armor)

I watch the grappling and net attacks and have tried them extensively in the game both as a player and as a DM. I would not want to unbalance the game, but it is not clear to me that it would be more difficult to grab a knight in plate armor than if he were not armed with 39; a net, in reality.

Plus, the net is really completely useless as it stands. I have tried it for monsters, my players have tried it as players. I tried it as a player. It's just a waste of time for everyone … at best, it causes a player to lose an action … and when you try it on the tank, it is still missing anyway without no chance of doing damage. If you want to make a party, it is much more effective to simply reduce your hit points.

In my opinion, it would be better (and much more logical) to ignore the armor. Only the DX mod should count against such attacks. I would go further and say that the same argument could be made for any type of grappling.

Now I understand that RAW does not make this allocation but my question is – should it? It may be something that should be changed. And I also understand that I'm probably going to shut down because I'm asking for an opinion, not an interpretation of the rules … but I want to socialize this idea in some way and I can't think of a better platform .

It has many advantages. If grappling is effective, it will be used … which means fewer campaign deaths, which can lead to more role-playing.

magento2 – ignore default luma image generation when deploying static content in the magento cloud

I have a requirement where I must ignore the images that have been generated by static content: deploy to Magento.

In my local environment and test environments have the option –no-images. But how can I implement this in the Magento cloud environment? Please note that I have to compile the theme of the luma store, but not the images of the luma store.

Please give your opinion.

google analytics – Ignore URL request parameters in behavior stream

An important part of my web application is a rich search functionality with around 7 different facets to filter on. All search parameters are fully represented in the page URL; this means that a user can stay on what is conceptually the search page (i.e. the URL always has the same path, /search) but with different combinations of query parameters (?q=holiday&fa=200&fb=3&...) as she fine-tunes the filters.

My objective is twofold:

  1. To be able to capture all the combinations of search filters emitted in a user session, for a deeper understanding of how people find what they are looking for. In particular, I would like to see the full query parameters for each page viewed during our export to BigQuery
  2. At a higher level, our product manager requires Google Analytics Behavior flow graph to group consecutive searches into a single interaction step (as long as the user has not left the search to access the details of an item and then return). In my opinion, that means I want the behavior flow to ignore everything in the page path after the ?.

When I let gtag.js record page views by itself, I seem to fail at goal 2 because I see query parameters – even referrer session tracking! – in the interaction stages. When I deactivate send_page_view and instead send explicitly a page view by setting on the gtag configuration {page_path: '/search'}, which omits the query parameters, then I reach Objective 2 but I have lost the rich data required for Objective 1.

Does Google Analytics offer a compromise? I have read information about content groupings, but the documents have led me to believe that it could be for static pages rather than unlimited dynamic search results.

web – Are there any disadvantages to using tabindex to ignore navigation elements and access an entry?

No – looks great. Quick fix – no unnecessary information.

If you use the tab in this post (First – active tags – subsequent actions – your avatar – nickname – and action add a comment)

question: what is the demand from users, tags, options or viewing your profile?

Is it worth it to skip 9 actions – to reach 10 ultimately the most suitable (add a comment)?

However, in the case of inputs, I think there are not many financial possibilities, so the action is more justified by practical use.

dnd 5th – UA Psionic Wizard & # 39; s While Form allows you to ignore unused hardware components with a cost?

The psionic wizards of UA get a special ability called the thought form where they become pure energy beings. Part of this ability is psionic spell casting.

Thought form

Psionic spellcasting.

When you cast a thought spell, you
can cast the spell psionically. If you do, the spell doesn't work
require verbal, somatic or material components that have no gold cost.

What does that mean? Functionally, you have an arcane focus as a class entity, so the material component is generally not important.

This means that you cannot cast free spells like Glyph of Protection (200g of dust, consumed). However, can you cast spells that don't consume materials like Chromatic Orb (50gp, diamond)?

Otherwise, the "no hardware component" seems irrelevant because you already have your psionic focus to activate the ability.

display – Ignore OneDrive URL

Hello forum members,

My question concerns a pdf document on onedrive, named PDF_test.
It is in a folder called TEST.

When you click on the pdf-doc, this URL is displayed:

I guess it refers to the fILE_ID + instruction "open in OneDrive-viewer".

Then you can choose " SHARE & # 39; which changes the URL to:!Al8FbWHAf4rCmA2Dn1s-U-b8tJhp

QUESTION: How to adjust the URL to make the pdf appear in full screen in the browser instead of the OneDrive viewer?

Key issues 1.No visible URL if possible + 2.The PDF document opens in full screen mode.

Who can help me? Thanks in advance, NFG.

PS I have created a account, which gives the option to embed using HTML but so far I have not been able to change the code to make it appear 100% .
The URL below might be useful although it did not solve the puzzle for me …

htaccess – How to ignore the folder at the root of the site when accessing a URL

I have a folder in the public_html directory of my site called /connect. The folder is at the origin of the page to access a parent index page instead of the configured WordPress page.

Deleting this folder fixes the problem, but this folder continues to be added daily by my autoSSL program. This was due to a subdomain being configured, but even after removing it from DNS, it is still added daily.

Can I do something for the htaccess file, or something else to ignore this folder and use the WordPress page that I set up?

There is no way I can change the URL, the client has sent print media with the URL on it.

[ Politics ] Open question: if Trump does not trust and ignore his intelligence agencies, then where did he get the information that four embassies were about to be attacked?

[Politics] Open question: If Trump doesn't trust his intelligence agencies and ignore them, then where did he get the information that four embassies were about to be attacked?