Looking for replacement of WebNX Storage server and servers with iGPU

Webnx has announce their servers wont be back for weeks. We dont have weeks.

Looking for these in the West Coast USA.

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Looking for a dedicated server with intel iGPU

I am looking for a dedicated server for plex which can do occasional HW transcoding.
I am looking for an unmanaged server
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windows 10 – How to enable iGPU for dual monitor use?

So, I have an AMD RX 570 GPU with only one output (DVI). It was originally made for mining so that would answer why it only has 1 output. My CPU has an integrated GPU so I wanted to use that for dual monitor, however the PC just doesn’t detect the iGPU. I checked in BIOS to see if there’s any option regarding the iGPU, but I couldn’t find anything.

How can I enable the iGPU?

Dedicated server with igpu or gpu in USA


I am searching for a server provider with specs:

min 7700k cpu (I would use the server as my plex server for my family and me, and I need hevc hw transcoding), or server with newer nvidia gpu.

min 16gb ram

480gb ssd or more

30tb bw ( I would be probably okey with less, but lets say 30 is enough)

1gb or 10gb upload

Location USA

Budget around $100, if It can be cheaper that would be great

I would use the server as my main plex server, I need newer cpu or gpu for hevc transcoding because too often my users are transcoding hevc and older cpu are bad with it.