planning – What is the most effective advice to avoid/minimise risk of illness when travelling in Africa?

Obviously it depends on where you go, and when you go.

Different areas have different bugs, there is the malaria belt, and you’ll need Yellow Fever vaccinations for some countries.

The simplest answer to all this, especially if you’re paranoid: be as prepared as you possible can.

What this means:

  • Have all appropriate vaccinations. This includes the essentials, the recommended, and asking if they have any other fun ones in the back you could get while you’re there. Rabies for example, is hardly ever suggested, but can be useful, and if you’re getting jabbed anyway, why not?!

  • Have a medicine kit. Not a simple buy-from-your-supermarket one, but a proper one with bandages, splints, etc.

  • Ask your doctor if he’s prepared to give you a run of antibiotics in advance. If you get really sick somewhere they may not be available, and you could start on your emergency run immediately!

  • Sunscreen, mosquito nets, long but light sleeves, a hat – so simple, but so many don’t have them!

  • All those ‘incidental’ but really really useful medicines – paracetomol/aspirin (painkillers), anti-vomiting, immodium (for traveller stomach), anti-itch cream for when bitten, anti-septic ointment for cuts / scrapes.

  • Sexual protection, if you’re planning on engaging in any of that activity.

  • Surgical gloves in your medicine kit

  • Learn basic CPR and first-aid skills

  • Anti-bacterial wipes/spray for your hands before you eat etc

  • Let friends/family know your route, plans, schedule.

  • Bring any medical records you have. It’d be terrible for a doctor to unknowingly give you a medicine which clashed with something you have or had been on, or were allergic to.

  • research and print locations and contact details for doctors and hospitals in the areas you’re going. It’s soo much easier to do online from the comfort of your own home, than when you’re feeling sick and on the road with limited internet access!

When there:

  • Always check the meat, that it’s freshly and properly cooked.

  • Perhaps avoid the salads/vegetables if they’ve been washed in the local water.

  • Always boil local water. Even use chemicals to kill bugs if you want (you can buy cannisters of the stuff)

  • Apply common-sense.


We have a great page on what happens with malaria itself!

Other disease – there are so many symptoms that they’re too many to list here. The most important thing is to listen to your body – it’ll tell you if there’s a problem. But with most of them, common signs of anything being wrong will include one or more or all of: headache, diarrhea, faintness, shortness of breath, coughing, unusual tiredness, spots in front of your eyes, loss of appetite, temperature (look for shivering), discoloration of the skin, unusual lesions or lumps, swelling – basically, something is wrong = could be a sign! 😉

While there are doctors in all countries, their skill, language abilities and knowledge will vary dramatically (I was made very aware of this in Tajikistan). Check online, sometimes there’s an international hospital or doctor, and these can be the most use as they’ll have valuable information and often drugs for people more susceptible to disease: foreigners like us 😉

In the end, it’s a bit of a lottery anyway. I’ve been to about 10 countries in Africa, and the only one I had stomach issues on was an organized, sanitized tour of Egypt. Everywhere else I was fine.

But remember, this is Africa you’re aiming for! Land of the wide horizon, great sunsets, abundant wildlife, and landscape as old as time itself. Take some risks, odds are that the rewards will far outweigh the risks themselves.



To add some more information, I found a great if slightly… ok VERY disturbing read on how to avoid getting parasites. Essentially it comes down to the same – don’t eat raw meat, etc etc, but there’s some good specific information there too.

mental illness

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What counts as illness?

Do the books contain a definition of the rules of what is and is not a disease?

Here are some examples of foods that I, the DM, would like to see if they fit the definition if such a thing exists. I have put a wide range of foods here and included things like kidney failure to try to illustrate what I would like to compare to the definition.


  • Down syndrome
  • Diabetes
  • Renal failure
  • Malaria (dormant or active)

Illness – How to create a character suffering from a chronic illness?

Since it's 2E, you can also use Disadvantages. This could be modeled using Vulnerable (which actually increases the difficulty of some backups), Weakness (which gradually reduces your stats under certain conditions, such as not receiving your medications), and Disability (more a general reduction in controls, or disability, due to physical or mental ailments). As with all aspects of the game, you will need to work with your GM to know the frequency and severity of the inconvenience, but you will get extra points to spend on your character.


You are vulnerable to a particular type of attack. Frequency is based on how
you often encounter your vulnerability. Intensity measures vulnerability
you are; minor vulnerabilities add +1 to the DC backup roll. Moderate vulnerabilities increase the backup limit modifier by 50% (× 1.5, rounded).
up). Major vulnerabilities increase the hard disk backup modifier by 100% (× 2).
For example, an attack dealing +7 points of damage normally deals +8 damage to
a person with a minor vulnerability (7 + 1), +11 to a person with a moderate vulnerability (7 × 1.5 = 10.5, rounded up), and +14 to a person with a
major vulnerability (7 × 2).


You suffer from something normally harmless to others. It can be a
the weakness of the vampire in the sun or the holy water or the weakness of a hero
exposed to incandescent meteorites. Alternatively, it may be the lack of something,
like the need for blood of a vampire, the drug need of an addict, the
need water, etc. Frequency depends on how often you encounter
your weakness The intensity is based on the effect that weakness has on you.

  • Minor: cumulative -1 on checks, the attack bonus or the defense bonus.
  • Moderate: cumulative -1 penalty to all controls, attack rolls and
    Defense, or a -1 accumulated on a score of aptitude.
  • Major: cumulative -1 drain on all capacity scores.

The basic time before a weakness affects you is 20 minutes. Increase
the value of 1 of each disadvantage. Progression of time and value
and decrease it by 1 for each step. So a weakness that affects
each turn is +4 points, while the one that only touches you once a day is
-3 points. If your weakness is an instantaneous effect rather than a continuous one,
as an attack, it has a time modifier of +0. If your weakness affects your
The build score (and therefore kill you) adds +1 to its value.


You lack a particular ability that most people have. The frequency of the
The disadvantage is the frequency with which this lack limits you, while the intensity
represents the severity of the limitation. Blindness (very frequent, major, 5 points), deafness (very frequent, moderate, 4
points), one arm (very common, moderate, 4 points), mute (very common,
moderate, 4 points), paraplegic (common, major, 4 points), one eye (-4
with ranged attacks, common, moderate, 3 points) and illiterate (unusual, minor, 1 point)

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Pathfinder – When is a PC aware of having contracted an illness?

In simple terms, you can not realize that you are sick by yourself.

They will know if they feel weaker, stunned, confused, overwhelmed, annoyed than their usual person, or if red dots begin to appear all over their skin, or if their skin starts to peel or crumble (ew) .

But even a care test can not tell exactly what illness a character has, or even if he has an illness. The symptoms can really be anything, from poison to diseases, curses, magical effects (nightmares), or your GM to be mean to you for not bringing him beer.

As a GM, I simply try to play the role of effects by describing what they feel. This time we had a Magus character wearing a cursed bandana who caused INT -4 and made him believe that he was the smartest guy in the world. We all played a role as he had +4 INT ("the effect of disguised magic"). acted as if it was true.

Of course, he did not know that it was cursed. I had a ton of work to manage his abilities and if his INT was actually 4 points lower instead of 4 points higher. And he only thought something was happening when the spells he had memorized using slot machines of this higher INT score began to fail. But it took him about 6 sessions to ask someone to embody the bandanna's identity and learn about the spell.


Knowledge in a specific area related to the treatment of diseases, such as Knowledge (Religion) to know that ghouls are carriers of a disease, or Knowledge (Nature) to know that rats carry disease, will eventually allow you to know what kind of disease could be affecting a character. But the exact domain controller and the type of information provided depend on the MJ, and will experience variations in the tables.


Just as the knowledge, the profession, as long as it is related to the cause of the disease (herbalist? Doctor?), Can give you information about what is happening. But again, the information and the CD depend entirely on your CEO and may not work at all.


The Diagnose Illness spell has been written to solve your problems.

You determine whether a creature, object, or region has disease or infestation (including mold, mud, and other similar hazards), or any unusual or supernatural effects that cause sick or nauseating effects. If there is a present illness, you know what disease it is and its effects.

[ Rap and Hip-Hop ] Open question: Do you think Kanye West is a mental illness?

[ Rap and Hip-Hop ] Open question: Do you think Kanye West is a mental illness? .

google sheets – Buy Zithromax 500mg may be unusual after an illness

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