image quality – what is the global market value of Photo Booth

A Photo booth is a digital cash dispenser consisting of a camera and a film processor specifically used for capturing photographs for official documents and for entertainment purposes. In recent years, the photo booth market has developed thanks to its simple business model. Photo booths have become popular because of its adoption at weddings, parties, corporate events and government services.

Photo booths companies primarily offer rental services on an hourly basis, thus contributing significantly to the growth of the market. The main equipment required for the photo booth is the camera, background, accessories and other peripherals such as the printer and software, which reduces the investment needed to support many newcomers to the camera. market. Photo booths are mainly used to capture photos of official documents such as passports, driving licenses and other documents. On top of that, he has gained tremendous popularity in weddings, parties and another entertainment occasion, propelling the growth of the market.

themes – Twenty Seventeen Header Image Positioning

I'm using the Twenty Seventeen theme with the "Options for Twenty Seventeen" plugin.

My header image has a center point at the bottom, which is a problem when the site switches to mobile view mode by cutting it from all sides. Since there is no "out of the box" option to set the position of the background image of the header, I am looking for a way to modify the CSS to cut the image only from the above.

What additional CSS can I add in the design options to achieve this behavior?

Force Lightroom Classic to write the entire image at once during export? (Export to a networked GCS bucket)

I run out of space on my local computer. So I mounted a Google Cloud Storage bucket on my local computer using gcsfuse. I'm now exporting my Lightroom Classic library as JPEG files in the mounted GCS bay, but

Can RAW image files deteriorate over time?

Some time ago, I was at a photographer's home, I took pictures of my son and I came back to view and select a series of images, which I wanted to print, and that I wanted to receive by file transfer .

The photographer advised against only relying on raw digital files as they could deteriorate over time. Coming from a software program, it seemed strange to me, but I have no experience with raw image data storage, so I could be wrong. Is there no verification of the integrity of files to verify that the data did not deteriorate?

Is it true that raw files can deteriorate over time, even if you have a redundant and reliable storage medium on which the file apparently has not changed?

image processing – Is there a SubImage application?

Supposing f matches {__Rectangle}:

subImageApply[image_Image, sub : {__Rectangle}, filter_] := Fold[
  ImageCompose[#, #2[[1]], #2[[2]], {0, 0}] &
, image
, { filter @ ImageTrim[image, #],  #[[1]] } & /@ sub

subImageApply[img, f, Blur[#, 12] &]

enter the description of the image here

You can use ImageConvolve or what you need instead of Blur.

Fold is there to report multiple rectangles.

Proof of the relationship between the image area and the focal length of a lens

It is common knowledge that the area of ​​the image is directly proportional to the square of the focal length of the lens.

Is there any mathematical proof to that?

I am looking for a complete proof that comes to the conclusion.

Any help would be appreciated.

How can I mirror the image on kindle fire?

I want to print a saying from my little book, but it must reflect a mirror image. How am I doing this?

kubernetes – A Minishift extraction image from a private registry generates a "service unavailable" error

I have deployed the minishift locally. I'm trying to access a private registry. When I try to "shoot from the image", an error message stating that the "service is unavailable" with the minishift registry attempted to access seems to be correct.

I wonder if the fact that the registry is secure / not secure is a problem, but I do not know if it concerns the authentication requirements of the registry served by TLS. If not, does that pose a problem with my proxies? I work on a company network.

How to determine which jpeg is closest to the original image and has the most information?

It is unlikely that any of the images you have are the original if you do not have access to the device from which they came. Apple devices typically resize images when sharing. If you need the original, contact the owner of the device that created it.

Deciding which image is "closer" to the original is a judgment that requires examining the content of the image, but the third file is probably "closer" because:

  • It has a higher resolution than the other two files.
  • It came from an email, presumably from someone with access to the original. Apple devices often resize images when sharing.

Between the first two images, the second is probably "closer" to the original because:

  • The software seldom automatically names the files according to the faces recognized in the image. The second file has the typical prefix-date naming scheme.
  • Show P3 vs sRGB. The first file has undergone at least one conversion step to change color space.
  • The modified timestamp of the first file is ~ 8 min after the second one.

The file name of the third image is typical of a chop (string of numbers and letters A to F). This is typical of images that have passed through an online service, such as Facebook.

customization – Is there a way to add an unlimited number of image controllers?

Is it possible to add an unlimited number of image controllers in the personalization section? For example, if you have an image controller setting with the cutter, but want to add multiple entries to add more images to the customizer without hardcoding it. Is there a way to do that?