Converting an image from a plot to a plot?

Does Wolfram have the ability to (attempt to) convert an image of an arbitrary plot on the Web, for example:

enter the description of the image here

to its corresponding Wolfram representation (in this case:BarChart)?

wordpress – How to programmatically set the price of a product, a brief description, as well as the featured image? The cart must be empty all the time

I need to dynamically "preconfigure" an existing WooCommerce product, which is initially pretty much "empty". And by "empty", I mean:

  • price: 0.00 (currency symbol)
  • brief description: empty string
  • the selected image: no

The "blank" product must be pre-configured programmatically with custom data, according to the list above, based on a visitor's choices, and then be ready to be added to the shopping cart each time the visitor gets to decides later during their browsing session on the whole site.

For example, based on the visitor's previous choices, such a preconfigured product would have the following characteristics:

  • price: 1290.00 (currency symbol)
  • Short description: "This wardrobe has 4 doors blah blah blah …"
  • featured image: dynamically generated

An important aspect of all this is that the cart must be empty all the time, or at least until the visitor decides later to add the product "preconfigured" to the cart, ie the product Maybe not already be in the cart before it's "pre-configured".

Here is a potential pseudo-code representation of this process:

  1. WooCommerce select a product with ID X Y Z
  2. WooCommerce product with login X Y Z price at ABC
  3. WooCommerce product with login X Y Z brief description at "lorem ipsum"
  4. WooCommerce product with login X Y Z the selected image to the image id def

Do you have any thoughts on how to do this?

Thank you so much!

How to set the product image first as a basic image programmatically

How to set the first product image as a base image programmatically

enter the description of the image here

Modify the basic image of the product image by Magento 2 program

I want to change the basic image of the bulk product image by Magento 2 program

sharing – Why Facebook reframes my image in shared publishing?

According to Facebook's webmaster documents here, if an image in a post is less than 600 x 315, it should always be displayed in a rectangular form. But when I post a photo of 382 x 200, it is cropped in square.

Where do the documents explain this behavior? How can I prevent this cropping?

In-depth learning – Is pixel standardization necessary in medical image segmentation?

I have a CT-Scan dataset representing the sweeping of the hips. I am not currently normalizing the pixel value because, in CT-Scan, the pixel value represents a different part of the scan (bone 1000+, water0, air-1000, etc.). The pixel range also changes with each scan (eg -500: 1500, -400: 1200).
I wonder if normalizing a pixel value between (0,1) would be a + for my workout or if I would lose information about the relationship between the int pixel value and the truth of the segmentation.
thanks for the answers

When I install Nvidia Drive and Cuda, CentOS 7 can not boot [image]

What is the reason that prevents CentOS7 from initializing itself when installing the Nvidia and Cuda driver.

I've tried it twice. The first time, the driver is installed only when I restart the computer, it hangs on the next screen. The second time, I used yum directly installed Cuda which will also install the driver. Everything will be fine and will be installed successfully, but again the same error has occurred.

enter the description of the image here

One of the tutorials I followed

artifacts – Finding pixels / duplicate objects along image joins

I have a joint two photos attached by an alignment algorithm that sometimes generates duplicate pixels / objects / artifacts on both sides of the seam of the final aligned photo. The images are large and currently, the seams are checked manually to detect duplicate artifacts / objects. Is there an algorithm / software / programming package that will allow me to search for duplicates more quickly along the seams, preferably automatically? The algorithm should be able to spot arbitrary duplicates on both sides of the seam. What I am dealing with is described below:

 | <---- Seam
o|o <---- Duplicated object
x|x <---- Duplicated object

How to move a user interface image from one parent panel to another in Unity?

I have a Canvas and on top, I have the TopPanel and the BottomPanel. I also have a Image this is first on the BottomPanel. After clicking a button, this image should go to the TopPanel and become a child of the TopPanel.
How should I move this Image at TopPanel? How to convert your local coordinates to coordinates of Canvas?

Does my Tamron VC lens (image stabilization) work properly for long-exposure shots taken with a tripod?

Tamron manual VC instructions below.

Note in particular:
1. Disable the VC switch when using a tripod.
2. The VC mechanism can introduce errors during long exposures.
3. When the shutter button is pressed halfway, it takes about 1 second for the VC to provide a stable picture.
4. When VC is not used, set the switch to Off.

How to use the VC mechanism
1] Turn on the VC switch.
When VC is not used, turn off the switch.
2] Press the shutter button halfway to check the VC effect.
When the shutter button is pressed halfway, it takes about 1 second for the VC to provide a stable picture.

The VC can be effective for hand-firing under the following conditions.
• Low light places
• Scenes where flash photography is prohibited
• Situations where your foot is uncertain
• Take panoramic pictures of a moving subject

The VC may not be able to give full effect in the following cases:
• When a photo is taken from a fast moving vehicle
• Shooting during the excessive movement of the camera
• Turn off the VC switch when taking pictures with the bulb setting or during long exposures. If the VC switch is ON, the VC mechanism may introduce errors.

• With the VC mechanism, sometimes the image in the viewfinder becomes scrambled just after the shutter button is pressed halfway, but it is not a malfunction.
• When VC is on, the number of recordable pictures is reduced due to the power used by the camera.
• When the VC is turned on, immediately after the shutter button is pressed halfway and about 2 seconds after the shutter release button is released, the camera will "click". This sound is the locking mechanism of the VC that turns on, not a malfunction.
• Disable the VC switch when using a tripod.
• After releasing the shutter button, the VC will continue to operate for about 2 seconds until the lock mechanism activates.