images – Miui’s default file explorer’s private folder encryption issue

I am no techie and no good with codes either but a good Scriptkidie if u suggest some work around for my serious issue here!!
Hi everyone, I am on Android 11 poco x3p, recently I hide some image files via miui file manager(, later want to restore them but unable to restore those due to lack of my knowledge that time.
(It was a bug : Actually as a newbie to private folder, who wants to restore pics will click on menu which shows only one option “restore encrypted files” But instead it did nothing, later only I came to know that “remove” option appeared while selecting a file actually do the job to restore files to destined path user desired). //Edit:I was able to see & access those at that time.

Whatever I tried asking in several forums regarding restoring files, so someone suggested try another similar app (which is file explorer with diff version from mi only), after installing this when I tried to access those encrypted files from new app, it kinda got encrypted and the image turned to some random names +some without some extensions & some with(.jpg) at end. //now I am not able to access/view my images, even not able to see them in default app. Obviously installing the second app and accessing the private folder from it encrypted my files.

I tried uninstalling the later apk, but the images in previous app didn’t changed, so in pursue forward I came here..

From my research till now- encryption keys are stored in device only.+ I failed to locate these files via pc too .
{So my question is, is there a way to restore my files from either via any apk clients who are experienced with decrypting stuffs or is there a way via pc restoring them via some tool/software.}

Or someone can suggest something else method please..!
View of encrypted files inside private folder
view of another file manager if someone recognise it, I can't remember the apk details though

How can I batch process HDR images in Lightroom?

I don’t think it’s possible in Lightroom. You could, however, cut down the processing passes by stitching three bracketed sets first, and then doing the HDR/exposure fusion of the panoramas, so instead of exposure-merging eight sets of images and then stitching, you stitch three sets of eight images, and then exposure merge three panos.

It is possible to stich and HDR/exposure fuse at the same time in PTGui or Hugin which are packages specifically made for panorama stitching. I’ve created 360×180 exposure-fused equirectangulars from bracketed sets of images in both packages. You simply have to specify the bracketed groups before doing alignment and stitching, and you typically have your choice to either create HDR files, or use exposure fusing (e.g., enfuse) instead.

wp api – why woocommerce api only do not upload images from local computer?

I want to upload images on my computer to a wordpress website, however the woocommerce api is only working well with everything except images on my computer.
Here is the code I am using when it works just fine, creates the product and uploads the image:

require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';
use AutomatticWooCommerceClient;

$woocommerce = new Client(
    ( 'version' => 'wc/v3', )

$data = (
    'name' => 'Premium Quality',
    'type' => 'simple',
    'regular_price' => '21.99',
    'description' => 'Pellentesque hec eu libero sit amet quamleo.',
    'short_description' => 'Pellentesque habitant morbi tristiqeq.',
    'categories' => ( ( 'id' => 35 ) ),
    'images' => ( ( 'src' => '' ) )
$result = $woocommerce->post('products', $data);


then I change the image path from online somewhere to a path of my computer like so:

'images' => ( ( 'src' => 'C:Users579Desktop2.1.jpg' ) )

But doesn’t create the product or uploads the image throwing this error: Invalid URL Provided. (woocommerce_product_image_upload_error)

My question is how to upload images from local pc to wordpress website?

magento2 – Images missing after upgrade

I have updated my site to Mage2.4.2, after the upgrade some of the products missing the images, instead of the original image it’s loading no image.Is there any way like MySQL query or code that will automatically remove empty images instead of manually change each image by edit? Screenshot is attached .
enter image description here

Images are displayed in others users content

I have set up a WP site for Real Estate.
The website has multi user function so that different users can upload content.

Recently i have run into the problem where images have been swapped with different users.
So when user A posts content with image X.
Image is X is also displayed in a post of user B.

Also can image X appear in other posts from user A.

I have no clue where to search for a cause. I do make use of S3 in combination with wpengine. I have made use of CDN and CDN image optimizers, however to search for the cause i have deactivated all these functions for now.

Does any of you ran into a similar problem?

Adding transition together with multiple overlay images using FFMPEG

I am using ffmpeg for image overlay.

I have multiple images, which I wanted to overlay. My below code workd great for this.

ffmpeg -i D:/Test.mp4 
-i D:Imagestest.jpg 
-i D:Imagestest2.jpg 

-filter_complex  "(0)(1)overlay=x=0:y=0:enable='between(t,1237.216831,1837.216831)'(v1);

 -map "(v2)" -map 0:a

Now, I wanted to bring different effects at the time of image overlay. I learnt give effects using code


How do I apply transitions in my overlay image code together?

Please guide.

Kind Regards,

Downloading and renaming images using python

I am trying to download and rename images from a from a website using this code-

import pandas as pd
import requests

df = pd.read_excel("images.xlsx")
data = df.to_dict()
for i in range(0, len(data('ITEMS'))):
        for url in data('IMAGES')(i).split(","):
            ext = "." +data('IMAGES')(i).split(".")(-1)
            r = requests.get(url, allow_redirects=True)
            open(data('ITEMS')(i)+ext, 'wb').write(r.content)

But it is not downloading and renaming

Here is one images link I am sharing, of that website- Image

And for other websites it is working.

Please tell me why it is not working on this website and what is the solution for this

Thank you

How do I find the slope or cone in Fourier Domain for moving images

Reference Image I am translating this shown image by 10 pixels horizontally and 10 pixels vertically and linearly increasing the amount of pixels I am translating for four images (Eg.: (10,10), (20,20), (30,30), (40,40).

In addition, between the two images, I am having apparent motion of the snow. (I couldn’t attach as a GIF but the idea is that different part of images are moving differently).

I am taking Fourier of all images and I want to define slope that represents the apparent motion in an image and the motion due to my translation separately for each images. I understand we can find a cone that represents motion for multiple images, but that seems more complicated. I have successfully implemented till finding Fourier images but I am unable to define slope. Any help would be appreciated.

I find the following answers Answer1 very helpful Answer 2 but unlike the answers, my image doesn’t have a slope in it, but only in Fourier domain.