mysql – Find locations of all featured images of message projects via SQL

I am trying to get the file locations of all featured images used in draft publications via SQL and phpmyadmin.

the type of attachment should contain the location of the image in the guid column.

SELECT voybp_posts.guid
FROM voybp_posts
WHERE voybp_posts.ID IN (SELECT voybp_postmeta.meta_value
                        FROM voybp_postmeta
                        WHERE voybp_postmeta.meta_value = voybp_posts.ID
                        AND voybp_postmeta.meta_key="_thumbnail_id")

This currently returns the locations of ALL attachments, I think I need a subquery to find only the "draft" type messages but I'm a bit confused.

astrophotography – Stacking more images will produce more detail in this galaxy photo?

In my limited experience (back when Astrostack was the hot element, and using video captured in 640×480 with a webcam – call it 1998), stacking more images would decrease the noise appearance by averaging it, but would not increase detail beyond double the actual pixel resolution of the image (you only get that because the image image moves a little on the pixel field and the stacking software performs a sub-pixel alignment).

What you need in the image above to see more details in the galaxy is probably a higher magnification. If you can add a teleconverter to this lens without degrading the image quality, you may see some improvement, but if not, just invest in a telescope and a polar tracking mount, or to get a longer goal. for your current configuration. A high quality lens over 300mm will likely cost as much or more than a small refractor, so it's probably a jet-up – ideally, you would have the option to test the telescope before buy, because some will get the resolution you need, and some won't.

Does Google Photos replace images on the device with low quality versions like iCloud does?

On iCloud, under "optimize storage", there is an option to save photos to iCloud and replace those on the DEVICE with low quality copies.
Do Google photos work the same way? Does the selection of "high quality" or "free up space" replace the original photos?

Significant performance difference for downloading images with HTTP / 1.1 and HTTP / 1.0 using Firefox and Chromium?

When you host a web page with many small images (about 500 images with a size <100×100 in pixels) in the static directory using Python Flask on a local device and you view it with Firefox 74 and Chrome 80 respectively, a significant difference in performance is noted:

  • With HTTP / 1.0, the loading time is: Firefox 3.12s, Chrome 30s.
  • With HTTP / 1.1, the loading time is: Firefox 3.68s, Chrome 1.7s.

Chromium seems to be fast with HTTP / 1.1 but extremely slow when using HTTP / 1.0. I would like to know why there is such a difference?

How to publish Blogger, I mean Limit of the character and the images?

How to publish Blogger, I mean Limit of the character and the images?

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  1. How to publish Blogger, I mean Limit of the character and the images?

    How to publish Blogger, I mean Limit of the character and the images?

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htaccess – Magento2 images do not load

I am new to magento, I am building a store in this area I have deployed the site in the subfolder, now the problem is that the images are not loading on my site, I think it is due to .htaccess file, but I don't quite understand.

1] Site without .htaccess in the pub directory

enter description of image here

2] Site with .htaccess in the pub directory

enter description of image here

I tried to delete the cache, build the index, configure: upgrade, etc.
Please guide me on this

Extract images from a pdf file using a python script

I have this code

#!/usr/bin/env python
#-*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import os
    from textract import *
except ModuleNotFoundError:
    os.system('sudo apt-get install -y python3 python-dev python-pip build-essential swig git libpulse-dev && pip3 install pocketsphinx && pip3 install textract')
    os.system('pip3 install textract')
    from textract import *
# É inserido o ficheiro
ficheiro=input('insira o ficheiro pdf:')
#processa o ficheiro
data =process(ficheiro)
#imprime para o ecra e descodifica o texto
print (data.decode('utf8'))

The purpose of this code was to open a pdf file and extract text and images from it, but it just takes the text

Anyone know how to fix this problem?

Is there a way to view all of the images in a web slideshow in one page at a time?

For example:

  • Scroll down to the photo gallery slideshow.

Continuing to press "next photo", it's such a waste of time, I just want to see
all the thumbnails in a normal web layout without this ineffective interface …

Is there a way?

resolution – Why are 48mp images taken with a very bad 4k camcorder?

Video cameras can get away with much more noise due to the low resolution of the video and the noise spread over time. This camera has a sensor with a cropping factor of 7.9, which means that it has 1/64 the area of ​​a full-frame sensor. It would actually be surprising if it even had the 4K advertised on the longest side, but you have an 8K × 6K photo, so even assuming a real 4K sensor (which would be surprising at this sensor size ), only 1 in 4 pixels has a chance of not being the result of interpolation. But the staircase of oblique lines does not look like an interpolation by a factor of 2 but at least by 4, so that 1 pixel out of 16 (or more like 25) is based on data from ; real image rather than interpolation.

Which means this camera is a trash can, not a 4K camera. It can produce production 4000 pixels per line in video mode, but the actual resolution with which the camera works is much smaller.

The image sensor is probably similar to what was used 10 years ago in cellphones. EXIF data does not even contain a manufacturer or brand name.

Just write it down. This thing is a hoax.

linux – Synchronization of Virt disk images between computers

I am trying to figure out how to synchronize the disk images created by Virt between two computers so that I can open this virtual machine on one or the other, and synchronize the modifications on the other when I will be finished. For reference, I use these virtual machines as development boxes and I would like to be able to switch between my laptop and my desktop for development.

The two hosts are Linux (specifically CentOS and Ubuntu). I plan to use Resilio to sync files to each other, but I'm having a problem with Virt locking files to the root property when virtual machines are running.

My current idea is to use rsync to synchronize files to / from the Resilio folder. Is this a good way to do it, or is there an easier way?

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