Linux workflow for browse images + raw edit?

I’m currently on a Mac using Capture One and have a very simple photos workflow. It is:

  • import images, usually raw
  • add folder to Capture One
  • browse new and existing photos
  • edit selected images
  • get out, and browse, repeat …
  • back up folder structure to NAS

I don’t spent a huge amount of time editing. It’s probably 50/50 browse/edit.

The nice thing about this single-app workflow is that the edits I make are visible in the browser. I don’t need to do anything in particular, and so the workflow is very fast.

But, I want to move to Linux. And it seems there are a bunch of different programs. They all do their jobs well, but they don’t interop with one another. An edit in one program doesn’t show up in another.

What’s the closest I can get to my desired workflow?

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graphics – What is the best way to batch edit multiple images to increase overall transparency?

I don’t need to see the real time preview of the effect. I’m just looking for an efficient solution to set the transparency for about 200 images to about 50%. I have yet to find an elegant native solution, though maybe it is possible via Preview, Photos, ImageMagick, Photos, or Automator. Any advice would be appreciated.

automation – Bulk Insert images into Google Sheets as Drawing

I have generally bunch of pics/slides which I like to add into sheets using Insert > Drawing which allows me to annotate/edit freely.

The is that I need to do that 1 by 1 which is very annoying so I am looking for a way to automate this somehow.

All advices/questions are welcome.


As I said, I do this operation manually through sheets menu for each image I want to add:

  • Insert > Drawing
  • Insert Image
  • Close

I am looking for a way to bulk upload images as such. One drawing per image so I can annotate each separately later when needed.

applescript – Automator: combine images as PDF with useful file name

I have an Automator service (see below) which takes a folder of images and combines into a PDF.

But I would like the name of the PDF to be based on the name of the first (or any) of the images.

I.e., if the images in the folder are

  • ProjectFoo-Frame1.png
  • ProjectFoo-Frame2.png
  • ProjectFoo-Frame3.png

I want the PDF to be called something like “ProjectFoo-Frame1.pdf”

Been scratching my head with Automator variables and can’t make sense of it. Maybe I need to do this with pure Applescript.


enter image description here

8 – Styled images are created with nobody user

I don’t know why my Drupal 8 site is creating styled images owned by “nobody” user instead of web server account user. This cause a problem that those images can`t be read (not found error in drupal log). I have to change the owner of this files, and then I can read the images.
I have my site in a shared hosting and then I have an user to login, ftp, etc. All files are owned by this user, but when I upload an image, styled images are created owned by “nobody”. I don’t know if this is an apache issue or a Drupal issue, but I have some other D8 sites in the same server without this problem.

seo – Google image search crops my images

Google image search shows thumbnails of images that fit in their search results layout. If the aspect ratio doesn’t allow it to fit into the layout, Google crops the image. Google crops the thumbnails show in the search results that are either too tall or to wide.

It looks like the tallest images you can use without cropping have an aspect ratio of about 7:9. To prevent Google from cropping your images in the search results, increase the image width.

For some searches, almost all the images are a taller aspect ratio than what fits in the search results layout. If you search for “standing woman”, almost all the results show women with parts of their heads or feet cropped off. There are a couple that are not cropped though. Note that the image from 3D Warehouse on the right of the screenshot below is not cropped. That image has plenty of white space on the right and left making the aspect ratio of the image wider than tall.

Standing Women Google Image Search

block editor – WordPress giving size-large class to post images automatically as default (even if large size is unavailable)

I discovered weird wordpress behavior – wordpress automatically adds size-large class to newly added post images.
Even if image is too small and big size wasn’t generated by wordpress it gives that size-large class.

For example right now I have image which is too small even for “thumbnail” and “medium” size to be generated (only “Full size” is available in image size dropdown in gutenberg post editor, which is actually smaller than “thumbnail”) and wordpress gives it size-large class anyway.

Seems like this weird behaviour occurs when image is too small for certain sizes to be generated.
How can I solve this problem? “Full size” should be the option that always works anyway.

Right now I have “thumbnail” size set to be 850px wide, uploaded picture 800px wide so thumbnail and any other default wordpress sizes weren’t generated. The image has only full-size option available, but class is set to size-large anyway… I’m sure it’s not plugin related problem.

What the… ?

magento2.3 – Importing images with special characters in path

I am trying to import a lot of images. Images for each product are placed in subfolders by product IDs and locale.

The problem is that each locale specific folder name starts with a caret (^).

Example image paths:


What I’m getting

1. Wrong URL/path used for attribute image in row(s): 1, 2 
2. Wrong URL/path used for attribute small_image in row(s): 1, 2 
3. Wrong URL/path used for attribute thumbnail in row(s): 1, 2
4. Wrong URL/path used for attribute additional_images in row(s): 1, 2

What I’ve tried

  • Encoding ^ to %5E, like in URLs
  • Simply removing the caret from

What I’m sure of

  • CSV file encoding; I’m using Sublime text, besides Mac’s Numbers, to verify the data
  • Image path is correct, because it works without the caret in the path
  • Multiple images (in additional_images) are separated correctly, with |, and specified in the importer
  • There are no other special characters in the image names
  • No extra slash in the beginning of the image path

Possible solutions

  • A shell script to rename all folders containing ^, although I’d like to avoid altering original data for consistency reasons



  • Magento 2.3.5-p1
  • PHP 7.3.24

how to display images stored in pub/media folder

hello everyone i want to display an image from the folder “pub/media” and concatinate it with my path from the image field from database but i can’t display it in detail page with the ways that i have tested

can anyone help me please

this is what i have done with 2 ways

methode 1

<p><?php echo __('image') ?>: <img src="<?= $user->getImg() ?>" alt="image" /></p>

methode 2

$pathmedia = "pub/media";
<img src="<?php echo $block->getUrl($pathmedia."/".$user->getImg())?>"/>