Data Recovery – Where does WhatsApp store images / videos when Media Visibility is disabled?

WhatsApp has a media visibility feature that, if disabled, hides media files from the phone gallery. It is claimed that it apparently reduces file storage.

But WhatsApp still has to store the media in one place, otherwise, how would that show up in the discussions. I can access the media while scrolling through a WhatsApp discussion, even offline, so that the media is permanently stored somewhere on my phone. Can I access this place? I need to access many media files that WhatsApp must have downloaded somewhere on my phone.

I also use WhatsApp on my Android One Plus 5 phone. It creates a "999" directory under emulated. enter the description of the image here

Which javascript code can I use to replace all html images by the webp extension for png when the browser is Safari?

Convert all site images to ".webp" format. However, the Safari browser (APPle) still does not recognize it. I have therefore kept all the images in png on the server. I would like to insert a javascript code that would replace all html images when the browser is Safari, replacing .webp with .png.
Here is an example:
1. Link to Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers:

  1. Link to the Safari browser:

Until now, the only option I have found is using the code below. Which unfortunately only changes an identifier.
See below:

if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf ("Safari")! = -1)
var str = document.getElementById ("image_safari"). src;
var res = str.replace (/ webp / g, "png");
document.getElementById ("image_safari") src = res;

Can I explain?

Extraction of images

I hope everyone is fine and I really need help to automate the work of extracting images.

We usually receive team or group pictures and the majority of the groups are filmed against a natural background. We create the path and perform extraction on images.

The normal time of extraction is about 30 minutes for 15 to 18 people, which we want to reduce.

Please suggest a way to automate or reduce the time required for this treatment.

Thank you.

how to separate the images of the paragraphs when importing into our drupal site 7 [on hold]

I want to import data into my custom content type and retrieve images attached to a paragraph field when importing data into a different field than my content type. how to do this? pls help me.

legal – Can I use real images of football players or club emblems in my own game? How to use real facts as questions?

I am a student interested in the development of mobile applications. I've recently had the idea of ​​creating a quiz football game. I wonder if I am allowed to use real football player images or club emblems in my game. What about using real facts such as real facts about players or clubs as part of the questions? Am I having trouble? Thank you in advance.

software – Applications to create long horizontal images (scanner)

** No Panorama! **

Are there cameras or camera applications that can create long horizontal images using techniques similar to those of a scanner?

Such an application would take the video or use a live camera and use motion detection to extract a central column from each image to create an indefinitely long image.

The difference between this and the panorama is that the panorama works by rotating the camera. It works by moving the camera in one direction. So, imagine that you place the camera facing the side of a car or a train and that you make a long flat projection of an entire city.

I know I could potentially do this in Photoshop, but it would be extremely tedious, because only a small column in the center of each image can be used, otherwise there would be problems of distortion of perspective. I wonder if some cameras already support it. Many cameras now support apps and programmable devices have cameras

The Panorama software will not realize what I'm trying to get.

Trying to make more clear the result of the technique I am looking for would generate an image without horizontal perspective. Imagine that you are simply trying to take a photo from a shelf using 2 images, one for the 60% left side, another for the 60% right side. They overlap in the middle. In both images, you will have a perspective. You will see the sides of the shelves put in perspective towards the center and you will see that the Panorama software can not solve this problem.

On the other hand, if you take 1,000 images and only take the center at 1% of each image, you will get a flat image, at least in the vertical plane. Because the assembly of many (or many more) images is way too much work, ideally you want software that uses a live camera only takes a vertical pixel column of each image, which reduces storage and processing costs.

This is so that smart phone cameras take panoramas (at least one iphone). It only takes a column of pixels when you rotate the camera. Unfortunately, he uses the compass sensor to know that you are rotating. There is no position sensor accurate enough to know that you are dragging the camera from left to right. You will therefore have to use motion detection technology.

Visual Studio – How to Fix the Error Downloading Images Using VisualBasic ASP.NET and Access

When you click Send in Database, the system returns the following error:

System.IndexOutOfRangeException: OleDbParameterCollection does not contain OleDbParameter with ParameterName & # 39; @image & # 39;. & # 39;

Here are the codes:

Protected Sub test_Inserting (sender as object and as SqlDataSourceCommandEventArgs) handles test.Inserting
Dim fu As FileUpload
fu = FormView1.FindControl ("fileupload1")
e.Command.Parameters ("@ image"). DbType = DbType.Binary
e.Command.Parameters ("@ image"). Value = fu.FileBytes ()
End Sub

Shipping screen:

insert the description of the image here

Banking modeling:

insert the description of the image here

Environment: Visual Studio 2019, Visual Basic, Access

Sell ​​images

Hello Dom,

Hey, I would be interested in taking a look at your photos. I can tell you what some of us, the web designers, also need: it's a great place to buy affordable pictures that we can use for anything we want, as many times as we want.

In other words, if we want to create a postcard from the image, website templates, and so on. – I would like to have a site with unlimited picture rights. I know at least one who is in the making, and there will be others to follow – just because some of these image houses charge far too much fees to allow designers beginners to build something.

In one design, we can use up to five images – just on a book cover or a book header. Sometimes one or two images only, but if you use 5 or more images, the expense can become quite heavy unless you use cheaper image houses.

Even in this case, you have between $ 3.00 and $ 10.00 in a single blanket / book.

I would be willing to buy the full pack with unlimited rights like these – provided that I can see a sample first, and the price is right! :)

Thank you!

Need a designer to create marketing images on social networks

Need a designer for current Instagram and Facebook marketing designs that need to be created

The PSDS will be provided for designs such as those described below, which will need to be modified with new results and testimonials for images such as this one for instagram

We would also need new models and images, such as this one, where content will be provided, but additional photos, vector graphics and color combinations, tailored to the company's colors.

Add me on skype mohammad.fuaath to talk more and let me know what are your rates and the work you have done.

xml – Why are images not loaded with particular themes when importing?

I import the demo XML file, for just about every theme for which I try, and the images do not load. The demo does not look like the Themeforest theme demo. Is this normal? Is there a way to start using the content of the demo exactly as it was announced immediately?