customs and immigration – When driving from Paraguay to Brazil via Ciudad del Este, with the intent to drive back to Paraguay, does one need to get a stamp at the border?

When driving from Paraguay to Brazil via Ciudad del Este
(Puente Internacional de la Amistad aka Friendship Bridge), with the intent to drive back to Paraguay (without going to another country before going back to Paraguay), does one need to get a stamp at the border?

I know that if one wants to leave Brazil to a country other than Paraguay (e.g., Argentina), then one needs to get a stamp driving from Paraguay to Brazil, but I’m unclear about the case of a round trip.

customs and immigration – New visa after overstaying in UK

The immigration rules state:

Previous breach of immigration laws grounds

9.8.1. An application for entry clearance or permission to enter must be refused if:

(a) the applicant has previously breached immigration laws; and

(b) the application is for entry clearance or permission to enter and it was made within the relevant time period in paragraph 9.8.7.

(emphasis mine)

Paragraph 9.8.7 lists the different lengths of the bans.

So it’s the date of application which counts, not the intended date of travel.

In any case, he’d better have a bullet-proof application in all other respects, as he has already shown not be trustworthy. Chances of a successful application are pretty low.

Note that rules are different for family members, though the details vary depending on the exact status of your relationship and other details.

customs and immigration – Getting married to an EU citizen in the EU on a tourist visa, and staying there

Expanding a bit on my comments (even if it’s not a full answer), I think the key question here is whether marrying in Sweden is possible under short-stay rules (legally and practically). If Swedish authorities frown upon it, expect documentation you cannot have as a non-resident, impose extra checks or delays for foreigners before the marriage or require a special marriage visa, this could create difficulties (both at the relevant office and at the border). On the other hand, if marrying is possible without restrictions then there is nothing wrong about entering to do just that.

In other situations, there are multiple examples of people entering the Schengen area with no intent to leave. For example, Germany or the Netherlands allow citizens of a handful of countries like the US or Australia to enter under short-stay rules and sort out their residence afterwards. This is not grounded in EU law and quite different from your girlfriend’s situation but it’s an example of a legitimate reason to enter without specific plans to depart.

This goes to show that EU law (Schengen entry rules) doesn’t forbid it as long as national law also allows it. It’s important to understand that it doesn’t mean that EU law mandates it either. In other words, EU member states are still allowed to require that third country nationals secure a long-stay visa before entering with an eye towards seeking residence. As long as your future wife isn’t covered by EU freedom of movement law (which she doesn’t seem to be right now), it’s up to the destination country (Sweden) to set the rules.

Once you are married things are different. Your wife would then be covered by the EU freedom of movement and Sweden has to facilitate entry and residence, including by issueing a residence card if she is already living with you. To show you how strong this right is, it would apply even if she overstayed beyond the short-stay limits. In that case, Sweden could impose a reasonable fine but not remove her or deny you the right to live together.

customs and immigration – Can I import a replica gun in the UAE?

As described in UAE Federal Law No. 3 of 2009 on Weapons, Ammunitions, and Explosives, there are regulations regarding the possession of firearms, including those that may be replica or antique. It also limits possession to those who are older than 25 years of age, per Article 11.4, “It shall be prohibited to grant licenses to the persons under 25 years of age.”

Therefore, firearms are included in the United Arab Emirates list of Prohibited And Restricted items:

(Dubai Customs) Prohibition and Restriction Section aims to regulate rules and principles of prohibiting or restricting goods ensuring accurate execution in alignment
with the GCC Customs Unified Law as well as other related laws and systems.

Example of Restricted Goods In UAE
Product Title/Description: All kind of weapons and ammunitions
Restricting Authority: Ministry of Interior

Weapons require the issuance of a license by the Weapons Licensing Branch in the Weapons & Explosives Department
. This would be done prior to attempting to enter the country with the weapon, and declaring it to the carrier should you be returning by air. Once allowed in, the Weapons Licensing Branch may require inspection of the replica.

UAE nationals can submit a request for the issuance or addition of a firearm licence, which is managed within the Government of Abu Dhabi Police Weapons & Explosives Department. You’ll need your passport (original and a copy), a photo, good conduct certificate, health certificate, and copies of your labour card, Emirates ID card, and your full family book. You can address any questions by email to

customs and immigration – transfering from international to domestic flight at IAD – Dulles airport

I will be flying from Viennna, Austria to Dulles and then to Savannah.
Our flight from Vienna is operated by Austrian airlines and will arrive a B-gates. Our flight to Savannah is operated by United and will be leaving from D-gates.
I am traveling alone with my son so I will have a stroller that makes it a bit slower/harder to get around.
I am reading different things on different websites and wondering if anyone could advice me how to get from B to D. I know we will have to go through immigration and customs and even collect our luggage and re-check them. Will we have to go through security again? Where is immigration located?

Connected question, but this time we travel the other direction: Connecting flight at IAD Dulles with stroller

Left UK without passing through Immigration, why?

Last year, I traveled to the UK for a conference. Upon entry, my passport was stamped confirming my entry via immigration.

Upon my exit, surprisingly (and something I’m been wondering about ever since) I went through no immigration. The direction to board flight led me straight to flight check-in, then we boarded the flight.

Below is my entry stamp. Stamped within my Visa stamp, really?
My passport, with only an entry stamp, stamped even at the "wrong" side?

I went to the Netherlands this year, got stamped, in and out. Entering ZA, I got stamped. Even leaving and returning to my home country (Ghana), I got both stamped. I find the stamping a standard procedure/protocol.

Yet, with the UK, I left the country without being stamped. I don’t know if that was part of the plan or I missed something or what?:

  • Does the UK have a policy of not stamping when people leave the country?
  • Was that a mistake on my part?
  • Obviously, my stay period has expired, and on paper, I’m “not supposed” to be in the country, but without the UK exit stamp, might that affect my visit or travel visa application to UK one day in the future? Because if stamping is mandatory, and I don’t have one, then I will be hot if asked, “How did you leave the country without the stamp?”
  • In this case, those who could have determined if I overstayed or not, was the Airline

More info

  • My visa was for a stay up to 29/30 days or so. But I stayed only for 7 days
  • Flight used throughout was Emirates and passed through Dubai on transit
  • Origin was South Africa.
  • Destination Airport was Heathrow

For comparison, below is my Netherlands stamps, both in an out.
The Dutch stamped for entry and exit

My Readings/Researches

I came across this result, and one of the answers pointed out, its "No real reason now for UK exit stamp." Really? I see a strong reason to, otherwise, stamping me in is of no real reason then.

One commentator also added: "A loophole which no doubt has been exploited by some foreigners." No idea how someone will exploit that!

And considering this instance, it can lead to some questionings.

customs and immigration – Why do UK border officers question EEA nationals entering?

The other answers have given good general reasons. I want to add a little bit to your particular case, though. In OP you mention that you asked the border officer to stamp a piece of paper that you had brought for him. You further clarified in a comment:

A blank A4 sheet torn in half which I sometimes bring as a souvenir
stamp sheet. When approaching each (French+British) officer, I said
“Good evening”, handed over my ID+sheet and said (in the respective
language) “could you stamp this sheet for me please?”. The French
officer glanced at the ID for 2 seconds and stamped without uttering a
word, while the UK officer briefly questioned me before doing it

There is really nothing wrong with your stamp collection hobby, but it may be one of the reasons the border official struck up a conversation with you. He might not even usually ask EU nationals anything at all. You did something unusual (something less than 1% of travelers do.) Therefore, you singled yourself out, and got his attention. It’s a normal human reaction to engage in a small bit of conversation whenever someone gets our attention. Of course, he is a border official, so the questions he asked were totally professional and appropriate. But if you hadn’t presented the A4 sheet and asked for a stamp, there might have been no questions. Here’s some related reasoning from another answer.

The other answers are also good, by the way. I’m just trying to add another angle. And there’s nothing wrong with your hobby, either, I’m just saying the officer’s questioning could be related to it.

Immigration officer stamped “Indefinite leave to enter UK” in US passport of EU citizen. How to fix it?

A US/Swedish dual national transited UK immigration controls on his US passport. After a brief landing interview, the IO issued Indefinite Leave to Remain along with a handwritten note that the holder was a dual national.

This was a mistake on the IO’s part. Sometimes this happens; I have seen it personally about twice, once in London and once in Moscow that affected about 200 people. There were also two cases of corruption: a case where an IO was selling ILR stamps at Heathrow because she was in debt; and another IO in Dover also female with the same personal issues. Corruption does not apply in this case allegedly.

ILR gives the holder immediate access to public housing and free NHS treatment plus all the other trappings of the welfare state. It’s a serious mistake, although it’s not the person’s fault it still needs to be fixed.

Could you please write in an answer why this was inorrect, what leave
stamp and with what code/annotation he should’ve got (I assume the
rectangular, “custom” one as opposed to the default plain-text 6-month
visitor one)

It’s incorrect because his US passport is buggered up with an erroneous document that opens the door for further abuse. Plus a passport should never admit to multiple nationalities without the holder’s consent. Think about it. He will have to answer questions about it every time they see it. It’s also incorrect because the Border Force has the wrong person at a primary control point. Presenting a US passport he was supposed to get the standard leave-to-enter stamp. Like this…

enter image description here

Had he presented his Swedish passport then the answer from Henning Makholm would apply. And while he is ok from a freedom of movement perspective, he has no claim for permanent residence in the UK. EU nationals acquire permanent residence through a different rigmarole. Answers focusing on freedom of movement have missed the point. There is no occasion whatsoever for an IO to apply EU rules in a US passport.

and whom he can contact to fix this,

The next time he is air side, he should ask for the duty CIO and explain what happened. The CIO will know what to do immediately when he sees the stamp. They will (most likely) give him an undertaking to agree that he has not used public funds and (most assuredly) revoke the stamp with no prejudice. It’s a procedure (they will investigate and probably put stop flags on the others the IO admitted). They will not fix it from land side for lots of reasons outside of scope here.

I read in a UK guidance that “indefinite leave to enter” stamps are
officially no longer to be used at ports of entry, having been
replaced by visa stickers obtained in advance.

Corruption. The Chief Inspector gets very upset about it. The British public gets upset about it. The Border Force higher-ups get upset about it. Can you blame them?

You asked for this answer and you got it. Henning invited it. As I pointed out, freedom of movement is a red-herring.

customs and immigration – Passport validity is less than 6 month on departure date

I plan to travel to India on Jan 30, 2021, with a green card valid until Dec 18, 2029, and an Indian Passport valid until April 4, 2021.
Will there be an issue with my passport to travel to India?

I shall be returning to the USA on June 30, 2021, with a renewed passport and valid green card.
Will there be an issue with my travel or passport?

customs and immigration – If I landed in Ireland then travelled to the UK, and then to Ghana. If I then travel to the Netherlands will they know I entered the UK?

My passport was stamped when entering Ireland. When flying to Ghana and leaving Ghana I presented a different passport. When arriving to the Netherlands I plan to present the first passport. Will they know I transited through the UK?

It was never stamped with a UK stamp, only the Irish one.

Sorry if this sounds like a brain teaser ;]