customs and immigration – Can I enter a Schengen country on the last day of my TRP?

I'm from india. Currently, I live in a Schengen “X” country. I have a TRP from this Schengen country which will expire after 1 day. Can I travel to another Schengen "Y" country by flight on the last day of my TRP? Will there be a problem?

(TRP = card “ temporary residence permit & # 39; & # 39;) …

Customs and Immigration – No exit stamp from previous visit to Japan

In October I took a 30 day trip to Japan on a 90 day tourist visa, when I left I received a "left" stamp in my passport. In December, I visited again for 14 days on another 90-day tourist visa, but when I left, I did not receive a stamp.

This weekend, I will come back two more weeks. Will it be a problem that I would never have left the country?

If this is a problem, does it help that my previous visa sticker expires on March 21 – two weeks after I leave Japan again.

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Visas – Canada-United States border immigration aboard the Amtrak train

Upon arriving at the station and registering your passport and your documents will be checked. Your documents will also be checked upon your arrival in Vancouver.

The Amtrak website provides some tips for this:

The ID that you carry with you during your trip must be the same ID that you selected and provided details on when you made your reservation.

You must have with you the original and valid identity document. Copies, expired or invalid documents will not be accepted. Each passenger must have their own ID.

It is recommended to arrive 1 hour before departure.

Amtrak Cascades from Seattle to Vancouver – What does the border crossing north look like? sums it up well:

For reference, this train performs Canadian customs clearance upon arrival at the Pacific Central Station in Vancouver, not the border.

There will be a check at Vancouver station and another customs check on the arrival of the train in the United States.

It is also recommended to arrive 1 hour before departure.

Customs and Immigration – Can You Leave the Airport After Passing International Security

I am going to Taiwan in a few months, and due to a change of plans, I will be staying an extra week while the others I am supposed to go home with continue.

I am unable to cancel my original ticket, but I am happy to leave others an extra seat available to them.

My question is, if I go through security and up to the door with them, would I have problems getting out afterwards? I would tell them at the door not to call me or wait because I will not be going up.

And when I enter the country, I guess I should show immigrants my second ticket instead?

Customs and Immigration – Can I travel to Thailand on a non-immigrant visa even if the purpose of the event is canceled?

I come from Bangladesh. I recently applied for a non-immigrant type visa to enter Thailand for the WordCamp Asia 2020 event. However, the event was canceled recently due to a coronavirus outbreak.

Since my plane ticket is not refundable and the cost of reimbursement from the hotel, etc. is too high, I thought why not go there again and spend a week there.

However, I am confused about the immigration procedure as I have obtained a non-immigrant visa in the ED category, so I cannot be allowed to travel after the cancellation of the cancellation ;event.

So, does any of you have a similar experience and suggest something to me about it?

transit – For British immigration, what is considered "reasonable travel"?

"Reasonable" in this context means that it makes sense to transit through the UK on your given route.

For example, UK transit between Dubai and the US is a bit strange considering the large number of direct flights, but it might be reasonable if you find cheap tickets.

An unreasonable trip would be a trip in which transit from the UK makes no sense, like a flight from Dubai to Bahrain.

Are you traveling through Chinese / Korean immigration / customs individually or together?

My friend and I booked our flights from LAX to ICN together and stop over at Beijing PEK. When we go to immigration and customs counters, do we approach them individually or together? This is the first time I have been traveling outside of the United States, so I am just a little nervous and haha.

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Customs and Immigration – International Connection to Seattle-Tacoma Airport

I fly from Vancouver to Seattle, then from Seattle to Tokyo-Narita, with a one-way Delta connection.
I would like to confirm whether my understanding of this connection is correct or not.

  1. Vancouver Airport (YVR) has American CBP, which means that I am completing the US immigration and customs process in Vancouver and I do not need to redo them at Seattle.
  2. Once I check in my baggage in Vancouver, that baggage goes to Tokyo-Narita and I don't need to pick it up in Seattle.

I am particularly interested in baggage connection, as I only have a limited time (57 minute layover) in Seattle.