Does the time of Last Painted Hero have an impact on SEO / SERP placement?

Does the time of Last Painted Hero have an impact on SEO / SERP placement?

For example, a third-party vendor reduced our LPH time from 16,200 to 1,200.

We run a separate SEO campaign at the same time, so it's hard to measure the impact of the vendor's work on our SERP position.

Tips appreciated.


vehicle – How to detect a collision and collision impact?

I would like to calculate "impact" of the collision if that is the right word for that.
My scenario is:
I have a player who drives his vehicle. He then hits the wall while he is still in the vehicle. I want to know if the collision has occurred and calculate the impact of the collision. I know later how many horses the player should lose, depending on the strength of the shot. I hope to have specified what I wanted to achieve.

What I'm doing is to store the speed of the previous vehicle and calculate the impact of the kind (previousSpeed - currentSpeed) / frameTime. It gives me results but it is not consistent. An other idea? It's in 3D, so I have access to 3D vectors if it helps.

Is there a way to use js templates with wordpress without impact on SEO or ux?

I have a JSON file that contains the textual content of my hundreds of publications on WordPress. I use templating, mustache.js, to insert text content and view posts. This saves me a lot of time because I can effectively bulk-update parts of multiple articles in my JSON file using search and replace where I also write content, without having to use phpMyAdmin to search and replace updates. More importantly, I can copy an article content item into other articles without having to open each article as a browser tab from the slow WordPress dashboard.

My question is:

This is a great system for me writing content, but is Google indexing published posts or seeing only tags? From what I understand, the first index is only about the source. It therefore indexes the tags only.

My next question is this: if this is the case and Google sees only the tags, is there a relatively simple way to make the posts for Googlebot before Googlebot sees them?

And finally, is there a way to make the whole site as static web pages at once?

I do not know how the last part would work because I use a WordPress host, WPEngine. However, it would be better to render the static web pages at the desired time, so that you can edit the offline JSON file, so to speak, without affecting the displayed site, because if I forget a comma and the JSON file becomes no valid, each of my WordPress posts will appear as blank to the user. Then, when the JSON file contains updates and I know it is valid, I would be able to render / update all messages.

Duplicate the h2 tag on the same page, an impact on SEO?

Duplicate the h2 tag on the same page, an impact on SEO?

MongoDB: Does the $ operator and the operator have an impact on query performance?

I have a rather complex query in the project. It can potentially (depends on the parameters of the user) have a lot of conditions, which I put under $and and $or the operators.

Here is a very simplified example:

docs.find({name:"shaq", organization: "myorg", url:{$exists:true}})

So, in the case above documents meeting all three conditions will be recovered.
The same result can be obtained with this code:


I wonder how that affects performance. Is it really the same thing, or it works more slowly because of extra operator, or faster because, according to the official documentation:

$and operator uses short circuit evaluation which means that if at first
expression in the list returns false mongo will not evaluate the
remaining expressions

The question is therefore whether the investment conditions $and operator influences performance? If so, then what is the impact?

I have tried to investigate the results with Mongos explain()but that did not answer my question because my real requests are huge, which resulted in the huge report, which is very difficult to analyze.

Clubbing set of network websites as subdomains and impact on Google Analytics reports

We have defined two important steps for our company that relies on a network of websites:

• Generate 50,000 impressions per month for to make it eligible for the sale of advertising space on, a premium market for display ads.
• Generate revenue of $ 500 per month for six months for, in order to make the same product eligible for listing in popular markets of websites like EmpireFlippers, FE International.

My request is for the two steps above (50,000 monthly impressions and $ 500 monthly income). Does it make sense that our network websites (,,,,, are grouped under the flagship website by creating all these subdomains of As I also want these websites to live on their own domain name, will be redirected to

Following the above strategy, I do not know if Google Analytics will count visitors on ( under

seo – Would a WhatsApp chat popup have an impact on rankings?

One of my new websites is now on the first page. If I put a WhatsApp chat pop-up on the website, will that affect the ranking? Do Google's algorithms view this cat as a lead generation and penalize it?

Has anyone tested this or has he ever experienced it?

google chrome – Measure the impact of gpu acceleration on the rendering time of websites

How can I measure what, if any, speeds up web site loading times when browsing Web with Firefox (or Chrome) that an added dedicated graphics card (Nvidia GT 1030) provides compared to a old integrated card (Radeon HD 3000)?

I've checked out some common synthetic references such as Basemark, webxprt2015 or Motionmark, but I'm looking for a more natural method with the websites that I actually use.
I'm aware of the ability to check loading times in the network console, but I'm wondering if there are automated and faster ways to do that with a list of websites.

ranking – What is the impact when buying a competing area?

I have a website for designers of wedding invitations. They show their work on the site. My goal is to send as much traffic as possible to designer websites. In return, pay me for their place on the site. In Dutch, it's called a vergelijkingssite.

I have the chance to buy the domain from one of my competitors. This is a site with about 100 pages classified in google. They asked me what I wanted to offer for the area.

Before deciding, I wondered if this had a positive or negative impact on my rankings if I bought this area. Add it to my main domain as a domain pointer. And then redirect all classified pages from the purchased domain to similar pages on my own website?

A little more information about the domain name I want to buy because it was once the place to go to invite to a wedding. It has more links pointing to it and a better domain authority (Moz) than my domain.

Thanks in advance

aws – How can I use my newly acquired skills as a software engineer to have an impact on the world?

I recently got a bachelor's degree in software engineering and with a fairly high average. I have two internships of six months under my belt and an experience (and interest) in developing DevOps and AWS Cloud.

Of course, I will aim for a good job with a good salary and nice benefits. I do not doubt that I will eventually succeed. But the main reason I worked for a degree in software engineering was to make a difference in the world. I know it will take time to develop my skills and my savings and that I can join a cause that can have an impact, but that does not mean that I can not work to improve the world now.

Now that I have these skills, I am a little lost. How can I use the skills I have acquired over the last five years to improve the human race? I am not trying to save a single person or to dedicate my computing power to the folding of molecules. I want to make a difference and make a contribution to humanity as a whole (when I do not try to survive and pay the rent). Does anyone have any idea of ​​where I can start looking for or how to proceed?

Thank you for all the ideas you can give.