What is the impact of voice search in SEO in 2019?

Hello friends,

What is the impact of voice search in SEO in 2019?

Air travel – How does the climate impact of a cruise ship running on LNG compare to a flight?

Taking Iona as an example, it is argued that

"The cruise ship will have a reduced carbon footprint with zero emissions of sulfur and nitrogen."

Sulfur and nitrogen, although pollutants, are not greenhouse gases, and I ask a specific question about the impact on climate in general.

This article claims that flying is "three times more ecological than cruising".

Carnival says LNG offers 25% reduction in CO2

However, this article discusses the benefits of LNG in marine transportation and suggests that LNG greenhouse gas emissions are only 6% lower than heavy fuel oil on average.

My interpretation is that the benefits of LNG are minimal (from the climate point of view) and therefore flying always has a lower impact than cruises. But I do not know if these claims are the same.

Are there any studies that directly compare modern aircraft to modern LNG vessels?

NB I am aware that it is difficult to compare the impact of an end-to-end climate stay, since the cruise ship has built-in features and services, which would be provided separately by a destination to which you are traveling (and therefore not included). in the cost of flight emission).

User Expectations – Different design and interactions between mobile devices and tablets can have a huge impact on the overall user experience?

In terms of consistency and knowledge of application design, it is necessary to maintain the same system design (typography, colors, spaces, etc.).

The question of functionality is also important because, once written logic, it can easily be adapted to all types of devices.

I would recommend using a similar approach for any resolution

Currently, the resolution of phones is excellent. Therefore, designing a lot of functions should not be a problem.

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Duplicate the h2 tag on the same page, an impact on SEO?

Hi experts,

I have a question about H2 tags, on my webpage I declare the name of the category as H2 tag in the list of categories of the sidebar, as well as the name of the same category also at declare with H2 in the list of categories. So on the webpage showing two same words (category name) in the H2 tag. It's good for the webpage or any impact on SEO.

Drupal SEO: What is the impact of HREFLANG pointing to a redirected URL for EN-US?

I do international referencing on a Drupal site. I noticed this on the EN-US homepage:

Take note of the subfolder "/ home". I am told that Drupal needs it and that it is standard equipment. But if you go to this URL, it redirects twice. Once on the homepage (307) and once on the https version (301)

The English site is the "default" site. The other languages ​​perfectly match all the URLs in the hreflang and canonical directives. (/ france, / germany, / etc)

From the point of view of SEO, divergences and redirections bother me.

What impact would these differences have on SEO?

Can hosting have an impact on SEO?

I know that the speed of the page can be directly influenced by the accommodation I choose. And the speed has an impact on the ranking of my site. But can a good or a bad host affect the ranking of the site on Google in any other way?

What is the impact of the ranking of ads on the cost per click?

Hello friends,

I would like to know how the ranking of ads in terms of cost-per-click?

What is the impact of the ranking of ads on the cost per click?

Hello friends,

I would like to know how the ranking of ads in terms of cost-per-click?

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Physical – Unit force of an impact

I am in front of a math problem!
I do not know how to name what I'm looking for … Strength, Impact?
It's easier to explain with an image for me.
We have two gameobject with collider, A and B. They can move in all directions (up and down game with 360 ° movement possibilities).
First case (left): Go right at a speed of 2, B at a speed of 1 and they collide. How to calculate that A suffers 1 damage (from the speed of B in its direction) and B takes 2.
Second case: A goes right at speed 2 and B right at speed 1. A takes 0 points of damage and B takes 1.

enter the description of the image here

I do not know how to calculate that kind of thing …

Thank you!

attacks – What is the impact of a security failure on a system?

In the context of safety critical systems, such as transport systems, it is important to check whether these systems meet / do not meet safety requirements.
ISO26262 expresses these requirements in the form of a maximum number of failures per hour of operation. It is usually of very small magnitude for the most critical components of a system, namely 10 ^ -9 failures per hour of operation at most.

As interconnected critical systems become more critical, the risk of such systems becoming the target of remote attackers increases. In this context, remote attackers can potentially control the system remotely (eg CarShark attack or Jeep Cherokee remote control). As a result, some cyber attacks can affect the security of the system (that is, threaten the system environment).

As a result, more and more work is being done on the integration of security and safety, so adding security countermeasures to a system can increase the overall security of the system. To the best of my knowledge, in the existing literature, no one takes into account the fact that security mechanisms can fail, just like all other components.

My question to you guys is: do you have any information on what could be the consequences of a failure of the security countermeasure on a component or the security of a system? Is it possible for example that, if an encryption mechanism fails, it topples a bit in a message that could cause (possibly) a denial of service (or anything else), which could lead to a catastrophic event (again, consider -the worst case)? Is there a discussion / paper on this?