Free public offer of Counos Coin and its impact on the future – The corner of cryptocurrencies

Free public offering of Counos Coin and its effect on the future of crypto-currencies –

The cryptocurrency market has come to life in recent years and the growth of all outstanding cryptocurrencies has been a positive process. The announcement of Counos Coin's free public offering may have an acceptable effect on the positive economic role of cryptocurrencies. The Counos platform aims to increase demand in the cryptocurrency market via a free public offer of Counos Coin to users. This decision can turn the Counos piece into a decentralized room.

Bitcoin's experience and the risk of it repeating itself

Bitcoin entered the field of financial technology in 2009. Although Bitcoin is currently considered the most valuable cryptocurrency on the market, it had no spectacular financial value at the very beginning of its development. In April 2011, Bitcoin had a value equal to one dollar and on June 21, 2019, this cryptocurrency has a value of $ 10700. Only in 8 years, the value of Bitcoin has increased more than ten thousand times. Almost everyone who knows the cryptocurrency market wants to save some of its capital on Bitcoin. This capital has experienced unprecedented growth in the short term.

The rapid growth of the Bitcoin price has many reasons. The limitation of the number of Bitcoins (the total number of coins to operate will soon reach 21 million), the increase of the home users of cyberspace to trade with Bitcoin and an extensive database of investment, all resulted in exorbitant growth. of Bitcoin. Although the main objective of the Bitcoin generation is to fight the financial monopoly in the context of online financial transactions, including large investors in this market, a large volume of transactions is simply limited to a minority group specificity of the Bitcoin network over time. It is estimated that more than 40% of Bitcoin's share capital is in 1,000 digital portfolios. This problem has resulted in a change in the decentralized financial structure of Bitcoin.

Counos Platform intends to minimize similar problems in addition to obtaining positive features by proposing a strategy based on successful cryptocurrency experience. According to the official opinion of the Counos platform, the Counos coin will be publicly distributed to all users who register on this platform and install its portfolio. Coin Counos has a similar structure to Bitcoin, and only 21 million of this coin will be mined. The limited number of mined coins can lead to an anti-inflation structure and a balanced growth of its price in the future. More than 16,800,000 Counos pieces have been extracted and the Counos platform wants to distribute 15 million of them to all users who register freely on this platform. This free public offering of this cryptocurrency which is the object of appropriate trade in exchanges such as southxchangee can strengthen its decentralized application. All of these problems can have interesting results and the likelihood of repeating this capital increase in Bitcoins might not be too exaggerated for Counos Coin.

Public offer and its advantages

The public offer of a cryptocurrency can result in considerable benefits. This question can guarantee and stabilize the decentralized structure of Counos Coin more than any other. As previously noted, Bitcoin's primary goal was to create a decentralized financial structure, but with significant investments, a large amount of Bitcoin capital is held by a limited number of investors. The Counos Coin public offer can avoid the repetition of aggregate investment. On the other hand, by removing the ownership of Counos Coin and its public offering, the founder of Counos can increase the stable growth of its prices. In addition, this public offer of cryptocurrency can significantly increase the number of active users on the financial platform. this increase will lead to positive developments in the cryptocurrency market in addition to its direct effect on the increase in the value of Counos Coin.

A lottery every six months

Counos Coin promised to hold a lottery of ten thousand dollars every six months. Those who have at least one Counos coin in their wallet will participate in this lottery.
The frequent lottery strategy can lead to an increase in transactions on the Counos platform.


The Counos platform has taken further steps in blockchain-based financial markets prior to the public offering of Counos Coin. Among the measures taken by Counos' financial platform are the creation of stable currencies based on credible world currencies and stable currencies on precious metals. Counos Cash (in Swiss francs), Counos E (in euros), Counos U (in US dollars) and CAD Counos (in Canadian dollars) are stable-price crypto-currencies facilitating international financial transactions. These stable currencies always have a fixed value equal to the currency of the countries.

Counos Gold and Counos Silver, on the other hand, are gold and silver based cryptocurrencies, which can serve as a source of investment in addition to facilitating global financial transactions.
The Counos platform has also started to implement financial services based on Blockchain technology. Counos' decentralized and centralized foreign exchange services will be launched next week. The Counos decentralized trading system allows users to buy and sell crypto-currencies without any intermediary.

The escrow service of Counos can also be used as a financial service to increase the trust level of financial contracts when buying and selling goods and services via Blockchain technology.
Counos Coin's free public offering and the provision of various services can be effective in the future development of the crypto-currency market and Blockchain technology.

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Social – I have a ruthless DM and I plan to leave the party. What are my options for minimizing the negative impact on the rest of the group?

I joined a game with a group of friends and a few other people I have not met yet, including the current deputy minister. Although I like all players, the current DM is extremely strict, a DM RAW.

This is not my first encounter with a strict DM, so I can adjust my style of play accordingly. But while this campaign started as a homebrew campaign, it quickly moved to modules. Again, not the end of the world, but it is there that it really began to become painful for me.

The module we are performing is for a group of 4-5, 6th or 7th characters. We are a group of 4, 4th levels. So, from the start, the module is extremely difficult. The challenge is good, but when the DM is very raw, some of the situations encountered (traps, for example) are almost impossible to circumvent without triggering.

We played for 10 sessions, including 6 in this one dungeon. At our last session, about a month ago, because of people 's holidays, two of us died, including myself, because of a difficult meeting.

The meeting was a horde of zombies. (14 zombies versus 4 of us) I was immediately surrounded and shot. On the next turn, 2 of the 5 zombies around me started eating me, hitting me easily and giving me 2 death chess each. 3 of them decided to go after another party member just down the hall.

I rolled a new character and we continued to cross the dungeon. This session started us in action, for which I was able to do an action, and was immediately killed and killed by the use of the coup de grace. I sat for two hours while the fight was over, with another player whose character was also quickly killed. At the end of the fight, the DM told me to start a new character so we could continue to play.

My problem is: I could roll a new character, but since I'm more interested in narration, min / maxing does not really interest me as a role player. But it seems like I to have to just live through one fight. I've already talked to the deputy minister, but he's convinced that since it's the module we're proposing, we have to stick to that. I'm tempted to leave the party, but I do not want to spoil the fun of other members of the group.

Specifically, what is the best way to handle a ruthless DM, if you have ever tried talking to them outside the game, to minimize the impact on the party?

Bitcoin attack surface vectors and impact

I remember reading somewhere a long chart with all the vectors of attack that can be made on Bitcoin, the probability of each one and the severity of the impact. Can any one lead me there?

htaccess – Consider the modification of the URL structure from to, but ask yourself what is the impact of SEO

Currently, our website offers a variety of community-generated content under the URL structure of Some of these pages rank fairly well on Google because of the combination of its websites to its website, its correct content and its links back (we do not know what contributes the most).

We plan to change at since we read, having keywords in the URL can help rankings and we are also moving the page to a higher level in the structure of the URL. For this, the old page must find the keywords + redirect to the new page and have .htaccess Manage the change of URL parameters to a more friendly URL for SEO.

Are you wondering if anyone else has made a change like this and if the number of referrals + the slow loading time of the query of a database to add words keys are worth it? is much better than In addition, the fact that all internal links on the website refer to the old link (

physics – Determining the angle of impact in a 3D collision

I write a little 3D physics engine, and I'm trying to get the angle of impact of two forms especially two cubes

When the case has been 2D I had the habit of getting the angle as follows:

  • Calculate the final speed for each shape on each axis
  • For each form, use the following formula
    theta = arcTang (FinalVelocityOnYaxis / FinalVelocityOnXaxis)

But I do not know how to handle the 3D case.

physics – Determining the angle of impact in a 3D collision

I write a little 3D physics engine, and I'm trying to get the angle of impact of two forms especially two cubes

When the case has been 2D I had the habit of getting the angle as follows:

  • Calculate the final speed for each shape on each axis
  • For each form, use the following formula
    theta = arcTang (FinalVelocityOnYaxis / FinalVelocityOnXaxis)

But I do not know how to handle the 3D case.

dnd 3.5e – What is the impact of additional domains on a shugenja / cleric?

Extra Domains, in part, says

Many of the prestige classes described in this chapter allow a member of this class to select an additional domain, which gives extra power and gives more spells to the character to choose as domain spells.

If a non-clerical enters a prestige class allowing access to a domain, the character still gets access to the domain. It can normally use the power granted by the domain. If she memorizes [i.e. prepares] spells … so she can simply choose to memorize one of the spells in that domain instead of one of her usual spells, but never more than one domain spell of each level. If the non-cleric is a spontaneous caster [i.e. able to cast spells without preparation] as a wizard or a favored soul [or shugenja], she can then select a domain spell to add to her known spells each time she would be able to choose a new known spell … (Complete Divine 20)

Here is the scenario: A level 10 shugenja (CD 10-14) at character level 11, he enters the class of contemplative prestige (CD 30-3) which, at level 1, grants the bonus domain to the class. The character chooses the Wrath domain (Compendium of spells 282). Because the shugenja casts unprepared spells, the Shugenja 10 / Contemplative 1 chooses to learn the fate of the level 5 anger field. just power [evoc] (Player's manual 273) as a non-elementary shugenja spell. Then, at level 12, the shugenja 10 / contemplative 1 takes a level of cleric.

What happens to the bonus domain now owned by this cleric 1 / shugenja 10 / contemplative 1? Can the character prepare bonus domain spells in his religious domain locations? and to choose bonus domain spells as shujenga spells when he can? Do what happens change if the character first takes the level of cleric then ten levels of shugenja then wins the bonus domain for the level of contemplative?

It would be good for the answers to also address in the same context another class of prestige that allocates bonus domains, the sovereign speaker of the prestige class (Faith of Eberron 32-5).

Note: Although this may seem like an unlikely scenario, the campaign's restrictions allow PCs to take shugenja without restrictions, but prevent PCs from fully progressing in the traditional Player's Handbook. clerk.

…. How did Trump have a negative impact on YOU personally?

Limit the property tax deduction to $ 10,000.

Price increases / inflation due to tariffs and higher salary costs.

The daily cries of negativity and the unprofessional comments of the president have really had negative consequences. Never before have I remembered having a "leader" who seemed to prosper so much as to divide and fight with those whom he is supposed to lead and unite. He gave a terrible example for our children. I'm thinking of those who will grow up with Trump for four (or eight) years, thinking that his behavior is normal or acceptable.


8 – Does the logic of the hook theme suggestions run on each page load and does this have an impact on the server load?

I've been working with Drupal for quite some time and I have a thorny question: does the logic in my * .theme or * .module files have an impact on the server load?

Let's say I have this piece of code in my * .theme file:

/ **
* Implements hook_theme_suggestions_HOOK_alter ().
* /
function MY_THEME_theme_suggestions_page_alter (array & suggestions, array $ variables) {

if ( Drupal :: routeMatch () -> getRouteName () == & # 39; entity.node.edit_form & # 39; &&  Drupal :: routeMatch () -> getParameter (& # 39; node) - > bundle () === & # 39; blog_general & # 39;) {
$ suggestions[] = & # 39; page__no_sidebars & # 39 ;;

This piece of code adds a template theme to page.html. I need it for only about 1% of my site and it bothers me a little that it is executed each page load, so that 1% of my site can be properly sized.

My question is this: would this code be executed each time a page is loaded? Or does caching occupy it? If it's running at every page load, this code can be trivial. However, I am building a lot of these types of modification hooks and I am afraid they will only tax the server.

I appreciate all the ideas. Thank you!

National Day of Data Centers in the Netherlands: "The Impact of Brexit"

In the Netherlands, several data centers will open their doors to the public tomorrow (June 11, 2019), to show people and let them know how the data centers work. This will give them insight into the locations of many cloud environments and other ICT environments. The main operating centers of data processing centers decided to treat a special topic during this event: the Brexit.

In collaboration with the Dutch ICT industry association ICT, Maincubes will offer visitors a unique opportunity to acquire the knowledge necessary to prepare companies for Brexit. During meaningful sessions, various speakers will discuss the consequences of Brexit, while leaving room for interactive contributions.