WXR file – Media import failed – how to force import?

Say I have one WordPress A that I want to move to WordPress B (different IP addresses, different servers, different subnets). Server A is behind a private IP address.

When selecting export function on WordPress A, I get a WXR file with all the data including the media.

I understand that, when importing the file on WordPress B, the import function tries to download the media. However, import of media fails because media are not downloadable.

Even if I copy media manually into the wp-upload folder, the medias are not imported into the post database.

Is there a way to force import all the content (posts of type posts, posts of type medias), even if the corresponding media cannot be downloaded ?


log messages – User Import module’s “Send email” option is not reported in system log

When importing batches of users as .csv files, the module’s option “send email” appears to be working inconsistently. Some users receive the email, others don’t and can’t find it in Spam. Repeating the import doesn’t always solve the problem.

In addition to the mystery of this inconsistency, the email send-out by the module does not show up in the system log, whether successful or not. Therefore there is no way to verify if it was sent, except to depend on the user’s report of receiving or not receiving it. (Other kinds of email sends are recorded in the log; for example one that we set up in Rules.) Is there a solution for addressing this?

Search Box in import files dialogue — 👉 GSA SEO and Marketing Forum 👈

Earlier ser versions have a very much handy option for searching files within folders in import files dialogue box. I have attached the image. https://prnt.sc/vop77h
@Sven Please add this to the latest version of ser interface as well. Its very helpful as current one donot supports this. Thanks

views – Import data using ECK and feeds module

Is it possible to import data from CSV file and insert all in two different entities
for example I have created two different entities, cadidates and exams entities, once I import data to exam entity i would like to make candidat entity updated also referencing to some field, i have tried many solution possible but in vain

opencv – python modules fail to import

About 2 weeks ago i started opencv python course on youtube, it all worked just fine, but when two days ago I tried to continue learning (In meantime I tried to make disord bot and discord.py module worked normally, also there was windows update), python code which used to work stopped doing that. I tried different python versions and reinstalling modules with no result. I deleted all (3) python versions and downloaded latest 3.9.0 version, i reinstalled all modules (I can’t install discord.py module now) and it is still not working. I really don’t know what I should do next. Maybe someone had this problem too or knows what to do?
Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/s4pSPpa

Unused import statement ‘import requests’ PyChram

I decided to work in PyCharm, but I encountered such an error when importing the requests library, how to fix it?
Saw a way with adding:
#noinspection Py Unresolved References, but is it possible somehow without it?

import – Request failed due to an error: (http_request_fail

I was upload the xml file to get backup information such as posts,pages, and media files.either media files, everythings came.

but for the media files, wordpress gives an error.as a note, the media files are related the posts and some plugin content.

full error message are turkish so sorry:

İçeri aktarma başarısız Ortam “1”: Request failed due to an error: Geçerli bir adres sağlanmadı. (http_request_failed)

I am giving the xml file:

I am good at wp theme and plugin development.SO, is there any coding solution?

is the image files in the xml file in correct way?



active directory – What powershell module to import in order to run “Read-ADRecoveryInformation”?

I tried to run Read-ADRecoveryInformation but hit with this infamous error message.
enter image description here

I tried the following cmdlets to look for the module but I could not find it.

Get-command -Module TrustedPlatformModule

Get-Command -Module Bitlocker

Does anyone know what module I should import in order to allow me to run this cmdlet?

Any feedback would be highly appreciated!

import – The content doesn’t get imported on custom importer / plugin activation script

I’m working on a starter sites plugin. It’s based on One Click Demo Import script and native WordPress plugin-install.php and wp-admin/includes/class-wp-upgrader.php. When you select a demo, it shows the list of required plugins and if these plugins are installed or deactivated. The importer works well when the plugin is not installed but doesn’t import content properly when the plugin is deactivated. Posts and pages content gets imported, but Contact Form 7 forms are not.

Here is the logic that is responsible for plugin installation / activation. Not sure what I’m missing here.

if ( ! function_exists( 'plugins_api' ) ) {
    require_once( ABSPATH . 'wp-admin/includes/plugin-install.php' );

$api = plugins_api( 'plugin_information', array(
    'slug' => $plugin('slug'),

// needed for Plugin_Upgrader and Plugin_Installer_Skin
require_once( ABSPATH . 'wp-admin/includes/class-wp-upgrader.php' );

$upgrader = new Plugin_Upgrader( new Plugin_Installer_Skin(
        'api'    => $api
) );

$skin     = new WP_Ajax_Upgrader_Skin();
$upgrader = new Plugin_Upgrader( $skin );
$upgrader->install( $api->download_link );

if ( $api->name ) {

    $log_added = ESS_Helpers::append_to_file(
        esc_html__( 'Installing Plugins' , 'everse-starter-sites' )

    activate_plugin( ESS_Plugins::get_instance()->get_plugin_basename_from_slug( $api->slug ) );
} else {

        'There was an error installing '. $api->name .'.',
        esc_html__( 'Installing Plugins', 'everse-starter-sites' )

python – Census geocoding services API. How do I import output into dataframe?

I’m new to python and I’m trying to use the census geocoding services API to geocode addresses then convert the output to a dataframe. I’ve been able to read in my address file and I can see the output, but I can’t seem to figure out how to import it into a dataframe. I provided the code I used below as well as the contents of the address file.

The output does not appear to be in JSON format, but rather CSV. I tried to import the output as I would a CSV file, but I couldn’t figure out how to import the variable as I would a CSV file and I couldn’t figure out how to export the output to a CSV file that I could import.

The URL describing the API is https://geocoding.geo.census.gov/geocode…es_API.pdf

import requests
import pandas as pd
import json
#url = 'https://geocoding.geo.census.gov/geocoder/locations/addressbatch'
url = 'https://geocoding.geo.census.gov/geocoder/geographies/addressbatch'
#payload = {'benchmark':'Public_AR_Current','vintage':'ACS2013_Current'}
payload = {'benchmark':'Public_AR_Current','vintage':'Current_Current'}
files = {'addressFile': ('C:PYTHON_CLASSCSVADDRESS_SAMPLE.csv', open('C:PYTHON_CLASSCSVADDRESS_SAMPLE.csv', 'rb'), 'text/csv')}
response = requests.post(url, files=files, data = payload)

-I tried

jsondata = response.json()


from pandas import json_normalize

-Address file

1,1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington,DC,20500
2,4 S Market St,Boston,MA,02109
3,1200 Getty Center Drive,Los Angeles,CA,90049
4,1800 Congress Ave,Austin,TX,78701
5,One Caesars Palace Drive,Las Vegas,NV,89109
6,1060 West Addison,Chicago,IL,60613
7,One East 161st Street,Bronx,NY,10451
8,201 E Jefferson St,Phoenix,AZ,85004
9,600 N 1st Ave,Minneapolis,MN,55403
10,400 W Church St,Orlando,FL,32801

-The output looks like this:


"1","1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,  Washington, DC, 20500","Match","Non_Exact","1600 PENNSYLVANIA AVE NW, WASHINGTON, DC, 20006","-77.03535,38.898754","76225813","L","11","001","006202","1031"
"2","4 S Market St, Boston, MA, 02109","Match","Exact","4 S MARKET ST, BOSTON, MA, 02109","-71.05566,42.359936","85723841","R","25","025","030300","2017"
"3","1200 Getty Center Drive, Los Angeles, CA, 90049","Match","Exact","1200 GETTY CENTER DR, LOS ANGELES, CA, 90049","-118.47564,34.08857","142816014","L","06","037","262302","1005"
"4","1800 Congress Ave, Austin, TX, 78701","Match","Exact","1800 CONGRESS AVE, AUSTIN, TX, 78701","-97.73847,30.279745","63946318","L","48","453","000700","1007"
"5","One Caesars Palace Drive, Las Vegas, NV, 89109","No_Match"
"6","1060 West Addison, Chicago, IL, 60613","Match","Non_Exact","1060 W ADDISON ST, CHICAGO, IL, 60613","-87.65581,41.947227","111863716","R","17","031","061100","1014"
"7","One East 161st Street, Bronx, NY, 10451","No_Match"
"8","201 E Jefferson St, Phoenix, AZ, 85004","Match","Exact","201 E JEFFERSON ST, PHOENIX, AZ, 85004","-112.07113,33.44675","128300920","L","04","013","114100","1058"
"9","600 N 1st Ave, Minneapolis, MN, 55403","No_Match"
"id","address, city, state, zipcode","No_Match"
"10","400 W Church St, Orlando, FL, 32801","Match","Exact","400 W CHURCH ST, ORLANDO, FL, 32801","-81.38436,28.540176","94416807","L","12","095","010500","1002"