Google Spread Sheet Import Question

I have some google dorks like ( Around 4000+)
What i want is to fetch results/links of each search on google
Is there any way
I add url like that and it returns me result

migration – import multiple taxonomy terms for a content type

I need to migrate/import multiple taxonomy terms for a content type.

Taxonomy term : Profile type

Content type : Fellow

Taxonomy term is used as entity reference field and pulling multiple or single terms to content type posts.

I am migrating from D7 to D9

Please help

import – Dealing with data from multiple individual spreadsheets. Should data be merged OR are there better ways to deal with multiple sheets?

I have transactional data (spreadsheets) from different time periods and would like to know if there are better ways to import the data to a mastersheet, than to merge all the spreadsheets into one? If I merge the data, I will have to append items to this master document in the future which could be an option, but am wondering if there are methods to consider?

Kind regards

magento2 – How to get columns header of csv in custom import module

Hi I created custom module for import data by helping module (

In this case I need to get csv header names.
I tried several ways but it’s not working.

I tried getSource method but system gives source is not set .

If anyone know the answer please help me solve the issue


restore – Oracle 11g XE – import very old .dump without log file nor schema name

Is there a way to restore very old oracle backup .dump without log file nor schema name?
I have only old .dump file.

I’ve tried:

imp username/password@dbname file=filename.dmp full=y

with this result:

Import: Release - Production on Fri Jul 16 12:05:23 2021

Copyright (c) 1982, 2009, Oracle and/or its affiliates.  All rights reserved.

IMP-00058: ORACLE error 12154 encountered
ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified
IMP-00000: Import terminated unsuccessfully

blockchain – How can i import my wallet with old address

I had a bitcoin wallet and I have seed phrase but when I use it I can’t access all my old wallet’s addresses I read that I can use this site:
I actually used it and through it I can access all the addresses of the wallet, but I do not want all the addresses, I only want the addresses where there has previous transfers (old received mining reward addresses), and I don’t know what is the maximum number of addresses for my wallet.
To make it clear what I want more:
I opened my wallet, but it is without addresses and without any balances (note that I have previously received mining rewards on addresses that I cannot access now, but they are linked to the wallet
ques no.1 : how to get my wallet old addresses
ques no.2 : is create new address for the wallet or get the all exist addresses

addtocart – How to keep ‘In stock’ even though the qty is 0 after a csv file import

We are currently running a cron job to import sku, qty, and price every 30 min.

If the qty for a product becomes 0, the stock status changes from ‘In stock’ to ‘Out of stock’ automatically, ‘Add to Cart’ button is gone on the product page, which makes customers impossible to add the part to the cart.
enter image description here
enter image description here

I also allowed the backorder in the configuration but no use.

enter image description here

I’d like to display the Add to cart button even though the qty is 0.

Can you please share your wisdom?

The magento ver. is 2.3.4.

‘import {componente} from ‘@component/component’ da erro no storybook

quando há uma importação neste modelo,o storybook me retorna "module not found,cant resolve" como resolvo ?

tentei inumeras configurações de webpack e main,nada resolveu

8 – How to import Json file from Feeds module

I am using Feeds import module with Feeds extensible parsers module, I am getting following error. I am not getting what is wrong with the json and settings. Can anyone help me to resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance,

enter image description here

My json look like,

“lcia_id”: ,
“name”: “”,
“company_name”: “”,
“company_id”: ,
“net_weight”: ,
“country”: “”,
“address”: “–“,
“serving_size”: “-“,
“composition”: [],
“type”: “”,
“field_ingredientimpactcarboningm”: ,
“field_ingredientaggimpactbiosli”: ,
“field_ingredientaggimpactwaterle”: ,
“field_ingredientaggimpactwaterpo”: ,

and in Feeds setting I have used,

enter image description here

enter image description here

how to import the binary dump sql in MySQL 5.7

Today I received a binary sql dump script efs_bbs.sql(MySQL 5.7),then I open it with text editor, it looks like this:

b#eHE-SafeNetLOCKΩA®@¨g%;ägWnímã˛~Q5åÔÔÃÄÜ)hT(ı=≥ùOf2Æ  ÔCf‹flo
î≈ª«SlC¢%ïDúi*(âVfiNfÛpEͶ«µC‡4∞ä'Ÿ~($e „˘§ÂøÔ`„ÿÆ-=iU+)ÉÒgI≥G‡)ÕfiˇÉ4¡ÜSå≠3îxçœsùòuõB˘–Ö%O$Uzòo€Œ$Aaç≤GòθÆ/Zz‡’
tômj0Ò¶óÕw∑>Ô¡éüÁ±‘¡•J≥∞˘ù#Ìi   «RòUîÙJ€“R˘EÎbÍWõ+Jº$i7+.±;

what should I do to import the sql to my database? I have tried this command:

mysql: (Warning) Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure.
ERROR at line 1: Unknown command '?'.

enter image description here

any other way to import? Am I doing wrong way?