The importance of email marketing and how optimizing EM can take you to the next level.

When we talk about marketing, never underestimate the power of email marketing and what great things can come from it. Anyone who says email marketing is dead either isn’t doing it correctly (most common) or they got there information from a source who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Our team specializes in email optimization and we’re helping clients reach smart goals with zero ad spend. Below is a list of 9 reasons why email marketing is important.

-Seyed Robert
Imperium Co-Founder

9 Reasons why Email Marketing is Important

1. Stay in contact with your audience
2. Reach customers in real-time.
3. People engage with emails.
4. Email Marketing is easy to measure.
5. It’s affordable.
6. Allows for target messaging.
7. Increase brand awareness.
8. It’s timely
9. Everyone (almost) uses email

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Importance of Social media in Small Business

Interacting with consumers on social media is an important marketing strategy for small business. Using social media helps you build brand awareness, increase ypur customer base, and connect with current customers.

Importance of social media in business

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    Social media allows for direct contact and input from the consumer. Businesses may also respond immediately to their customers. With almost half of consumers using social media to ask questions about products or services, it is highly important to have a social media customer support plan.



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server – Understanding the importance of Gunicorn and Nginx for Django web development

When author says that Django can’t handle real workloads, they most likely refer specifically to Django’s built-in webserver.

When you run Django in development environment, you can use it to test things out, but a proper webserver is a fairly complex piece of software and requires very specific competences to build. Moreover, there is no real reason for the people behind Django to also spend time making a fully fleshed-out webserver: it is much easier to build an interface for an existing one.

Nginx is a professionally made workhorse of a server. It is feature-rich and is built to handle production workloads. Most apps use a server like that on the front to handle niche responsibilities like caching, redirection, forming headers, compression etc.

So, now, Gunicorn. Gunicorn is a WSGI server. Broadly speaking, it facilitates communication between a variety of webservers and a variety of frameworks through a standardized interface. Plus it handles additional tasks, like load-balancing and maintaining instances of your app alive, so you don’t have to.

server – Understanding the importance of Gunicorn and Nginx for Django web development

I’m entirely uninitiated to the world of web development, and only have a tentative grasp on Django and web development through the test server it works through.

From the guide I’m reading, the author turns to using Nginx once he starts working on site deployment, because Django is “not designed for real-life workloads.” What does that mean, and why doesn’t it? In terms of justification for using Gunicorn, the author remarks:

Do you know why the Django mascot is a pony? The story is that Django
comes with so many things you want: an ORM, all sorts of middleware,
the admin site…​ “What else do you want, a pony?” Well, Gunicorn
stands for “Green Unicorn”, which I guess is what you’d want next if
you already had a pony…​

Well and good, but I don’t really know what the two are doing for the server. I know for web developers this is like asking what multiplication is to a maths professor, so please excuse the naivety. In your please keep in mind I have almost no knowledge of web development other than what I’ve thus far learned from this guide, doing my best to understand as much as I can for the previously entirely uninitiated (I’m from a computational programming background).

importance of robots.txt

i want to know the importance of robots.txt for a website

Importance of NAP in SEO?

Importance of NAP in SEO?

What is the importance of off-page SEO?

What is the importance of off-page SEO?

What is the importance of Semantic HTML in SEO?

What is the importance of Semantic HTML in SEO?

What is the importance of Email Marketing for any business ?

Why companies spend much in email marketing whereas they have many good options available in market ?