Imported address: private key

Please, I want to ask how can I get the private key in order to be able to withdraw from my imported address and is it possible that you get to pay a certain amount of btc to get the private key … thanks in advance

go – Import a package, get two conflicting errors about the package not found and the package imported but not used

I'm trying to implement the SQL template found here:

But have a packet error

I've cloned my companies going repo (none of the services have any import errors), added a test file to a service and tried to duplicate the steps in the github for the sqlmock. I have run the command line to get the package, but now, when I try to import, I get two errors:

import (

1) Can not import (no package data for import path)

2) "" imported but not used

I can see that the packages have been added to the go.mod and go.sum files, but I do not see anything else.

How to see only newly imported people when importing email contacts to LinkedIn?

I have a special mailing list containing over 1000 people. The emails are in a CSV file and have also been imported into a special Gmail account ( Now, I want to import this email list to LinkedIn so that I can send a login invitation to these people.

I went to this link: Before we import, we can see "we found 1722 people you know on LinkedIn", I guess these people come from my original Gmail account. After importing the CSV file or the Gmail special account, we can see "we found 2084 people you know on LinkedIn".

Does anyone know how to ignore the 1722 initial people so that I can see the newly imported people?

Google Sheets ImportXML () – Empty Imported Content Error

I'm trying to import the entire table from this site into a Google sheet, but the error continues to display: "empty content import" error:

I realize that this error is very common and I did my fair share of research on this site before posting. Here is what I have tried until now:

This answer addressed the same topic as my question, but did not address how to enter the entire table, but only on a specific element of this table.

I've also been trying to go here, understanding that the solution probably has something to do with the source code, perhaps not including the Propper tags in the HTML code. I tried the suggested solution and I used it for a good hour, but to no avail.

Finally, I tried this post thinking that the solution could have something to do with the fact that the site could update dynamically. So, I also played with the solution in this post, but unfortunately to no avail.

Please be gentle with your answers, I am new here. But I am always ready to get up and continue to try.

thank you,


list manipulation – Can not use the imported table from an .mx file

I've saved a table by exporting it to an .mx file. Now, when I import it again, it gives me the desired result. So, to work with elements of the table, I start by defining the imported table as (res2 = Import ("")), and res2 ((a, b, c, d)) returns the correct output of Table. in good order. However, when I try to make a kind of simple algebra with it, it simply fails, even forgetting all the evaluations, as I did before. For example, when I try to evaluate res2 ((1,2,3,4)) + res2 ((1,2,4,3)), Mathematica is not able to & re; Evaluate and even forget all previous evaluations. What to do? I want to work with elements in the table of file. If not, what is the point of saving such a collection of data? Is there another way, please tell me. It takes days to create the table. Now I have the table saved in the .mx file, but I can not do algebra with elements. How to define a variable for the elements and work with it?

google – Conversions Imported in Analytics Reported by "No Recent Conversions"

I've imported a few Google Analytics Goals into Google Ads, but they say "No Recent Conversion":

enter the description of the image here

It bothers me that there are some conversions in Analytics.

I think I linked the account correctly:

enter the description of the image here

Sorry for the stupidity of the question, I understand things here.

import – How to evaluate a function on imported data (.xlsx file)

You want to do the same thing for each element of a list. In Mathematica, it almost always means using Map. I guess you probably do not want to do that to the first element of your list, so Rest will throw that away. Each item in your data list is a list of two numbers. We therefore define a function that accepts a list of two numbers and calculates the desired result. Maybe that will do what you are looking for


which comes back instantly

{24*E^3, 600*E^2, 50000/E^15, 3800/E^33, 80000/E^35}

If you need this result in a different form and you do not know how to do it, leave a comment on how it should be changed and perhaps we can get what you are looking for.

Search Map in the documentation and see if you can understand how it works. And check these results to make sure they are correct.

Experienced users will often use the shortcut /@ instead of writing Map(...) but for a new user having those (...) can help you understand how it works.

Magento 2: the imported resource (image) could not be downloaded from an external resource due to a timeout or access permissions

I'm trying to import a product with the help of a csv file into the local host of the wamp server, but a display error in the imported resource (image ) could not be downloaded from an external resource due to an expiration time or access permissions.
I'm adding product images in pub / media / import

plugins – Statiscal wordpress site using imported Excel tables

Hello and thank you to all who can share help.

I create a website containing many static table data from a game that I update daily.

I import the data and convert it into Excel tables, then I have to import Excel tables from the wordpress site. And here is my problem.
I want to import about 50,000 tables and once I have finished the html and css updates, just update them by simply importing the new Excel tables. I have reviewed WpDatatables and Tablepress but I am not convinced that they can handle the number of tables.
I've also looked at paid plugins like ipushpull and caspio, which seem a little exaggerated.
I am also open to the ideas that they will excel and directly convert the data.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Unapplied Tags in Imported Role Ansible

I have created a simple playbook Ansible:

- hosts: all

- name: Install Icinga2 on Windows
name: my.icinga2.role
- install-icinga2

The role contains this task file:

- include_tasks: vars.yml
Keywords: ['always']

- include_tasks: install.yml
Keywords: ['install-icinga2-stack', 'install-icinga2']

- include_tasks: ido-install.yml
when: icinga2_ido_enable == true
Keywords: ['install-icinga2-stack', 'install-icinga2-ido']  

- include_tasks: configure.yml
Keywords: ['install-icinga2-stack']


Here is the result when I run the playbook:

me @ ansible: ~ / ansible $ ansible-playbook games / icinga2-client-win.yml -i staging.ini - neighboring windows

TO PLAY [all] ************************************************** ***********************************************

TASK [Gathering Facts] ************************************************** ************************************************ ** *****
D & # 39; agreement: []

TASK [Include variables for Icinga 2] ************************************************** *****************************************
D & # 39; agreement: []

TASK [set_fact] ************************************************** ************************************************ ** ************
jump: []

TASK [set_fact] ************************************************** ************************************************ ** ************
D & # 39; agreement: []

TASK [Install Icinga2 Client and connect it to the master server] ************************************************** *************

TASK [my.icinga2.role : include_tasks] ************************************************** *************************************
included: /home/me/ansible/roles/internal/my.icinga2.role/tasks/vars.yml for

TASK [my.icinga2.role : Set default fact for mysql command] ************************************************** ***************
D & # 39; agreement: []

TASK [my.icinga2.role : Set fact for mysql command if auth params are given] ************************************************
jump: []

TASK [my.icinga2.role : Set Monitoring Plugins for old Debian Versions] ************************************************** ***
jump: []

TASK [my.icinga2.role : include_tasks] ************************************************** *************************************
included: /home/me/ansible/roles/internal/my.icinga2.role/tasks/install.yml for

TASK [my.icinga2.role : include_tasks] ************************************************** *************************************
jump: []

TASK [my.icinga2.role : include_tasks] ************************************************** *************************************
jump: []

TASK [my.icinga2.role : include_tasks] ************************************************** *************************************
included: /home/me/ansible/roles/internal/my.icinga2.role/tasks/install-Windows.yml for

TASK [my.icinga2.role : set_fact] ************************************************** *****************************************
D & # 39; agreement: []

TASK [my.icinga2.role : set_fact] ************************************************** *****************************************
jump: []

TASK [my.icinga2.role : Install Icinga 2] ************************************************** **********************************
amended: []

TASK [my.icinga2.role : include_tasks] ************************************************** *************************************
jump: []

TASK [my.icinga2.role : include_tasks] ************************************************** *************************************
included: /home/me/ansible/roles/internal/my.icinga2.role/tasks/configure.yml for

TASK [my.icinga2.role : Check if Icinga 2 API are already activated] ************************************************** ******
[ This should not be included! ]

RACE MANIPULATOR [my.icinga2.role : Restart Icinga2 on Windows] ************************************************** ************
to try again, use: --limit @ / home / me / ansible / plays / icinga2-client-win.retry

PLAY RECAP *********************************************** * ************************************************ ** ******************** ok = 10 changed = 1 inaccessible = 0 failure = 1 

Why the configure.yml role task file is included because it should only be included if I apply the install-icinga2-stack tag and I apply the install-icinga2 a?

In addition, I realize that the Ido-install.yml role task file is not included just because the icinga2_ido_enable variable is not true in this playbook (and its default value is false), not because one of its tags is not applied (which should be what I want).

Or I'm wrong?