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    hsm – Does the use of a hardware security module improve the security of the storage of a password?

    Suppose I work for a company that aims to authenticate users with the help of usernames and traditional passwords. The company is currently using a slow key derivation function to hash passwords, such as Argon2, scrypt, or PBKDF2.

    One of the developers now had the idea of ​​using a hardware security module to further secure the credentials. He had the idea of ​​using the password HMAC as input for the key derivation function. Since the key to the HMAC function is stored in the HSM and can not be retrieved. So here, in pseudo-code, there is once the old connection code and the new connection code:

    // Old login code
    Authentifier function (input)
    user = DB.getUser (input.username);
    if (user == null) returns false; // The user does not exist
    kdf = Argon2id;
    returns kdf.verify (user.password, input.password);

    And here is the new connection code:

    // New login code
    Authentifier function (input)
    user = DB.getUser (input.username);
    if (user == null) returns false; // The user does not exist
    kdf = Argon2id;
    keyedHash = HSM.getHMAC (input.password, useInternalKey = true);
    returns kdf.verify (user.password, keyedHash);

    This seems to improve overall security, because an attacker able to steal the database would also need access to the HSM to try to decrypt the keys. Even if an attacker knows his / her own password, the key stored in the HSM is long enough that it is not possible to try to force it brutally.

    Although an attacker with control of the database can send password candidates to the HSM for coded hashes, it will:

    • severely limit the number of candidates that the attacker can attempt per second
    • cause network administrators to see unusual network traffic and detect the violation

    I am aware of "Never ride!" And I think it's not "my own algorithm".

    In addition, I understand that if the HSM were to lose the key, users would no longer be able to connect. This problem could be solved by using a backup HSM and also storing the key.

    Does this diet make sense? Does it really prevent an attacker from recovering passwords? Or is it just an excuse for the IT team to spend a lot of money to get a new brilliant thing?

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    mysql – Can any one help me improve this query?

    This request takes 15 to 20 minutes to execute more than 10,000 records. Is there a way to make it more effective? or just can not anymore?


    built – When construction takes so long, how to improve the efficiency of the engineer?

    The project uses C ++ and the code takes about half an hour to be based on a 32-core box. This time can be longer, for example 1 hour + on the local machine of the developer.

    I notice that the efficiency is low when we do the construction. Sit down and look, it's a waste of time.

    A typical case is: modify code, then build, if the build fails, modify again, build, test, if the test fails, modify and generate again.

    Since the code is full of templates, any changes in .H will be slow to generate.

    If a developer loses 2 hours a day in the build process, the cost would be too high.

    How to improve the efficiency of project processing that the current code base needs a lot of time to be built?

    unreal 4 – How to improve the appearance / appearance / resolution of a text rendering in my game?

    In my game, there are warriors who walk the map following a path. Above their heads, we show their life (rendering of the text).

    It turns out that unlike what I do when I simulate the game (I do not own the character), visualizing the lives of warriors is virtually impossible.

    Picture of when the warrior and my character walk:

    enter the description of the image here

    Even with my character arrested the visualization of life is horrible:

    enter the description of the image here

    I have not changed much since the rendering of text, but if it helps:

    enter the description of the image here

    I want the improvement to be simply in the sense that I can easily identify the value of the warrior's life.

    How to improve DoFollow links?

    How to improve DoFollow links?

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    Improve the user experience of the application with push notifications – Everything else

    Telemedicine helps support the health system among patients, physicians and medical institutions. The main task of telemedicine services is to provide remote visits to a physician, increase the efficiency of medical services and monitor health problems from a distance.

    The development of telemedicine applications can be used in different medical fields such as dermatology, psychological and behavioral health, cardiology, chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, etc.

    5 successful use cases in the development of telemedicine applications

    1) Doctor on demand

    This is one of the best apps for online doctor consultations. The application associates patients and doctors within three minutes of videoconferencing. The application is available on smartphones, tablets and laptops. The patient lists his symptoms, then tells his medical history, makes contact with a doctor and finally gets the necessary prescriptions.

    2) Medicis

    This recent start-up telemedicine is reshaping the industry. The app raised $ 46.6 million in a round table and connected individuals to all their doctors. The application allows practitioners to connect directly and securely via video or text.

    3) American Well (AmWell)

    This telemedicine application has been used by health care workers, service providers and the government since 2009. American Well offers the SaaS platform for medical facilities. At the same time, the AmWell application focuses on consumers.

    4) Babylon

    Telemedicine application with the ambition to provide medical services worldwide. The application uses machine learning to provide accurate prescriptions in the form of a chatbot, which means that you can receive treatment in the absence of a doctor.

    5) MDLIVE

    This app provides treatments for the most common medical areas, as well as behavioral health issues.

    You can get more details on the benefits of developing telemedicine applications here


    maintenance – A 10-line code change takes several days, how to improve efficiency?

    A newcomer to a project was given a simple code change and indicated where the code needed to be changed. I'm waiting for the code change to be completed in the half day.

    Still, it took several days to complete and put into production. This is below expectations.

    Are there ways to improve efficiency in this scenario? 10 lines of code change took several days for a newcomer, that is too much.