How to improve more traffic via social media?

How to improve more traffic on social networks?

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How to improve more traffic via social media?

graphs – improve at Monte Carlo

Can I improve a Monte Carlo search for the problem described?

enter the description of the image here

I therefore have a graph / network consisting of segments a1, a2, …, b1, b2, …, and c1, c2, …

For all the underlying segments, there is some weighting, for example: a1 = 2, b3 = 0, c3 = 4

In addition, I have a matrix of distances from each segment to all other segments of the network, e.g.

|from/to | a1  | a2  | a3  | b1  | b2  | b3  | c1  | c2  | c3  |
|   a1   |  0  | 4   | 6   | 84  | 82  | 80  | 150 | 148 | 146 |
|   a2   | ... | 0   | ... | ... | ... | ... | ... | ... | ... |
|   a3   | ... | ... | 0   | ... | ... | ... | ... | ... | ... |
|   b1   | ... | ... | ... | 0   | ... | ... | ... | ... | ... |
|   b2   | ... | ... | ... | ... | 0   | ... | ... | ... | ... |
|   b3   | ... | ... | ... | ... | ... | 0   | ... | ... | ... |
|   c1   | ... | ... | ... | ... | ... | ... | 0   | ... | ... |
|   c2   | ... | ... | ... | ... | ... | ... | ... | 0   | ... |
|   c3   | ... | ... | ... | ... | ... | ... | ... | ... | 0   |
| ...    | ... | ... | ... | ... | ... | ... | ... | ... | ... |

I want to place not agents (in the picture n = 3) so as to cover as many segments as possible by weighting, over a distance of 50. And to be able to optimize any combination of parameters, e.g. all not and any distance.

Until here I have tried:

  • a greedy approach: place an agent where most segments are covered (local optimum), then place the next agent to cover most segments, etc. not.
  • an approach monte carlo: selection not random segments and evaluate, repeat several times and choose the best solution.

In reality, this network and the number of agents not can be much bigger and more complex.

I wonder what other approaches might work, better than a monte carlo?

How are you going to improve my ranking in the search engines?

Hello friends,

I want to know how are you going to improve my ranking in the search engines?

index – In which cases does setting the SORT_IN_TEMPDB option actually improve performance?

My question is about index rebuilding, mainly the SORT_IN_TEMPDB option.

BOL states that:

Even if other users use the database and access different disk addresses, the general pattern of reading and writing is most effective when SORT_IN_TEMPDB is specified only when it is not.

On the other hand, one of the users states:

When rebuilding an index, you will need twice as much space as that of the index + 20% for sorting. So, in general, to rebuild all the indexes in your database, you only need 120% of your largest index in your database. If you use SORT_IN_TEMPDB, you only earn 20%, you still need 100% extra in your data file. In addition, the use of spell in tempdb greatly increases your I / O load because instead of writing the index once in the data file, you will get it. now write once in the tempdb database, then in the data file. So, it is not always ideal.

Do you want to share your own experience about this option? Have you ever had to use this option when rebuilding indexes? What was the result of the performance?

low light – How can I improve my indoor sports photos with Sony a6000

In addition to investing MUCH more money into a new goal, how can I improve my indoor sports photography under low light, including roller derby. I am currently using a Sony a6000 with an E-mount 50mm f1.8 lens.

Due to the lack of zoom, I often have to trim the photos to fit them properly. Most, if not all, require a lot of post-processing on the white balance and exposure, which leaves me with a lack of clarity and a lot of noise.

You can see my results here:

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Algorithms – Improve the time of the next largest Next function with the same Javascript digits

I've created a function that gives a number n by taking its numbers and looking for the next larger number than the one that can be formed …

  1. n = 513 back to 531,
  2. n = 9219 return 9912,
  3. n = 123 back 213

not being able to form the number pq n = 5 (there are no numbers to form others), n = 321 .. the function returns -1 .. The problem is that this function simple is the brute force and does not pass the speed test because what he does is to increase the number of 1 until he finds a number that has the same numbers in that part he does numerous comparisons in which he transforms the number, passes it by orders, etc. How can you improve the part where you compare if the numbers of the number are the same as those of my number?

function nextBigger(n) {
    const digitos = `${n}`.split('').sort((a, b) => a - b).join('');
    if (n <= 11 || n == mayorPosible) return -1
    else {
        do {
        } while (digitosNumero(n) != digitos)
    return n

function mayorPosible(n) {
    return Number(`${n}`.split('').sort((a, b) => b - a).join(''))

function digitosNumero(n) {
    return `${n}`.split('').sort((a, b) => a - b).join('')


What can I do to improve this code? POOP Python

I am a beginner in OOP. And I want you to analyze my code and give me recommendations.

My task was:

RPG games give a chance to choose the hero's race: Argonian, Breton, Altmer, North. In addition to choosing a breed, the user has the option to choose the following characteristics: sex, skin color, weight, tattoo, hair color (if it exists in the breed). Write a program to display all the characteristics of the created hero.

I would like to know your opinion about my code.

import random
class Descriptor(object):
    '''base dicriptor'''
    def __init__(self,possibledata:list):

        #list in which must be our set value
        self.standarterror = ValueError(f"Your value must be in : {self.possible_list}")
    def __get__(self, instance, owner):
        #return value of instance
    def __set__(self, instance, value):
        #check  if value is correct
        #if True -> set
class Descriptor_weight():
    def __get__(self, instance, owner):
        return instance._Hero__weight

    def __set__(self, instance, value):
        if 0 list of 3 possible parameters
        it will be used in the inherited classes'''
        random_params = ()
        random_3_numbers = random.sample((0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5), 3)
        for index in random_3_numbers:

        return random_params

    def __init__(self,sex=None,color_skin=None,weight=None,tatoo=None,color_hear=None):


    def getWeight(self):
        return self.weight
    def setWeight(self,value):
    def getSex(self):
    def setSex(self,value):
    def getSkin(self):
        return self.color_skin
    def setSkin(self,value):
    def getTatoo(self):
        return self.tatoo
    def setTatoo(self,value):
    def getHair(self):
        return self.color_hear
    def setHair(self,value):
    def getRace(self):
        return self.__race
    def setRace(self,value):

    def __str__(self):
        '''Instance presentation'''
        return(f"___ Your Hero ___ n"
               f"Race   --> {self.getRace()}n"
               f"Sex    --> {self.getSex()}n"
               f"Skin   --> {self.getSkin()}n"
               f"Weight --> {self.getWeight()}n"
               f"Tatoo  --> {self.getTatoo()}n"
               f"Hair   --> {self.getHair() if not None else 'Nothing'}n"

    #using for descriptors

class Agronianin(Hero):
    #personal class data possible attributes

    data = {
        'sex'        :'sex'),
        'color_skin' : Hero.randomchoice('color_skin'),
        'tatoo'      : Hero.randomchoice('tatoo'),
        'color_hair' : Hero.randomchoice('color_hair'),

class Bretinec(Hero):

    data = {
        'color_skin': Hero.randomchoice('color_skin'),
        'tatoo': Hero.randomchoice('tatoo'),
        'color_hair': Hero.randomchoice('color_hair'),

class Altmer(Hero):
    data = {
        'color_skin': Hero.randomchoice('color_skin'),
        'tatoo': Hero.randomchoice('tatoo'),
        'color_hair': Hero.randomchoice('color_hair'),

class Nord(Hero):#!

class Danmer(Hero):#!

class Game():#!
    '''Our game interface'''

    #our possible types
    types = (Agronianin, Bretinec, Altmer)#!

    def __init__(self):

    def main(self):
        '''Start game func'''
        #Meet player
        while True :

    def get_playerHero(self):
        return self.__Hero

    '''def createHeroObject(self):
        return self.Hero_class(self,self.Hero_sex,self.Hero_skin,self.Hero_weight,self.Hero_tatoo,self.Here_hair)

    def Hi(self):
        print("Dear, player ! n"
              "Today you have a nice chance to create your own player !!n"
              "Press ENTER and i will show you the MENU")

    def menu(self):
        print("Menu :n"
              "0 - Exit()n"
              "1 - create the Heron")
        while True:
            try :
                _=input("What do you want ?")
                if _ not in ("0","1"):
                    raise ValueError("Please, choose correct answer :)")
            except ValueError as e :
        return _

    def dataprocessing(self,data):
        '''Handler menu input'''
        if data == "0":
            print("Have a nice day !")
            import sys
        elif data == "1":
            raise ValueError

    def createCrh(self,attrname,setObjectFunc):
        '''Creates characteristics of our Hero
        it is a template for every simple sch in our Hero'''
        while True:
                for i in range(len(self.get_playerHero().data(attrname))):
                    print(f"{i+1} - {self.get_playerHero().data(attrname)(i)}")

                _= input("Your decision")

                if _ in (str(i + 1) for i in range(len(self.get_playerHero().data(attrname)))):
                    setObjectFunc(self.get_playerHero().data(attrname)(int(_) - 1))
                    raise ValueError("Please,choose correct variant :)")

            except ValueError as e:
                print (e.args(0))

    def createTypeHero(self):
        '''Race of hero to create hero based on Class name'''
        while True:

                for i in range(len(self.types)):
                    print(f"{i+1} - {self.types(i).__name__}")
                _ = input("Your decision")

                if _ in (str(i + 1) for i in range(len(self.types))):
                    return self.types(int(_)-1)
                    raise ValueError("Please,choose correct variant :)")
            except ValueError as e:
                print (e.args(0))

    def handler_hair(self):
        while True:
                _=input("1 - With hairn"
                        "0 - Wihout hairn")
                if _ in ("0","1"):
                    if _ == '1':
                        return self.createCrh('color_hair',self.get_playerHero().setHair)

                    raise ValueError("Please,choose correct variant :)")
            except ValueError as e:
                print (e.args(0))

    def handlerWeight(self):
        while True:
                print('Weight must be in 1..500')
            except ValueError:
                print('Write correct data')

    def createCharacteristicsHero(self):

        print('Okay ... Start ...')

        print ('To begin with type of your Hero')


        print ('Now , choose sex of your hero :')


        print ('Now, choose color skin of your hero :')


        print ('Okay, How much killograms your hero will be weight ?')


        print ('Your hero will be beautiful for you with hear or not ?')


        print ('And the last chr of you hero - tatoo ')


        print('Great choice !!')


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I am going to improve the live video with over 300 streamers for 24 hours. Up to 2 links simultaneously.

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SQL Server – Loading data to improve the performance of the temporary table?

When I write a stored procedure, I use views containing calculations. Therefore, if I have to reuse the view multiple times in my procedure, I load it into a temporary table and then use the temporary table throughout the procedure to avoid the start of the same calculation. every time you access the view.

But does this also apply to straight table data?

So, if I have to access the same table multiple times in the stored procedure, is it a good idea to load the data into the temporary table and access it rather than the original table?

Does this improve performance? Since the data is then local to the procedure?

I am not sure, because for the procedure table, the data is also local in this sense.

Can someone help?