How Can I Improve My Website Traffic?

How Can I Improve My Website Traffic?

How Can I Improve My Conversion Rate in Website?

(04-20-2019 03:06 PM)Zinavo Wrote:  How Can I Improve My Conversion Rate in Website?

Use testimonials.
Clearly state the benefits of your product or service.
Pay careful attention to your headline.
Use video to humanize your brand.
Create dedicated landing pages for pay-per-click ads.
Include subscriber or social-media follower counts.
Incorporate strong calls to action (CTAs) into every piece of content on your site.
Include consumer reviews.
Offer a price-match guarantee.
Use pictures of happy, smiling people.
Don’t require registration in order to buy.
Don’t offer too many options.

sql server – How can I improve query performance with filter on datetime column using an indexed view?

I have this table:

CREATE TABLE transactions
    id                                    NUMERIC(20, 0)              NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,
    amount                                NUMERIC(18, 2) DEFAULT NULL NULL,
    -- Some 100 columns
    customer_msisdn                       VARCHAR(255)   DEFAULT NULL              NULL,
    customer_email                        VARCHAR(255)   DEFAULT NULL              NULL,
    payment_date                          DATETIME2                   NOT NULL

CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX msisdn_idx ON transactions (customer_msisdn, payment_date, id);
CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX phone_idx ON transactions (customer_phone, payment_date, id);

I’m indexing around ~1m rows a month. Very frequently, I need to select last 3 month’s transactions per customer_msisdn or per customer_email which is 99% time 50 – 1000 records.

Here’s my query for a bit more insight:

FROM transactions t
         JOIN (SELECT
               FROM transactions t
                        WITH (FORCESEEK)
               WHERE t.customer_email = :customerEmail
                 AND t.payment_date >= :startDate
                 AND t.payment_date < :endDate
               FROM transactions t
                        WITH (FORCESEEK)
               WHERE t.customer_msisdn = :customerMsisdn
                 AND t.payment_date >= :startDate
                 AND t.payment_date < :endDate) AS filtered_transactions
ORDER BY t.payment_date;

And I feel like since the :endDate is always now (and when not, can tolerate fault) and :startDate is always three months back, I have some room for improvement. Here’s what I thougt:

Create an indexed view with a filter on payment_date:

CREATE VIEW (dbo).transactions_iv
SELECT (t).id,
       -- All the rows
FROM (dbo).(transactions) (t)

and my indexes:

CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX msisdn_iv_idx ON transactions_iv (customer_msisdn, id);
CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX phone_iv_idx ON transactions_iv (customer_phone, id);

and drop the AND t.payment_date >= :startDate AND t.payment_date < :endDate clauses altogether from the query. The query becomes:

FROM transactions_iv t
         JOIN (SELECT
               FROM transactions_iv t
                        WITH (FORCESEEK)
               WHERE t.customer_email = :customerEmail
               FROM transactions_iv t
                        WITH (FORCESEEK)
               WHERE t.customer_msisdn = :customerMsisdn) AS filtered_transactions
ORDER BY t.payment_date;

Since the view only has last 3 month’s transactions, I’m assuming so will the indexes. Is this assumption correct correct and would I get my performance boost?

Another alternative is:

  1. Create another identical table,
  2. Populate it with a trigger on the main table
  3. With a cron job, delete records older than 3 months every night.

How would this option compare to the previous one?

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How to Improve the Meta tags Improvements?

How to Improve the Meta tags Improvements?

❕NEWS – One of The Keys to Success in Trading is to Evaluate And Improve Yourself | NewProxyLists

Hello dear forum members and moderators, allow me to make a thread about self-evaluation and self-control, because I think it is very important.

In running this forex trading business, the trader’s goal will definitely be the same, namely to get a consistent profit and also to minimize losses, so that we can get income or income in this forex trading business.

But in reality I think very few can achieve success in this forex trading business, and the question arises why more fail in this forex trading business than the successful ones, and in my opinion one of the factors of our failure is because we do not want or are lazy to evaluate , even though evaluation is very important for us to be better and also with evaluation we will know our weaknesses and our strengths.

And one form of evaluation is to make a personal journal, and in my opinion there are very many benefits that we will get if we want to make a personal journal, because in the journal we can see our flashbacks in this forex trading business, and also with the journal then we will always update about the science of forex trading.​

postgresql – Improve speed of update query in postges DB with million of records

I have about 110 million records in a table in Postgres. Among these, about 30 million records need to be updated.
The update query is UPDATE users SET real_yob=input_yob WHERE real_yob is null and LENGTH(input_yob)=4;

I tried running this on the database but this wasn’t completed in more than 1hr 15 minutes and I had to eventually cancel the update and roll back the transaction.
As it has acquired a table-level lock preventing new writes to the table.

How can I speed this query up and if possible also prevent table level lock??

solid – How to improve the design of the code using tools (e.g. git)?

There is a bunch of books that state principles about good code (SOLID, DRY, Design patterns etc.) Those principles are solutions to some problems. An application of those principles could go like that:

Approach 1: I know the principles ⇒ I will write code that respect those principles.

The problem with this approach is that principles are context-related. We need to make sure that we have the problem (the context) for which we apply the solution. A preferable approach is:

Approach 2: I write simple code ⇒ Using some tools, methods I can discover that I have some problem ⇒ Apply the principle related to that problem.

So, is there some tools, methods etc. to use to figure out the problems. An example would be, using git, I notice that there is a class that depends on a less stable class. I then decide to introduce an interface and do a dependency inversion. I would appreciate any ressources that can help (books, videos, courses, papers etc.).

How to improve user activation / retention with user research?

I’m a junior UXR and would like to get some advice regarding how to improve user activation and retention through user research.

Some background:

I’m working as the only UX researcher in a B2B SaaS startup. Our company has quite some new signups every day but the problem is that the activation and retention rates are low. I’ve tried to reach out to non-activated and churned users to understand why, and the summary is:

  1. They (or their team members) don’t have time to adopt to a new tool

  2. They don’t really know how to fit the tool into their daily workflow

  3. They prefer our competitors over us because their products are more robust

I guess they are common reasons for churned users but our team had tried quite some different ways based on these three points trying to grow our users and nothing really worked.

On the other hand, I also talked with our active users and understand what our value propositions for them are. It turns out that: for the most part, it is kind of the opposite of why some people churned and went to our competitors – they think our product is easier to use compared to others.

I’m starting to wonder if our product is just not something that most people need? Or how should I continue to proceed in terms of user research to solve the problem?

Thank you in advance for the feedback and advice!

dnd 5e – Does Wand of the War Mage improve the accuracy of summons from Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything?

The Wand of the War Mage gives a bonus to spell attack rolls:

While holding this wand, you gain a bonus to spell attack rolls determined by the wand’s rarity. [+1, +2 or +3]

The summoning spells from Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything summon an ally that uses the caster’s bonus to spell attack rolls when attacking. For example, the Summon Fey spell summon a Fey Spirit with the following shortsword attack:

Shortsword. Melee Weapon Attack: your spell attack modifier to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 1d6 + 3 + the spell’s level piercing damage + 1d6 force damage.

Does holding the Wand of the War Mage increase the accuracy of summons such as the Fey Spirit when attacking? If I later drop the wand, would the summoned creature suddenly find itself less accurate?