Improved data normalization

I have some of the code that loads a dataset and normalizes the property values ​​to (0, 1). My implementation is:

import pickle
import numpy as np

# -- load data
prop_1    = list(np.random.rand(10)*20)
prop_2    = list(np.random.rand(10)*10)
prop_3    = list(np.random.rand(10)*30)

# -- normalize
l_bound = ()
u_bound = ()

prop_1 = (np.array(prop_1) - l_bound(0)) / (u_bound(0) - l_bound(0))
prop_2 = (np.array(prop_2) - l_bound(1)) / (u_bound(1) - l_bound(1))
prop_3 = (np.array(prop_3) - l_bound(2)) / (u_bound(2) - l_bound(2))

However, the normalizing part of the code doesn't look graceful. Any suggestions to improve it? Can we do this using a loop?

pathfinder 1e – Does an attack with a magically improved weapon count as a magic attack?

Your weapon is still a physical object that physically hits the golem and inflicts a certain amount of physical damage (clubbing, piercing and / or nicking). It doesn't change just because the gun is also magic and deals magic electrical damage. So even if the flesh golem is immune to magic, you still deal physical damage from your weapon.

By the way, the weapon improvement bonus. Improvement bonuses improve weapons (making them sharper or more powerful or whatever), they don't directly deal magic damage. So if you have a +1 long sword it will distribute 1d8 + 1 (plus any other bonus you have like strength).

The big question is about your electrical damage and the golem’s immunity to magic in the first place. Immunity to magic does not make you immune to magic. It's more like endless spell resistance. Things that ignore spell resistance – SR: no spells and abilities similar to spells, or magic that is not a spell or ability similar to spells – completely ignore it.

A flesh golem is immune to any spell or ability similar to a spell that allows resistance to spells.

So even if the electrical damage from a magic weapon East magic, it is not a spell or ability similar to a spell, and is not bothered by spell resistance – which means that he would have no problem with the golem's immunity to magic. It is clear.

But then we come to these points about damage from cold or fire and electrical damage. Your attack does magic electrical damage, which seems to mean that, even if it is not blocked by the flesh golem's immunity to magic, this function should still trigger. What this medium is somewhat questionable: being strictly literal, it would imply that you cause your electrical damage, then the golem is incomprehensible.slow motion and healed for a little bit of that damage. Although healing is based on "the damage that the attack other affair ", which could no doubt mean that magic electrical damage does not harm a flesh golem, even if it comes from something that is not a spell or ability similar to a spell, or it could mean that if some form of magical electrical damage is not blocked, it does not trigger healing.

You will need to ask your general manager about this.

computability – Improved binary recursion computation

I am trying to write a program in Python for the famous egg drop puzzle using recursion. If you don't know the problem statement, here it is:

One solution to this puzzle would be to use a recursive function that returns the maximum number of floors in a building that would allow $ Solvent (F, D, B) $ to be true, represented as such, as a function $ f $:

$ f (D, B) $ $ = $ $ 1 $ $ + $ $ f (D – 1, $ $ B – 1) $ $ + $ $ f (D – 1 $, $ B) $

… or $ D $ is the number of drops remaining, and $ B $ is the number of breaks allowed. This solution uses how an egg can break $ f (D – 1, $ $ B – 1) $ lower floors, and $ f (D – 1 $, $ B) $ floors above.

As you can see, this results in the formation of a binary recursive function as shown above. Combined with the fact that we know that $ f (1, B) $ $ = $ $ 1 $ for all values ​​of $ B $, and how $ f (D, 1) $ $ = $ $ D $ for all values ​​of $ D $, this should not be a problem for a program that can handle recursion very well. However, Python has the gift of being unable to handle recursion as well as some other languages.

As such, I would like to know if the maximum number of floors returned by the function $ f $ can be determined for a set of values ​​where $ 1 <= D, B <= $ 200,000,000 in Python.

Here is a list of techniques that I have tried so far, to no avail:
1. Memoisation (caching of values ​​of $ f (D, B) $)
2. Since we know that $ f (d, b) $ for $ d <= b $ is equal to $ f (d, b) $ or $ d = b $, with $ d $ kept constant we can reduce the number of pairs of $ d $ and $ b $
3. When $ d = b $, $ f (d, b) $ is equivalent to $ 2 ^ d – $ 1, thereby removing the need for binary recursion for $ d = b $

Have Discrete Math books improved my problem solving / creativity skills?

I am a student in a major in software engineering and I want to improve my problem solving and creativity skills to find creative solutions to problems such as Project Euler and Code Forces problems.
Will reading certain books in "Discrete Mathematics" achieve my goal?

What can be improved in this selection sort code C having a hard coded table?

void selectionSortC()
    //Not wasting time inputting arrary
    int arr(6) = { 2,4,-22,4,2,1 };

    size_t minIdx = 0;
    int len = sizeof(arr) / sizeof(int);
    for (int i = 0; i < len; i++)
        for (int j = i + 1; j < len; j++)
            if (arr(i) > arr(j))
                int temp = arr(i);
                arr(i) = arr(j);
                arr(j) = temp;

    for (int i = 0; i < len; i++)
        printf("%d ",arr(i));

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applications – Camera application which allows an improved visualization of imperfections via filters in real time

Is there a camera app that allows real-time filters (not post-backup) that adjust the contract, levels, curves, perform EQ (like in Photoshop), or otherwise that might help visualize imperfections in objects that were not easily visible to the naked eye on the occasional inspection. For example, two slightly different shades of paint, stains, etc.

dnd 5th – Does the Pact's improved weapon include ammunition?

Since he does not say that he understands ammunition, he does not include ammunition. If an ability says that a special item does not require ammo, it says so, as with the "Repeated Fire" fireworks infusion that includes the line

If you don't load any ammo into the weapon, it produces its own …

Since the eldritch invocation does not include a similar line, it might seem that no, if you invoke a weapon that requires ammunition, the invocation does not provide it

Improved dodge / parry should be adjusted for reaction action?

Should I change the action in reaction if I buy Enhanced Dodge / Parry?

pathfinder 1e – Can the improved cleavage finish feat be triggered again by the attack he grants?

The feat of improved cleavage finish says:

If you make a melee attack and your target drops to 0 or less hit points as a result of your attack, you can perform another melee attack using your highest base attack bonus against another opponent close at hand.

From what I understand, Cleaving Finish is a passive proc. So if I make a melee attack, kill Goblin A, I can immediately attack Goblin B. If this attack kills Goblin B, can I attack Goblin C? (D, E, F …)

(Note that the improved cleavage finish explicitly states that you can use the cleavage finish any number of times per turn.)