Cannot allow inbound connection for Bitcoin(0.21)

My server cannot accept inbound connection of Bitcoin(0.21). I have allowed firewall port 8333 already. other node server is working why ?

xxxxxx ~ % telnet x.x.x.x 8333
Trying x.x.x.x...
Connected to x.x.x.x.
Escape character is '^)'.
Connection closed by foreign host.

visas – How much is the insurance contribution of inbound travel insurance for Thailand

I (…) would travel from India to Thailand. – Asklep 6 hours ago

It’s currently not possible to travel from India to Thailand. See

Thailand will close its border to travellers from India, except Thai citizens, beginning on Saturday, the Thai embassy in New Delhi announced on Monday.

Thai certificates of entry issued for people flying from India to Thailand also have been cancelled.

Thailand is currently experiencing its third and by far most severe covid-19 wave: it has increased its travel restrictions and tries to avoid getting the Indian covid-19 variant. A third of Thai provinces have night curfews, and there are other limitations (e.g., in Bangkok: no dine-in restaurants, bars/clubs are closed, and malls have limited opening hours).

How much is an inbound travel insurance for Thailand

This is related to the new STV granted from Thailand and required for this Visa (see red link on page).

Every report with experience by that is much appreciated.

iredmail – Restrict outbound to 1 domain, inbound to 2 domains, incl. bcc (Postfix)

We have set up a webmail server for a subset of employees who have not had any email until now. Postfix and Roundcube webmail running. Also Amavis, and ClamAV. Requrements are for a very restricted environment, described below.

Our primary mail mail domain (hosted by Google) is “”. Our new mail server (a Linux VM on AWS) is supposed to allow sending to and receiving mail from only” addresses, plust one other doamin (see below). All the addresses on the new AWS server use the subdomain, “”

I was able to restrict inbound mail only to “” addresses quite easily, by adding a line in

#added to
        transport_maps =
# contents of /etc/postfix/transport  : : 
    *    error: Recipient address NOT permitted. (Transport)

However, during testing, a problem came up. Our existing mail users often use a third-party encryption service that integrates tightly with Gmail. Let’s call it “”.

To read the messages encrypted by they can click on a button in the encrypted message to confirm their email address and then emails them a PIN. With the PIN, their encypted message can be decrypted and displayed in the browser.

So, any encrypted mail sent from “” accounts will be unreadable for our webmail accounts, unless I also whitelist mail from ENCRYPTER.ORG to permit the PIN messages. (There is no need to send mail to ENCRYPTER.ORG)

However, none of those messages containing the PINs arrive with the new “transport_maps”
line active. I have tried adding “ENCRYPTER.ORG” to “/etc/transport” (same format as the other two domains) but it doesn’t seem to make any difference. I’m alsways running ‘postmap’ after mods, and restarting Postfix, too. I know it’s the “tranport” file causing the problem, because the messages arrive, and I see:

Apr 25 23:23:09 ip-172-26-13-203 postfix/smtpd(20875): NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from 550 5.1.0 <>: 
Sender address rejected: Recipient address NOT permitted. (Transport); 
from=< ...

Tried a “header_checkss” pcre file, but it’s a no-go because the bcc field can still be used to send mail outside of the allowed destinations, and it doesn’t block webmail from sending with multiple destinations.

What is the best way to allow mail to just the one dom donain, and from just and and block everything else?

Thanks for your help.

air travel – Can I change the destination of the inbound flight of a round-trip ticket with Lufthansa?

Is this possible?

Sure. The question is how much LH will charge you for the change.

There is always two parts to a change: change fee plus the price difference between the new on and the old ticket.

The change fee may be waived but that depends a lot on the specific ticket that you bought and the associated fine print. In your case that seems to be a no-go since you are violating “The flight sequence remains unchanged” and most likely a few other conditions too.

You are always on the hook for the price differential between the old and the new booking. If you are lucky, the newer one is cheaper or the same price, but more likely it’s going to be more expensive, especially if the change occurs closer to the flight date. Note the caveat in the fine print: “The original fare is still available” . In my experience that’s rarely the case since fares change all the time.

Not sure exactly when you want to fly, but it looks like prices are currently picking up quite a bit for the June/July time frame. Airline prices are notoriously hard to predict and are sometimes very illogical (that’s why I’m flying lie flat international business tonight for less than $90/leg or $15/hour).

When the time comes to make the change, you just need to price it out and see where it ends up. As an alternative you can also look at one ways from SFO to DEN and keep your original ticket. A round trip SFO-DEN might be cheaper as a one-way as well. You can take the first leg and skip the second one (although their could be side effects if you have status with that airline).

You can also try to call LH and ask the question directly and have them recommend what and how to book for your specific case. Official Fare rules are incomprehensible to normal human beings and sometimes span 10s of pages, so calling about it is not unusual. If you are lucky you get a knowledgeable and helpful agent. If you do, ask for a transcript of the call and/or the conditions so you can pull it out when it’s change time.

email – How to configure cloud MTA (Mailgun, Sendgrid, etc.) as an inbound relay to our AWS-hosted iRedMail/Postfix mail server?


We’d like to use Mailgun (or any cloud ESP) as an inbound relay for spam/virus blocking and some other processing. Then we want those emails delivered to the corresponding inboxes on our iRedMail mail server.


We’ve set up iRedMail on AWS and it’s sending/receiving email as expected. We know that iRedMail uses Postfix, so it supports receiving mail via SMTP and local sendmail/postdrop. We have a few ideas, but we don’t know what we don’t know and aren’t sure how to move forward.


Here are some ideas we’ve floated (but don’t fully understand the ramifications of):

Option 1: Aliases


  • We set up each iRedMail inboxes with two aliases: and
  • Email sent to arrives to Mailgun where it’s processed
  • Mailgun forwards to, which arrives at our iRedMail server.
  • Because we have both aliases set up, the mail is accepted and delivered to the correct inbox


  1. Does aliasing work this way / will email be delivered to the correct inbox?
  2. Are we able to show the original address in the “to” field to not confuse users?

Option 2: Forward and Masquerade


  • is delivered to Mailgun for processing.
  • Mailgun forwards to, which arrives at our iRedMail server.
  • Postfix applies address masquerading to the inbound email which removes the subdomain
  • Then the mail is delivered to the appropriate iRedMail inbox (


  1. Are we correct in our interpretation of what masquerading does?
  2. Will the forwarded email be successfully delivered? Would we have to whitelist Mailgun IPs or modify SPF/DKIM/DMARC aggressiveness so that Mailgun can successfully deliver the email?
  3. Will the mail be delivered to the appropriate inbox if it’s defined as

Option 3: Webhook and sendmail


  • is delivered to Mailgun for processing.
  • Mailgun sends webhook with the raw email to our endpoint.
  • Our endpoint pipes the raw email to Postfix sendmail which, through postdrop, queues it.


  1. Are we correct that this is how Postfix’ implementation of sendmail is meant to be used?
  2. Where can we find information on how to format the email that we’ll pipe to sendmail?
  3. We’ve read that sendmail is single-threaded and, as a result, is dispreferred for queuing email. Are those performance implications significant for a relatively small email volume?

Some questions that seem to be related but don’t quite us get us the detail we’re looking for include:

Any guidance whatsoever on how we should go about solving this problem is much appreciated. Thanks!

email – Catch-All + Inbound Routing E-mail

Mailgun offers catch-all for all domains against a cloud pricing , in my case 2 dollars per month. This works well for my private domains.

Email routing however (so that you can forward to to and to costs 420 dollar per year.

Is there a provider which lets me add all domains with catch-all and WITH e-mail routing against the same “pay by usage” (2 dollar versus 35 dollar per month) for low usages (I receive around 3000 e-mails over all domains per month, 1500 are stopped by spam filter and 1500 go through and are actually for 90% also spam 🙂 ).

(and i do not want to pay for 150 inbound mails that i actually read per month pay 35 dollar per month) (so pay 25 cent per e-mail i read) (as i now pay around 1 cent for every email i read).

(this is not a discussion on which is the best, this is a question on: does one exist at all)

bitcoind – Force Inbound Connections to IPV6 only

Is it possible to restrict all connections to an IPV6 address?

I’ve set


But it seems that nodes are still attempting to connect to an IPV4 address (in addition to the IPV6 address). Is there any way to prevent this? I am seeing discover and addlocal both being set to the IPV6 address on startup.


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What are inbound and outbound links? – SEO Help (General Chat)

An outbound link, also called an external link, is a link from your website to a different website. An outbound link for you is an inbound link for someone else. If a link takes readers to another page on the same website, it’s called an internal link.