Incoming emails not Google in my Gmail inbox

If I create a Gmail account with a school address other than Google, do I receive emails sent to this address in my Gmail inbox?

Thank you

google groups – Features of G Suite Collaborative Inbox from Gmail


I think the G Suite / Google Group Collaborative Inbox offers features that would be very useful for my business. But I also think that the fact that there is a user portal separate from Gmail will encourage members of my organization to no longer use it.

I see a lot of collaborative inbox options in apps such as Winter and Gmelius (which I would prefer not to use because of recurring subscription costs), but it seems like that level of support. Gmail integration should be covered by Google. All my research seems to indicate that it's not possible to integrate the features of Collaborative Inbox to Gmail without an application based on a third-party subscription. This seems to be a big mistake on Google's part.

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on how to operate the features of the G Suite Collaborative Inbox in Gmail? I can configure the inbox to be sent to all users in the group, but I would like to know if another user in the group has responded to a message without having to access the dashboard. Google Group.

It sounds like it should be possible and I just do not ask the right questions.

macbook – Deleted emails reappear in the inbox after being deleted in the Mail application.

After upgrading to Catalina on my MacBook Pro, I noticed that the deleted emails reappeared in my inbox a few minutes after the deletion. The only way to remove them is to use my iPad or phone to delete them. At least they do not reappear if I use one of these devices.

Is there any bug introduced in the Catalina version of Mac Mail? Does anyone else encounter the same problem?

How to skip the inbox?

I receive so many emails for purchases, trips, etc. I want all my emails, except for those that I think are important, to be sent to a different mailbox so I do not see them all on my iPhone. How can I do that?

Get notifications from the "Updates" tab in the Gmail inbox

Currently, I only receive notifications from the Main tab. Is it possible to get Updates tab also?

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Amazon Web Services – E-mails Received with SES Not Appearing in the Inbox

I've set up Workmail accounts to use with SES. I've checked my domain and added my MX Record at my DNS table. I have configured my recpeit rule according to the AWS documentation. When I send an email from my personal email to my Workmail e-mail address, the e-mail is saved on my S3 bucket but does not appear in my inbox. Is there anything else I need to install?

Here is the link that I followed when setting up the reception of e-mails:


If I connect to workmail client all my emails are in the inbox. This seems to be a problem when adding to Outlook.

Google Groups Collaborative Inbox: Respond to the author and cc group in the web user interface.

I think the author of this question is trying to do what I am doing. But the label is not explicit about the response to the author and the group copy in the Web user interface. So, I'm asking a separate question here just to be sure and have explicit wording.

I do not pay for Gsuite. I've created a free Google Group with the Collaborative Inbox setting. Suppose the group is and that an external has sent an email to

In the Google Group web user interface, is there a way to respond to the and I want to reply to the group so that other members of the group can see that the email has been answered.

This Google Groups Help page indicates that there is a way to respond to the author OR group in the web user interface, but does not specify how to do both at the same time .

I know that I can use my own email to do this by responding to the author and adding the group in my answer, but I want to use the web user interface because switching between tabs requires less working. There is a task assignment in the web user interface. and there are predefined answers in the web user interface. These features are not available if I only use my usual email client.

Is the answer to my question that the response to the author and the group in the web user interface is simply not supported?

server – Sending and receiving e-mails with Postfix via the Google Inbox

I want to use Gmail as a graphical interface for
J & # 39; uses Ubuntu 16.04 and postfix. I've read this tutorial and followed the steps:

The google mail address is Now, if I send an email to, I will not receive anything. In addition, when I send an email via Gmail, it works, but the address sent is

How can I connect Gmail to postfix to send and receive emails only via

Thank you.

Is it possible to see the messages from the commercial page (inbox) in Messenger?

I am the administrator of a corporate page and, during the day, I check messages on a PC by accessing the inbox of this page. Is there a way to get the inbox of the business page in my personal messenger, so that I can see customer messages with other messages without having to open two tabs, one for personal messages and one for the inbox of the professional page?