opengl – Incorrect bone deformation with assimp

Hi, I'm trying to animate a skinned mesh in my game using assimp and OpenGL.

this question follows on from this:
OpenGL Strange mesh when animating Assimp

But I have a hard time processing the bonés in the right way.

Here's what it looks like when I animate the bones…

enter description of image here

The way I do transformations is wrong but I can't understand it.
Can you help me?

Incorrect route

When I write:

Plot[E^x-3x, {x, -10, 10}]

I have this output:
enter description of image here

However, the graph should look like this:
enter description of image here

Why is there this gap?

nikon – my camera exposure is incorrect every time i use the flash?

When using the flash in non-automatic mode (aperture priority or speed), the camera assumes that the flash is used for filling and calculates the exposure for a photo without a flash. So if your subject is dark it will increase the exposure then you will have a big flash added. So when using the flash, switch to full manual mode or use the "Program" mode of your camera.

Incorrect WHOIS report


I check the site, it is obviously not free (there is no website however), but: declares that it is available declares that it is registered and provides all registration details

Why is that?

WordPress admin categories sorting is incorrect

I create categories like:

-- A1
-- A2
---- A21
---- A22
-- A3
-- B1
-- B2

But in a new message on the left side, the administrator is wrong:

-- A1
---- A21
---- A22
-- B2

Why? How can I fix it?

oracle – Incorrect link variable error

IF(:NEW.fechaInicio != FH)
THEN raise_application_error
(-20200,'La fecha del pedido no coincide 
con la fecha en que se activa la garantía');

I receive: PLS-00049: incorrect binding variable & # 39; NEW.GARANTIA_VT_PEDIDOS_VT_FK & # 39;

dnd 5th – Is it incorrect to use Passive Insight to tell players what their characters already know about NPCs?

I have a group of 4 noobs, 1 is a pro on other games but new on 5th (like me – but I haven't played in years), 3 actually play their first characters. The ages range from 13 to 50 (I love challenges).

I don't like to tell players what they can and can't do if the rules don't explicitly say so, but I also hate bashing new characters for the naivety of new players. I also try to keep the house rules to a minimum (just to make it easier for them to learn the basic rules). So I "chose" to read the Passive Insight score as a social version of passive perception that can "determine if someone in the group notices a hidden threat" (PHB Ch.8).

One of the PCs, a first-level thief, was preparing a trap for a captain and a slave ship crew to assist the city guard. To add to the tension, I asked the captain to make a sneaky reference to human cargo as "goods". The player, morally offended, replied, "shut up silly freaking" Caught off guard, I asked for his passive glimpse and I replied: "With your knowledge of the underworld, you know that insulting like this in front of his men will require a violent display of authority. You can say it, but are you sure you want? "

A little later, the same player went to give a final blow to an NPC who surrendered while others struck to neutralize. I did the same thing, ending with: "Your character is present enough to know that the execution of a helpless man in front of the guard would be murder. They might not notice it, or they could let him go, but maybe not. Do you want to kill him or make him unconscious? "

I'm ready to let the players do the wrong thing and suffer the consequences, I just want them to know the consequences in advance. The worst part is that I already know the score – it is inside my screen with its AC & HP, I only ask to bring it from the spirit of his character instead from my mouth. Of course, I fear that this will result in passive and aggressive assault theft – which is why I have only done this 3 other times in 13 sessions so far.

My question is, am I actually following the rules by doing this?

Bonus question: Is this in fact an unbridled way to force the behavior of the characters while pretending that I am giving them free will? – Mail with incorrect number of marked emails

enter description of image here

As you can see from the screenshot, Mail has a problem with tagging emails. All the emails here have already been reported, but now only two of them are actually reported. However, these emails persist in being displayed. Sometimes the total number is different from one or the other number.

I tried the basics: quit Mail, restart my Mac. Thoughts?

macOS 10.15.2

Proxmox – OpenVZ, incorrect disk usage after crash

I have a box running OpenVZ containers on Proxmox. Yesterday, the Proxmox machine locked itself up for a few minutes and then came back. An OpenVZ container, which was 96% of disk usage for a disk size of 250 GB, could not reassemble.

vzctl.log displays the container "Got signal 7" for a while, then becomes "Got signal 11" until I restart the container and everything returns successfully.

Since then, if I get into the container and look df -h it shows / dev / simfs with a size of 250G used 788M and use 1%.

if i enter a directory i know contains a lot of files and make a from -h I can see all files with the correct file sizes and a total at the bottom of 199G.

If I leave the container and look at the disk space, the usage has not decreased, and if I try to save the container in Proxmox, it backs up 250 GB of data so that data is not lost, but it sounds like some kind of permission or the property went wrong somewhere.

Anyone have an idea what is wrong and how to fix it?

Thank you!