Should I worry about a security breach if Google Maps incorrectly states that I've driven more than 650 km from my home?

I was shocked to learn that last month, Google Maps indicated that I was at home one day, that I was driving from a nearby location 650 miles from Chicago and that I was coming back. at home the next day.

Could this indicate that someone has cloned my phone?

I know inaccuracies can happen locally, but 650 miles? And Google Maps even indicates the course I would have taken.

I have been looking for similar issues. Either they did not answer this particular question, or they were identified as having already received an answer. If anyone thinks this question has already been answered, then please provide a link in the comments.

Google Map Snafu

16.04 – WiFi card detected incorrectly

I've dubbed my Dell G3-3579 laptop. I'm facing a WiFi problem. First of all, there is no WiFi on the top bar. Secondly, when I list all PCI using the lspci command in the command line, the wireless adapter appears as Intel AC -9560.
On the other hand, in Windows, when I check the WiFi adapter, it is indicated by Intel AC-9462.
Pls suggest a permanent solution.
Thank you!

linux – SHMMAX + effect of kernel parameter incorrectly defined by error

a few words about shared memory

Shared memory allows processes to access common structures and data by placing them in shared memory segments. This is the fastest form of inter-process communication available as no kernel involvement occurs when data is passed between processes. In fact, it is not necessary to copy the data between processes.

we notice that the value in the redhat machines is huge as follows

    cat / proc / sys / kernel / shmmax

sysctl -a | grep kernel.shmmax
kernel.shmmax = 17446744003692774391

when I calculated for Giga sa – 16248546544.17632

does it make sense? we are missing something here

the machines use 64G and 16 processors and are used in a hadoop cluster

email – Exchange 2010 interprets the full name incorrectly

I've investigated a problem with the emails that appear in Outlook First name@ (without the e-mail address), and it seems that the e-mail address is sent under the display name such as 

In Outlook, the To: field appears as follows:

First name@ 

This only seems to be a problem in Exchange 2010 (the company I work for still uses it), I did some tests with Gmail and everything is fine.


Is this a problem specific to Exchange 2010? Would this problem be solved in a newer version?

Mathematical Optimization – Minimize: Incorrectly Asserts No points meet constraints {} & # 39;

I tried to minimize this:

NMinimize[{0.0011436611039371792` (-22.749891688107795` - x + Log[0.010964912280701754` a]/ (12 [Pi]) + Log[0.010964912280701754` b]/ (12 [Pi])) ^ 2 + 0.00028717641571726865` (-20.905057129569222` - x +
Log[0.010964912280701754` a]/ (20 [Pi]) + Log[0.010964912280701754` b]/ (20 [Pi]) + Log[0.010964912280701754` c]/ (30 [Pi])) ^ 2 +
0.01400511186583103` (-23.86830932925918` - x + Log[0.010964912280701754` c]/ (12 [Pi]) ^ 2, 1.1690159611663095` * 10 ^ 14 <= ​​a <= 7.30286103392343` * 10 ^ 14,
4.563696268657563` * 10 ^ 15 <= b <= 4.56879715466054` * 10 ^ 15,
4.570970079902989` * 10 ^ 15 <= c <= 6.177387478825724` * 10 ^ 15}, {x, a, b, c}]

But I failed. Mathematica says:
NMinimize :: nsol: There are no points that satisfy the constraints {}.

I've tried to connect multiple points within the specified constraints and I still have a real number. So, as far as I know, the problem is well defined, mathematically.

Now, after playing with the drive for a moment, I noticed that when I rounded all the numbers ending in `, I would get a result. So:

NMinimize[{0.00114366 (-22.7499 - x + Log[0.0109649 a]/ (12 [Pi]) + Log[0.0109649 b]/ (12 [Pi])) ^ 2 + 0.000287176 (-20.9051 - x + Log[0.0109649 a]/ (20 [Pi]) + Log[0.0109649 b]/ (20 [Pi]) + Log[0.0109649 c]/ (30 [Pi])) ^ 2 + 0.0140051 (-23.8683 - x + Log[0.0109649 c]/ (12 [Pi]## EQU00005 ##, ## EQU5 ## * 10 ^ 15 <= c <= 6.17739*10^15}, {x, a, b, c}]

{0.00662112, {x -> -22.8238, a -> 1.16902 * 10 ^ 14, b -> 4.5637 * 10 ^ 15, c -> 6.02703 * 10 ^ 15}}

So, I guess I could use Round[], to round all the long numbers down. However, getting this function takes a long enough code and I should use Round[] in many places. Not to mention the loss of precision. Is there a faster way to evaluate the old order without having to use 18x Round[] everywhere in the code? I did not find the answer to that anywhere.

Thanks in advance!

unit – Prefabricated sorting layer incorrectly displayed

I have a prefabricated 'WhiteSmoke & # 39; which should appear above the other objects in my game view but stay in the place. The sorting layer that you see on the named image "Smoke & # 39; is the upper layer changing it by default and keeping the large order in the number of layers does not solve the problem.

The rendering mode of the canvas is ScreenSpace-Overlay.

Do you have an idea of ​​what I'm missing here? I do not know what else to try.enter the description of the image here

8.1 oreo – Android 8.1 colors incorrectly reversed

For many versions of Android, I have used inverted colors at night to reduce insomnia caused by the screen. A black background is much easier for the eyes than a white background,

Prior to version 8.1 (on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4), the inverted color feature did just that. For example, the inversion of blue has become orange. In 8.1, invert blue becomes blue. Many other colors are not reversed correctly, unlike previous Android versions. On Apple devices, the color inversion works exactly as it did before Android 8.1.

Does anyone know why inverted colors have changed to 8.1? Can a bug report be filed? The way it works in 8.1 is simply wrong.

Is there a better place to post this question / complaint?

Thank you.

magento2.3 – Price drop of configurable products Magento 2.3 incorrectly calculated

The basic price of comparison for a configurable product seems to be the cheapest price excluding taxes.
Then, the additional price added by each configurable product in a drop-down list of Magento 2.3 is calculated, including tax.
This even makes the least expensive option appear because it has an additional cost, which is only the tax.

See the screenshot below where the actual price of the "Test 1" option is $ 62.50, but the "Test 1" option still seems to be $ 12.50 more expensive than the cheapest / basic option. the + $ 12.50 should not be there because it is already the cheapest alternative.

Configurable product repository

resolution – The game has been resized incorrectly for no apparent reason (GameMaker)

I've exported the game with the following graphical settings:

enter the description of the image here

OBS – Interpolating colors between pixels would be like antiliasing. I do not think that's the cause of the problem, but I'll test it out and come back with a change if that's the case.

I have tested the game on a PC with the following settings: Intel Core 2 Duo e8200 CPU @ 2.66 GHz, 2.66 GHz / 4 GB RAM / e943Fwsk monitor 18.5 "

When checking the aspect ratio, it should not happen:

enter the description of the image here

enter the description of the image here

We discussed with the owner of the LAN home that this could be due to the fact that the monitor is very large and the fact that the PC does not have a video card and its components do not support the size of the monitor. But he certainly did not give me.

Curiosly (or not), it was the only computer that did not have a version on DirectX. The DirectX was installed with the game by the game's installer itself. If I'm not wrong in version 9, most computers have at least version 11.

Why is my site not indexed by Google?

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Google still has not found your site

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Your website does not contain information that people are looking for

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Your website has duplicate content

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The Robots.txt file prevents us from exploring your site

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Your website contains bugfixes

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Your site takes a long time to load

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