8.1 oreo – Android 8.1 colors incorrectly reversed

For many versions of Android, I have used inverted colors at night to reduce insomnia caused by the screen. A black background is much easier for the eyes than a white background,

Prior to version 8.1 (on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4), the inverted color feature did just that. For example, the inversion of blue has become orange. In 8.1, invert blue becomes blue. Many other colors are not reversed correctly, unlike previous Android versions. On Apple devices, the color inversion works exactly as it did before Android 8.1.

Does anyone know why inverted colors have changed to 8.1? Can a bug report be filed? The way it works in 8.1 is simply wrong.

Is there a better place to post this question / complaint?

Thank you.

magento2.3 – Price drop of configurable products Magento 2.3 incorrectly calculated

The basic price of comparison for a configurable product seems to be the cheapest price excluding taxes.
Then, the additional price added by each configurable product in a drop-down list of Magento 2.3 is calculated, including tax.
This even makes the least expensive option appear because it has an additional cost, which is only the tax.

See the screenshot below where the actual price of the "Test 1" option is $ 62.50, but the "Test 1" option still seems to be $ 12.50 more expensive than the cheapest / basic option. the + $ 12.50 should not be there because it is already the cheapest alternative.

Configurable product repository

resolution – The game has been resized incorrectly for no apparent reason (GameMaker)

I've exported the game with the following graphical settings:

enter the description of the image here

OBS – Interpolating colors between pixels would be like antiliasing. I do not think that's the cause of the problem, but I'll test it out and come back with a change if that's the case.

I have tested the game on a PC with the following settings: Intel Core 2 Duo e8200 CPU @ 2.66 GHz, 2.66 GHz / 4 GB RAM / e943Fwsk monitor 18.5 "

When checking the aspect ratio, it should not happen:

enter the description of the image here

enter the description of the image here

We discussed with the owner of the LAN home that this could be due to the fact that the monitor is very large and the fact that the PC does not have a video card and its components do not support the size of the monitor. But he certainly did not give me.

Curiosly (or not), it was the only computer that did not have a version on DirectX. The DirectX was installed with the game by the game's installer itself. If I'm not wrong in version 9, most computers have at least version 11.

Why is my site not indexed by Google?

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Google still has not found your site

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Your website has duplicate content

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The Robots.txt file prevents us from exploring your site

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Your website contains bugfixes

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Your site takes a long time to load

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gmail – Restore access to a Google group after being labeled incorrectly as a spammer

I started a thread in a Google group, posting through the web editor.
The third or fourth article of the discussion my articles have ceased to be posted.
The wire only indicates that there are deleted messages.

My gmail includes a bounce for two of them for the reason

Your email to group XXXX was rejected due to the spam classification. The group owner can choose to enable message moderation instead of sending back these emails. More information can be found here: https://support.google.com/a/answer/168383. "

but the message is truncated and does not appear in my mail sent (I spent a lot of time composing some of them)

The bounces themselves were classified as spam and I had to click on "seems ok"
in gmail.

It is not easy to understand why messages were sorted this way.
I produced them using the Google Group's web editor (although I've tried using markdown directly at some point).

This also affected at least one other person who responded to the thread because she let me know through direct email.

Membership in a group can be displayed if you click on the "members" button. Sorting by name lists the owner first. He gives a name but not a contact address.

I tried sending a message to the group, but this message was marked as spam.
I am actually on the blacklist and I can not post in a band anymore.

  • Is it possible to reverse this?

Ubuntu 18.04: Backslash Key Incorrectly Mapped in ANSI Keyboard (US English)

I have this exact keyboard, with the US ANSI layout:

touch 1

I just installed Ubuntu 18.04. In Region and language, Language is defined in English (United States), Formats in United States (English) and Input Sources in English (United States).

All keys appear to match correctly, except for the BACKSLASH key ( and |). When I click on the backslash, it corresponds to the </> (highlighted in red on the photo below) instead of the actual backslash key (highlighted in green).

See the picture I just took to see what happens … I have no way to type and | (In fact, I had to copy them from the Internet to ask this question), which is an absolute disaster.


How can I solve that ??

d3.js – Graduation labels d3 v.4 + x axis are incorrectly positioned during the transition

Attempt to debug a problem when switching from 3.x series of d3 to modular version 4.x +. I develop with dimple.js which relies on d3.

The problem occurs when updating a graph through a transition, Tick ​​labels on the x-axis are misplaced. This does not happen with older versions. JSFiddle with old correct behavior. JSFiddle with new incorrect behavior.

The problem seems to be the 3rd parameter to turn: the correct labels have a non-zero value like

transform = "rotate (90,0,231,90625) translate (-5, 0)"

while misplaced labels have 0 for the 3rd parameter.

transform = "rotate (90,0,0) translate (-5,0)"

Some notes that I discovered while trying to debug:

  • Labels are misplaced only when you use a d3 transition. Dimple normally uses
    cubic-in-out facility but if the developer specifies 0 milliseconds in draw(), the transition is completely ignored and the labels always appear correctly.
  • The dimple informs the rotation values ​​by calling getBBox () sure text elements and using the resulting height: see line 300 of the dimple 2.2 draw () and line
    301 of the dimple 2.3 draw (). When you use the new version, this selection box is empty on the elements that will be incorrectly positioned: SVGRect {x: 0, y: 0, width: 0, height: 0}
  • I've tried to identify the differences between the elements when
    they are created, not sure whether this is the source of the difference
    but I have failed anyway. (I believe this happens in the functions
    to: line 8983 to https://github.com/d3/d3/blob/v3.5.17/d3.js and
    line 47 in https://github.com/d3/d3-axis/blob/master/src/axis.js
  • Just to reiterate, with the 2.2 and lower dimple, which rest on d3 3.x,
    tag transitions work well. It's only when upgrading to the dimple
    2.3 and d3 4+, that the incorrect behavior appears. Obviously, there could be a dimple difference, but after going through the
    code (practically identical between the dimple versions) I believe it's d3
    which introduces the change of rupture.

macos – Eject an external drive after disconnecting it incorrectly

I have run repeatedly in this problem. On the one hand, we could say "always remember to eject your external drives before removing them". However, it is a fact that I will forget, at least sometimes.

On Mojave macOS, this causes a complete system crash. What happens is that the disc is still shown as connected to the computer, but it is not actually there.

Any attempt to eject the disk using the UI, disk utility, or commands such as umount -f / Volumes / TheDrive / fail (hang).

In addition, all processes that need to know / Volumes / * will also be blocked, for example Melting Unit / Volumes / TheDrive hangs, and finally the Finder hangs. This means that most software eventually hangs.

Attempt to reboot the system hangs.

The Finder crashes and trying to restart it hangs.

The system becomes unusable and unrecoverable and can only be repaired by holding down the power button to turn off the power.

I am looking for a way to recover the system when it is in this state. I probably need to kill some process and eject / unmount the external hard drive (not connected) that is the culprit.

It's a different problem, no answer. Eject / unmount a ghost external drive on macOS.

It does not work https://www.mactrast.com/2012/07/quick-tip-force-a-disk-to-unmount-in-os-x/

This discussion is trivial and useless. Https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3619092

(and many other dead ends …)

rm -rf / Volumes / TheDrive hangs too.