Business Diversification and Income Increase

Hello to Everyone ,

At this moment I´m making €500 a month from my online Business ,

Ebay Retail Selling : €300
Forex Trading : €200

I need to make a minimum of €2000 a month to make a living only from my online Business.
I have open this threat to ask the community for ideas of news business that can help me diversify and increase my income.I appreciate all the constructive comments. – Increase your revenue $$$

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game design – How to increase fighting stats of a player without increasing HP?

I’m currently making a simple game that requires a fighting system. The game consists of many (more than 100) levels that the player needs to go through to get to the end. In each level you get to fight creatures and monsters, and you evolve your skills by doing so (there are also other ways to do that but they’re not relevant for the purpose of this post). The problem I’m having is that when the player reaches the higher levels, the fights become very hard to balance:

To calculate the damage the player does to the enemy, I was basing it on the player’s fighting skill (which goes up with each fight) and the opponent’s fighting skill (which is based on the level). However, if I make it so the damage is proportional to the ratio of the skills, when both skills are high, neither of them will do much damage. On the other hand, if I base it on the difference of these skills, a player with less stats than a monster can’t to any damage to it (which is not what I want, as some monsters may have more fighting skills but you have more health, and vice-versa).

My question is if there’s any easy way to calculate the damage that would scale well when both parties are very strong.

seo – Does having an extended validation SSL certificate increase your Google search ranking?

I'm helping a retailer get and install an Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate for their online store. After doing a lot of back-and-forth in providing trade literature, I now wonder if it's worth spending the time and expense required to get one. Certification authorities, which sell EV certificates, claim that it makes your site trustworthy, however, many articles claim that users can't tell the difference and don't care. In addition, most modern browsers no longer present EV certificates to the user, making it difficult to know whether this is an EV or an EV. a standard certificate. at a glance.

Obviously, EV certificates have lost the weight they once had, but I wonder if Google's search engine has even higher it in their ranking algorithm than a standard algorithm. I suspect this is at least a small factor for small online retailers, but less, or not at all, for Amazon, eBay and other Google advertisers who have been "availed" under the buying ads on Google.

Increase Maximum In-Call Volume – Earpiece and Speaker

I would like to increase the maximum in-call volume for the speaker and earpiece during calls.

The Huawei P40 Pro is capable of much higher volumes during media playback but the volume seems to be restricted for in-call volume levels.

Using the setedit android app, there are the following database table entries:
“volume_voice” “12”
“volume_voice_earpiece” “13”
“volume_voice_speaker” “15”

If I edit these entries, will that increase the maximum in-call volume? If so, to what value?

I have tried ‘volume booster’ apps but they do not affect in-call volumes.

googlebot – Will high value of keep-alive help increase Google crawl rate

I have a website with thousands of pages with most of them indexed. The pages receive frequent updates (usually monthly). Google’s crawl rate is good, but not enough to capture all the changes before a month’s close. My current value of keep-alive is 5. Will increasing this have an impact on the crawl rate by helping crawl speed (due to persistent connection)?

Some tips to increase your sales on amazon – part1

I just wanted to share with you some quick tips to increase your sales on amazon :
1- Get more reviews for your products (and then more after that!) : People buy the product on Amazon that has the most positive reviews.
2-The most important thing on Amazon is ratings :
Make sure to have an automated process for gathering ratings from your customers, The Amazon algorithm that determines search rankings is highly influenced by product ratings, which is why ratings should be of high priority…

Some tips to increase your sales on amazon – part1

popup – Since late 2019, why are we seeing a massive increase in pop-up notifications, and why do UI designers think this is a good idea?

This might be slightly broad, but I think most of the questions on this site are somewhat subjective and broad anyway.

Since about late 2019, the number of pop-up notifications and potentially similar types of notifications has suddenly increased dramatically. Every other time I open a website or a program on my computer, even if it’s something I use every day, I keep having to dismiss notifications that I simply don’t care about. Quite often these notifications are designed to let the user know about certain updates and UI tweaks . . . but they’re completely irrelevant 99% of the time and are quite stressful and distracting from the core features of the website or program.

Stack Exchange responded very well to a related question and has generally kept their sites very clean from this type of thing. Personally I feel that is one of the reasons Stack Exchange is as popular as it is: While it does provide notifications, they are generally relevant, and they are generally not distracting pop-ups that have to be dismissed.

In that context, notifications are great, but pop-up notifications and irrelevant distractions are deterrents against continued use of a site. So why, just about everywhere else except SE, have pop-up notifications suddenly multiplied since late 2019, and why do UI designers not see this as a bad thing?

is any way to increase outlook Email storage?

I am using outlook since many years as a business account, my outlook storage is almost full of 15GB Data. I like to know how can I make more space in outlook Email withi reasonable price ?
Thank in advance. Best regards.

How to Increase Earning from Google Adsense


We have created a website Get Do Help which is dedicated for social work. Our aim is promote this website and all earning by Google adsense and advertisement will be used for social work.

We promoted site according to theme and currently receiving good number of clicks and impression (According to Google Webmasters 3 to 4k clicks and 40 to 50k Impression) per month. DA and alexa also going well on regular basis but we are not getting from adsense according to our expectation.

In April 20 till now we get only 3 to 4 USD.

So want to know that what is reason behind it … while we are doing our best to promote this website and coming on first page in Google for many related keywords like “Essay on Help Needy and Poor People”, Essay on help poor, essay on help needy and many more.

Please help us by guide in adsense that how can we increase our earning by this website. We have few services website and so we did not use adsense till now so have not more idea.

We know it that for few niche market like finance, insurance etc google paying good but because we are getting good clicks and impression so if google will pay few cent also then we should get a bit more than current.

Please guide us.