Use Adderal to increase productivity?

Maybe not the right section, sorry, I'm new! But when it comes to business, I'm not new, I was young at age 14 (coding, basic marketing concepts, etc.) – with time and I got to know about other people in the business world. way, I realize that many of them are using drugs. A few microdoses to stimulate creativity, which I had to discover, used stimulants at very low, non-recreational doses to increase productivity, with seemingly satisfactory results. What are your opinions on the use of …

Use Adderal to increase productivity?

audio – Why does the volume of iMac increase alone?

I have an iMac under OS X El Capitan version 10.11.6. I have two external speakers Roland (older – maybe 2006) that leave the port / headphone jack, and with many different applications, the volume starts to increase on its own. The audio preferences are set to "headphone port" and the external speakers do not have any kind of automatic volume control – just simple volume buttons that you have to turn manually. It's very annoying because I have to constantly lower the volume.

No suggestion?

PPC is effective to increase traffic?


I want to know about PPC.
Is there a difference between PPC marketing and Internet marketing?

This is the equation that is meant to increase sexuality

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Computer Architecture – Does the increase in k in the associative cache of k-way sets always result in a better rate of failure?

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software engineering – how to increase project requirements

These questions depended on the project to implement, taking for example an implementation for a restaurant, we have: how many employees have, reservations will be made, what forms of payment will be available, the system will have to connect to employees, how replenishments will be made for the stock of supplies etc …

How to increase the CTR on Google?

How to increase the CTR on Google?

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How to increase traffic?

How to increase traffic? my website ranks on the first page of the top 5, but does not generate more traffic. our website for designing and developing websites. Thank you

Best job to increase traffic?

What is the best job to increase the traffic of my website? I am currently working with Forum, Social bookmarking, Profile creation, Comments on a blog, Promotion of news.