Google search console error: indexed, although blocked by robots.txt

I've used shared hosting in the past and everything was fine. But when I switched to a google search console (Digital Ocean), VPS (Digital Ocean) gives this error: "I … | Read the rest of = 1786978 & goto = NewPost

PDF files are always indexed when X-Robots-Tag noindex is set in .htaccess

I'm trying to analyze the .htaccess file of a website that I manage, especially the following code:

Header set X-Robots-Tag "noindex, noarchive, nosnippet"

He is supposed noindex all PDF files of the site.

However, PDF files are still there and work, and I'm sure of that, because:

  • they always appear in the SERPs
  • they are green in the search console
  • the header check shows no command about noindexing

How is it possible? My hypothesis is that there is a conflict in the .htaccess code.

the robots.txt file:

User-agent: *
Allow: /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php
Disallow: /web_service/
Disallow: /wp-admin/
Disallow: /xmlrpc.php


algorithms – Show that, with the table representation for sorting a bunch of n elements, the leaves are the nodes indexed by n⌊n / 2⌋ + 1, ⌊n / 2⌋ + 2, …, n

The question of CLRS $ 6.1-7 $ the exercise reads as follows:

Show that, with the table representation for sorting a bunch of n items, the sheets are the nodes indexed by $ lfloor n / 2 rfloor + 1, lfloor n / 2 rfloor + 2, ldots, n⌊n / 2⌋ + 1, n / 2⌋ + 2, …, n $.

I've looked for the solution here:

The solution has been provided like this:

Let's take the left child of the node indexed by $ lfloor n / 2 rfloor + 1. $

begin {aligned} text {LEFT} ( lfloor n / 2 rfloor + 1) & = 2 ( lfloor n / 2 rfloor + 1) \ &> 2 (n / 2 – 1) + 2 & = n – 2 + 2 \ & = n. end {aligned}

A flawless stay

I can not understand this statement:
$ LEFT (/ 2⌋ + 1)> 2 (/ 2-1) + 2 $

Please help me.
Thank you.

A flawless stay

SQL Server – MSSQL – Escalating locks on a partitioned indexed view

I'm using partitioned tables where I put LOCK_ESCALATION at AUTO to prevent lock escalation at the table level, while keeping it at the partition level.

At the top of the table, I indexed the view that is partitioned on the same schema, but the updates on the underlying table are ascending locks on the entire indexed view, which basically cancels the view. effect of escalating partition level on the underlying table …

I would also like the locks in the indexed view to be locked only at the partition level, but I do not find how to set it as an indexed view. ALTER VIEW does not allow to specify SET The options.

I could not find another way to activate this, so I guess that is not possible. Or does anyone know how to fix it?

Web 2.0 is not indexed by Google

What's the easiest and fastest way to get Google-indexed Web 2.0 blogs?
I have non indexed Web 2.0 blogs. I've shared links to these blogs on social media, quality assurance sites, and so on. Nothing does it.
Are there services / tools that can help you?

optimization – How does the MySQL optimizer calculate the cost of the join when indexed?

So, the standard formula in theory is

C (R1.R2) = C (R1) + T (R1) * C (R2) where,

C (R1.R2) – Cost of joining two relations (tables) R1 and R2

C (R1) – Cost of reading relation R1

C (R2) – Cost of reading relation R2

T (R1) – Total number of rows in R1

It seems to be the formula for joining a nested loop, when for each line in relation R1 and the loop checks the correspondence of the line in relation R2. But since MySQL builds the index for FK, there is no need to do NLJ no? What happens and how is the cost calculated?

I have 30 pages on my website but now over 3,000 pages are indexed in Google

I have created 30 or 40 pages of my website. but yesterday i search is google with the site: and it shows more than 3,000 links are indexed in Google. When I check certain links, each link is created as [] and all links are redirected to another website.

My questions are how is this possible? Because I only have access to my website. So, how can one create these types of links for my website and also index it.

I have 30 pages on my website but now over 3,000 pages are indexed in Google

Crawled – pages not currently indexed

I am unable to correct the GSC code. Crawled Not currently indexed. Totally 11k pages have not been indexed by Search Console.please help me solve the problem

How to get an updated / indexed image?

Hello friends,

I would like to know How to get an image updated / indexed?

seo – old subdomain indexed on google

When creating websites, I always do it on a test domain. This domain was the subdomain of the principal. Now I have a problem. I forgot to make sure that the robots would not crawl the webpage during development. So after discovering, I deleted the page and the entire domain. Note that it was months ago. But now, when I go on google and enter I always receive instances of the deleted subdomain. Eventho the site does not exist anymore. The domain does not exist either. How do we find it yet and how long does it take for Google to realize that the website does not exist anymore?