I have 30 pages on my website but now over 3,000 pages are indexed in Google

I have created 30 or 40 pages of my website. but yesterday i search is google with the site: mywebsitename.com and it shows more than 3,000 links are indexed in Google. When I check certain links, each link is created as [mywebsite.com/Radsport-Salomon-Sal-5-Set-5-Set-schwarz-Rucksack-Trail-L-w493244/] and all links are redirected to another website.

My questions are how is this possible? Because I only have access to my website. So, how can one create these types of links for my website and also index it.

I have 30 pages on my website but now over 3,000 pages are indexed in Google

Crawled – pages not currently indexed

I am unable to correct the GSC code. Crawled Not currently indexed. Totally 11k pages have not been indexed by Search Console.please help me solve the problem

How to get an updated / indexed image?

Hello friends,

I would like to know How to get an image updated / indexed?

seo – old subdomain indexed on google

When creating websites, I always do it on a test domain. This domain was the subdomain of the principal. Now I have a problem. I forgot to make sure that the robots would not crawl the webpage during development. So after discovering, I deleted the page and the entire domain. Note that it was months ago. But now, when I go on google and enter
site:myDomain.com I always receive instances of the deleted subdomain. Eventho the site does not exist anymore. The domain does not exist either. How do we find it yet and how long does it take for Google to realize that the website does not exist anymore?

Will "private" status prevent Woocommerce products from being indexed by search engines?

I am turning off a Woocommerce product from my site and for that I have defined them as private.

I would like to know if "private" will be also put it on no index meta as true?

index – Is the search faster if the indexed values ​​are the same?

Currently I have a collection events with an attribute createdAt Of type date (for example 2019/09/09 10: 32: 12.123).
Because my users search a lot by date, I've added an index on this attribute. My collection probably contains hundreds of thousands of items and most of these events have a different creation date (which means a different index value).

My users are complaining about the time needed to retrieve some data. I am therefore looking for a way to improve it.

My users only searching by date (never with the time), I was wondering if creating another attribute "createdAtDateOnly". (only keeps the date and sets the time to 00:00, for example: 2019/09/09 00:00:00) would be faster to search because several "events" in my collection would have the same index.



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google sheets – Creating indexed links to automatic update in the spreadsheet tab

This spreadsheet is a course planner for teachers. It will be used by a wide variety of teachers with varied technical skills. It must be simple and easy to use.

The first sheet of the spreadsheet is meant to be a calendar containing the titles of the lessons and allowing them to be rearranged. Lessons are created by a button that runs a script that creates a new tab for the lesson.

Then there is a sheet called "Sheet Names" that uses a script to create a list of tabs (lessons) in the spreadsheet. The first sheet contains validated data to create a drop-down list of course titles taken from "Sheet Names". It then uses a script to replace the validated text with a real link to the tab.

The problem is that the links to the tabs are created by a vlookup script that finds the title line of the corresponding lesson in "Sheet Names". But if the tabs are rearranged or if a lesson (tab) is deleted, the line numbers in "Sheet names" refer to another lesson and the calendar of the first sheet is changed.

I need to find a way that:

  1. The course calendar on the first sheet should be able to be rearranged quite easily
  2. Lessons (tabs) should be linked to the corresponding tab
  3. Lessons (tabs) should be able to be removed without disrupting the timing of lessons

seo – No meta-description in Google, even if my site is indexed

I have a WordPress site and I use the Yoast SEO plugin for its SEO. I've also added my site to the Google Search Console.

Something strange has happened recently: Google has shown the meta description of the site for a while, but until recently it was showing nothing, it was rather indicating "No information available for the page". The problem is that my site appears in the search results for my favorite keyword, but Google suddenly decided not to display a description for the page. Has anyone ever encountered this problem before? Could someone help with this?

Thanks in advance,
Was I

seo – Analyzed The currently indexed sustainability index pages are not decreasing! What can cause this?

Exploring currently unindexed indexed hold pages are decreasing! What can cause this?

These pages are slowly de-indexing. I lose a few hundred pages a week. These pages range from pages submitted and indexed to "Explores currently unindexed".

When I examine the "Crawled currently unindexed" option, it appears in green, has a landing page and indicates that the index is capable, but "the URL will only be indexed if certain conditions are fulfilled ". Nothing seems wrong with the pages. You do not know what to do to stop the deindexation. The site is ncservo.com so that can help you.