postgresql – Performance of indexing varchar or text as an alternative to UUIDs?

I was reading up on nanoid and was possibly considering using the generated ids as the primary key for a table. The generated IDs are strings such as V1StGXR8_Z5jdHi6B-myT.

In my research I came across the following comment:

One of the benefits at least in postgres is that uuid v4 can be treated like a native type when stored which makes it fast to search.

Is it necessarily true that a primary key based on a UUID column would be more performant than a primary key based on a text or varchar column? If so, is there some other data type I can use to store nanoids which would match the performance of the native UUID type?

google search console – error indexing

I have a site built with WordPress. Initially, because the default content of the template was indexed in Google, I decided to remove those urls through the removals section in the Google console search. I also enabled the nofollow and noindex tags for all posts and tabs via the yoast plugin. After that, when I searched site:, there was no address. When I tried to index the home page again from the Google console search,, I came across a noindex error while I had previously removed the tags. Other pages do not provide this error, but I will encounter a URL error that will be indexed only if certain conditions are met in livetest. I don’t know why in the beginning, even though I didn’t create a sitemap, everything was normal and the pages were indexed quickly, but after I deleted the previous urls and added new ones, the pages don’t index. Of course, the last time Google crawled the home page was on May 26.

Google Webmaster not indexing my site Post and tag post

Google Webmaster not indexing my site
I submitted the URL in google webmaster but it doesn’t fetch my post and tag post.
am checking in google search engine:

I seem there is no new post updated ..what is the problem? can you explain the issue or please suggest some clarification about the issue

Some confusion about indexing

Recently I procured GSA SER EN software. I had GSA SEO indexer. I started a project in GSA SER EN using option with indexing with GSA SEO indexer. But unfortunately I found it does not send automatically but I need to press button “test”. After pressing test button, it send ONLY 10 links to my GSA SEO indexer while my GSA SER EN shows already 970 dofollow links have been created.
Thus, I tried to configure Elite indexer with proper API Key but it also does not send any link automatically I need to press button “test” and after that it send only 10 links to Elite indexer too.
Very confusing. Could you please guide me how to correct this? May be I am configuring something wrong.

Ban robots subdomain, prevent Google from indexing it


I have created a subdomain to test a WordPress site. It's a huge site, so it will take up a lot of space. I want to ban robots, prevent Google from indexing the site, etc. Basically ban everything except the human visit to the page, so that I can always see it.

If I put this in the robots.txt file and upload it to the files in the subdomain, will this only affect the subdomain where the Entire site?

User agent: *
To prohibit: /

Because, the main domain should be left alone.

I know this code prohibits robots from visiting.
But: should I put something else? Will this also prevent Google from indexing pages, images found on the subdomain?

seo – How to stop Google from indexing ajax scripts?

I have a page; home.php, it does an ajax call to /ajax/latestreviews.php.

However Google / Bing are attempting to index latestreviews.php, how can I stop this?

An obvious answer is to include / ajax in the robots.txt or include X-Robots-Tag "noindex" in the header of latestreviews.php. But from my reading Google suggest important resource files (to the page) should not be excluded through robots. Also that included the robots-tag can negatively affect the calling page.

So I was wondering how people are achieving this?

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