india – Institutional quarantine in Bangalore for interstate travellers

I will be travelling to Bangalore from Pondicherry by road next week due to essential reasons. As per the latest SOP by KA government, interstate travellers will have to go through 14 day home quarantine.

The problem is I don’t have a home in Bangalore which makes home quarantine impossible. I want to avoid staying in any friends/relatives place as it might put them in risk of infection.

The SOP in page 6 says that,

For persons where home Quarantine is not possible, then institutional Quarantine
should be done especially when there is:

  1. Large family or no separate room for home Quarantine
  2. Slum or overcrowded areas where home quarantine cannot be followed

However, there is no specific details about places, facilities and charges for institutional quarantine.

I want to know:

  1. If I can choose any place (E.g. a hotel) for institutional quarantine. I can pay the charges for boarding and food.
  2. If answer to question 1 is No, will the government provide me a approved list of places from which I can choose? I can’t find any reliable list of these places online. I am looking for a 4+ star hotel facility for quarantine.
  3. Recent experiences (within last 10 days) of people going through institutional quarantine in Bangalore. Even links where I can read about such experiences will be quite helpful.

usa – Traveling from India to US on B1/B2 visa during Covid?

One of my friends is currently in India and holds a B1 and a B2 visa. She has to enter USA for giving a medical licensing exam (can only be given in person). She is worried that she might not be let into the country at the port of entry, despite having a valid visa, given the current covid situation.

Has anyone had any recent experiences that they could share? Or any advice for her?

goa india – Car Rental in Goa

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IVF Cost | What is the IVF Treatment Cost in India?

IVF Cost in India (Bangalore) is starting from Rs.79,000/-* per IVF cycle. Get affordable IVF Treatment Cost (Test Tube Baby Cost) in Bangalore India. Get High success rate IVF Treatment in Bangalore.

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air travel – India – ID proof for child traveling on domestic flight

My 8 yr old child is not carrying his Aadhar card with him. Can he travel on domestic flight without ID proof? Can E-aadhar be used as Proof of identity to travel within India?

He has to travel from Jaipur to Mumbai. He will be accompanied by his grand parents who have valid documents.

india – How to get live running status of an Indian train?

Following are are 2 websites which I found very accurate and they refresh the status frequently:

  1. Official PNR enquiry website:
    After entering your PNR, you can check live running status, seating charts etc. Here PNR (short for Passenger Name Record) is kind of an itinerary id and printed on (e)ticket.
  2. On private website where schedule, route map, and live running
    status can be checked. Example:

In addition to above there are a few IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) apps that can be downloaded on your smartphone to check status of train, tickets, or food menu. (Search IRCTC in the app store or google play).


As mentioned in the comment, NTES (National Train Enquiry System) of Indian Railways is the true source of the information. Its website is and it also has an app (Search NTES in the app store or google play).

Flying to India – visa and country closure

You have bigger problems. Right now only specific flights charted by Air India is operating to India and very limited other charted flights. On that itself, only citizens of India are allowed it according to priority, after approval from respective embassies.

Your current visa is most probably suspended or cancelled and you have to apply for a fresh visa, which is really unlikely to be approved.

Details on eVISA –

How far does $20 go in India?

I’ve bought numerous services here from other DP members. Most of the time, I’ve purchased from Indians. At DP you can score article writing for $.50 – $1.00 per 100 words. Forum posts for $.10 or less. These are really great prices and it got me curious about a few things.

I’d like to hear some responses from Indians. Your country is big, so answers will vary, but I’m curious about your standard of living. If you make $20 here at DP, how far does that $20 go? Does it cover your living expenses for a day? A week? A month?

Here in America, $20 USD doesn’t go very far. It’s a tank of gas. $20 won’t pay for dinner for my girlfriend and I, unless we eat somewhere cheap. $20 won’t cover a single utility payment I have.

Also, if you’re not from India, but another economically depressed country, please feel free to add your perspective. Let us know where you’re from and how far $20 goes for you when you make it here at DP.


Can anyone suggest me a good offshore company in India providing Node.js services?

Can anyone suggest me a good offshore company in India providing Node.js services? | Web Hosting Talk

var sidebar_align = ‘right’;
var content_container_margin = parseInt(‘350px’);
var sidebar_width = parseInt(‘330px’);

  1. Lightbulb Can anyone suggest me a good offshore company in India providing Node.js services?

    Can anyone suggest me a good offshore company in India providing Node.js services?

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Tessy is an eclipse based testing tool used for automated unit or integration testing of embedded software. It has different views or perspective for entering test data, requirement management and also provides detailed code coverage reports. As a test tool TESSY supports all industry-leading compilers,debuggers and microcontrollers as well as host simulation.

The classification tree editor (CTE) provides one method of systamatically specifying test cases. It makes use of classification tree method to do this, and a unique feature of tessy.


· Automated Test Execution.
· Test Report Generation.
· Code Coverage Without Extra Effort.
· Regression And Integration Testing.
· Traceability Of Requirements To Test Cases.
· Qualified for Safety-related Software Development.
· Testing On Host Or Actual Hardware.


During unit testing of C programs, a single C-level function is tested rigorously, and is tested in isolation from the rest of the application. Rigorous means that the test cases are specially made for the unit, and they also comprise of input data that may be unexpected by the unit under test. Isolated means that the test result does not depend on the behavior of the other units in the application.

Tessy also be used to test a collection of C functions as a module and hence perform Integration testing and Component testing on them.
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