visa free entry – Can I travel to Nepal from UAE with a Indian passport during the COVID situation

No, you can not travel. Nepal has blocked international and domestic flights.

From the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal:


Assistive technology transcript:


To, All Domestic and International Airline Operators

This is further to the Urgent Notice issued by this office with reference no. 2076/77 DDG2/D.No. 1717 dated 28th April 2020.

As per the decision of Government of Nepal (Council of Ministers), the suspension period of all domestic and international commercial passenger flights has extended till 31 May 2020 (23:59 NST). Special permission from CAAN is required for Rescue flights, freighter flights and flights related to the medical and other essential supplies.

Thanks for understanding the situation as usual.

Can I travel to Nepal from UAE with a Indian passport during current situation?

I am living in Dubai. I would like to know if I can travel to Nepal with my Indian passport without a visa in the current situation directly from the UAE.

Can i travel to nepal from UAE with indian passport during current situation?

I am living in Dubai. I would like to know if I can travel to nepal with my indian passport without visa in current situation directly from UAE .

customs and immigration – I am an Indian married to an American citizen and I live in the United States. But my parents are not aware of it. How will this affect their visa application?

In short, my parents are of very traditional Hindu descent and would be very hurt if they learned that I married someone from outside of our caste, not to mention An atheist stranger. So I never told them that. Either way, I wasn't going to let their state of mind prevent me from making my own life decisions. I am always in touch with them and we speak once or twice a month.
The problem is that if they want to visit the United States (I would not have to invite them, they have the financial means to apply a visitor visa and come here by themselves) , they should provide information about their son, including my marital status. They will present it as "unique", and I assume that the immigration officer will most likely detect the inconsistency and reject their request.

Another question is whether the officer will let them know why exactly he rejected her, thereby revealing to them my true marital status?

They are very old in the 70s and I just don't want them to discover this fact and lose their tranquility in the last years of their lives.

ps. Some of you may think that they deserve to know the truth and I am the ****, but I did my best to change their state of mind and have absolutely failed to have an effect on their extremely rigid worldviews. Mods, let me know if this is off topic and where to publish it instead.

Customs and Immigration – Can Indian Citizens Easily Obtain Pakistan Transit Transit Visa?

Although the process is not quick and a little more expensive, the government of Pakistan grants transit visas to Indian nationals, as your link points out. Note that a transit visa allows a brief visit to the city of arrival, but does not require a sponsor. Only a business visa mentions that one is required, and you will not apply for a visitor visa.


All Indians wishing to visit Pakistan must obtain a valid visa. The basic conditions for obtaining a visa are as follows: –

Valid passport: the passport must be valid for at least one year.
ii Completed visa application form.
iii Visa application forms to obtain a visa either through the Interior Division or the Pakistan Mission abroad.

The fees are currently 15 rupees / -, including all fees for delivery, extension or transit visa.

Transit Visa
Transit visa valid for up to two entries for a 72 hour city break / port of entry issued to Indian nationals traveling to India by air or sea via Pakistan.

Check messages
Here are the designated entry / exit checkpoints for Indian nationals coming to Pakistan: –
By Air Karachi / Lahore / Islamabad.
ii By sea Karachi.
iii By the Wagha road.

Instructions for obtaining a Pakistani visa
i Please complete the visa application form in CAPITAL LETTERS (four copies). No column to leave empty.
ii Please complete Computer Performa in CAPITAL LETTERS (four copies).
iii Visa fees of Rs.15 / – must be deposited in cash and the receipt must be obtained.
The passport will be returned upon presentation of the receipt. Fees are not refundable.
iv Two copies of the form will be returned to the applicant with visa. One each must be handed over to the Pakistan Immigration Officer upon arrival and at the police registration office.
v Applicant must be in possession of US $ 45 or the currency equivalent at the time of entry.
vi Visitors can enter Pakistan by air, train, road. but the point of exit and the mode of travel for their return journey will remain the same. However, people entering by air can leave different airports with prior authorization.
vii Visitors must report to the police station within 24 hours of entering Pakistan and prior to departure / arrival at each subsequent point of visit in Pakistan.
viii Provide a copy of the N.I.C of the sponsor of the Indian citizen (s).
ix Provide a copy of the applicant's passport (s).
x Valid passport. The passport must be valid for at least one year.

India – Renewal of the Indian passport and extension of I-94 for the holder of an H1B visa in a special situation COVID-19

Your passport simply needs to be valid at the time you file a request for status extension (your company files I-129 for your H1b status extension as well as you file I-539 for your son's H4 status extension) . There is no requirement as to the validity period of your passport at the time of the request for extension of status, so you should be able to file an extension request with your current passport before its expiration (since you have to make a request before your status). expires in June anyway).

See chapter 30.2 (c) (3) (B) of the USCIS adjudicator's field manual for the validity of the passport for I-539:

An applicant is not required to present a valid passport with his
the application since part 4 of the application contains passport validity
information. The applicant must hold a valid passport at the time of
request and is necessary to maintain validity throughout the
period of his stay in the United States. (See 8 CFR 214.1.)
This does not prevent the referee from requiring
presentation of proof of validity of passport, if the agent
has reason to believe that the foreigner has falsely claimed that he is

And AFM chapter 30.2 (d) (3) (D) for the validity of the passport for I-129:

An alien does not need to present a valid passport with his application,
since part 4 of the request contains a verification block requiring the
Applicant to indicate that he has a valid travel document. The alien
must hold a valid passport at the time of filing and must agree to
maintain its validity for the duration of its stay.

These two places (along with instructions I-539 and I-129) say that you must "agree" to keep a valid passport for the duration of your stay, so you should try to renew your passport before it expires or is the earliest possible, but at least you would not need to wait for it to be done before requesting an extension of status.

Indian citizens – extension of I-94 and renewal of passport in special situation COVID-19

I am an Indian residing in California in the United States with the H1B visa. My passport expires in mid-June 2020 with my I-94. My visa is valid until December 2021. I have my 2 year old son on H4 with me with the same expiration date I-94. As a CKGS, SFO is closed until I know it, I cannot renew my passport and therefore my I-94 cannot be extended. Please suggest what should I do in this state? Any help is appreciated. Thank you

Indian citizens – To apply for a Canadian visa, should I mention the British visa I had previously?

You must answer all questions honestly. Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States share immigration data; while the extent to which they do so is unknown, you must assume that Canada will know or can easily find out about your previous British visa. Having a "clean" passport makes no difference – your visa history can be traced via biometrics, for example.

You don't say why you don't want to disclose your UK visa, which it seems reasonable to assume you have something to hide. If you are telling the truth, it may not affect your candidacy. If you lie, there is a good chance that it will be discovered and your request will be refused. You will then have a black mark on your immigration history which will be difficult to overcome, plus a possible ban on deception. If you think everything you are trying to hide is serious enough to justify the lie in a visa application – do not apply.

USA Tourist Visa Extension due to Covid-19 also Airlift for Indian nationals in the United States details

She can file Form I-539 for status extension at any time until her status expires. The request just needs to be officially received by USCIS before its status expires.

If she has applied for an extension of status before her status expires, she can stay in the United States while she is pending, even if her status expires in the meantime. The government will generally not evict her because she is out of status while her status extension is pending. In addition, she does not accumulate "illegal presence" as long as her timely non-frivolous extension request is pending, even if her I-94 has expired. If her status extension is approved, she will be granted status retroactively from the expiration date of her last status.

See this brochure:

What if I file a time extension but USCIS does not
a decision before the expiration of my I – 94?

Your legal non-immigrant status ends and you are out of status when
your I-94 form expires, even if you asked in a timely manner to extend your
non-immigrant status. Typically, on a discretionary basis, USCIS
postpone any removal proceedings until the application is judged
and USCIS decides on your request to extend non-immigrant status.

Even if you are not actually in a legal non-immigrant situation, you
do not accumulate "illegal presence" for purposes of inadmissibility
under section 212 a) 9) B) of the Immigration and Nationality Act,
while your status extension request is pending if it has been filed
before the expiration of your I-94 form.


If your request for an extension of stay is approved, the approval
will relate to the expiration date of your I-94 form and your status
while your request is pending will be considered to have been

If your application is denied, you may have to terminate your employment
and leave the United States immediately.

In addition, any non-immigrant visa in your passport granted in
the connection with your classification becomes null. Once your visa has been issued
void, you must submit any new visa application to a US consulate
your country of origin (not a third country, except in rare cases like
determined by the United States Department of State).

If her timely application for non-frivolous status extension is denied and her I-94 has expired, and she is still in the United States on the date of the denial, she will begin to accrue "illegal presence" from the date of the denial.

See chapter 40.9.2 (b) (3) (D) (iv) of AFM:

If a timely non-frivolous request for EOS or COS is denied for
cause, the illegal presence begins to run the day after receipt of the request

And 9 FAM 302.11-3 (B) (1) (b) (4) (b) (ii):

b. DHS interpreted "period of stay authorized by the
Homeland Security, "as used in this context, to include:

(4) For foreigners who have requested an extension of stay or a change of
classification of non-immigrants and who stayed in the United States
after expiration of From I-94 pending the decision of DHS, the
for the entire duration of the suspension of the request, provided that:

a) the foreigner does not work illegally while demand is
pending and did not work illegally before filing the application;

b) the foreigner has not otherwise failed to maintain their status
before filing the application (unless the application is
approved at USCIS discretion and non-maintenance of status
is only the result of the expiration of Form I-94), and
provided that:

(I) (…); or

ii) if the request has been refused or the foreigner has left while the
application was still pending, that the application had been filed in a timely manner
and not frivolous.

"Illegal presence" does not result in a ban unless it leaves the United States after accumulating more than 180 days of "illegal presence". She should therefore not have to worry about a ban as long as she leaves within a reasonable time after learning of the refusal.

The other consequence of his stay in the United States when his extension of status is refused if his I-94 has expired, is that INA 222 (g) is triggered, which means that the visa that 39; she used to enter the United States is automatically canceled, and she should then apply for US visas in her country of nationality.

In addition, the USCIS has a policy that it will send notices of appearance (NTA) to people after a refusal from I-539 if they are illegally present after the refusal, although I am not sure they always do during the COVID-19 outbreak. . According to this teleconference, they will wait for a period of 33 days (the period to file a reopening or reconsideration motion) after the refusal before issuing the NTA, so this basically means that your mother should try to leave within 33 days following a denial.

On the other hand, if she leaves the United States while her application for extension of non-frivolous status filed in a timely manner is still pending (i.e. before ; she is not approved or refused), she does not accumulate any "illegal presence" and her visa is not canceled.

See AFM chapter 40.9.2 (b) (3) (C):

Departing from the United States when an EOS or COS request is
pending, does not subject a stranger to the 3 year, 10 year or
permanent bar, if he leaves after the expiration of form I-94,
Check-in / check-out unless request is frivolous,
prematurely, or the person had worked without permission.

And the passage 9 FAM 302.11-3 (B) (1) (b) (4) (b) (ii) cited above.

And that does not cancel his visa under INA 222 (g), according to 9 FAM 302.1-9 (B) (1) (c) (4) (B):

(…) In addition, if a foreigner leaves after the date indicated on the I-94 form
pass, but before requesting an extension or change of
status has been decided by USCIS, they must be covered
exemption from INA 222 g), if the request has been filed within a "deadline
manner "and is of a" non-frivolous "nature. You may consider a
non-frivolous application if it is not, at first glance, a
apologize to claimant for staying in the United States for engaging in
activities incompatible with his status. Messages can be
convinced that a stranger testified in a timely manner using such evidence
as a record in USCIS Person Centric Query Service (PCQS) or the date
USCIS receipt or void check for payment of
fees for requesting an extension or change of status accompanied by proof of
the expiration of the legal status of the foreigner.

The meaning of being filed in a timely and non-frivolous manner is described in chapter 40.9.2 (b) (3) (C) of AFM:


The requirement that the request was made in a timely manner can be established
by presenting evidence of the date on which the
authorized stay expired, accompanied by a copy of a dated file
received, a void check payable to USCIS for EOS or COS
request, or any other credible evidence of a timely deposit.


To be considered non-frivolous, the request must have a
basis of law and fact, and must not have been filed for abuse
(like extending your stay to continue activities
incompatible with its status).

To determine if an EOS or COS request was non-frivolous,
DOS informed consular posts that there was no need to
determination that USCIS would have ultimately ruled in favor of the

And 9 FAM 302.11-3 (B) (5) (b-c):

b. (…) Therefore, for all cases of potential inadmissibility
under INA 212 (a) (9) (B) be it under the three-year mark of
212 (a) (9) (B) (i) (I) or the INA 10-year bar 212 (a) (9) (B) (i) (II), DHS
decided to consider all the time during which a request for
the extension of the stay (EOS) or the change of non-immigrant status (COS) is
waiting to be a period of stay authorized by the Homeland Secretary
Security assured:

(1) The request was filed on time; that is to say before
expiration date of Form I-94, Statement of Arrivals and Departures;

(2) The request was "not frivolous"; and

(3) The foreigner has not held an unauthorized job (either
before or after April 1, 1997).


vs. To be considered "non-frivolous", the consular officer must
the claim had an arguable basis in law and in fact and should not
have been filed for an improper purpose (for example, as an unfounded excuse
so that the applicant remains in activities incompatible with his
status). There is no need to determine that DHS would have
approved the request for it to be considered non-frivolous.

The question is therefore whether his request for extension of status is "frivolous" or not. Note that it is possible that a request may be "non-frivolous" even if the USCIS is likely to refuse it; it must simply have a "defensible basis in law and in fact" and not be "filed for an improper purpose".

In my opinion (unprofessional), a request for extension of status in order not to be able to return to your country of origin because of the COVID-19 flight prohibitions is not frivolous. On the USCIS Special Situations page, he states that for requests for extended status and change of status, USCIS will take into account how special situations have prevented your departure.

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