How can I set the price information of my Facebook market listing to "Contact Seller"?

When I tried to post an ad on Facebook Marketplace, it appears that the form's price field only allows digits and disables the "Publish" button if I did not enter a number. This is also the case when I tried to edit the list.

I was browsing the market and noticed that some of the ads on this list had prices that are "contacting the seller". It seems that other people have been able to define their price as such instead of setting a number. How can I also set my ad's price information on & # 39; Contact the seller & # 39;?

Screen capture of what I have described above

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ease of use – Is it better to represent simple tagged information in tabular form or just text with subtitles?

I am faced with a very similar problem. We have a list of articles that appear in 5 channels / categories (image, text, video, etc., etc.). They all have labels and titles. In addition, each channel contains a specific list of information such as timestamps, date, video length, number of words, image size, size in kb, and so on. The problem I faced was that the columns in the table were very inconsistent from one category to the other. After some research, I found that the title and label were the ones most interested in the user. So I stacked them. This makes the layout cleaner and allows for quick analysis.


A rather ridiculously long title goes here
Timestamp | date stamp | size of the image | size kb

In addition, I use color and line height to emphasize the hierarchy of information.

mistletoe design – What is the best location on a form for an information icon?

First, if possible, provide labels that are clear enough so that additional information is not needed. In some cases, this is not possible. In this case, such an information icon (I guess they will open a tooltip) may be useful.

The general layout will have an impact on the location of the icon. If the info icon is near the label, this gives context to the user.
Option 2 is visually more appealing at first glance, but you will see that the icon is sometimes out of context, for example. to the genre.
Option 3 could have the same problem and you will lose space for input fields that could be a problem on the mobile screens.

So, I suggest going with option 1.

Another thought: I wonder what would be the information contained in your tooltips, because the labels of your example are very clear. If you plan to use tooltips to give instructions on how to populate the field (minimum number of letters, password rules, and so on), the tooltip is the wrong template. In this case, you must provide the information below the field.

tcp – Wireshark – capture website information from other computers

The first of my computer skills is very basic.

I'm trying to find out which websites the computers in my network are visiting.

The target device is a MacBook Air, I have a homehub bell 300 and I use Wireshark on Ubunto Cinnamon 19.1

I'm running Wireshark in promiscuous mode and it only shows information from my computer.

Any help would be very appreciated.

The plug-in information tabs indicate a large empty area at the top

The WordPress plug-in information tabs all display a large blank area at the top of the scroll box. Scroll down the list until you see the text you want. The Browser Inspector displays the following warnings:

  1. Source map error: TypeError: NetworkError when trying to retrieve resource.
    Resource URL: moz-extension: //8378c19c-177d-49a5-91c5-9dc97844baec/0.js
    Source map URL:
  2. Source map error: TypeError: NetworkError when trying to retrieve resource.
    Resource URL: moz-extension: //8378c19c-177d-49a5-91c5-9dc97844baec/inject.js
    Source map URL:
  3. Source map error: TypeError: NetworkError when trying to retrieve resource.
    Resource URL: moz-extension: //8378c19c-177d-49a5-91c5-9dc97844baec/1.js
    URL of the source map:

How to solve these errors?

8 – How to display information about the author of the message

I have the Message module installed on a Drupal 8 site. I wish to view the information of the author of a message but I do not know how to do it.

How can I view:

  • the URL of the author's account.
  • the name of the author.
  • the photo of the author.

The following codes do not work:

{{}} Message.author_name.url
{{}} Author_name.value
{{}} Author_picture

This code does not work:

/ **
* @file
* Default theme implementation for message entities.
* Variables available:
* - $ content: An array of comment items. Use render ($ content) to print them all, or
* print a subset such as render ($ content['field_example']). use
* hide ($ content['field_example']) to temporarily delete the printing of a
* given element.
* - $ title: the entity label (sanitized).
* - $ url: Direct URL of the current entity if specified.
* - $ page: Indicator of the state of the complete page.
* - $ classes: a class string that can be used for a contextual style across
* CSS. It can be manipulated via the $ classes_array variable of
* preprocessing functions. By default, the following classes are available, where
* the parts between {} are replaced by the appropriate values:
* - entity- {ENTITY_TYPE}
* Other variables:
* - $ classes_array: An array of html class attribute values. It is flattened
* in a string in the $ classes variable.
* @see template_preprocess ()
* @see template_preprocess_message ()
* @see template_process ()
* /