air transport – Is there a service that informs me whenever a new direct route is planned from a given airport?

On weekends, I like to book cheap direct flights and take the plane to visit a new city. However, the number of direct connections from my airport is not very important and I am always looking for new destinations to book.

Is there a website that can automate this for me and send me a notification whenever there are new direct flights departing from my local airport?

create a workflow for a video channel on SharePoint, which informs the audience that a new video is added

I am newer than SharePoint and am wondering if there is a way to create a workflow for a video channel on SharePoint that informs the audience when a new video is added.
If someone knows how to help me

Thanks in advance !!

sql – Is it possible to display the options in a label while the user informs the value in an entry?


Is there a way to perform a dynamic search in a SQLite database?

For a better understanding of this question, imagine the following situation:

Consider a single window with a text entry widget and a label

Consider that there is a database with two (2) columns and three (3) lines.

The contents of the database would be:

  • Inscription: 123456, Name: Pedro Cardoso;
  • Registration number: 621352, Name: Cosme DamiĆ£o;
  • Registration: 433456, Name: Sandro Freitas;

Consider that the user types the first letter, the label already starts the presentation of the results, for example, the type of user "E" and the label indicates all the names containing the letter "E", then the user type "D" and as there is only one occurrence with this sequence in the database, the result displayed in the label would be simply the line "123456" – "Pedro Cardoso".

Is it possible?