spells – Innovation with tools and D & D 5th

I always feel pretty new at D & D and have had to leave my group for a while. Now, I feel fit enough to go back and I create a character with which to return. I chose to create a merchant tiefling who became guard after a client betrayed him and removed his voice during an assassination attempt. Although he is still a street vendor, he is looking for a mage capable of teaching him telepathy and finding his voice (I know that the spell exists, but I forget the name of fate)

The innovative part is about a modification I made to Kobold traps. As I understand them:

A kobold trap is made by attaching a wire to a small army crossbow
with a bolt

the idea I had in this regard is to attach a wooden whistle to the tip of a latch or replace it completely, giving a raw version of what is called in the real world an arrow signaling. With that, my character would be able to set a trigger wire as a kind of warning signal, because the whistle would scream in the sky when it would fire.

To do this, it could create a parameter indicating whether the enemies were coming from the north, south, east or west, by trying different whistling techniques to form 4 kobold wires. Is it going too far for an adventurer, or is it still possible within D & D?

Note: my experience with DM seems to differentiate the game of concrete solutions, hence my hesitation.

Connecty – The ultimate solution that removes all obstacles to innovation

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Since the advent of the Internet, innovators have struggled to commercialize their ideas. There are so many barriers to the current knowledge ecosystem, some of which are: high cost, insufficient funding, difficulty finding experts, delays in obtaining information, and transparent access to knowledge. These obstacles are a cog in the innovation market development wheel, which ultimately leads to a disconnect between knowledge creators and knowledge buyers.

To solve these sewing problems, the team behind Connecty has created a platform that exploits blockchain technology:

Connecty is a blockchain-powered platform that is geared to the knowledge economy. The intention of the Connecty platform is to connect two distinct worlds – the innovative world and the world of knowledge to revitalize the knowledge economy. The world of innovation is made up of young companies, large or small businesses. On the other hand, the world of knowledge includes experts, scientists, professionals, and so on.

Connecty aims to be one of the best platforms where those looking for answers can get in touch with those who possess the skills and knowledge required to answer questions. The Connecty platform can translate any scientific query or jargon into a readable and simple language through the integration of artificial intelligence technology.

Connecty will solve the shortage of experts in the knowledge ecosystem, with experts and professionals from various fields, including psychology, economics, biology, mathematics and the physical sciences, among others.

Connecty is one of the safest, fastest, and most transparent platforms in the blockchain. The platform uses blockchain technology and intelligent contract to execute user demand. As a secure platform, platform users are guaranteed maximum security when they invest in the platform.

Connecty Token: a currency of global knowledge

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In order to ensure seamless operation on the connecty platform, the team behind Connecty has created its own dedicated token (CTY) for the following reasons:

• Knowledge owners or creators receiving remuneration for their stress-free services: Most scientists are not affected by money, especially fiat currency. CTY was created so that knowledge owners could buy other knowledge on the platform and thus create new knowledge.

• circular economy of knowledge: The knowledge economy market is currently hindered by the limited exchange of knowledge between individuals. The CTY token has been created to remove this obstacle. The knowledge holders will spend the CTY tokens on the platform to gain more knowledge or convert their CTY tokens earned into any currency based on the fiat of their choice. In addition, knowledge seekers can use the CTY token to gain knowledge from knowledge holders, such as scientists, experts, and professionals.

• Insecurity: Most platforms powered by the blockchain are extremely insecure. But the CTY token not only guarantees security, but also a low operating cost.


Connecty is a platform where innovators can market their ideas seamlessly in exchange for money, with no inherent challenges. Knowledge creators can use the Connecty token to purchase goods and services from the Connecty Knowledge Store. Therefore, if you have a burning desire to sell your ideas, the Connecty platform is the perfect place. To join the Connecty platform, visit www.connecty.io.