OVH Dedicated server SELF backup way to inquire

Hi everybody,

I am a weak user, which means that I have very little unix knowledge (centos6). But I'm using the dedicated server for the last 10 years.

I 've been using OVH for over 10 years, it' s great and cheap, that 's what I like a lot. So, as it is cheap, the support can NOT be very fast to support you for a complicated issue. Such as broken disk, data loss problem. Because it's complicated, they can not support it quickly, even at a high cost. A dedicated server company can not help you so quickly. You support, does not mean can be 100% even your data.

I know that OVH has a great solution, Raid 1, Raid 0, Raid 10 … etc …

But, it is very difficult to use for someone who, like me, (inexperienced users, little connoisseurs)

So, I post the thread to ask if possible to use my own way, an easy way to hard backup the data?

for example:

Dedicated OVH BIG server, running 6 disks


1, install the system on the first disk, / dev / sda

2, mount other discs like:

/ dev / sdb / hdd2
/ dev / sdc / hdd3
/ dev / sdd / hdd4
/ dev / sde / hdd5
/ dev / sdf / hdd6

3, use the data on:

/ dev / sda / home
/ dev / sdb / hdd2
/ dev / sdc / hdd3

4, use rsync to save the data every day

/ dev / sda / home rsync to / hdd4
/ dev / sdb / hdd2 rsync to / hdd5
/ dev / sdc / hdd3 rsync to / hdd6

5, when the disc is broken, we do not know which one will be broken. If the / dev / sdb / hdd2 is broken, it is easy to save running / hdd5 and wait for the media to replace the new disk with / hdd2, once the replacement is done, it is easy to synchronize the data / hdd5 to / hdd2. , is it available? I thought it was ok.

6, if the first disc broken, which means / dev / sda broken. the entire server will be down. but anyway, when the support to replace the disk, I just need to easy to reinstall the system, and reassemble all 5 other drives, can be use the data immediately, and rsync the useful data back / hdd4 on a new drive / house.

(I'm not sure if this solution is available on the OVH server?)

that's what worries me. Need some top guys to advise me on this. Anyway, I thought that the above is a simple way to back up quickly, just as we use the Windows system. But I'm not sure it works for centos6?

I was thinking about using the Raid solution, I'm trying to learn that, but I'm not sure, I think Raid is too complicated. Even though it's easier, but I'm a low-skilled user, I can not understand everything. So, I do not have a way to use it.

Thank you all

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