forms – Userflow for questions based on inspection application responses

I'm working on a mobile app to help the technician perform inspections. They have a lot of questions for each task, each question concerns the inspection of an article. When the answer is positive, no further action is required (80% of cases).

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But when the answer is no, he must identify the anomaly so that I show a new page with the choice of the anomaly. I choose to represent it in the form of cards because it must have an "On" and "Off" status.

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When the technician chooses an anomaly, it displays a new screen because we need additional information. My problem appears here. I can not create a classic stepper because the number and type of question will depend on the answers:

  1. It must first answer if it "fixes", "momentarily fixes" or "can not fix for the moment" the anomaly.
  2. If the technician answers "fixed" or "momentarily fixed", we ask him to leave a comment to explain how he handled this.
  3. If the technician answers "can not fix at the moment", we have two additional questions: we must identify the reason for this failure (choice in a list of 6 articles) and the estimated repair time (choice in a list of 2 Articles)

I do not know how to represent this user flow, it's my headache, but in the end, the user must return to the anomaly screen, because there can add another anomaly with the same flow.

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Thank you for your help !

windows – Can we disable stateful ftp inspection for a single program?

At the present time, I have a program that generates FTP requests to a remote server. The connection is passive fashion. The problem is that the connection is encrypted with TLS and the client-side Windows firewall terminates the connection because it is unable to perform a stateful inspection of ftp connections.

The solution to this is to disable stateful inspection with the following command:

netsh advfirewall defined global statefulftp

Can I add an exception or outbound rule in the Windows Firewall to disable stateful inspection only for this particular program? Is it possible to do it? My goal is to have default settings for other programs and softer settings for my program.

Checklist for post-service inspection (beginner)

My Canon EOS-1500d has been cleaned at the Canon Service Center.

As a beginner, how to check if everything is as before?
What are the basic elements to check (for total peace of mind) once your camera has been repaired or that it has been in the hands of someone else? for a few days or a few hours?

Checklist for after-service inspection

My Canon EOS-1500d has been cleaned at the Canon Service Center.

How to inspect if everything is as before?
What are the basic elements to check (for total peace of mind) once your camera has been repaired or that it has been in the hands of someone else? for a few days or a few hours?

google search console url live inspection test multiple URLs

Is it possible to test multiple URLs live instead of manually submitting each URL and clicking on the "live test" button from the Google Search Console -> URL Inspection Tool?

Url inspection tool – How to analyze uncharged resources with Search Console?

I'm currently analyzing some landing pages with the search console URL search tool and most of them do not seem to be loaded (script and css). The main reason advertised by Search Console is: other error (with no more information).

Has anyone ever encountered this kind of problem and solved it?

I thought of a scenario too complex, but some are very simple.

Thank you for your help.

The inspection of Google Index in URL is incorrect

The "Google Index" tab in "URL Inspection in the Google Search Console" displays incorrect information (, while the "Live Test" tab displays correct information ( As far as I know, the results should be identical, with perhaps some delay in the next indexing, but the results remain different for a long time. Finally, in the search for masks, he shows me the incorrect version (

html – disables customization of google chrome inspection

I was building a website and I had to look at the labels to inspect Google Chrome. without wanting to cause the disappearance of a button, how to disable the customizations so that it appears?
Obs: I've already watched and I could not identify the problem.

Third party inspection and inspection of equipment

Supervision process
• inspection of the equipment
To be certain that the molding / forging process follows proven procedures
• Heat treatment
To be sure that the heat treatment is performed correctly for all parts, no part of the product is forgotten
• Chemical analysis and testing of mechanical properties (and non-destruction test). Make sure that:
a) The tests are really done
b) Material certificates use real test data
• assembly
a) Check the internal cleanliness before assembly
b) Check if quantity, material and type of internal parts meet specifications
c) Verify that the construction details of the assembled products meet the specific requirements of the customers, according to the customer's technical specifications and / or the customer's approved design.

• Pressure test

a) Evaluate whether the supplier's pressure test procedure documents meet the customer's standards or requirements

b) Ensure that the components of the pressure test stand meet the standard requirements

c) Ensure that the pressure test equipment has been calibrated

d) To ensure that the pressure testing process was in accordance with the procedure and the standard

e) Check the leakage or calculate the leakage rate

f) To ensure that the duration of pressure testing and pressure maintenance is in accordance with standard requirements

• Painting application
a) Inspect pretreatment and condition of the surface before each application of paint coat
b) Measure the thickness of each coat of paint applied
c) Test of the technical properties
d) Check the protection on the unpainted area
• Sending
a) Check nameplates and labels
b) Check if the protections on each product comply with the order
c) Check whether the sorting and construction of the packing box are in accordance with the order
d) Control marking on wooden crates
e) Check if the documents in the wooden box are in accordance with the order
f) Final control of quantities

proxy – Import / configure SSL inspection certificates (regulatory)

If your company requires all outgoing SSL traffic to be inspected for DLP purposes and / or other regulatory purposes; you need to configure the proxy certificate in your cert stores or key chains, it's not as simple as in Windows that simply imports the certificate (s). RHEL and UBUNTU are also very different in this respect. So be careful, I finally found a tutorial only about UBUNTU that provided me the necessary steps even if my proxy comes from another provider. I've just adjusted these instructions for my environment., and adjust your environment.

NOTE: I hope this will help the next poor Windows administrator to try to solve this problem in his environment. Nobody understood me when I initially asked for help.