How can I view all the pictures posted by an Instagram user on Instagram in a given location?

How can I view all the pictures posted by an Instagram user on Instagram in a given location?

For instance, I would like to view all the pictures taken by in Bangkok, Thailand.

resolution – Why are the so called “full-sized” Instagram photos so low-res?

I’ve coded some logic to fetch the “full-sized” versions of the ultra-small Instagram photos of some accounts.

These “full-sized” ones are just 1080 x 780 pixels. That’s lower-res than the standard setting on my cheap digicam from 2003.

The current year is 2020.

As far as I can tell, today’s phones (not even dedicated digicams) take photos many, many, many times more high-resolution than that.

Yet the “full-sized” Instagram photos look like they were taken in 2003 or even much earlier. The photos actually displayed on their site are so small that they are absolutely useless. The “full-sized” ones contain no details once you slightly zoom in.

Okay, so maybe it would cost too much to have 40 MP 500 MB RAW files served to a mass market. I get that. But having them at 1080 x 780 is like a bad joke. What am I gonna do with that? It’s not even worth saving.

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