email – How was the hacker able to get my Instagram tag through Facebook when they weren’t linked?

All of this happened on 18th November 2020

A person I know sent me a phishing link of Facebook then Google, I entered my credentials however as soon as I found out that its a phishing link, I turned off my mobile WiFi and switched it off and I changed my Google Password immediately from another device which was my iPad, I didn’t change my Facebook password because it didn’t have any information of myself at all, but somehow he got to know my Instagram tag which he claimed to have got to known through Facebook but I never linked it, It just had the same email as my Instagram, so the only way he could’ve got to know my Instagram is if he had my Gmail account.

I downloaded the Google Data of my account and checked the login history of my account
It didn’t show any other IP addresses or other devices rather than mine, there were 4 forgot passwords made on my Instagram which I got through mail but when I checked my Instagram logins there wasn’t any other login either (other than my devices and IP addresses) and my Gmail didn’t have less secure app access turned on

When I booted my Mobile Phone again, the one where I opened the phishing link, I downloaded Bitdefender security and scanned my device and it didn’t find any malware. The browser I used was a Hidden Calculator Browser, the guy who phished claimed that he used Social Engineering Toolkit first when he phished for Facebook and it didn’t work so he tried phishing Google using HiddenEye and it worked.

I did an Nmap scan on my PC and it found an open port number 4445 named upnotifyp but this was only internal because when I told my friend to scan there was no open port on my IP address and I downloaded Avast WiFi inspector on my PC scanned my WiFi and Router and it said no vulnerabilities detected.

Im having severe anxiety since weeks because my Google Photos had sensitive pics which were supposed to be my eyes only but I don’t know whether he logged in or not because there was no IP address or device other than mine in Google Login History but he got to know my Instagram tag when it wasn’t linked to Facebook, but he claimed to get it through Facebook, my Facebook and Insta only shared the same email ID and theres no other way he could’ve got to know my Insta other than having access to my mail, but then again there were no other IP addresses and I can guarantee that this person wasn’t using my WiFi, please help me out.

encryption – Curve25519 vs. Curve25519 and AES Key vs. Curve25519 AES Ciphertext (Instagram)

I am trying to send a password from a client to the server. I just don’t know how to encrypt it.

  1. method:
    I used a website (Instagram) as a guide here.
    Here the password is encrypted with AES and the key is then encrypted with a Curve25519 public key and sent to the server together with the encrypted text.

  2. method:
    I wonder why you only encrypt the key. I mean then you can already see how long the password has to be by using the AES encrypted password, or not?

    So why not encrypt the AES key and the encrypted password with Curve25519?

  3. method.
    The only problem is when you get the private key. Yes, just decrypt the text and you have the key to decrypt the AES directly. So the password is basically only encrypted with Curve25519. Is that enough?

Why does Instagram use Method 1? Reasons for performance?

Instagram always gives the same IV encrypted with the AES … is that bad if a new key is always generated?

I would appreciate a helpful answer 🙂
best regards

cryptography – Why is a password encrypted with AES and then sent back to the server together with the key with RSA (Instagram)?

I am trying to understand an encryption process on a website (Instagram). As far as I know, a public key is sent from the server to the client. Then the password is encrypted with AES_GCM_256 and packed together with the AES key in an array and then in a sealed box with the public key from the Server.

Is a sealed box the same as simply encrypting the array with RSA?

Why do you do that?

I mean, if you find out the RSA private key and then decrypt the data encrypted with RSA, wouldn’t you also have the AES key to decrypt the password?

And the public key is very short:


Only 64 characters so 512 bits.

Is that even safe enough for RSA?
Or is the key Curve25519?

As far as I know, should an RSA key be at least 2048 bit large?

I would appreciate a link or the answer to a few questions 🙂

Best regards

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How can I get my Instagram index on google?

I am having problem update my Instagram url to index on google? Can somebody tell me how to update on google?

can’t sign up for instagram


I am trying to sign up with instagram for a new account. Whenever I choose a username it shows “Sorry, that username is taken.” then I click on the round arrow for automatic username generator and I click sign up and i get an error “Sorry, something went wrong creating your account. Please try again soon.” and if I click again I get the same as first message “
Sorry, that username is taken.”

so what’s wrong? why can’t I sign up?


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Why I can’t record consecutive stories on Instagram anymore?

Once I could record videos and my Instagram app would split them into consecutive stories automatically, and it would allow me to create 10 stories per recording. In other words, I could record for 150 seconds without interruption.

Then it became 4 stories per continuous recording.

Now it only allows me to record 15 seconds, and then stops the camera.

What should I do to fix it?