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Sale of private proxies at low prices (from $ 0.8 on the biggest packs) and shared superproducts at low prices (from $ 0.25 on the biggest packs)

Bandwidth and unlimited threads.
The anonymous proxies. No logs are stored.
All proxies are HTTP / HTTPS without SOCKS.
Non-sequential IPS
You can request that private proxies be updated once a month.
The installation costs are not lost. You will use proxies for one month after you stop paying. The installation fees are there so that we do not have to take immediate action if you do not plan to pay another month.
Do not use them for anything illegal or offensive.
An active subscription is required to maintain access to your agents. I will remove your access within one month (month of installation) and 48 hours after the cancellation of your subscription.
Bulk discounts are available. If you start with 1 package and buy it a little later, contact us and we will adjust your bill according to the new wholesale price. (Price list below).
Annual discounts are available.
Depending on the pack of your private agents, you can choose a few locations.
Shared-Proxies come only from the United States
IP authentication only.
Private Proxy: You have access to the control panel where you can activate up to 10 IP addresses.
Shared Proxies: You will have access on 1 IP only. You can change this IP address via a support ticket (no access to the control panel).
Our guarantee:
If the proxies do not suit you, ask for a full refund within 3 days of your order! (For packs up to 101 proxies.)

Price! Monthly fees!
Private Proxies:
10 proxies – $ 10 ($ 1 each)
60 proxies – $ 60 ($ 1 each)
100 proxies – $ 95 ($ 9.5 each)
500 proxies – $ 450 ($ 0.9 each)
1000 proxies – $ 850 ($ 0.85 each)
2000 proxies – $ 1600 ($ 0.8 each)

Shared Proxies:
100 proxies – $ 35 ($ 0.35 each)
200 proxies – $ 60 ($ 0.3 each)
500 proxies – $ 125 ($ 0.25 each)
1000 proxies – $ 250 ($ 0.25 each)
2000 proxies – $ 500 ($ 0.25 each)

Pitches available worldwide:
Sydney, Australia
Ontario, Canada
Quebec, Canada
Beijing, China
Estonia, Europe
Sweden, Europe
Ukraine, Europe
Paris, France
Berlin, Germany
Frankfurt, Germany
New Delhi, India
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USA Available locations atm:
Birmingham, AL
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Nashville, TN
Austin, TX
Dallas, TX
Houston, TX
Seattle, WA

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How to do unit tests with dependency install on init hook

I'm writing a plugin that integrates with both WooCommerce and LearnDash. The tables in the LearnDash database are not created before the initialization connection. Therefore, my tests do not return error. I've copied the method that creates the LearnDash tables and I inserted it into my bootstrap.php file to call manually, which works, but seems sloppy. Likewise, I did something like this with WooCommerce. Here is my startup file, it would be helpful to know how to clean it.

character set)) {
$ charset_collate. = "DEFAULT CHARACTER SET $ wpdb-> charset";
if (! empty ($ wpdb-> collate))) {
$ charset_collate. = "COLLATE $ wpdb-> collate";

$ learndash_user_activity_db_table = LDLMS_DB :: get_table_name (& # 39; user_activity & # 39;)
$ learndash_user_activity_db_table_create_query = "CREATE TABLE". $ learndash_user_activity_db_table. "(
activity_id bigint (20) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
user_id bigint (20) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT & # 39; 0 & # 39;
post_id bigint (20) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT & # 39; 0 & # 39;
race_id bigint (20) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT & # 39; 0 & # 39;
activity_type varchar (50) DEFAULT NULL,
activity_status tinyint (1) unsigned DEFAULT NULL,
activity_started int (11) unsigned DEFAULT NULL,
activity_completed int (11) unsigned DEFAULT NULL,
activity_updated int (11) unsigned DEFAULT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (activity_id),
KEY user_id (user_id),
KEY post_id (post_id),
KEY race_id (course_id),
KEY activity_status (activity_status),
KEY activity_type (activity_type),
KEY activity_started (activity_started),
KEY activity_completed (complete_time),
KEY activity_updated (activity_updated)
) ". $ charset_collate."; ";
dbDelta ($ learndash_user_activity_db_table_create_query);

$ learndash_user_activity_meta_db_table = LDLMS_DB :: get_table_name (& # 39; user_activity_meta & # 39;)
$ learndash_user_activity_meta_db_table_create_query = "CREATE TABLE". $ learndash_user_activity_meta_db_table. "(
activity_meta_id bigint (20) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
activity_id bigint (20) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT & # 39; 0 & # 39;
activity_meta_key varchar (255) DEFAULT NULL,
activity_meta_value mediumtext,
PRIMARY KEY (activity_meta_id),
KEY activity_id (activity_id),
KEY activity_meta_key (activity_meta_key (191))
) ". $ charset_collate."; ";
dbDelta ($ learndash_user_activity_meta_db_table_create_query);

/ **
* v2.5.0 Patch here to reset AUTO INCREMENT in the PRIMARY column. Had reports of a ticket
* This additional column parameter has been aborted. After testing that dbDelta does not add that
* attribute.
* /
$ wpdb-> query ("ALTER TABLE". $ learnndash_user_activity_db_table. "MODIFY COLUMN activity_id bigint (20) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT");
$ wpdb-> query ("ALTER TABLE". $ learndash_user_activity_meta_db_table. "CHANGE COLUMN activity_meta_id bigint (20) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT");

// v2.3.0.4 We have changed the default value of & # 39; 0 & # 39; in NULL for the activity_status column.
$ wpdb-> query ("ALTER TABLE". $ learndash_user_activity_db_table. "CHANGE` activity_status`` activity_status` TINYINT (1) UNSIGNED NULL DEFAULT NULL ");

/ **
* Manually load the plugin being tested.
* /
function _manually_load_plugin () {
if (file_exists (dirname (dirname (__FILE__)). / woocommerce / woocommerce.php ()
require directory name (directory name (__FILE__)). & # 39; /../ WooCommerce / woocommerce.php & # 39 ;;

if (file_exists (dirname (dirname (__FILE__)). & # 39; / # /sfwd-lms/sfwd_lms.php #);
define (& # 39; LEARNDASH_LMS_PLUGIN_DIR & # 39 ;, directory name (directory name (__FILE__)). & # 39; /../ sfwd-lms / & 39;);

require directory name (directory name (__FILE__)). & # 39; /../ SFWD-films / sfwd_lms.php & # 39 ;;

install_learndash ();

if (file_exists (dirname (dirname (__FILE__)). & # 39; / # /learndash-woocommerce/learndash_woocommerce.php #);
require directory name (directory name (__FILE__)). & # 39; /../ learndash-WooCommerce / learndash_woocommerce.php & # 39 ;;

require directory name (directory name (__FILE__)). & # 39; /appl-intégration.php&#39 ;;
tests_add_filter (& # 39; muplugins_loaded & # 39; _manually_load_plugin & # 39;);

install_wc () {function
// Clean the existing installation first.
define (& # 39; WP_UNINSTALL_PLUGIN & # 39 ;, true);
define (& # 39; WC_REMOVE_ALL_DATA & # 39 ;, true);
include dirname (dirname (__FILE__)). & # 39; /../ WooCommerce / uninstall.php & # 39 ;;

WC_Install :: install ();

// Reload capabilities after installation, see https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/28374
if (version_compare ($ GLOBALS['wp_version']& # 39; 4.7 & # 39 ;, & # 39;<' ) ) {
        $GLOBALS['wp_roles']->reinit ();
} other {
$ GLOBALS['wp_roles'] = null; // WPCS: overwrite ok.
wp_roles ();

echo esc_html ("Installing WooCommerce ..." PHP_EOL);
tests_add_filter (& # 39; setup_theme & # 39 ;, & # 39; install_wc & # 39;);

// Start the WP test environment.
requires $ _tests_dir. & # 39; /includes/bootstrap.php&#39 ;;

Can not install Apache Kafka because of a dimming lock

I'm trying to build Apache Kafka cloned from here with Gradle. However, when I run ./gradlew installAll, it fails with the following error message:

* That's what did not go well:

Unable to lock the buildSrc build lock because it has already been locked by this process.

I've tried removing the ~ / .gradle / cache locks and even switching to older versions of Gradle, but nothing seems to work. What is going on here and what can I try again?

I will install WHMCS / WordPress / WooCommerce / MyBB or any script of your choice. for $ 1

  • I will install WHMCS / WordPress / WooCommerce / MyBB or any script of your choice.

Greetings, First of all thank you for the interest you bring to my service.
I will install any script you want the price depends on the script.

$ 1 is the service fee you need to choose your script below plus.

if you want to migrate any old host script to a new host, i can also make it available on extras.


I goto install WHMCS Only on $ 5
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I goProvide shared hosting to any script you want to install Only on $ 6
I goMigrate your website from the former host to my host Only on $ 15
I goMigrate your website from the old host to the new host account Only on $ 10
(Migration can charge more than $ 10, depending on your site, so please contact us before ordering.)

Note: if you only buy the service and you do not choose any additional functionality, you will get nothing. I will just guide you for the installation.

The entire installation process is manual, we do not use any script installation program and we do not recommend it either.

Add extras to your order

<name of entry = "addon[0]"type =" checkbox "value =" 1 "class =" checkable "data-label =" Fast Delivery 1 day for $ 5"data-color =" gray "/>
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<name of entry = "addon[1]"type =" checkbox "value =" 1 "class =" checkable "data-label =" Install WHMCS for $ 5"data-color =" gray "/>

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can not install apk or gapps in an emulator, even if unknown sources are enabled

I can not install opengapps nor any apk and I've checked out unknown sources, how to debug this. I am on the emulator running via the command line (to set the DNS). And also I would like to install opengapps but I do not find much about it.
Thank you

linux – New server to install, docker or VM?

I am a developer and I have doubts about the configuration of the server.
We have a new server with a dual processor Xeon, 128 GB of RAM and 4 TB SSD SAS.
We need to run a web application.

  1. App Rails (NGINX, Puma, Postgres, Redis, ElasticSearch) – VERY
  2. Rails application (NGINX, Puma, Postgres, Redis) – MODERATE
  3. Rails App (NGINX, Puma, Postgres) – LOW TRAFFIC
  4. Python application (NGINX, Mongo DB, Gunicorn, Redis, ElasticSearch) – VERY
  5. Php App (NGINX, PHP, Postgres) – LOW TRAFFIC

I do not know what is the best way to configure my server and share resources.

I am thinking of creating a virtual machine for the python application and the front end of the php application because these are very low traffic applications.

Then a virtual machine for the database (Postgres, Redis, Mongo DB)

A virtual machine for Elastic Search

And finally, the virtual machine with the rails application.

What about using docker? Do I have to adapt each application that I have to dockerize?

apt – I want to install oracle-java8 on linux but Ubuntu already says the most recent version

I follow
$ sudo apt-get update
Add the repo java 8 to apt-get

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa: webupd8team / java
Again update the apt-get report

$ sudo apt-get update
Finally install java 8

$ sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-install

but i have a lot of errors
so I fixed them and reinstalled
but do not show this picture
enter the description of the image here

ho @ jhost: ~ $ sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-install
Reading package lists … Done
Build a dependency tree
Reading status information … Done
oracle-java8-installer is already the most recent version.
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.

so I want to know the java version is 8

ho @ jhost: ~ $ java -version
java version "1.5.0"
version (GNU libgcj) version 4.8.4

Copyright (C) 2007 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
It's a free software. see the source for the copy conditions. There is no

I want an oracel-java8 installation solution

please answer me

Install an SSL certificate on RedHat Secure Web Server?

You can help me please with this topic, How to perform SSL certificate installation process, I already have the necessary keys.

Can I install a DBMS as an operating system?

Is there a DBMS that can be installed as an operating system rather than as an application on an operating system?
I could not find one.

Why do not the leftists do a coup and install Hillary Clinton this way?

McConnell & Ryan made the first US political coup.
Series of investigation a
GOPs and US oligarchs installed the first US coup.

In the past, the United States suffered from political corruption, but never lived up to the new Coup GOP. The GOP "Rule by Thieves" form of government allows the elite oligarchs of the United States to systematically rob the public on a historically vast scale. GOP coup leaders undermine the very democracy of the United States and the destruction of its legal system, allowing American oligarchs to control America's banking resources and vital natural resources, and ultimately to amass unimaginable wealth for the GOP.

Coups exist primarily in developing countries – but never in America – until now. The word "coup d'etat" often conjures images of the cold war of despotic tyrants in poor and remote countries, but not in the most powerful democracy in the world. Over the last decade, the GOP has played an important role in the rise of American oligarchs. They enacted laws in almost every legislature of GOP-controlled states to eliminate the legal disclosure of business ownership; give GOP-backed US oligarchs a place to file their illegal political contributions to the GOP. This has allowed US real estate to become the main channel of choice for securing and legitimizing US and Russian oligarchs laundered by GOP funds.