centos7 – Apache with One IP Address – install SSL Certificate only for one domain

I am using CentOS 7 and hosting multiple domains with multiple virtual hosts (in config.d) like below,

<VirtualHost *:80>
ServerName site01.com
more stuff here

<VirtualHost *:80>
ServerName site02.com
more stuff here

Now I want to install an SSL certificate to “site02.com” only. I have tried installing mod_ssl. But not sure how to create VirtualHost for SSL (443) for the site02.com.

Is it possible to install Android Go Edition in Xiaomi Redmi 2 pro?

I have an old Xiaomi Redmi 2 pro from 2015.

enter image description here

This phone has Android 5.1.1 installed, 16MB capacity and even with a fresh install there’s only about 2GB left. I read Android Go is lighter and leaves more space available.

How to install this in this phone? any suggestions?

Thanks a lot.

ios appstore – iPhone App Store: can I install free apps using Face ID instead of my Apple ID password?

The App Store prompts me for my password for every free app I am trying to install. I have already Face ID setup, can I use it instead? Or even the phonr’s passcode?

I have a Macbook where I’ve disabled the password prompt for free apps, but I’m not sure whether that’s device specific.

I have tried restarting the phone and disabling Face ID for the App Store.

iOS 14.1

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how can install MongoDB Service on directadmin server ?


I installed a DirectAdmin server on cloudlinux OS, but now developed a new Project that needs to MongoDB.

I configured and ins… | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1826483&goto=newpost

python – How can I install pygraphviz without sudo?

On a system where I do not have sudo rights and where graphviz is not installed, is there any way I can install pygraphviz in a virtual environment?

Or is there some python package I can use to create a plot from a dot file, without requiring to install anything on the apt level?

postgres – How to install drupal 9 with PostgreSQL using Docksal?

I use docksal for developing on Drupal.

Recently I decided to install Drupal 9 with PostgreSQL as a database using Docksal.

Firstly, I cloned this git-repository.

Secondly, I modified some files accordingly to this manual

Lastly, I ran the “fin init” command and saw an error message

(warning) Failed to drop or create the database. Do it yourself before
installing. ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘db’

(notice) Starting Drupal installation. This takes a while.

In install.core.inc line 2298:
Database settings:

Frankly speaking, I can’t understand what does MySQL has to do with it?
My DB driver should be PostgreSQL, my default database should be also PostgreSQL.

Has anybody encountered this problem?
Is it possible to install Drupal 9 + PostgreSQL via the docksal service?

macos – Bootcamp error: Can’t install the software because it is not currently available from the Software Update server

Whenever I try to proceed with the bootcamp installation or click the download windows support software option from the action menu, it throws me that error.

I’ve googled this problem and made sure I have a strong wifi connection, plugged in my Macbook while doing this, am running the latest Catalina version and apart from the current windows 10 iso on the microsoft website, tried using older versions of windows 10. Nothing helped.

How to allow select users to install softwares in windows server?

Greeting WHT members,
I need guidance for this questions:
I have sets of user.
For few set of users i want users to install softwares on … | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1825942&goto=newpost

restore – Is it possible to attach Oracle database files after a clean install

I had an Oracle 10g instance on my Win2008R2 server. Unfortunately, the server crashed and we had to re-install the operating system on the C: drive. The oracle files are on drives other than C.

The other drives (except C) are restored from disk backups. I don’t have a dump file, I only have the Oracle data files such as USERS01.DBF and the Oracle control files.

Now I am trying to find a way to install Oracle again on the server but I am just wondering about how I can attach the current .DBF files to the new Oracle instance? Is this possible? If so, how can I attach the current .DBF files to Oracle?

Currently there is no “OracleService” on services.msc and no listener as well. But previos the previous Oracle instance was installed on the F drive so I still have the Oracle binaries and data files on the F drive.

I would really appreciate if you could provide any information about this.