How to download and install Office? – Everything else – The Office installation is easy and yet the most complex thing for some. Here are some simple ways to install and configure Office.


To install, a complete Office package just follow our steps.

  1. Visit or desktop configuration from your browser.
  2. You can use your favorite browser. Google Chrome, Safari or Mozilla.
  3. Once the page is loaded, a page saying "Hello. Let's go get your desk "will appear.
  4. You can now use this page to sign in to your Microsoft account.
  5. You can still create a new account if you do not have a Microsoft account yet.
  6. Once you are done with the connection, you go to the next step, where you have to enter your product key, your country and your language.
  7. The country and language are usually selected automatically according to the product key.
  8. After clicking Next, your product key will be verified and if the product key is correct, you will be guided to a page where you can do a lot. You can manage your subscriptions, buy new subscriptions, or just use old ones.
  9. There will be an option to download the Office configuration, which says Install Office. Click on it. You will be guided to the Installation Information page.
  10. Now you can click Install and the download will start.
  11. Once the download is complete, run the file and Office will install automatically. – Office has become an integral part of professional and personal life. Microsoft Office is a task that we really need to help every day. This is really one of the best things that Microsoft needs to create for us.

Microsoft Office is a really very powerful and compact software. This software really improves your computing experience. Microsoft Office is not only a software for daily productivity, but also software that meets your daily needs. Microsoft Office contains all the really useful software for your computer.

Microsoft Office takes all the trouble to create text documents and turns these things into something really beautiful and amazing. The office has a very good opportunity to turn things into something really good and great. Microsoft is recognized for its ability to turn Power Point presentations into something really good and great.

We like to use PowerPoint and transform some basic presentations into excellent presentations. It is really something incredible. You can make sure the presentations have all the pictures and your touch. It's really one of the most amazing features of the power point. Microsoft has even integrated the AI ​​into the ppt tool now.

Other Microsoft Office applications are also known for their features. Not only that, but Microsoft Office also incorporates the beautiful interface at a reasonable price.


1: Access the configuration of the Office Setup Office website.

Open any browser, visit or This website is specifically designed to guide you through the process of installing Office.

2: Sign in to a Microsoft Office account.

Once you have visited the website, you must now log in to your Microsoft Office account or you can simply create a new account if you do not have one.

Now that you are logged in to the Microsoft account, you must enter your 25-digit alphanumeric product key that comes with your Microsoft Office product. Also select your country and language from the drop-down menus.

4: Download the installation file.

Once you have entered your product key and other information, your product key will be verified and you will be guided to the next page. Here you will see your product and your subscriptions. You can click the Install button right next to your subscription information. The configuration of your product will start downloading.

5: Run the installation file.

Your file is downloaded, you just have to click on this file and run it. You can run it manually from your downloads folder. You will receive a prompt from your operating system, click Accept, and then click Next. Your installation will start.

Wait until the installation process is complete. When done, "You are All Set" appears in the installation window. Now, click Finish and open any Office application. You will get a walk through the window and you will receive a message stating that your Office is installed and activated.

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magento2.3.2 – Can only install one of the following software: magento / page-builder-commerce 1.0.3, 1.0.1?

I am on Magento 2.3.2. I would like to install the new security patch, so I have

composer require magento/product-enterprise-edition=2.3.2-p2 which gives me this output- 

Your requirements could not be resolved to an installable set of packages.

Problem 1
- Can only install one of: magento/page-builder-commerce(1.0.3, 1.0.1).
- Can only install one of: magento/page-builder-commerce(1.0.3, 1.0.1).
- Can only install one of: magento/page-builder-commerce(1.0.1, 1.0.3).
- magento/product-enterprise-edition 2.3.2-p2 requires magento/page-builder-commerce 1.0.3 -> satisfiable by magento/page-builder-commerce(1.0.3).
- Installation request for magento/product-enterprise-edition 2.3.2-p2 -> satisfiable by magento/product-enterprise-edition(2.3.2-p2).
- Installation request for magento/page-builder-commerce (locked at 1.0.1) -> satisfiable by magento/page-builder-commerce(1.0.1).

I thought I would try to update Pagebuilder.

composer update magento/module-page-builder
Loading composer repositories with package information
Updating dependencies (including require-dev)
Nothing to install or update

I have tried adding the version number but this adds more errors.

composer require magento/module-page-builder:1.1.0
./composer.json has been updated
Loading composer repositories with package information
Updating dependencies (including require-dev)
Your requirements could not be resolved to an installable set of packages.

  Problem 1
- magento/module-banner-page-builder 1.0.1 requires magento/module-page-builder 1.0.* -> satisfiable by magento/module-page-builder(1.0.1, 1.0.0, 1.0.3) but these conflict with your requirements or minimum-stability.
- magento/module-banner-page-builder 1.0.1 requires magento/module-page-builder 1.0.* -> satisfiable by magento/module-page-builder(1.0.1, 1.0.0, 1.0.3) but these conflict with your requirements or minimum-stability.
- magento/module-banner-page-builder 1.0.1 requires magento/module-page-builder 1.0.* -> satisfiable by magento/module-page-builder(1.0.1, 1.0.0, 1.0.3) but these conflict with your requirements or minimum-stability.
- Installation request for magento/module-banner-page-builder (locked at 1.0.1) -> satisfiable by magento/module-banner-page-builder(1.0.1).

Installation failed, reverting ./composer.json to its original content.

How can I install the security patch?

I manually install an extension, but the database schema is not updated magento 2.3.3

I'm installing an extension with ftp. The installed extension when I use
bin/magento setup:upgrade.
But the extension tables in the database are not created.
Is it possible to install them manually? And what is the correct procedure when I manually install a magento extension with ftp for the database schema to be updated correctly?
Thank you in advance.

Please, help me install the android service

Can anyone tell me how to create a service that runs in the background in android?
I have a problem, some of the instructions I read relate to older and unusable versions.

linux – Unable to install RHEL – ucsi_acpi USBC000: 00: init PPM failed (-110)

I am trying to install the Linux Redhat 8.1 OS from a bootable USB key on my HP Omen 17 personal laptop for learning purposes. During installation, the error continues to appear under the name "ucsi_acpi USBC000: 00: init PPM failed (-110)" and I can not install the operating system. But the same boot image is being installed in Oracle VirtualBox 6.0.14. The execution of Virutalbox slows down my laptop and I therefore try to double boot Windows 10 and RHEL 8. I even tried a different version of RHEL 7.7, the error message remains the even. Can you please guide me how to fix this error and install RHEL? Details given below and attached the error message extract for reference. Have I failed to provide additional information, please let me know. Thank you very much for your time in advance.

According to Google Search, here is what I could find: the message is informative and safe. But I can not install the operating system.
Some research leads to this: … i-spec.pdf
UCSI = "Software Interface of the USB Type C Connector System"
PPM = "Platform Policy Manager." Hardware / firmware that supports all USB Type-C connectors on the platform. "
Since there is no USB-C on H2, it is expected that the PPM of UCSI fails. UEFI is claiming its gift via an ACPI table entry. Therefore, we can conclude that the message is "informative" and harmless.

I even tried to disable my ACPI UCSI device via Device Manager, but still the same error.

Details of the laptop for reference:

Operating System Name Microsoft Windows 10 Home

Version 10.0.18362 Build 18362

ystem Manufacturer HP

OMEN System Model by HP Laptop PC

Type of PC x64 system

Intel (R) Core (TM) i7-8750H Processor Processor at 2.20 GHz, 2208 MHz, 6 cores, 12 logical processors

BIOS Version / Date AMI F.08, 09/11/2018

SMBIOS version 3.2

Integrated controller version 68.21


HP Base Card Manufacturer

Secure boot state disabled

PCR7 configuration link not possible

Boot Device Device HarddiskVolume1

Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 8.00 GB

Total physical memory 7.81 GB

Available physical memory 4.33 GB

10.8 GB total virtual memory

Available virtual memory 5.82 GB

File space page 3.00 GB

Page file C: pagefile.sys

Virtualization-based security Not enabled


How can I add a button to install a plugin in the theme

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magento2.3.1 – Can not install the Magento2 B2B module extension

I install the magento2 B2B extension after creating auth.json and given the appropriate user name and password.

composer require magento/extension-b2b 

  Invalid credentials for '', aborting.

and my auth.json file contains the following code.

"http-basic": {
    "": {
       "username": "muha********",
        "password": "Zx*********"


Anyone can help if possible

mac – This copy of the application Install macOS Mojave is damaged: even after the correction of time

I was trying to make a new installation of a MacOS Mojave. "This copy of the MacOS Mojave Install application is damaged". I have downloaded several ios files and I have finally tried to fix Time. Nevertheless, the same error message arrives. Any idea to solve this problem?

Ubuntu 18.04 – Babel 6.26.3 continues to install instead of 7.7

I am setting up a new server (Ubuntu 18.10) and I am not able to install the latest version of Babel. I do:

apt-get -y install npm
sudo npm install -g babel-cli
npm install --save-dev @babel/core
npm install @babel/cli
npm install @babel/preset-env
npm install --save @babel/polyfill

Still, when I look at the version, it tells me that I am only on version 6.26.3 (not what I want, because some of the plugins I need depend on the version> 7.0 – thus rebuilding the server)

Any suggestions on what to try?

UPDATE: I do not know if this is related, but for some reason, the server has 2 instances of npm, with very different versions:

root@east:/home/steampunkdev/web/ /usr/bin/npm -v
root@east:/home/steampunkdev/web/ /usr/local/bin/npm -v

UPDATE 2: I wonder if maybe I miss a source for the latest version? That's what I have in sources.list:

deb cosmic main restricted
deb cosmic-updates main restricted
deb cosmic universe
deb cosmic-updates universe
deb cosmic multiverse
deb cosmic-updates multiverse
deb cosmic-backports main restricted universe multiverse
deb cosmic-security main restricted
deb cosmic-security universe
deb cosmic-security multiverse

I can see version 7.7.2 here:, but mine does not seem to want to install this version: /

8 – Failed to install Launcher

After installing Drupal Console on a remote Debian server using composer, follow the tutorial at:

Change directory on the Drupal site:

cd /path/to/

Execute composer require command:

the composer requires drupal / console: ~ 1.0

Everything worked fine, but I had to use vendor / bin / drupal to execute commands.
I therefore decided to install Drupal Console Launcher by following the tutorial on:

curl -L -o drupal.phar

mv drupal.phar / usr / local / bin / drupal

chmod + x / usr / local / bin / drupal

Now, when I type "drupal", everything I receive is prompted again, without error or anything at all. When I type vendor / bin / drupal in the drupal directory, everything works fine.

What's fun is that I installed drush in a very similar way to the drupal console (the launcher is in the same directory, with the same rights), and drush works perfectly.

Does anyone have an answer to this riddle?