How to install from Maven Central?

I'm trying to install this but I do not know Maven well and I do not know how to follow the installation instructions:
(It's one of those questions "nobody cares so basic to say it on the internet")

According to this link, "The Scala artifact is published in Central Maven" – how can I install this thing where Spark (and finally pyspark) can use it?

For apt it would be fair apt-get install xyz
For pip it would be fair pip install xyz

so why not MVN install flint work for me?

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apk do not install in samsung s9 anymore


I've recently had an HTC One M9, and I wanted to replace his gallery with that of my old phone because I loved one of the filters that he owned. This led me to download a third party APK, but when I tried to install it, it gave me an error that said "App not installed". I first thought it was because it does not install because the current gallery is still on my phone, but after disabling the application, the error message persists. Is there a way that I can solve this problem?

The APK file is lucky patcher if it helps

Is it possible to install a radio application on Google Pixel 3XL?

I want to buy a Google Pixel 3XL but he does not have radio. Is it possible to install a FM radio application on it anyway?

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Can not find / download / install iOS 13 Beta profile

I have a paid subscription on, but for some reason I can not find a way to install the new iOS 13 beta profile. Am I doing something wrong …? This is what the page looks like when I open it on Safari …? o_O (there is no download / install button)

system installation – How to install Ubuntu?

  • First of all, you will have to download the current version of Ubuntu on Download Ubuntu Desktop. Select your architecture (32-bit or 64-bit), then click on the big orange button. If your computer has at least 2 GB of RAM, select the 64-bit version of Ubuntu. If you're not sure of the flavor you need, select 32-bit as it will work even if you have a 64-bit processor. You can also download any distribution, such as Kubuntu, Xubuntu or Other Flavors.

  • Then you will download a large .iso file, approximately 800 MB – 1.6 GB. This may take a few hours, depending on the speed of your connection. Let the file download. Then you will burn it to a DVD or LiveUSB. The Ubuntu 14.04 .iso file is too large to fit on a CD. So you have to burn it to a DVD or create a USB Live Ubuntu with the help of a USB stick of at least 2 GB. (The links are about Windows, if you use another system of 39, exploitation, see the "Easy to Switch to Ubuntu" section of the download page.)

  • If you are using Windows 7 or later, you can double-click on this file (assuming no other program is associated with it). Otherwise, install ImgBurn (unfortunately, not open source). You may also be able to right-click and select "Burn to Disk".

    enter the description of the image here
    More instructions can be found here or here if you need them

  • You should now have your disc engraved. If you open the disk using your file manager, there should be a bunch of files like wubi.exe, autorun.inf, pics, and basin, among others. If you only have one file on the disc with the same name as your ISO, make sure you are using a disc burning utility. Do not just drag and drop the ISO file. It will not work.

  • Now put the drive back in your optical drive and restart your computer. On a PC, you should have a key like Wipe off, F2, F10 or another key that will take you to your boot sequence menu. You can access the BIOS menu by pressing one of these keys as soon as the motherboard boot screen appears when the computer starts up. Otherwise, consult the manual of your computer or BIOS and look for software similar to start from an external support or choose a boot disk ( or Alt on Mac) to find the necessary key. Follow the on-screen prompts for boot from the optical drive of your new drive is in.

  • Assuming you do not start UEFI, press shift Once you get a purple screen with a picture at the bottom. Select your language with the arrow keys and Enter. Now you should be faced with a menu. You can try Ubuntu without installing or installing it. If you want to try it, choose "Try Ubuntu without installing", try it, double-click the Install Ubuntu icon on the desktop and continue with this guide.Note that this test version is slower as it runs from a CD / DVD / USB , not your hard drive.Some versions of Ubuntu will give a graphical menu for this step.

    click on "Install Ubuntu".

  • Now you will be confronted with a checklist. You can safely ignore the second option "Install this third-party software", although Adobe Flash Player and some proprietary video codecs may not work, unless you have entered the commands at the end of this guide.

    enter the description of the image here

  • Now it's time to partition your hard drive. If you want to avoid losing data or double booting, this step is crucial. If you just want to erase everything already on your hard disk and use all available space for Ubuntu, select this option and go to step 10. If you want to double-boot and trust at the Ubuntu Setup program (not recommended), select the side-by-side installation option and go to step 10. If you want to manually configure the dual boot, select it. Advanced partitioning option and proceed to the next step.

    enter the description of the image here

  • Find your current Windows partition. It should be the first or second under ndaand its type must be NTFS. Click it once, then click Edit to open the partition settings dialog. Reduce the size to at least 40,000 MB or more if the available space on your old installation is more important. If you have a separate Documents partition, you can resize it instead. Then click on the free space you created, then Add, setting the type to Exchange Zone and giving about 1.5 to 2 times your RAM. (Note that the input box takes sizes in MB, not in GB.) You will now have a swap space. Click the remaining free space and add an ext4 partition with the default size (maximum possible recommended) and the mount point as /. You may also want to make a /House partition, which is where all your user files in Ubuntu will go. If you make a mistake at any time, click Revert.

    For more detailed instructions (and with screenshots) on this step, read How to use manual partitioning during installation?

  • We are now ready to install! Click & # 39; Install Now & # 39; and allow the Ubuntu Setup program partitioning tool to write the changes. You should now be prompted to select a time zone. The Ubuntu installer wisely guess your time zone, assuming your Internet connection is working.

    enter the description of the image here

  • You will now be confronted with a choice of languages. Select your language and, in the next step, select your keyboard (keyboard layout). If you are unsure, click the button to detect the layout of your keyboard.

    enter the description of the image here

  • On the next screen you can set your user name, your display name and your password. Choose a strong password. A strong password can contain lowercase alphabetic characters, alphabetic uppercase letters, numbers, and other printable characters. Although your username must be lowercase, your display name matches what is displayed in the login menu and may contain capital letters and spaces.

    enter the description of the image here

    • If you double-boot with Windows, you will be able to migrate documents. Choose the users and folders you want to migrate.
  • Now you can sit without trepidation, until you are prompted to indicate that the installation is complete.

    enter the description of the image here

    • If you have installed on a UEFI system, you can run the following commands before starting your new installation:

      sudo su;
      efi = "/ target / boot / efi / EFI"; 
      if [[ -e "${efi}/boot" ]]; then 
      echo "Backup:"; 
      mv -v "$ {efi} / boot /" "$ {efi} / boot-bak - $ (lsb_release -cs)"; 
      echo "Copy:"; 
      cp -va "$ {efi} / ubuntu" "$ {efi} / boot"; 
      arch = "$ (ls -1 {efi} /ubuntu/shim*.efi)"; 
      arch = "$ {arch # * shim}"; 
      arch = "$ {arch% .efi}"; 
      cp -v "$ {efi} / boot / shim $ {arch} .efi" "$ {efi} / boot / boot $ {arch} .efi";

      This will copy the Ubuntu boot files to the default boot loader location and save all existing files. This will help you avoid headaches caused by behavior that does not meet the standards of some UEFI firmwares on VirtualBox, as well as some older HP, Toshiba, Sony, and other devices. Associated bug report.

    • If you changed the boot order of the drives in the BIOS in step 5 to allow the system to boot from the Live DVD / USB (or if the system was already configured to boot from the DVD / USB drive) and click "Restart Now". , the system restarts on the Live DVD / USB and not on your new installation. Remember to undo the changes made in the BIOS or remove the media (depending on whether you want to keep the current configuration of your boot order) before restarting.

  • Once all these steps have been completed, connect to the Internet, open the terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and run these commands:

    sudo apt-get update & sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
    sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted extras     

    This will update the packages on your system and install the codecs for proprietary files with restricted copyright (MP3, AVI, MPEG, Microsoft fonts) and Adobe Flash Player.

  • views – install druapl in heroku manually

    I will install drupal in heroku based on this site, so I inserted these codes into my ID:

    #go to
    #curl | sh
    mkdir t
    cd t
    sudo nohup sh -c "curl | sh"> $ PWD / heroku_install.log / dev / null 2> & 1 &
    heroku connection
    heroku login -i
    sudo apt-get install drush -y
    sudo apt-get install php-xml -y
    sudo apt-get install nano -y
    sudo apt-get install php-gd -y
    sudo apt-get install php-mbstring -y
    sudo drush dl drupal
    cd dr *
    sudo git init
    sudo chown -R $ USER ~ /
    sudo nano composer.json
    #Add this
    "need": {
    "ext-gd": "*",
    "ext-mbstring": "*"
    sudo chmod 755 composer.json
    sudo cat << EOF> composer.json
    "need": {
    "ext-gd": "*",
    "ext-mbstring": "*"
    sudo chmod -R a + rw ~ / .composer / cache
    composer sudo install
    sudo dial update
    sudo git add.
    sudo git commit -m "initial commit"
    sudo heroku create --buildpack --region eu
    sudo heroku addons: add heroku-postgresql
    sudo heroku config
    sudo git push heroku master

    I had this database:

    postgres: // inflrfqefgayfl: 5432 / d5q9

    by running these scripts:

    sudo heroku addons: add heroku-postgresql
    sudo heroku config

    In my heroku dashboard, I have this:

    my heroku dashboard

    and in the installation page, I inserted:

    installation page

    but when I want to run the installation steps, I get this error:

    Solve all the problems below to continue the installation. To help
    configuration of your database server, see the installation manual, or
    contact your host.

    Failed to connect to your database server. The server reports the
    next message: SQLSTATE[08006] [7] FATAL: password authentication
    failed for the user "d5q9s4mh8befjj" FATAL: password authentication failed
    for the user "d5q9s4mh8befjj".

    trying to use an external MySQL database from (the free remote MYSQL database), I used this configuration:

    but again by inserting its database information, I get this error:

    Failed to connect to your database server. The server reports the
    next message: SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access denied for the user
    & # 39; 1l4jcjKgwv & # 39; @ & # 39; & # 39; (using the password: NO).

    database information

    So, what's wrong with my operations?

    Thank you.